Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Gospel of Sowing Seeds

Nowadays, everywhere the most common song among Christians and churches is that of sowing seeds. Churchgoers are asked to sow seeds so that in return God will bless them. Many have sown the seeds, but they came out empty. Some have sown seeds but harvested a lot. If the principle of sowing seed was God’s, then no matter whoever sows seeds, the promise of recompense should automatically kick in. For example, whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. That is; if you confess your sins and invite Jesus into your life, you obtain salvation or your name is enrolled into the book of life. If you receive Jesus, he gives you the power to be called a child of God. That principle has been the principle behind the promises of God, and the concepts that lead to spiritual or physical remuneration. Why is it different from that of sowing seeds?
The first time the word ‘seed’ is used is during the creation of plants so that the seeds will continue with the production of the kinds of plants they were produced (Gen 1:11-12). Seeds are there to produce the same kind of plant. Thus, in the Old Testament, the word seed has many variants: as a sowing (Gen 8:22), as a mature ovule (Gen 1:11, 29; 8:22), as semen virile (Gen 19:32) and as progeny (Gen 3:15; 17:10; 19:32; Num 25:13; IS 1:4), In all the variants, it is only the second that is reused in the New Testament in the parable of the Sower ( Mt 13:). None of the usages has anything to do with money. However, used figuratively it could transcend to money because it will mean anything that can produce more of its kind. If you sow money, you reap money. Money could become a seed then.
In the New Testament, the most common usage is the figurative usage as we see Jesus use four parables on seeds in chapter Thirteen of Matthew. The seeds are never large, but they depend on the ground you sow.  Why do your pastors ask you for “bigger seeds”? The seeds were the same. It was rather the ground that determined the growth. Why give to rich pastors and as exhibited in another parable (Mt 13:24-30). Do churches differentiate who sows seeds (gives money) to church now? A seed does not need to be big to bring forth fruits. The parable of the Mustard Seed and the Leaven support that (Mt 13:31-33). The Bible says: “a man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men” (Prov 18:16) which is why Paul says it is better to give than to receive (Acts 20:35).
Do you know that by giving your money to that poor brother or sister, you will be more blessed than when you give to a rich preacher? Why do you give to the church for the pastor to send his child abroad while yours cannot even go to school? Perhaps you are confused on where to give or which is a good church to give.
Consider these characteristics; a good church and pastor take care of the members while hirelings take care of themselves (Ezek 34; 1-10). A good church is not one where the pastor and his family have the best clothes, cars, biggest home and everything; while, the members are wretched. They don’t visit you and do not care if you exist or not. You go through your problems until you come out and to solicit a prayer from him or her you must pay. When churches function illegally in a country where there is religious tolerance and freedom that questions the integrity of the leaders.
I know many people give to be blessed. Listen to me: Most of you have sown so many seeds and nothing has grown in your backyard. Your finances have never changed, rather they have shrunk. You have sown seeds for a child, yet you are still childless. You have sown seeds for reasons you know better, yet nothing has changed. The word of God has not changed. The problem is that you have been sowing into wrong grounds like the parable before showed you. You have been giving to wolves in sheep’s clothing rather unto God. Most of the pastors and churches today are hirelings, out to steal from you. They don’t care about your blessings and soul; they care about themselves. That is because man does not bless; God blesses. For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south, but God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another (Ps 75:6-7).
There is a way God wants you to give. Consequently, we may consider basic rudiments in giving: your gift should always be The Widows Mite (Lk 12:59), let the left hand not know what the right hand has given (Mt 6:3), you should always give bountifully, for God loves a cheerful giver (2 Cor 9:6-7), give as unto God (Mt 10:42) and give to those who have nothing (Esther 9:22). Are the churches today poor that you should give to them? Why do the pastors in Africa ride in ostentatious cars and wear sumptuous clothes while the parishioner walks barefooted? Why do American churches consider membership by what churchgoers give to church? Why are the pastors flying in personal jets while the members are carless? Why do church pastors live in mansions that cause millions while their church members are homeless or live in huts? Would Jesus have lived in a mansion while the members were that poor?
God does not bless people based on their righteousness because the Bible says he allows the rain to rain on the wicked like on the righteous and the sun to shine on both of them (mat 5:45) though our sins may withhold good things away from us (Jer 5:25). If God was blessing only the righteous people, then very few people will have what they have today. Abraham was not called the father of faith because he was perfect but because he had faith. There are principles to be blessed that I have enumerated in the mail. Follow them and prosperity shall be thy portion. Prosperity is not the tool of only a selected few.
Another error people do is to say that the man of God prophesied to them that they were going to be millionaires next year. When the year came, it did not happen. They went back to the prophet or prophetess who told them that it did not come to pass because they did not do things the way God wanted. That too is false doctrine and a means to pilfer from the people. If God tells you whatever, it shall come to pass because he has already lived it. He does not say anything that he does not know it will come to pass. Before God tells you anything that will happen; it will be fulfilled, for He has lived your future and knows it shall happen no matter what you do.

Until then, don’t believe those prosperity preachers.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Is Africa really Poor?

Africa is not poor; they just have many bad leaders who misuse their wealth. They swindle everything for themselves, their relatives, cronies and myrmidons. That is why Africa is poor. The westerners, especially France, Britain, Belgium, Italy and Spain too have ravaged the continent. That is why the Social Contract Theory does not work in Africa. Now they are selling all their lands to the highest bidder between Americans and Chinese. Sooner or later, they will be taken into another slavery because the newcomers will outnumber them. I really cry for beloved "Africa; the back that bends." For how long shall that back bend? They keep taking debts and a debtor is a poor man. They do just nothing to climb out of debts; instead they add!

Until then, Africa's disease is mismanagement.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Vanity of Vanities; All Is Vanity.

