Monday, April 7, 2008

How Does God want us to have sex?

There are two types of sex: non genital sex and genital sex, and there are two kinds of genital sex: direct contact and proxy. Non genital sex is sex that does not involve your genitals like kissing, caressing and others. Direct genital sex is sex that you use your genitals and sex by proxy is sex you use your genitals but the other partner is not in the vicinity. Sex is between a male and a female who are legally married in the eyes of God and, or human beings. So the purpose of sex is for procreation and pleasure. This lesson is for people who are legally supposed to have sex. Wife swaps, swinging, group sex, bestiality, incest and homosexuality are all condemned in the Bible. Sex is soul knitting and thus it is wrong to give your spouse to tie his or her soul with another person for which it brings in a third person into your marriage.
In the course of sex by proxy the couple could employ the phone (phone sex), internet (cyber sex), erotic letters (erotic mails) through which they defy distance to maintain their soul bonding and partially attain the pleasure of sex. Erotic letters could be wishful thinking and wishful thinking is not different from mere desires.
Before the advent of the internet, couples who were distant from each other communicated via letters and then after the invention of the phone via the phone. Now there is the internet and many other technologies for couples to communicate intimately even if they are far off each other. Through this communication they could have sex as explained above to keep the bond. If blood is the main requirement in a covenant, sex is the one in a marital relationship. That is the reason why abandonment is one of the reasons why a spouse is permitted to divorce (I Cor 7:14-15) because by abandoning your post you break the bond that existed via sex and thus you are considered dead (Rom 7:1-3). Since a covenant requires two living beings then the one who is alive is permitted to look for another partner for a new covenant. Immediately the methodology sets in.
There are no specific directions on how one should have sexual intercourse with his wife in the Bible. Sex being a spiritual exercise God leaves it for our spirits to be creative. The content and form of the sexual acts is dependent on their creativity. However, clearly there are some orifices (anus) meant for defecation ONLY. Sex was meant to express love but if in trying to demonstrate our love we instead inflict pain (bondage sex) then one has to sit and make a balanced sheet at the notion of love. If one employs anal sex and in the long run at dotage the spouse has to live with one’s rectum leaking and needing diapers then we wonder how loving we have been to our spouse. Studies have shown that oral sex easily transmits more serious diseases than the mouth can support and anal sex is damaging to the rectum in a long run.
If anal sex was that safe why do doctors tell ladies never to move anything from their anus to their vaginas? Why are young girls taught to clean their anus from the vagina ending to the back and not anus to vagina? That is because the anus has its own natural bacteria that could inflict serious harm on an individual if brought outside. Others have argued that because the anus is guided by internal and external sphincters the rectum would not fail. Depending on the size of the penis, or object employed and the frequency in a long run these sphincters give up as with any muscle. Those sphincters are made just to regulate the outgoing of feces and so their life span may be shortened if overworked and having sex via your anus is overworking them.
There is a gross mistake to think that sexual intercourse can only be successful when one goes beyond the natural and start to act like a demented individual or by instincts. The clitoris could be stimulated with the fingers far better than the tongue and soft wet hands could produce more stimulation on the penis shaft more than the mouth.
One other question you asked was about toys. When a couple mutually agrees on how to have sex they could practice any type of safe sex they enjoy. It would be lack of altruism for a man who cannot perform well to refuse using toys. As with every medicine the use of sexual stimulants have their long term effects. Proper dieting and exercise will keep you up for a long time and many years to come. Else you will be forced to sit on a chair and watch her perform. What misery!

Until then, I hope it helps and I wish you a happy marriage.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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