Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Does Jesus Encourage Dishonesty?

 Question II: “The parable of the Shrewd Steward in the Bible. I don't quite get it when Jesus says the wicked people of the world are getting richer through their crookery, that they are wiser than us. Was He encouraging cheating?” (James)
James, this is one of those passages that I found really difficult to understand myself. I am traveling and wanted to keep your question until my return but due to your insistence I felt I should sacrifice some time to answer the question. I will make an attempt. The passage you are citing comes from Lk 16:1-13. However the portion that concerns us is Lk 16:8, “And the Lord commended the unjust steward, because he had done wisely: for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.”
James what a relief, when I had read the verse and reread it was not giving me anything, so I decided to interpret the verse morphologically. The easiest way to attain a reliable interpretation of the verse is through looking at the etymology of the words in verse 8.
The key to the verse lies in the words /wiser/ English for Greek /phrŏnimŏs/ which means "prudent" but the prudence has to do with minding one’s interests. In other words; the Lord is saying that the non-Christians mind about their interest much more than the Christians do. For example, a cousin of mine had an interview at the British Embassy for a visa at 7:30 a.m. He visited another cousin who prayed till 8:00 a.m. When he went to the embassy for the interview, they told him he was late and should come the next day. If it was a non-Christian, he was not only going to be there at 4:30 a.m, but he will sacrifice someone if asked to. Also think about the complaints we give when we have to witness to someone.
Do you see how some women sell their bodies for money just because they want to ride in flashy cars, live in sumptuous houses and wear the most ostentatious clothes money could buy? The non-Christians find a thousand catharses to achieve their desires and interests. That is what the Lord was comparing; that inner drive that motivates us to do the impossible.
More so, look at the non-Christians when it concerns making money. Some will kill their wives just for insurance money. Others will embezzle the nation’s wealth just to look wealthy, no matter how the people suffer. Look at the government minister who wanted to kill his wife just to get back as a minister. They mind their business to the extreme. Nevertheless, the Lord is not saying it was right for him to cheat; he was commending his fighting spirit for one’s interest was commendable.
To know that you have rightly interpreted the verse is to realize that as you go further the whole passage turns to condemnation of riches. If the Lord was praising the servant for his dishonesty, then he would not have turned to condemn riches and those who hoard them because it would be contradictory. Jesus condemns the love of money, for it is the root of all evil. No man can serve two masters at a time; you cannot love money and God. Jesus is not saying his act was good but that the idea of making ends and avoiding trouble was a smart gesture. We as Christians were in darkness and have become children of light; therefore, we should walk in the light. Consequently, what the Lord is commending here is the act of prudence not the act of treachery or dishonesty.

Until then, I hope this explanation meets your inquisitiveness.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Why Do Fools Even Marry?

When people are getting married, they are asked if they will love each other for better or for worse. In that case, they promise to surrender their all to their spouses (I Cor 7:3-5). Both say I do; otherwise, there will be no wedding. How comes then that after they make those promises and pledges, they start to do something else? The Bible says that only a fool breaks his or her promises, and God has no pleasure in fools (Eccl 5: 4). My question is ,"Why do fools even marry?"

I see some people who are married, but they leave their wives (those who have kids, leave both wife and kids) on the bed and spend habitually their whole nights drinking with friends and acquaintances. Some will even leave their pregnant wives who are ready to put to birth to go to parties. They talk of personal space. Are we surprised when infidelity sets in? I have some real stories for you!

“Angela, leaving your husband to go clubbing is a recipe for infidelity”. She reminded me of MYOB (mind your own business). “If you like to club why don’t you go with your husband and if he does not want to go why don’t you both look for a common interest?” My mouth insisted. “Please, I need some breathing space!" She told me. Needless to say she is in her third marriage and happiness seem to elude her scrutably; perhaps giving her space for a fourth husband. Isn’t only a fool who plants corn but wants to harvest avocadoes? Why do fools even marry?