“I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and, behold, all is vanity and vexation of spirit” (Eccl 1:14). This world and life are full of vanity. “All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not” (I Cor 10:23). Stephen Reid: one of the most notorious Canadian bank robbers made prison his living room. He had money, but he lost his freedom and soul. The CDC affirms that porn industry permeates HIV. They make it big in a short time, but they live on medications for a long time.
“Then I looked on all the works that my hands had wrought, and on the labour that I had laboured to do: and, behold, all was vanity and vexation of spirit, and there was no profit under the sun” (Eccl 2:11). King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines, but he had only 24 hours in a day like George Bush with one wife. The British Monarch in Windsor Castle (biggest house with 1000 rooms) can only sleep in one bedroom and on one bed. Napoleon Bonaparte was buried in one coffin and one grave. Despite his bravery he still died. Each of us has only one coffin and a grave. Dean Butler: founder of LensCrafter could craft lenses for people but could not craft a happy home. His divorce with wife Brenda got so ugly that he was arrested. Too much is not too happy.
JFK Jr. could not fly with everyone but still piloted himself, wife and sister in law to watery graves of the Atlantic Ocean. Sigmund Freud gave himself to too much cocaine that the byproducts were unconscious theories. Elizabeth Taylor despite her beauty is looking for husband number 9 because money and beauty do not guarantee a happy marriage. Your dream to gain the world and be happy is Utopia; it will never happen. Even if the world was your footstool and the sky the dust of your street, you have not still guaranteed a saved soul.
“Yea, I hated all my labour which I had taken under the sun: because I should leave it unto the man that shall be after me. And who knoweth whether he shall be a wise man or a fool? Yet shall he have rule over all my labour wherein I have laboured, and wherein I have shewed myself wise under the sun. This is also vanity” (Eccl 2:18-19). Warren Buffet may have a thousand cups, but he can only drink with one at a time. Lacoste can manufacture millions of shoes, but he can only wear one pair at a time. James beard though could cook well, but he had only one mouth. Ford could only drive in one car at a time.
I see the vanity that escapes humanity; the rich dies of heart attack like the poor. Both the privileged and the underprivileged go to the restroom. The beauty queen and the ordinary girl all have menstrual cycles. That is the vanity of life. Now think about it; why do you think you must acquire the whole world, even if you lose your soul? Do you know where you will spend eternity if the world was to end today?

Until then; vanity of vanity; all is vanity!

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Hospitality Drying From The Rock of Africa

On a small plaque laid these words: “hospitality is the bedrock on which the African custom strives and survives”. My late father: Mathias Mbi laid it on the dinning table. He kept many people in his house: young people attending college and those looking for work. All he lodged for free: no rents, bills or whatever charges. Then we went to live in the village. When kids were fighting, he stopped to separate the fight and when he saw an old woman from the farm with a load on her head he said: “Mfor (chief) carry mama’s load to her house and meet us at home”. Once I dropped the old woman’s cargo she will open her basket and offer me a gift. When there was a wake-keeping my dad was there on time and most at times the last to leave. If a child was born he went there and told stories until it was dark. But wait; he was not the only one: almost every parent I knew in those days did same. They always said this is the way you should grow. If I did not go to school and an uncle saw me loitering, it was not only my father’s business: it was his business too. He corrected me with Doctor-Do-Good and waited for my father to return home. He told him and my dad did a follow-up. Hellas times have changed. These days these people do not seem African at all.
They are still selling others as slaves in Sudan. They come to power they do not want to leave. What happened to “come and let us share”? If you are bereaved only cronies will show up. Relatives talk on the phone and chat more on the internet than they visit each other. They claim they are working. Were our parents not working? Would you tell me you are happier now than our parents were? Ebob killed herself because it was a disgrace to have a child out of wedlock. Nowadays it is the zeitgeist and times are changing they explain. Yes, indeed changing for the worse. You were stigmatized if you committed abortion. Now as you stand in front of an abortion clinic you see familiar faces. I visited a nursing home one time and found a parent who told me he was African. What happened that our parents kept their parents with them until they were 110 and even 125 years old? They carried their faeces and cleaned them up like they did for them when they were babies. Why can’t we do same for ours? Why are we paying good with evil?
Before only nuisance were homeless abroad but today may have duplexes with empty rooms while their kinfolks have the sky as their covering and the grass as their beds. A common proverb was that: “if a snake enters into your house; kill it first before you ask questions”. Nowadays whether an African was set up or guilty once he is accused other Africans draw their daggers from their sheaths and help stab him to death. Perhaps it is time to change that axiom: “hospitality is the bedrock on which the African custom strives and survives”. You go to court; divorce amongst Africans is skyrocketing while their mixed marriages are abating. Why are those with mixed marriages now soaring higher while those with Africans seem like birds with clipped feathers? Divorce used to be a stigma now it is not. Young girls are in their 3rd & 4th marriages. We are excited about our new found freedom in the West. In the days when there was a problem the problem was taken to the pastor, priest, family head, quarter head or chief until it was resolved. But today it is 911. African women have discovered a new toy called 911. You want to copy western women? Fine; don’t you see them very happy? A man that beat his wife was put in a village song. As young men we were told violence is the weapon of weak communicators.
We have ascended another level of barbarism; armed bank robbery, murder, 419, faking insurance and a lot more. Oh let me tell you why; the community honors riches from flaneurs no matter how they got them. See, Africans robbing banks, defrauding Medicare, stealing cars and shipping them fraudulently to be sold in Africa just to get rich. In olden days if a family member killed anyone your whole family will need an ablution because your family was cursed. Today it seems no more the case. If not; why so many killings? One village chief told me one time to stop wasting my time writing religious articles because he does not read them. “I only come to the net to watch naked women” he explained. This is from a village chief. Wasn’t it taught that if you watched a naked woman who is not your wife you would be cursed? You think it is not true. There are many things happening nowadays as a curse from watching porn.
My fellow Africans, we must strive to be examples and to stay away from news with bad examples. The world is watching and our history is soon turning to a myth because the present does not match the past. Are you an African? Then let hospitality be the bedrock on which you strive and survive.

Until then, those who abandon their past go to unknown destinations.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Jesse Jackson and the Obama Saga

Many people have reacted to the hot mic of Jesse Jackson (video below) with numerous articles and even some attacking him as a non family oriented guy. Some people say Rev Jackson is jealous of Obama. Jackson would not have been jealous because he has been doing the same thing now for years. Jackson and Sharpton have always spoken their minds when things concern African Americans. It is ironical though that while he fought to end the use of the N word, he still used it himself; perhaps preaching: “do as I say and not as I do”. I find it hypocritical for African Americans to be calling themselves "Nigger" but say that the white people shouldn’t. If it is a bad word, then it is; no matter who uses it. Why shouldn’t I call you stupid if you call yourself stupid? If African Americans do not want that word nigger, they should stop using it themselves altogether. That is the bottom line.

