Sunday, June 8, 2008

Stolen ID

Last year around May, I received letters from about six attorneys that they wanted to represent me in a cocaine case. I asked one where they got the info and they told me they got it from Durham County Police. I then called the district attorney, Police Department and the Jail. From there I was informed the fake Hamilton Ayuk was still in jail. I told them then it was a fake because I am right here and have never been arrested.

The case was investigated and the charges against my name dropped. The said gentleman: Ayiam Luke was rightly charged with his name. But because News Observer that initailly published the news made the correction but did not send it to people like Red Orbit that culled the info and put it on google I still had to talk to them. About a month ago someone trying to smear me in one forum brought the news from Red Orbit. That is how I knew Red Orbit had not done the correction. I immediately contacted them for correction because methought Red Orbit had deleted it from their website as I had initally spoken to them. Unfortunately, they did not. However, this time when I spoke to them they deleted it that is why you will see only the stump.

Therefore, I just want all my readers to know that I have never been involved with cocaine or dealt with it; I neither smoke nor do drugs. I may not be perfect but drugs for personal use or distribution have never been my problem. I may not be perfect but at least to an extent I am as white as snow when things like these are concerned. I have included the two links for both News & Observers doing the correction and Red Orbit`s stump2.

Until then, please trust in my sense of ethics and come back next time.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.


Lost ID sullies name of teacher-writer-preacher

DURHAM - Hamilton Ayuk, a high school teacher, writer and minister who lives outside Atlanta, was surprised several weeks ago when he went to his mailbox.
Inside were at least six letters from lawyers in North Carolina offering to represent him in a criminal case.
Ayuk had not been arrested, but a man using his ID card had been picked up in a cocaine trafficking case.
The man, whom police since have identified as Luke Anyiam, was one of four people charged in early May with cocaine trafficking, possession with intent to sell or deliver cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia.
"The guy who was charged, he lived with me, when my wallet was stolen," Ayuk said in a telephone interview. "I'm a minister, I take people in."
Ayuk called the Durham District Attorney's office and Durham police after getting the letters from the lawyers and thought he had cleared his name.
But no.
As a writer, Ayuk markets his books on the Internet. He used to be able to tell people to Google his name, but now old news reports of his false arrest surface in some searches.
In addition to the cocaine-related charges, Anyiam, 43, of Riverdale, Ga., also has been charged with identity fraud, Durham police reported.
"This has caused all sorts of problems," Ayuk said.
Staff writer Anne Blythe can be reached at 932-8741 or


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