A couple came to me when their marriage was on the ropes. I listened to both and the husband was on and on. The wife had made her points and was just waiting to see if I will side with the husband like their two other counselors they have visited. First, I properly diagnosed their problem: finances. The man feels the woman is over-shopping. Secondly, the truth about it was that in terms of habit, the woman was over-shopping, but in terms of finances, the man was over-shopping. The problem here was not frequency but quantity. The man buys a suit for $350, but the woman buys clothes and shoes almost every week for $125. They do not sum up to that amount, so I asked who is the better manager? Each pointed to themselves. I looked at their incomes and requested the woman manages the money. The man told me over his dead body. Little time after, he sniffed their money and gambled some to casinos. After some time, they were like archenemies. I once ran into the woman and she sobbed, cried and bewailed as though something precious was escaping from her. Why do fools even marry?

Liliana had some friends with whom she exchanged sleepovers before she got married. They did things and took pictures as though they were more than platonic. Now that she is married, she still wants to maintain the same relationship. “Listen; when you get married, those sleepovers with boyfriends are gone, once and forever. Now you belong to another man.” She told me that this was America and not Africa. “Here, people have the liberty to do what they pretty much like.”She explained. You may not like it but hear it: she is divorced. Except if divorce is a wonderful and joyful experience, then she may want to adjust, else she will remain a cow. Her male friends have ended up getting married. Isn’t she a fool? Is she? So why do fools even marry?

In 2006, I went to court for a young man whose wife was involved in adultery. Her foolishness had plunged their love into tatters. In court, I saw a woman advocating for divorce because the husband has given her from Syphilis to Gonorrhea. Perhaps, she may just be missing out on HIV. Methought people get married to stay with one partner? Listen, if sex was love then Hollywood would be in a different predicament, but if love were shoes, then Hollywood will chatter all sizes. Why are fools not satisfied with their spouse at home? Simple: they consider mischief a sport (Prov 10:23). To my greatest surprise, many have neglected basic counsel and no wonder we can call them today fools (Prov 1:7). Only fools make a mockery of sin (Prov 14:9), for extramarital relationship is a sin. Are you a fool? Why did you even marry?

Until then, fools should not marry.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Behind the Veil.

My name is Kadidiatou. I am the lady who just passed here with the veil. When I am with my husband I wear the veil but when alone I do not. That immediately reminded me of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Minister’s Black Veil. Perhaps it is true every human being is wearing a veil. Don’t you think you might be wearing a veil?
It is now customary to behave differently in public from the way we behave in secret. That is why during the day and in church the pastor preaches on holiness and at night he is driving to pick up a 13 year old girl for sex. Perhaps every human has a veil. That is why you speak differently when no one is around and when someone is around your speech is polished. You use all sorts of expletives when on your own and you know that the acquiescent majority will not condemn you but when you face a fastidious majority you sound like Angel Michael. Don’t you think you might be wearing a veil?
In public you call your wife: honey, sweetie, bon bon but when only the two of you, you call her bitch, prostitute, loser. You know that you do not treat your wife well at home but you want everyone to think you are the best husband. In public you say I love my wife and in private you say if not of your mother I would not have married you. People look at you walk in public and envy you as a happy couple but back in your home each of you sleeps in a different rooms and when you sleep on the same bed your backs face each other. Yes, you are fighting and a knock is on your door, you quickly put some maquillage and show up at the door with a smiling face. Don’t you think you might be wearing a veil?
Can anyone reconcile who you are behind the keyboard and what you are in person? Well there are screen names now that people use to veil themselves. Are you the same person scamming people through the computer? Are you the same person living as a call girl from the comfort of your home but everybody knows you are a student. As you know no one wears a mask forever. That mask will always fall off. So too does no one wear a veil forever.
Let me ask you this: is there a time that if someone kept your person in public you will be different from the one in secret; straight in the morning and gay at night. To the community you are married but on the internet you are single and looking. Yes, the veil of a loving husband to the neighbors but behind the veil lies an adulterer, murderer, flaneur, embezzler; planting evil in innocent lives. You know that your veil will soon fall off and people will know the real you.
You offer gifts to strangers world wide but your own family and those who live in the same house with you never know when you have money. At home poverty is killing you but outside every passerby takes a beer on your budget.
Do you know anyone who is wearing a veil? I mean not you; someone else. Would you tell me why that someone is wearing a veil? This world was made bare and its inhabitants must live bare so that what they are without is the person within. It is better for people to think you are bad and when they come closer they realize you are wonderful than for them to think you are mother Teresa and when they come they realize you are Erzebet Bathory.