Nonetheless, I still think that Jackson’s comments against Obama though misrepresented were still not out of place. Obama would have said some African American parents because I have visited both whites and blacks, and it is a fact that there are many irresponsible parents from both camps though it would seem the African Americans win the trophy. I do not see why anyone would be buying their child a pair of sneakers for $250 when they are barely scrapping the bottom of the barrel. True, there are many white people on welfare than blacks but in terms of percentage African American dominate. That will exonerate Obama though.

Why are many parents leaving their kids to be raised up by the teacher or the public? The other day I watched on TV parents protesting an ad was bad for their kids. Those are irresponsible parents. Train up a child the way he or she should grow and when they grow they will not depart from it. How many parents have ever complained because Viagra was being advertised on the TV during a football game?

When a student skips from school, parents start calling asking why their child skipped. The teacher’s job is to teach and not to follow the child to the restroom or outside to make sure they do not skip; that is the parents’ responsibility to teach the child to stay in class. Parents permit sleepovers, parties, mall visitations and many others without adult supervision, yet they want that when that child comes to school, the teacher should transform them. Listen: upbringing is the parent’s business, and it is irresponsible to transfer that tutelage to outsiders no matter who they are.

Just of recent President Bush was caught in an off mic situation (Video above)too . Just like Bush, Jackson is not the first nor would they be the last. However, one thing we learn is that we must guard against our tongues. What you don’t want to be repeated in public don’t say it in private. I always say what I think in public because I don’t want busybodies to peddle gossips with: “did you hear what he said”. That is my God given right to say what I think and no mortal will take it away.

Consequently, Rev Jackson should allow Obama to express his God-given freedom. Indeed there are people that will always nitpick on something you said. I remember we were in classroom, I used an illustration and my African American classmate said she as an African American felt offended about it. Don’t forget we were in an academic environment where if you do not agree with my point, raise yours up. I just ignored her because what I was saying was a stated fact. Somehow African Americans must assume responsibility for their acts. If something is said against African Americans, and we know it is true then correct it; if not just cry yourself to sleep for you will get over it.

I saw a petition that a young African American was caught only with 5 grams of cocaine and is serving this number of years while a white person was given only probation with the same amount of cocaine. He was not set up; he accepted having the cocaine himself. My question is what was he doing with the 5 grams anyway? If you don’t want vultures to eat you then don’t die. Obama resonated what Bill Cosby said and his head was almost hacked off. Do Jackson and the others who do not want the ills of the African American community to be touched more concerned than these guys? Not at all! It simply means that each person does it when it is convenient. Obama has to do that to prove to the white voters that though an African American, he is not going to support them even when they are wrong, and Jackson has to do that to show that he is still the guarddog and voice of the people.

Until then, both are fighting for the betterment of the same people.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Theresa and Evelyn: When Vaulting Ambition Destroys Another’s Hopes.

This article is in reaction to the above video and recent debate on the incident. You and perhaps the others miss the angle I am approaching this issue. First I do not deny that honesty is stranger than dishonesty to Theresa Mubang. What I am saying is that on the elements of slavery one has to hear from both sides. A written story is not tantamount to veracity. It is not because CNN or Fox News carried a rumor that it should be converted into truism. Perhaps her tears would have won the hearts of people, but the immigration officials must have seen more melodrama than this, even on more spurious cases. I demonstrated my point with some anecdotes you know well. In addition; most of you have read the stories concocted by asylum seekers and peddled in most of our forums by Geraldine on asylum cases. How many of you believe those people went through all those ordeals? If Americans heard those bogus asylum cases, then they will all march naked to the Whitehouse and demand the invasion of Cameroon because it would be Rome in the days of Caligula or Nero.

A few months back, someone dug out canards that I was caught in a cocaine burst. Some of my Manyu detractors who are members of our forums quickly forwarded it to other non member Manyu people to discredit and disparage me. If they took time to read the other version, they would have known that it was a stolen ID. But let us say that there was no other version out there: it would be my word against the newspapers and since we have a proclivity to crucify before establishing the truth, then I would have been a cocaine dealer in your eyes. Common sense would have forced some people to say but wait a minute, this guy teaches, and they do background checks. But then since the desire to condemn supersedes that of justice, even lies are considered truths.

From the story of the girl, you know she is stretching the truth. First, she said she did not know anyone in this country, but she had relatives. Secondly, that she was not taught how to use money or the home phone. How many 11 year olds even in Cameroon do not know how to use money? Listen: the desire of most Americans to portray themselves more righteous than others has robbed them of their rationality. That is why we invaded Iraq. She contradicts herself that she does not know why she was kept at home as if she was not smart or could not do anything. If Ms Mubang had inquired from home she would have known the type of life she was living”. If she knew how to make those comparisons then she knew well how to make a phone call. There is no proof that since she came to the US none of her relatives visited her or that she did not have any phone number. Listen to her quibble before the journalist about why she did not call anyone. She claims that she did not know anyone. You all will agree with me that there is no Cameroon child that does not know how to use a phone since 1990.

But again that is not the point. The crux and nexus of this matter is that we fail to wait, gather all the facts before we condemn. More so, just because someone in a family does something bad does not mean that whole family is bad. I see people condemning Dr Mubang because his sister and others have behaved badly. In this light, we can start condemning all Grand Kumba’s brothers because their brother was a professional thief or Ted Bundy’s relatives because their man was a serial murderer.

Therefore, while I do not exonerate Theresa Mubang for maltreating Evelyn (which I believe did happen) but some credit should be given to Theresa for bringing her to the US. Most of my Ibo friends who are millionaires today were brought to Cameroon by their masters they served for seven years without going to school or doing anything. They were plain servants, and it was the terms of their arrangement. It was a prearrangement the child and family knew. Evelyn running her mouth on TV knew pretty well before she left Cameroon.

