Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Friends In Deed And Need

A student came to me one day crying that one girl had slapped her. I asked for the name of her attacker and she told me. So I said: “methought that is your friend?” She shook her head in a slow motion nodding; up and down in affirmation. Then I asked what happened? She replied: “she said I am saying things behind her back”. Then today as I was reading through Patricia’s blog, I found out that she had written about Bill Richardson: governor of New Mexico; a supposed friend of the Clintons who endorsed senator Obama. Thus the seed for this message is born.

A music seller told me a story one day. He pointed to the cemetery and said: “when you sit in front of this store, you learn lessons you may never forget. One of them was when a rich man died, and they were taking him to the cemetery. In his hearse was only a dog as his friend. He had no one because he had alienated himself from them. The dog sat with him looking very unconcerned and bewildered.

Perhaps you all read in August 29, 2007 that Leona Helmsley left 12 millions for her dog and her human chauffeur had $100,000. It is dysfunctional when the warmth of an animal replaces that of humans. It is a verbal picture that portrays the human being walking with his/her head down and his/her legs up.

Some people have made friends with animals. Are human beings finished on earth? We used to have our little dog (Babuel) that grew up with us. The day it died we gave it a befitting burial but the dog never replaced the warmth of human beings.

When you find anything good the first people to tell should be your friends. I wonder then why some people call others their friends and are jealous of them. To sleep and seize your friend’s wife (like what Samson’s friend did) is not a sign of friendship (Jg 14:20).

Some people say they don’t have friends. To make friends you must show yourself friendly (Prov 18:24). If you stick out for a good friend they will do same for you. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Do unto others what you want them do unto you. If you want loyal friends you should be loyal. If you want people to speak honest things to you then be honest to them. Make friends with people that can make you better because iron sharpenth iron (Prov 27:17).

True friends walk together (Gen 26:26). A good friend is a person through whom you can send something and it reaches its destination (Gen 32:20). Good friends should be able to speak face to face (Ex 33:11). A good friend shares his or her spoils with his or her friends (I Sam 30:26). The friend of your friend is your friend (2 sam 3:8). It is absurd to hate one’s friend but love his enemies. True friends are the people that you should first call when you are faced with a calamity (Est 5:10; 6: 13).
The question is can anyone trust you as a true friend. Can they call you when they need your help or you will pretend you did not hear their call and then call after the incident has subsided? When friends are propping you about your calamity don’t fret because they are acting only on the limited information they have (Job 32:3). When the time comes they will pay for their rashness (Job 42: 7). True friends should be there whenever you need comfort (Job 2:11). A major characteristics of a true friend is faithfulness (Prov 27:6).

Therefore, any friend who flatters his or her friend, even the eyes of his children shall fail (Job 17:5). A true friend should love you at all times no matter what you are going through (Prov 17:17). Take note of those lovers, friends and kinsmen who stand aloof of your sore. Those are bloodsuckers and parasites. It is true the poor is hated even by his neighbors but the rich has many friends (Prov 14:20; 19:4, 7, 9). Why does the rich have many friends? Like bees they come to suck the nectar he or she has.

A man married to a beautiful woman, she makes an accident and the next day he is divorcing her, or perhaps they get married and infertility sets in. The next day he wants another woman. This time he wants a woman that can give him children. Many men have had friends who were not working. When they found a job they abandoned their friends and told them how they have moved up one class. What of the woman that was brought into a country by a man and when she is fine she dumps the man calling him baboon.

People should learn how to keep their friends. If you want to keep your friends: avoid whispers (prov 16:28) and avoid people who repeatedly offend you (Prov 17:9).

When your friends start to fall under the sword then look at your life. Is there anything you should have done to rescue the situation? Friendship fails because people cut away from God. God is the Only One that gives loyalty. When people do not live right they cut off from the source of loyalty and no wonder promises and vows mean little or nothing to them. When a lover and a friend are put far away from you know that you are going through the consequences of your sins (Ps 88:18).

Today let me confirm that human friends do fail, no matter how loyal they may be. Yet there is a friend in Jesus who will bear your grieves and share your sorrows. In the middle of the night when everyone else is asleep he will be by your side. Call him in times of trouble and he will answer you. When it seems the whole world has misunderstood you know that Jesus knows you and knows your name. Are you looking for a true and ever present friend? Get more in touch with Him. If you know the friendship of Jesus he will give you the ability to make good and reliable friendship.

Until then, may you find trustful and worthy friends.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

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