Until then, those who wear veils end up as strangers to themselves.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Questions That Christianity Must Answer: The Betrayal of Jesus

Question I: Why was it necessary for somebody to betray Jesus? The Pharisees and high priest knew Him. Why the need of a traitor?

Bro James let me answer these questions in two phases.

The first thing was that the chief priest had to send in soldiers that may never have paid attention to Jesus too. And more so considering that most of the men in those days wrapped their heads it could be difficult to identify Jesus from his disciples. That is why there was need for a close identification like the kiss.
Perhaps it was divine ordination. It could always be that God had already assigned him for perdition in terms of predestination. But if that was the case he should not have held him responsible. Yet the problem that caused Judas to do what he did was his hyperopia (langa) for money. That is why he took the 30 pieces of silver. But when he realized his mistake he decided to go and return the money (Mt 27:2-5). The immediate question that arises is why then did Jesus not forgive Judas? As you read through the passage it states that Judas felt sorry for his sin but he did not repent or ask for forgiveness. He would have gone to the master he had access too and tell Him master I did you wring, please forgive me and restore me into the fellowship. Rather he wanted to take care of business his own way. When the people rejected the return, Judas dropped the money in front of them and went and committed suicide. His suicide has raised some objections because in Mat 27: 5 it says but in Acts 1:18 it says he.
There were two ways of hanging. One was by crucifixion while the other was by falling headlong on a goad or a tree stump. Luke who is the author of Acts as a gentile wants to make the specifics and details to every one but Matthew a Jew does not see the importance to be narrating the details which they were ashamed of.
The second seeming contradiction is when Matthew says the chief priest used the money to buy a piece of land while Luke says in Acts that he (Judas Iscariot ) used the money to buy a piece of Land. Luke uses a principle of ownership called the power of delegation while Matthew presents the ownership by virtue. According to Luke, Judas bought the land because the money was Judas’ the land will be registered in his name. According to Matthew, though it was Judas’ money but the chief priest used the money therefore they too should be held accountable for failing to protect their own and instead betraying him. That is why he presents the story to show the culpability of the chief priests too.
One reason why it needed people to find Jesus is that from the time they wanted to kill him by throwing him into the pit (Lk 4:28-29) from that time he has been living his life moving from one city to another and making himself difficult to find and when they found him he was in the temple and if the religious leaders try to hurt him in the temple the people will question their commitment to the cause of God. So it was difficult to find him and because of this it needed an insider to betray him. That is where the traitor comes in. Judas was the turncoat out of money desires because remember he has been stealing the money in the coffers of the ministry.
Jesus knew ab initio that Judas was a devil (Jn 6:70) but he still selected him perhaps to give him the opportunity to turn away from sin. He did not care for the poor but he cared for the money especially because he kept the money bag from which he could pilfer (Jn 12:4-6). Living perpetually in sin he has been possessed by Satan (Jn 13:27) that he could no more come back to Jesus for repentance and ablution.