Reacting to Theresa in this manner chills the blood of kindness in those who would have helped one or two children. America is an individualistic society where very many people live with empty houses while their relatives struggle to pay rents. Look; a woman just killed herself because of mortgage. Are you sure she did not have relatives who would have made some contributions? But family is not as important as the individual. That is why an American‘s mother lives with him/her and she pays rents. How many of you will ask your mom or dad to pay rents while living with you? How many (normal Africans) will ask their brother or sister living with them to pay rents? I have always placed myself in other’s shoes to understand their plight. I would have reacted differently to Evelyn if she was living with me, but I blame both Evelyn and Mubang for each trying to destroy the future of each other. Evelyn like Lady Agrippina has poisoned Theresa’s hopes with a plate of mushroom and sent her liberty and freedom to a far and forgotten journey.

Until then: do unto others what you want them do unto you.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Do Soulmates Exist?

PA, what do you think about this Soulmate thing?

A Soulmate is someone with whom your soul agrees with entirely. In romantic circles, it is someone with whom your soul finds in toto complements. It refers to two people of opposite sex coming together as one. So while women are looking for Mr. Right, men are looking for Passpartout. The concept exists, but it is misused. Jesus says that people have decided to be deaf and blind to the principles of God. They have become vain in their imaginations, and their foolish hearts have been darkened.

We know that when a man cleaves to the wife, they become one flesh (Gen 2:24). Remember, they have to cleave first to each other. They were not made for each other. They found each other and decided to cleave. Then when they cleave, they become one body (flesh). For a body to function properly, the different organs must come together. Same too, for matrimony to become one, the two people must come together. Not having seen from elsewhere, they now have one that fits their kind. As such, they must now abandon the rest to function as one body. It is not as though the man thinks through the mind of the wife, or the wife breathes through the lungs of the husband. It is crystal clear that they are different entities that have come together in one essence. Therefore, Soulmate does not exist per the definition out there. As for Mr. or Miss Right, they are fantasies. Sometimes it makes me laugh. You see a woman who lies as she breathes saying that she wants a Mr. Right. If Gof or Satan sends the poor man to her, he will die before his time because of her bad manners! There is no Mr Right so get real with yourself and come back to earth where normal men live and select yours.

To find someone identical to you is insulting God of having created two of you. You are unique; you do not have a carbon copy! Even identical twins have their differences in physiognomy, person and personality. How much more two individuals from different wombs? There are no carbon copies among human beings; not even clones are alike. If there is a Mr. or Miss Right, there should never be a divorce or disagreement for those who are married. Missing rib is erroneous belief too because when God took away that rib he refilled it in such a way that man could not feel its loss, so men are not missing any rib. You can check that in your anatomy class. If not, man would have been sick and probably died of pains. If you still believe in missing rib let me ask you this, what of married men who have lost one rib? Then they need another wife to fill that gab or replace the missing rib. Many men would then have surgery to miss many rips, so they can have women as replacements. Consequently, the man has 3 or more soulmates. That would beckon for polygamy, and to the best of my knowledge, few women embrace polygamy. Do you still believe in your soulmates thing?

I have heard this same thing in churches, read it in books and in internet forums about soulmates. It is mythopoeia to delude that any two people were made for each other because people were not born soulmates; they become soulmates. That is why you see those who have been married for long; they start to look like their spouses. If they exist, then the Bible will not adjure us to deal with people with patience, perseverance, self control and faithfulness. You should master yourself since your soulmate is you. Many failed relationships have been attributed to the cause of the lovers not being soulmates. Relationships fail because of the pedantic selection process based more on the physical than the spiritual; neglecting God’s hortatory prescription of mirroring within (I Sam 16:7) the pretender.

This is the main source of confusion:

And it came to pass, when he had made an end of speaking unto Saul that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul. And Saul took him that day, and would let him go no more home to his father's house. Then Jonathan and David made a covenant, because he loved him as his own soul (I Sam 18:1-3).

Let me draw three lessons from these verses: firstly they were different souls, secondly, they came to like each other just like themselves, and thirdly, they cemented their love with a covenant. No two people were made alike and will be alike. No two people will think the same, but they could come to like each other. Some people don’t even like themselves how will they like someone else? Why would you take care of other people when you do not take care of yourself? Doesn’t the Bible say: “love your neighbor as yourself”? Does it say: “love your neighbor more than yourself”? If you love yourself very well and you love another person the same way you love yourself, then you will be like you are one and the same soul. Does that mean you are one and the same soul? What knitted the souls of David and Jonathan together was the covenant (I sam 18:3). David despite knowing that Jonathans’ father: Saul wanted to kill him (I Sam 20:3), he still entwined with him due to the covenant. They kept their physical differences aside and concentrated on their spiritual bond. Let us apply it in romance.

In all truism; no human being is perfect: every human being has some rottenness in him or her. We all are like aubergines: each has maggots; though some have more maggots than others. When eating aubergine, one always looks closely because no matter how fresh and beautiful it may look, it may have a maggot. When you see it, you bite off that portion and throw and then you finish eating your aubergine. It sounds gross, but that is what we always did as little kids. Perhaps the Bible will throw more light.

A covenant is concomitant with the feelings of our souls. Palmer Robertson says: “a covenant is bond in blood sovereignly administered". If blood is the main requirement in a salvation covenant, sex is the one in a marital relationship, and a covenant requires two living beings (Rom 7: 1-3) because God is a God of the living and not of the dead (Mt 22:32). Marriage is a covenant registered before God and must be upheld unfailingly. It is that established bond that binds the two mates as soulmates despite their shortcomings. The Bible affirms it: “therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh’. (Gen 2:24). Obama's white mother left her white parents and bonded with Obama's black father and the two became one despite racism at the time.

It is aberrational to posit that marriage was fundamentally for procreation. Marriage has with it at least three purposes. The primordial one is for a helpmeet or companion (Gen 2:20); in other words to tampon loneliness. Secondly, it is a medium to fulfill the sanction of multiplication (Gen 1:28). Lastly, a means to avoid fornication (I Cor. 7:1-2). Thus, people were not born soulmates they become soulmates for a purpose. Think again, if you had a soulmate and he or she died, then God has to make you another soulmate. In other words, you already had two soulmates out there. Does that really make sense to you? No, I am asking you! How many soulmates are you going to have? God then should be very terrible making you a soulmate who is going to die and abandon you.

