Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cameroon: The Blind Corner of the British.

Cameroon was a Class B mandated territory from the defeated Germans handed to Britain and France by the League of Nations. Then with the advent and subsequent end of WWII their status was converted into a Trust Territory by the United Nations. Apart from what the British and French inherited from the Germans, may some Good Samaritan tell us what the British left by the time the Cameroonians were ending their reign? Rather they left the country a ramshackle eyesore. In terms of infrastructures they have even misused all what the Germans left. Politically they sacrificed part of Cameroon to Nigeria; the present Gongola State.
Now the British are in Cameroon as diplomats and the Cameroonians want them there but they have preferred to be blindsided; they only want to stay in Zimbabwe. Mugabe has told them he does not want them. Why are they trying to use Morgan Tsvangarai to do their dirty work? If they care so much about Africa there is still incomplete work in Sudan, Chad, Eritrea, Somalia, and other places. I mean there is still much work in Basra and even Kandahar. Those are more urgent priorities and even imperatives for them to tackle. Why is Zimbabwe and Mugabe so much on the top of the list when those who really need help are neglected?
Does this go to say that because in Zimbabwe it is an attempt to reinstate white rule like in the days of Ian Smith through the stooge called Tsvangarai? Why did Ian Smith the one time Prime Minister of the White Minority rule relocate to Cape Town: South Africa rather than stay in his own country? That is because at this time Apartheid was still going on in South Africa and it would be a better place for him to live and still practice his one time evil. So the British have a vested interest to develop their puppetry in Zimbabwe. That is why they are pretending they want democracy in Zimbabwe.
If it is a problem of democracy why don’t they look at Cameroon? How can one person be in power for more than a quarter of a century? The problem is that Cameroon has already liquidated her resources to the French for at least a century to come so it would be worthless coming into a country like that. What the British forget to know is that Like Muammar Gadaffi, Anwar Sadat, Thomas Sankara, and a lot more there are leaders who will annul all those useless treaties and pacts with the sorry French. The French quickly ran to support the government of Idriss Déby of Chad when he was under the assault of the rebels in exchange for the Zoe Act charity workers who were accused of trying to smuggle children from chad to France. Who knows for what purpose.
I did not hear Gordon Brown evoke the problem of Cameroon; rather he spoke and hit his fist on the pulpit reminding me of the former colonial master. While Thabo Mbeki says they should have patience he is hitting his fist on the stage. He is pretending a blind eye to the political upheavals in Cameroon. After all no one can afford instability of Cameroon now in Central Africa because it will have a domino effect since most of the presidents there have been in power for more than 40 years each. It is not only Cameroon that is a boiling cauldron; the whole of Central Africa region is like a political volcano. When it will truly erupt no water will quench it and untold human lives will vanish. Blood will roll down the streets like red lava from the mountain and many people will be relocated. Just take a little peep at the region. Omar Bongo of Gabon (since 1967) and Gnassingbe Eyadema (since 1967) have each ruled their countries for 41 years. Paul Biya of Cameroon since 1982 (26 years), Idriss Déby since 1984 (24 years), Denis Sassou Nguesso of Congo Brazzaville has ruled since 1997 (11 years) and François Bozie a French puppet overthrew Ange Félix Patassé in 2003 and has been ruling Central Africa Republic for 5 years. Six people have ruled for a total of 148 years. Cameroon’s Paul Biya has ruled for 26 years for a total of 4 British Prime ministers and 4 American presidents within the same time frame.
The question now is what is wrong with some African leaders. They should emulate examples of Mandela who stepped down for Thabo Mbeki and Festus Mogae who did same for Ian Karma though their terms of offices were still valid. Why must everyone want to leave like Idi Amin, Mobutu Sese Seko or Hissène Habré. Each of this people tampered with the will of the people and paid with their blood or liberty. History has shown that those who cling to power against the will of the people may need the people's will to live in liberty or live alive.
Until then, I urge the British to go to Cameroon and institute democracy there rather than bother Mugabe.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

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