Until then, enjoy.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Today is the 20th of May, 2008. I have been challenging my students for a sprint race, but they have been giving me excuses. I told them anyone who beats me will win $20 but if I win them I will pay myself $20. Last Friday we had a challenger, verified that he had a physical and we slated the race for today. Finally we had a race with the whole class of 25 students routing for my opponent; their classmate. It was a stretch to touch a bus and return to the starting point equivalent to 100 meters.
When the mouth signal (replacing the gun) to go was given, we ran neck to neck until when coming back that he left me some inches behind and first reached the finish line before I could arrive. They were laughing as their self esteem has been buoyed. They mocked and derided me that until the bell rang the class was boisterous as if it would be the talk of the school. Perhaps I just made their day.
One of my female students came to me, leaned closer by my side and whispered: “Mr. Ayuk, how do you expect to run faster than these 17 and 18 year olds when you are twice older than them? Didn’t you say you are 38? See, you are getting old and that is the fact. Now you have to start figuring out the things you could do at your age group than thinking you can compete with us”. I laughed, thanked her and concurred that there is a time to be born and a time to die.
Four days ago I drank a soda and had some palpitations. After school I went to visit my doctor. My blood pressure was 110/62, and my pulse and lungs were normal to excellent. The doctor commended me and told me to continue with my eating habits because it would seem it is very healthy. What was wrong then that I could not keep the pace with the student? Age!
Many at times I have refused to face reality and perhaps you too. I am no more the young sprinter who used to train or practice as I used to do; old age is setting in. People say age is a number. No, it is not; it means you are getting old and either the nursing home or a hospice (if you neglect your family) is staring you closely. If age is a number then it simply means that your number is increasingly taking you to the grave.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are getting old daily. Tell a woman she is getting old she wants to break your head with her talon. Is she getting old? Indeed, she is and faster too. By facing reality we reduce or prevent the rapid aging but living in escapism we neglect and face the same destiny of existentialism. We become like houseflies caught in the spider’s webs unable to disentangle ourselves just waiting for our turn of death.
Are you checking your body regularly? Young ladies are you checking for those paraovarian cysts? As you get older your body too is depreciating. That is entropy! You can see that with your breast. A bra will make you feel they are up but in a shower you face the reality that age is not really a number because they are sagging. We will not always stay young. Are we taking the necessary STDs and HIV tests? There are blood tests that we need to take regularly. How long do you check your blood pressure, sugar level, pulse and others? How long do you try to find out if you heart, lungs and liver are in good condition? I mean that is the only way you will face reality about your health.
If you are in your thirties and cannot run more than two miles without stopping then you are not in shape. Being in shape boosts your self confidence and gives you the ability to wear the clothes you like. Oh, I like when I wear my vest (which most people erroneously call petticoat) and students say you look really cute. I look at the mirror and my tummy is flat. Oh, I feel really good about myself. How about you? Do you feel good about yourself? If not then face reality and do something.

Until then, those who fear to face the future will not reach it.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Should Prelate Debate On Social Issues?