For people to become Soulmates, they must find a like minded individual (2 Cor. 6:14). When the acme of their love colligates under a covenant, it becomes a bond in blood. Romantically, it culminates into sexual intercourse as a bond in blood sexually administered. It is gross oversight for lovers to pretend they want to know their paramour. The Bible unequivocally states that no one can know the heart of anyone because it is deceitful and desperately wicked (I Kings 8:39; I Chr 28:9; Jer 17:9; Ecl 9:3).

Consequently, to choose a Soulmate, one must do that by faith because the just shall live by faith (Hab 2:4; Rom 1:17; Gal 3: 11). Does that mean because people are soulmates it will be a perfect marriage? That too is Utopia because there is no perfect marriage, though there is a happy marriage. Let us consider the number one home breaker in western countries; extramarital relationships or as they commonly sing it themselves: cheating.

First, God tells Hosea a prophet to marry Gomer (a prostitute) and then he warns him that she will be unfaithful to him (Hos 1:2). Gomer ran away, but God saddled Hosea to go and redeem his adulterous wife (Hosea 3: 1-3). Note well; he does not talk here of divorce because marriage is a covenant, and it is not broken as far as both covenantees are still alive. Nowadays spinsters and bachelors will say "kick his cheating ass out." I thank God for people like Hilary Clinton who understand the notion of marriage as a covenant.

The second case study is Ahab and Jezebel (I Kings 21:5-7). They came from different places (Israel and Zidon) but quickly knitted their souls together that one acted like the other. The Bible says: "he that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord" (Prov 18:22). That verse negates the notion that God chooses your spouse for you. Why do we have to find, and why is it then a good thing when we find the person if he chooses our spouses? The process of finding entails considering alternatives and settling for the best choice. That verse is saying if you find a good wife, it is a favor you have obtained from the Lord. If you find a good husband, it is a favor you have obtained from the Lord. The opposite will be that if you find a bad wife or husband, you have obtained favor from the Devil. Some wives or husbands could be real favors from Lucifer, right from the pit of hell. You smile; don't you? Many Americans have surely obtained favor from the Devil! That is for sure!

Therefore, though the concept of soulmates exist in the Bible, it is clear that no two people were made for each other. They decide to bond into soulmates. In other words, there is no ready-made soulmates. There are no existing soulmates, but individuals become future soulmates by bonding in a covenant. If you decide to go into any relationship with the predisposed mind to divorce or break up in the face of trials, then you will never find a Soulmate. That is because you must first love and love covers a multitude of sins. When love supersedes the peccadilloes of your lover, then the bond overrides the mistakes. Therefore, don’t go looking for a ready-made soulmate that God has out there for you; he or she does not exist. You take a pretender, love them as yourself and enter into a covenant relationship. Then you will become soulmates just as Celine Dion and her husband Rene Angelil. They met when Celine was 12 and Rene was 38. He became her manager and they later got married. They have been real soulmates through thick and thin.

However, I know that when two people love themselves, they start to behave like each other. They even start to look alike. Repeat after me. Look alike. Yet each of them maintains their physical and spiritual identities. So individuals should look for lovers, cleave to them until they become one flesh. They cannot become one flesh without cleaving together. There are no such things like soulmate, missing rib and Mr. or Miss right. They just don’t exist! No two people will think the same, act the same, believe the same, love the same and live the same. If we go close to people, we start to pick up their mannerisms in speech, actions, character, style and a lot more.

Until then, I wish you success in making a Soulmate in life.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.
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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Does The Bible Condemn Slavery?

I did not want to enter into this debate because I have had to deal with it several times. However, let me reluctantly just jump in right quick hoping I will enthusiastically jump out. The word of God is mute on slavery; it does not discourage nor encourage it. Rather it makes the conditions for keeping a slave difficult. The Bible does not openly stand against or for slavery because slavery inherently was not evil. If it was inherently evil, seeing that the Bible has been very vocal on evil then God would not have given guidelines on setting slaves free, Jesus, the apostles, the disciples and church fathers would have had the same posture of denouncing it even before the New Testament was compiled. That was not done.
There were two types of slaves: slaves with a criminal background worked or were assigned unskilled labor while those who did not commit any crime were assigned skilled labor. Slavery initially had a good intention. Though God did not include it in the creation ordinance rather he did acknowledge its existence and ushered guidelines (Lev 25:39; Deut 15:12-14). Paul tried to raise the status of slaves but that did not improve still (Col 4:1) because he had earlier called on total surrender of the servant slave to the master as unto God (Col 3:22)). The nature of that slavery was not the stolen property like the Americans and Europeans did to Africans rather for people who could not pay their bills or war prisoners. What was now the rudimentary canon was how to use Christian principles to treat people and this class called slaves. It was under this assumption that slaves were acquired that the apostles exhorted faithfuls to obey their masters as unto God.
Prisons are evil but they are evil by-products of sin. Is it then wrong to have prisons? However when there is overcrowding, wrongful imprisonment and other vices associated with it then we condemn those acts and not the institution. The institution of slavery was meant to bail out the poor and war prisoners so they could serve some time to compensate the victor or the victim and give them (the slave) an opportunity to regain the freedom lost (Lev 25).
What happened to Africans that they were taken into slavery by westerners was not in any of this category. It was a misuse of the institution of slavery. The act of stealing other humans and selling them as slaves was greatly condemned both in the Old and New Testaments (Ex 21:16; Deut 24:7; I Tim 1:8-11). If people were not stolen and sold then the slavery of oppression would not have existed. It was pure evil and exploitative use of an institution. The idea of slavery starts right from when Abram had Hagar as a slave. Though it is called handmaid in translations the Hebrew equivalent / shiphchah/ is slave girl or servant girl[1]. This practice of helping the helpless whereby they were to be set free quickly became an implementation of Survival of the Fittest when the Middianites rounded up people from neighboring tribes and sold them to Egypt. Consequently Joseph was sold (Gen 37:28) and Samson became a slave (Juges 16:21). The new people in new lands usually posed a problem to their taskmasters. Thus, the law of natural selection was applied.
The fear of growth of other people prompts slavery or slave markets (Ex 1:9-10). The fear of the growth of Africa prompted the western world to use Africans as slaves. It is still that fear of their expansion that unsettles the West to still try their gimmicks with the pretext of democracy to hold Africans and others under constant bondage. In this condition, the slaves must rebel because it is evil and every child of God should resist evil. The Native Americans though did not use a plausible method of resisting evil by committing suicide discouraged the Americans from using them as slaves. That is why they had to go to Africa for slaves for their modern plantations.
Nowadays there is a systematic plan to redo the same thing. There is a fight to eliminate Africa in a more subtle manner. Why should a bad vaccine in America be good for developing countries? Why are all epidemics only breaking out in Africa? Why are most vaccines tested in Africa? Africans will no more be taken into slavery but they must watch out against a new method to eliminate them. They say HIV that lives only in Humans came from monkeys in Africa. Buruli that is caused by Mycobacteriun ulcerans they say it is zoonotic so that they could find a testing ground and cavies for their new drugs. Africans must realize that this mentality to enslave them is an ever persistent attempt that they must look at Patrice Lumumba, Julius Nyerere, Simon Kibangu, Um Nyobe, Ernest Oundjie, Thomas Sankara, Ken Saro Wiwa and now Robert Mugabe.
Many have vilified Mugabe because of fake reports coming from paid British and turncoat Zimbabwean journalists whose job is to demonize anyone and everyone who rejects their slave mentality. If it was for the sole purpose of democracy then every African knows that there are presidents: Omar Bongo of Gabon since 1967 and Gnassingbe Eyadema since 1967 who have each ruled their countries for 41 years almost doubling the number of years Mugabe has been in power. Why do they not ask those same presidents to share power? Mugabe’s death emanates from the fact that he redistributed land in Zimbabwe. The white Zimbabweans who took the land at gun points during the slave period of colonization make only 0.3 % but they own 73% of the cultivable land. To the British that is equality and fairness, and Mugabe must leave the status quo because some Zimbabweans are more equal than others. Well, his right hand man has told them: go hang!

