Thursday, May 22, 2008

Behind the Veil.

My name is Kadidiatou. I am the lady who just passed here with the veil. When I am with my husband I wear the veil but when alone I do not. That immediately reminded me of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Minister’s Black Veil. Perhaps it is true every human being is wearing a veil. Don’t you think you might be wearing a veil?
It is now customary to behave differently in public from the way we behave in secret. That is why during the day and in church the pastor preaches on holiness and at night he is driving to pick up a 13 year old girl for sex. Perhaps every human has a veil. That is why you speak differently when no one is around and when someone is around your speech is polished. You use all sorts of expletives when on your own and you know that the acquiescent majority will not condemn you but when you face a fastidious majority you sound like Angel Michael. Don’t you think you might be wearing a veil?
In public you call your wife: honey, sweetie, bon bon but when only the two of you, you call her bitch, prostitute, loser. You know that you do not treat your wife well at home but you want everyone to think you are the best husband. In public you say I love my wife and in private you say if not of your mother I would not have married you. People look at you walk in public and envy you as a happy couple but back in your home each of you sleeps in a different rooms and when you sleep on the same bed your backs face each other. Yes, you are fighting and a knock is on your door, you quickly put some maquillage and show up at the door with a smiling face. Don’t you think you might be wearing a veil?
Can anyone reconcile who you are behind the keyboard and what you are in person? Well there are screen names now that people use to veil themselves. Are you the same person scamming people through the computer? Are you the same person living as a call girl from the comfort of your home but everybody knows you are a student. As you know no one wears a mask forever. That mask will always fall off. So too does no one wear a veil forever.
Let me ask you this: is there a time that if someone kept your person in public you will be different from the one in secret; straight in the morning and gay at night. To the community you are married but on the internet you are single and looking. Yes, the veil of a loving husband to the neighbors but behind the veil lies an adulterer, murderer, flaneur, embezzler; planting evil in innocent lives. You know that your veil will soon fall off and people will know the real you.
You offer gifts to strangers world wide but your own family and those who live in the same house with you never know when you have money. At home poverty is killing you but outside every passerby takes a beer on your budget.
Do you know anyone who is wearing a veil? I mean not you; someone else. Would you tell me why that someone is wearing a veil? This world was made bare and its inhabitants must live bare so that what they are without is the person within. It is better for people to think you are bad and when they come closer they realize you are wonderful than for them to think you are mother Teresa and when they come they realize you are Erzebet Bathory.

Until then, those who wear veils end up as strangers to themselves.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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