People always make me laugh when they ask this question. The reason why there are prelates in places and yet the worldly authorities do what they are do is because the preachers have been bewitched that they must be separated from the society. Would anyone tell me the things of men here? There is a domino effect with each malfeasance in a sector of the society. Herewith are the things of God and responsibilities of a true prelate. Three passages should motivate and prompt prelates to comment on issues like Mugabe, Obama, traditional titles and even for them to belong to a given party like the CPDM. The Bible says”
Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world (James 1:27).
The atrocities going on in Zimbabwe are not natural but caused by the imperialist hands of the British, European Union and the US. Their actions are afflicting the widows and orphans. For instance, in Cameroon the Cameroon People’s Democratic Party (CPDM) is not the cause of the problems of Cameroonians but Cameroonians themselves. There are people in the opposition who are living in the US but are still receiving their salaries. Many people from the SDF and other parties have encouraged and been involved in bribery and extortion in one way or the other. As such, the problems Cameroon faces is first that of rotten mentality and then of poor governance and mediocre reforms. No doubt president Biya has been a very bad president for Cameroon but him alone would not have ruined the nation if not of the contribution of most who now call him devil incarnate.
Read again this passage below. That is the reason I have the audacity to call to order whoever is misusing traditional titles because these titles influence the wellbeing of the traditional and local community which in turn makes up the greater community and nation at large.
Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me. When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand. Yet if thou warn the wicked, and he turn not from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul. Again, When a righteous man doth turn from his righteousness, and commit iniquity, and I lay a stumblingblock before him, he shall die: because thou hast not given him warning, he shall die in his sin, and his righteousness which he hath done shall not be remembered; but his blood will I require at thine hand (Ezk 3:18-20).
Nonetheless, when I speak and you do not listen I do not shoot you with a rubber gun; rather I keep the pressure up to appeal to your conscience if you have one. I am conscious many people desire to please God but they do not know how to go about it. Perhaps many are asking these same questions below that Micah asked:
Wherewith shall I come before the LORD, and bow myself before the high God? shall I come before him with burnt offerings, with calves of a year old? Will the LORD be pleased with thousands of rams, or with ten thousands of rivers of oil? shall I give my firstborn for my transgression, the fruit of my body for the sin of my soul (Micah 6:6-7)?
In the same passage I will give you the answer:
He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God (Micah 6:8).
Now, ladies and gentlemen, tell me how anyone would talk about justice, love and mercy, and humility without delving into politics, customs and traditions, or in short the society knowing that one cannot separate the human being from the society. The human being needs the society to propagate his or her theory whether good or bad. I must talk on the things of the world because I am in the world. Yet there is a difference with loving the world. That is why you have not heard may name on having slept with this woman or that woman as is the case with one lady here whose back seems to have slept on every man’s bed. To keep myself entirely from the world I must leave this world. That is why Jesus instead prayed that God should keep his disciples while they are in the world (Jn 17:15.
Until then, let voiced speak for the voiceless.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Monday, May 19, 2008

STDS and HIV Massacres

An estimated 33.2 million people live with HIV/ AIDS in 2007[1]. People each year ask me: “Why are you publishing your HIV test results if you are not sleeping around”? What that tells me is that sex is the only source of HIV. That will dwarf our epidemiological intelligence since it has been empirically proven that HIV could come from sex, blood, and mother[2]. Even the circle of sex if we blame everybody who has HIV as having had it from sex then we will be condemning innocent people because one may be clean but the partner brings it from somewhere and gives it to him/her. That will be condemning a faithful and innocent person. Or may be you pick it through negligence of blood transfusion. What did the child do to carry it from the mother? Did it too have sex? So you see; sex is not the only way. Therefore, I do not test myself because I am sleeping around. I am testing myself to show you guys that it is good to test and know your status.

Remember I believe in practical Christianity where I teach do as I do and not as I say. Christianity must be practical for it to transform individuals. If a brother comes to me naked and tells me: “brother, pray that God should give me clothes”. I will go into my closet and give him some clothes then pray that God should bless him. If I have to encourage you all to test yourself against STDs I start and do it so that you may now it is at the reach of everyone especially because there are many free testing sites like the one where I got tested.

My tests results for two weeks ago on Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Hepatitis B and Syphilis all came back negative. You see, you too will do yourself some good by testing for all these diseases. Do not forget that prevention is better than cure.

But protecting yourself is just 50% of protection. You must make sure your partner is protected and negative too. I have heard people sue others that they gave them an SDT. You are not exempted because you failed to take appropriate preventive measures. It is the same like the so called victims of the Nigerian 419 scams[3]. The supposed victims are not victims but thieves who made a bad business because they knew that it was dirty business. Before you have sex make sure your partner is clean and that will eliminate happenstance or one night event.

Now, if you take the HIV test and find out that you are positive that is not the end of the world. You may have alternatives: western medicine, traditional African medicine or other while praying to God who heals all diseases. There is no disease that God cannot heal. The problem with western medicine is that it is so expensive; with too many side effects unlike its African traditional counterparts.

You may wonder why many people in Africa are not using the African traditional medicine. Most of them have been brainwashed to believe that everything Western is better as such they rely on it. It took my mother years to try my concoction that cures hypertension until when she was desperate and the western medicine could not longer help.

Therefore, I want to forewarn Africans to avert all those recent calls to take vaccines because HIV is ravaging the African community. In my last article (Fairytales On HIV In Africa ) you know that is not true. Remember that most of these vaccines have undesirable side effects and could lead to sterility. I know Cameroonians can still remember Rev Anthony Fonteh.

