Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Drumbeats America Does Not Want To Hear.

In Ntenako around the 70s, there were drumbeats for different news. When someone died there was a type of drumbeat. When the village was summoned for Obasinjom the drumbeats were different. But there were particular drumbeats most did not like: swearing medicine when something was missing or to find out who killed the defunct. Today there are many drumbeats that America does not like to hear. When the drumbeats against racism are beaten America calls them unpatriotic because it will mean she is morally bankrupt and cannot pretend to teach morality in the world. Any attempt to force yourself on a people more righteous than you is an act of imperialism. Beware America; imperialism is outdated.

A CNN poll showed that most Americans consider racism a problem, but many did not think they were racists themselves.[1] So if no one thinks he or she is a racist, is America molested by ghosts who practice racism? Perhaps we are enveloped in some delusional denial that prevents us from facing the truth. When truth becomes more absurd than fiction then a clean conscience becomes a scarce and seared commodity. Why do the words of ministers drumbeat anger in the mainstream media? They have embraced fiction as truth and their consciences leak out the iota of truth that has been deposited by the truthful religious minority. Indeed racism is alive and well in America; eroding both the lives of Dark Skinned (Blacks) and Light Skinned (Whites) Americans. Isn’t it shameful that there are all Light Skinned churches and all Dark Skinned churches in places with both skin colors? There are places in America that people of different colors do not feel safe to walk. Where racism is not the singsong, prejudice and bias are the lullabies. As a result, Dark Skinned Americans still find it difficult integrating Africans.

Another drumbeat that America does not like to hear is that the kids are bad. A timeline of recent school shootings from Feb 2, 1996 to Feb 14, 2008 featuring 53 school shootings showed 44 of them from America.[2] Good kids do no go around shooting people. People always compare it with the barbarism in African civil wars. Because someone is killing another person in one corner of the world does not upgrade murder to a noble act in America. America; train up a child the way it should grow and when it grows it will not depart from it. American children are badly trained. Most suffer from absentee parenthood because the parents have been held hostage by the excesses of freedom by the American laws that guarantee mischievous rights for kids than disciplinary rights for parents. If anything is made of true gold it does not perish easily and so too is character. A child well trained will never become bad. When we have good children they will grow to be good people; they will form good communities that in turn will make a good country.

Another drumbeat that America does not like to hear is ignorant journalism. Sometimes you hear a journalist speak and you think he or she is a farmer in the jungle cut off from the people. I wonder why some are still calling Iraq ( -r k , -räk )[3] as /aira:k/. How does a journalist write or say that 66% of Africa is HIV positive when he or she could just make a trip and conduct a research? When they take a piece of news they jumble it up with lies and drum a familiar music of fear and xenophobia that will sooth the ears of gullible but ignorant Americans. How long shall America run away from its own shadow? Fig leaves are for a moment; they will get dry and the world will see our nakedness.

Another drumbeat America hates to hear is that it is the fattest country in the world.[4] That is, it has the fattest and most obese people in the world seconded by Mexico. She must curb her appetite for food and regulate her manufacturers to produce healthy and lean food stuffs. To pamper and molly cuddle their vice they say you could be fat and healthy. Recent studies just disproved that rubbish.[5]
Oh, America, except you dance to the tunes of these drumbeats you will never feel fine
. The porcupine has hidden things in its stomach until its entrails have become bitter. S peak out when you are mad else you get embittered within and explode without with wanton destruction and force the innocent to bear the brunt.

America is rich but miserable with 10% of the population divorced.[6] Divorce is not a sign of happiness. Suicide is now a public health problem as the 11th leading cause of death.[7] Suicide is not a sign of happiness either the doctors say. America is rich but almost every American has a debt they owe; they owe more money than ever before.[8] Don’t collectors say debtors are not happy people? Don’t even you reading me now owe something? You smile; don’t you? America is rich but there are all types of depression medications over and on the counters. Do psychologists and psychiatrists say depression is a sign of happiness? “One in every five Americans is depressed or unhappy”.[9] Unsurprisingly America tops the list with “9.6% of the population experiencing bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder or chronic minor depression over the course of a year”. [10] Here is the deal; confronting your problem is 50% of the solution and the solution will follow.

Until then, the prophets are parapets for the derailing society so listen to them.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk
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