Until then, let no mortal make you a slave.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Lack of proper communication kills even healthy relationships.

I have written an article on good communication about tens years ago and could not retrace a copy. But there are some issues I wanted to reiterate about communication. There is a false myth that communication is talking. A couple could talk all day long as they want that is not all about communication. Communication entails more than just talking. Take for instance when you are driving on the highway and see a Deer-Crossing sign that tells you to be vigilant. Is anyone explaining anything to you? Not at all! When men see a woman whose dressing is showing too much flesh men think she is elephant meant. Elephant meat is meat that has no owner; anyone could just get their share and take home. No one could carry that home because it could end up killing him or her.
Therefore, every action of humans is a message we send. In communication we have three elements: sender, message and recipient. The sender does not need to talk but whatever they do or say is a message to those who watch and listen to them. Couples think that simply because they explain everything to their spouse they are communicating. That is not true. If you are telling your wife you love her and you are embracing her with closed fists sends another message though you have explained to her you love her. Is that proper communication? Not at all! That means; for communication to be successful there should be harmony between the words and the actions.
If a man rapes a child; he is sending a message that he is a child molester. He does not need to say it but that is the message the community (recipient) receives. The wife has two alternatives: forgive or divorce him. If she chooses to divorce him the message she gives is that she is unforgivable. She does not have to say it. While divorce may be permitted it is not encouraged; rather, 490 times a day forgiveness is required.
People always get mixed signals from their spouses. That is why they get confused and cannot really lay their hands on something concrete. They talk and talk and think they are communicating but communication is more than just talking. Sometimes it could be idle banters of lovebirds. While words are very important in communication the other senses consider actions and other aspects of communication to decode the message.
You could tell your spouse myriads of times how you love them but if she finds you kissing another partner, the message is different. Did you communicate to her? You just told her she/him that he or she is not alone; that you have their replacement. The fruit of the spirit: love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, patience, self-control and perseverance are all aspects of communication.
Just because a couple steps out and they are talking does not mean they are communicating. They could just be idle chitchatting to show off. In proper communication the transmission (message) must leave the sender, goes to the recipient, he or she gets it and it means something for that aspect of communication to be complete. Did you know some couples only talk when they are in public? Is that communication? What about those couples who come to a party and only dance with other partners? Is there communication? My friends, whatever act you do is a message you give to people.

Until then, let us learn to properly communicate.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I just called and told the aide of Senator Barbara Mikulski: 202-224-4654 to tell the senator not to block the bill. I wonder why people keep talking about wiretapping as if it is a bad idea. If you are not a bad person why worry about who listens or who does not listen to what you say. We cannot talk about security without wiretapping. Terrorism is real and must be fought using every necessary means. In that regards President Bush is doing a great job. He should tap every home and every street. There should even be street cameras. Americans want security, yet they reject the tools that bring security.