Until then, let us each test ourselves.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.


Can Traditional Titles Be Compared?

There is a difference between traditional structures and traditional leadership. Traditional structure embodies the arrangement of the community, the various groups and leadership, the customs and traditions and the culture of the people. Traditional leadership is a more sophisticated term for traditional government. This government with thin the village in general or sub groups in particular.
In the case of the Shey, it is not a leadership position; rather it is social recognition that goes with status in the village just like the Sesekou that is a social title bequeathed on an individual who joi9ns Ekpe and raises to a an upper echelon. Why can’t they be compared if both are within the realm of social recognitions? Even tradition governments have been compared. Take for instance the Prime Minister of England is the same like the President of the United States of America in terms of essence. They have different traditions but the same structures in the way the two positions operate. What the prime minister of England does is the same thing that the president of the US does.
Now look at the military: Though the US Air Force and the US Army have different classifications in ranks (rating) nonetheless, one is sane enough not to think that First Lieutenant of the Army is the same as the Rear Admiral lower half of the Navy. Rather the Captain in the Navy and the Colonel in the army wear the same insignia. How would anyone then get angry if an Army officer said the four stars general in the army is superior to the rear Admiral upper half and then people of the Navy draw their cutlasses from their sheaths that the writer has denigrated their culture?
Now to contextualize the argument, when you use even just DJ Eric’s classification of titles you realize that the Shey is the fourth lowest title. Then in the Manyu Ekpe Sesekou is the highest. That means only the highest title of the Banso people will fit the Sesekou. Yet there poses a problem because in Northwest province their traditional leaderships are intertwined with their traditional governments. Unlike the South Westerners who have separated social leadership from political leadership in the sense that you will have the Chief, Regent, Quarter-Head and Family-head? While in the Ekpe, Obansinjom, Amgbu the titles are arranged from least to greatest. Yet one may know that these titles in the Northwest Province are not given to a common man; he must belong to a level. By the way I am using North West because their traditions are almost homogenous.
The Shey when compared to the Manyu traditional polity leadership it will be equivalent to a quarter-head. It will then be incongruous for anyone to call himself Quarter-Head Sesekou, Listen to that; I mean even you do smile that it sounds ludicrous. So then if the guy wants to keep the title good for him which he could still use when he meets North Westerners for that is where his title is activated and becomes authentic. Within the Manyu community it will be mere cause for raillery indeed for anyone to say Sesekou Quarter-head. Which quarter is he heading anyway?
Since he has no quarter then that becomes a social title and we can now bring it back to social tiles within the Manyu community and thus be able to compare them. I hope you see the logic. If he had a quarter he was leading here in America or he is an errand boy that again will fall under the social ramification and not political.
Therefore, titles are comparable within the setting they find themselves. The Army’s titles could be compared to those of the Navy. The Northwest traditional political leadership could be compared to The South West Political traditional leadership. The Fon is to the Mankon people what the chief is to Ntenako (my City) people. The Fon of Banso is to the Banso people what the paramount chief of Bakweri is to the Buea people. The Fon is to North Westerners what the chief is to South Westerners. Are we comparing two structures? Yes, but within their settings of political leaderships. Now back to social titles, when you disintegrate the social from the political in the Fondoms then you can compare them with the social leadership in Chiefdoms.

Until then, I rest my case.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Fairytales On HIV In Africa

This article is a response to Wynfred Russell’s article: “HIV Rocks Liberia and other African communities” published in the online Liberian Journal of April 23, 2008[1]. The main reason for the faulty result is the method of calculation. When we use the mean or average method to find out the rate of infection, it will be normal to have those results. Take for example you go to Minnesota; in a particular area where you have all these people sleeping around and they are from Africa but different countries. You find within this radius 10 Cameroonians and 8 have HIV, 14 Liberians and 12 are HIV Positive, 24 Nigerians and 20 are positive. Using the average calculation it will give you the wrong picture. Certain things need to be considered: like is it a general trend or just the Africans in this particular area. Even in countries some areas in certain countries are more infected than others. Others face a pandemic will others are safe from it. Therefore, proper methods and apparati are needed to produce untainted results.

Take for example all over the net there is this false information that 64% of Sub Saharan Africa is HIV positive[2]. What is the population of the Sub Saharan countries? Let us say for benefit of doubt we accept the 24.1 millions as standard though it’s in approximation. Sub Sahara is made up of 50 countries at least. Subtract that from these figures and convert it into percentage and it does not give you 10%. The numbers they put out there were for Sub-Saharan Africa but they said there were some countries. That is false. Let me prove to you again that the HIV information on Africa has been distorted.

If the amount of infected HIV Sub Saharan Africa stands at 24. 2 millions and in 2005 the population was 770 millions and is growing at a 2.3% per annum, what would be the current population estimate in 2008? Take a look at the calculation below and tell me how any organization or unbiased individual will come up with the 64%.

Population in 2005 ---770Population in 2006 --- (770 x 2.3/100) + 770 = 787.81Population in 2007 ----(787.81x 2.3/100) + 787.81 = 805.92963Population in 2008 --- (805.92963 x2.3/100) + 805.92963 = 824.46601149 (in millions)Percentage of people infected with HIV24.2 millions is 3.14% of 770 millions (if 770 millions is 100% of the population in 2005, 24.2 millions will be 24.2 x 100/770 = 3.14%)In 2008, 3.14% of 824.47 millions of the population will be infected --> 824.47 x 3.14/100 = 25.91 millions.

What is the percentage of people infected with HIV considering that there is treatment and better means of reducing the disease in 2008? With this calculation do you see that the claims about HIV infections in Africa are exaggerated?

Look at his statement above there is error. Then look at the facts you realize they are subjective. There are two plausible reason for inflating the HIV infection rates so that the West will use Africa as their new cavy to test their new drugs and then also to look for a means to swindle money from organizations and government. No doubt there is HIV infection but the percentage is more in the WEST than in Africa because the immune system of Africans is more solid than those of westerners. Take for example; the African drinks water in Africa does not get sick, comes to the US and drinks water but still does not get sick. The westerner moves to one state drinks water gets sick goes to Africa drinks water and catches diarrhea. Secondly, the Africans live more on natural foods than the fertilizer food that the westerners stuff themselves with. So if both were to pick up a disease or a virus the African will have better chances of survival than the Westerner.

Now, that is not the issue here; the issue here is the inaccurate data to pass information. In 1990 a report that stated one out of every ten Africans has HIV. My question then was why has there been population explosion rather than death explosion. I sat in a church and heard a missionary tell a lie about Cameroon (a country I have traveled extensively) just in the name of raising money. Little did he know I come from Cameroon? There is no where in Cameroon where kids drink water from the gutter. A stream yes, but a gutter I have never seen or heard and I have never made my friendship with rich people to neglect the plight of the poor. So I know well the calamity the poor faces in Cameroon and Africa. Therefore I will take this information with a lot of reservation.

Nonetheless, I abjure every sexually active individual to go and take one or two tests to determine their status. In case you are positive seek treatment at once for the earlier you start the better. HIV is a disease like any other diseases and so there should be no stigma or shame about it. Above all the best method of prevention is abstinence and fidelity. As most of you know that I have always taken the tests and even published my results like I did last year.

Until then, be cautious as you embrace these studies.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.