Until then, president Bush is doing a great Job

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Drama Queen and Mama's Boy

A drama queen is a woman who seems to think the world revolves around her and that after her, comes the flood. I don’t like this, and I don’t like that. I don’t like this seat; would you mind giving me a new seat. My food is not well cooked; please would you mind changing my food or taking if off my bill. I don’t want to talk right now. What music is that? I don’t like it. What do you like? Well not now. Can you please turn off that light, would you mind turning off this fan? She is always bossing people around and making drama on every little thing. And, a mama’s boy is the man who refuses to take manly responsibilities. They never make commitments. The mama’s boy could even be called a sperm donor because he makes deposits left and right. They plant seeds north and south, east and west and do not bother whether they germinate or not. Only heartless and useless men plant seeds anyhow and when even their plants die, they do not react.
Mama’s boy was never taught to assume any responsibility. When he got into a speeding ticket, the parents hired a lawyer for him who spoke in court and got him off the hook. If he was not passing a class, they called the school and menaced the teacher. If he got into a fight, they say he was being picked on. “What do you want to eat? Johnny I bought you a new video game, 'Kill your enemies.'” His pampering parents will tell him. Consequently when he got himself into a relationship, he does not know how to handle rejection or egalitarianism. Worst still, he does not know how to make commitments. He scatters his seeds everywhere. He has two to three children he does not even know if they wear diapers.
Would anyone on earth tell me if a real man needs to be told to take care of his own children? Does he need a court order? Does he need a child support enforcement to look at his own child in the face and say: “honey I love you”. Oh mama’s boy, why are you mean to yourself and to this world? Then he told me, I am not alone." I also saw Drama Queens.
Drama queens are just so empty as they sound. If you take the names of people out of their mouths, they have nothing to say. They talk about others not dressing well, but they are always walking half naked, with rags and flip flops. In their early twenties ,they are at least in their second marriage. No one divorces because of the other person’s fault. Everyone who divorces also played a part in the downfall of that marriage.
The more I travel round the world, the more I realize that drama queens are not in one country. They have nothing to talk about; plain empty. When they sit, they discuss people and when you bring philosophy (ideas), they quickly start their theatricals. That is one of the main reasons they cannot sustain a lasting relationship; they have nothing to talk about. In a relationship where there is no communication  that relationship will not go far. It will soon go kaput  within some short space of time. Relationships that last are relationships with healthy communications because the people are opened to talk on anything and everything,, and their minds too are broader to accept dissenting views. Unlike the drama queen who will get up if the discussion does not center on her, the level headed woman will listen and impose her shrewdness. So are you a Drama Queen or a Mama’s Boy?

Until then, let us all assume our responsibilities.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Battles I fought and The Races I Ran.

The Battles I fought and The Races I Ran.

I have fought many battles: some I have lost, and others I have won. I have run many races: some I have finished, and others I dropped out. That is the way life is. In so far as I live on earth, there are and will be many battles for me to fight and many races for me to run. All I have to do is to select my battles and races I think to have the best chances.
As a young man, I did not know which battles to fight and which races to run. Yet my father taught me one thing: those who reject some of your opinions openly and secretly and those who compete with you for real and as friends will leave a lasting impression in your life. As I make a flashback, their secret and public rebukes made me who I am today. Fearing they berate me, I strove to carry the mantle they all expected.
Lord, what would my life have been if I did not have the battles to fight and races to run? The battles we fight and win and the races we run and finish make us rejoice. The battles we fight and lose should not make us bitter because everything works for the good of them that love God. Rather they should make us better. Those races we run but do not fish should not daunt us in life rather they should persuade us to improve better.
In this world we need each other to work as a team. The parents should work with the teachers and the students so the kids will receive a better education. The doctors should team up with insurance companies and patients to provide a better health care. The lawyers should work with the judges and those who need justice to provide a better justice system.
Therefore, let me ask you this: why do you feel bad when people criticize you? I am making a balanced sheet of my battles and races and all of a sudden I am developing a very high admiration for those with whom we fought some battles and competed in races. I know they made me better in tolerance, patience and perseverance because of the criticisms and the encouragements they gave me.
Until then, Lord I thank you for every human being you ever brought on my path.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Rebuttal to Anderson Cooper’s Article : “Cameroon’s Cursed Children”

Rebuttal to Anderson Cooper’s Article: “Cameroon’s ‘Cursed’ Children” (

I am sorry for the late reply. I went to Mexico and just came back and had other imperatives to carter for. Nevertheless, due to the numerous calls reminding me to react, I decided to give it a thought. This article is a rebuttal to the article “Cameroon’s 'Cursed' Children” jointly published by Anderson Cooper, Dr Sanjay Gupta and Karen Saylors. The article though apparently credible lacks a lot of substance both scientifically, sociologically, religiously and morally. The purport of this screed is to unravel those fallacies inherent in their publication and to expose its intention as cavalier, nescient and exploitative.

Anderson et al start by saying the kids are cursed because the villagers told them so. Simply because the people of Raveloe in Silas Marner call Silas Manner a ghost does not mean he is a ghost. Neither Epie nor Doly Winthrop who directly dealt with him had the same feeling about Mr. Marner. As a journalist, he should have taken time to investigate before he writes. While the western society is an individualistic society of everyone for himself or herself, but God for us all, the African and most oriental societies are extendedly closed communities that are actually aware of the condition of every family member.

Neither is a curse limited to stealing anything nor is it placed on the children because they are illegitimate. In addition, their not going to the doctor for whatever disease is not because they believe it is a curse but usually the last resort because of their paucity. Habitually, they try to cure themselves at home before they go elsewhere. It is not because they believe the disease is a result of them being bewitched.

Would someone tell me how many people go for medical checkup regularly in the West where people have the means and insurance company to amortize some of their costs? Does that mean they believe they could be bewitched or if they are sick but have not gone to the hospital does that mean they believe they have been bewitched? One can only talk of a curse if the ailment visits third to fourth generation (Ex. 20:5; Ex. 34:7; Num 14:18; Deut. 5:9). That means; the great grand parent must suffer from it, the grand parent too, the father and then the son. There is no proof that that illness has been a family disease. So that disqualifies the idea of the kids suffering from a spell or a curse. It is an oppression but not yet a curse. That means there is a difference between supernatural attacks and curses.

Like Dr Valentine Ngwa and other Cameroonians have already rebutted, the disease: Buruli did not start in Cameroon, and the name was not coined in Cameroon[1]. This theory is endorsed by Wikipedia[2]. As such, that disease would not have been placed by the witchdoctor. Disease from witchcraft can neither be traced through the X-ray, scan or medical tests. To better understand the role of the herbalist or traditional doctor generally called witchdoctor, one must understand the seven pillars of African traditional religions which I am not a believer.

The first is The Creator God who assumes the position of the Creator is same like God in the Hebrew Bible or Christian religion. However, they believe that this Supreme Being has retired and left things for the lesser spirits to fulfill through the ancestors and other mediums. The second is the shrine which is the residence of gods’ presence. The third is the Priests or Priestesses who are the mediators between the people and the spirits or the gods as enacted in the Videos The Battle of Musanga I& II and The Egg Of Life I, II & III. seem to be closer to the Supreme Being through the spirits they come in contact with through libations and oblations ceremoniously or unceremoniously. The priest could fall out of favor with the gods or spirits if they fail to do service in the proper manner. The fourth is the worshipper. The devotee is a person with character and serves as role model to the society. The fifth is the herbalist who is the one who uses herbs to heal. Some of them acquired the powers supernaturally, others were orally taught while some went and took lessons from a traditional herbalist. The sixth is a psychiatrist - mental harmonizer. In most cases they are the sum total of the diviners and herbalists with each acting in their own sphere and category. Finally, the seventh was the diviner serving as the modern day scientist, Hunter's/explorers. The diviner is someone with supernatural powers to foretell the future, explain the past and forthtell the circumstances of the present which trouble the victim. Therefore, the herbalist is not the same as the witchdoctor. There are some people who act as both herbalists and diviners.