Immigration Plans to Build Concentration Camps

On May 18, 2008 Los Angeles Times published an article written by Anna Gorman under the heading: “Immigration agency plans new family detention centers”[1]. They are accepting bids and later they will reap profits from the centers. The immigration says it will help them to get the people who have a deportation case to appear in court when they are wanted and be deported when they exhaust all their options to stay in this country. I have always wondered aloud why should the immigration detain even families who want to be deported. I mean there are people that if you ask them today do you want to be deported they will say please you will be doing me a favor. So if there is no profit to be reaped why does the immigration reject their pleas? The truth about it is that these people are a source of huge federal funding.
One problem leaving the kids and locking up the parents too is another issue because some immigrants have pretended they don’t have a parent or relative to take care of their kids while they are incarcerated. In that way the kids rather than be locked up should be given the option to live with foster parents or in shelters. American parents who are convicted, jailed and are a risk to the society are not locked up with their kids too. If an illegal immigrant does not want to be deported and prefers to remain in jail that is his problem but at least the alternative to depart back hope should be the first option tabled before the illegal immigrant.
Socially it raises the possibility of shantytowns. These methods of forming camps will increase immorality, aloofness and idleness because sooner or later there will be overcrowding like any other jail in the US.
Psychologically it will remind the parents and their kids of the Nazi concentration camps. Why are they locked up? For being illegal? If you do not want them here deport them at once. News coming from the cells is that some immigrants are committing suicide in jail.
Students are supposed to be kept in a non restrictive environment except I cases of special education which is considered and determined after studies. Secondly, just as any child below 18 cannot make a decision for themselves and below 16 cannot decide to drop out of school the immigrant child was supposed to be educated by the state. And taking them out of the main stream conducive environment deprives them from functioning normally.
If logic, sociology and politics do not discourage the immigration then they should consider the legal ramifications. This practice will violate a number of laws. In Castenada v. Pickard (1981 federal) which was upholding EEOA of 1974 it will be difficult to argue that a child who has not committed any crime and is jailed will benefit from any educational efficiency. The language barriers that we try to avoid will still be there because most of the people there are immigrants with English as a second, third or tenth language thereby reinstating the language barriers confronting English Language Learners (ELL). The idea of sometimes deporting the children of illegal immigrants violate both the Fourteenth Amendment and Plyler v. Doe (1982) which reiterated that the above amendment prohibits states from denying a free public education to undocumented immigrant children regardless of their immigrant status. The trauma they face in that concentration camp cannot permit them to study well[2].
To an extent one could infer that the intention of immigration could be to benefit from Title III Non Regulatory Guidance which was to supply school systems with funds to ensure limited English proficiency students including immigrants and youth developed English proficiency. Finally, the No Child Left Behind Act (Jan 8, 2001) does not permit these kids to be locked up with their parents because they will be left behind. Emotional support will be lacking since they are incarcerated for a crime they are innocent.
Some may rebut that it does not restrict the studies of the kids if so what about American kids in detention centers. The difference is that the American kids have committed a crime but these have not yet committed a crime. More so, until they turn 18 and can answer for themselves they should not be deprived from mingling with others. Once they exhaust their case then they should be asked if they want to be deported or they want to stay in jail. They should not be given the chance to depart on their own then if that is the fear. Rather than go through some of the legal wrangling it would even be appropriate for the immigration to ask the immigrant while their case is still soliciting the recourse of the law. That way only those who do not want to go back to their countries are kept in jail because the courts are still studying their cases.
I do however disagree that most families do not post a flight risk. They do! That should be taken seriously for there is no country without immigration policies. However those policies should be humane and only those who broke the vases should pick the pieces especially because most people caught on immigration violations are not a risk to the community. Those who are a crapshoot should be treated on bases of them being a risk just like any other criminal. The idea of deportation especially deporting naturalized citizens is cruel and ludicrous. Two people commit murder one is a naturalized citizen and the other is a natural born citizen. The naturalized is found guilty and deported and the natural born is found guilty and left in the country. So why then say anyone has become a citizen? Citizenship then will mean really nothing or simply means that you have travel documents, since when we say you are a citizen of a given a country it simply means the land is yours come what may you will not be taken elsewhere. Until the government institutes confinement in the île du Diable it will be cruel and ludicrous justice to deport naturalized citizens.

Until then, I hope the immigration will make humane decisions.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

[2] Hamilton Ayuk Holistic Teaching (Summer Leadership Institute) June 2006, Harrison High School.

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