If every child born out of wedlock was being attacked by Buruli, then Naturel would not be alone in Akonolinga. So that means Naturale is not suffering from Buruli because he was conceived out of wedlock but simply because he was exposed to the disease.

There are many herbalists in Africa and oriental societies because of the role the herbalists play. The herbalist in the African society before the advent of colonization was the equivalent of the doctor who used herbs and other supernatural powers to heal the sick. Some had to make divination to know what the illness was before they healed. Others consulted other divination sources like Obansinjom (2:46-5:15) amongst the Manyu people.

It is surprising that Dr Sanjay Gupta and Karen Saylors only discovered the disease today. There are fetishes that cast spells on people for stealing or harming others. Taking someone else’s mango without their permission is stealing and once you steal from a farm with a spell, you are exposed to the effects of that fetish because at this moment you have denied your hedge of protection which is based on you staying holy.

The information given to Dr Sanjay by Karen Saylors shows how western anthropologists have bewitched their people with canards. The researchers from John Hopkins can continue studying it, but it is already an established fact that Buruli is caused by Mycobacteriun ulcerans and nothing else.

Witchcraft plays a role in the African society because it exists. First it exists because God in his word says it exists and secondly, because of its manifestations which could not be deem coincidental. I have personally lived tales of witchcraft though I believe it cannot hurt anyone covered by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Karen`s theory that Buruli could be zoonotic: spread from animal to human will be incorrect because that will mean we will have to find animals in Akonolinga with Buruli. We may furthermore destroy this theory by asking when did this disease start to affect animals and why did it not start since time immemorial? The simple answer is that Karen, Anderson and Sanjay could be working for those who think they can protect the animals and neglect the humans. After all, many so called anthropologists and doctors did write that HIV which only lives in human came from African monkeys.

The fact that flesh is coming out of the skin does not mean it comes from an animal. Perhaps leprosy and tuberculosis which are from the same family like Buruli are all caused by people eating animals.

Here is the deal: to stop Africans from eating animals one would have to leave their forests alone, so they can grow their special vegetables that were as rich as the meat they eat. Bushmeat is the easiest and cheapest means of protein for the people living in deforested regions of the country.

In fact; Africans are not discovering how to cure disease using herbs; they were born with it. Perhaps it is high time to start looking into African medicine for the treatment of many diseases like hypertension and other blood related diseases. I have lived in the US now for 9 years, one month and three weeks I have not been to the hospital because I have a particular disease. I have always regulated my blood pressure with herbs and controlled that of my mother with the same herbs though she blends hers with western medicine. Therefore, Buruli is neither from animals to humans nor is it from witchcraft.

When someone is attacked by witchcraft, they can suffer from any diseases especially diseases that no one will be able to find the cause. This disease is not contagious, for if it was then Akonolinga would have suffered a pandemic.

However, the way Anderson and his crew put it, it fetches them more sympathy and creates that heroic status so that they can raise more money and get many more opportunities to visit Africa: The Dark Continent. Joseph Conrad in Heart of Darkness has already told the West that if there was darkness in Africa then it is the West that took it there for originally it was a continent and it is a continent of light.

Why do people say they will cry when they see Naturale: the young man suffering from Buruli? The number of people living with untreatable diseases in the US outnumbers those in Africa. The number of homeless in America outnumbers those of Africa in general. So why don’t we take care of our own backyard and cry to satisfaction before we start to think about crying for Naturale abroad? Let them visit Downtown Atlanta and cry or go to Parrotsville Tennessee and weep. They don’t need to wait till they see Naturale before weeping; they should weep for the American jails and the immigration jails. They should mourn for racism in America which is a more dangerous disease than Buruli. That is what we need to fight right now and not how to prevent animals from being extinct.

Believing in a disease as a curse did not start in Africa. The Black Plague came in the 1330s, and it was regarded as a mysterious disease because it did not have a cure in medieval medicine[3]. In Europe, it was also believed to have come from witchcraft. Only naive Africans believe that Bushsmeat is the cause of HIV and Buruli.

My family and neighbors ate and sole Bushmeat, so I challenge anyone for any medical tests from STDs to whatever. If neither of us suffered from any of these diseases because we ate Bushmeat then we are a case study that none of these diseases was transmitted from animals to humans.

Perhaps you may want to know that most journalists of Mr. Cooper’s caliber want to use spurious and frivolous reportage to become the Mother Teresas of modern times. Indeed, they did ephemerally achieve their aim when you listen to some of the blind doctors writing them to ask for the cure or the plant that the natives used. Why don`t they go to Akonolinga themselves and ask for the plant. Why do they have to rely on a middle man? Now, the poor healers in Akonolonga are neglected and the respect given to Dr Sanjay and his team.

The truth about it is that the western world fulfills my adage that when a people have suffered for too long, they will drink with insatiable gullibility fairytales on fairylands. The West is always trying to use physical remedies for spiritual equations. The Africans have known that, and they do just fine with it. They have learnt how to separate the two.

Take the case of alcoholism in the US and Germany where they attribute it to hereditary causes. No, it is not when it is moving from the third to the fourth generation. That is a curse and only a spiritual solution will solve it. The Africans have to be careful because this is a medium to hypnotize them, and soon there will be a follow-up with some vaccine. If any of you trusts those western vaccines coming to Africa and even the placeboes then you must have sold your souls due to ignorance.

People say Karen studied the medicine. She did not study anything. The healer told her and now she becomes the discoverer. All rights to the treatment of Buruli belong to the healer in Akonolinga.

Until then, I hope CNN will reject Mr. Cooper’s report but if not publish it as evidence of free speech in America.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk


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