Wednesday, April 30, 2008

HIV Rocks Liberia and other African communities

This article is a reply to Wynfred Russell’s article: “HIV Rocks Liberia and other African communities” published in the online Liberian Journal of April 23, 2008[1]. The main reason for the faulty result is the method of calculation. When we use the mean or average method to find out the rate of infection it will be normal to have those results. Take for example you go to Minnesota; in a particular area where you have all these people sleeping around and they are from Africa but different countries. You find within this radius 10 Cameroonians and 8 have HIV, 14 Liberians and 12 are HIV Positive, 24 Nigerians and 20 are positive. Using the average calculation it will give you the wrong picture. Certain things need to be considered: like is it a general trend or just the Africans in this particular area. Even in countries some areas in certain countries are more infected than others. Others face a pandemic will others are safe from it. Therefore, proper methods and apparati are needed to produce untainted results.

Take for example all over the net there is this false information that 64% of Sub Saharan Africa is HIV positive[2]. What is the population of the Sub Saharan countries? Let us say for benefit of doubt we accept the 24.1 millions as standard though it’s in approximation. Sub Sahara is made up of 50 countries at least. Subtract that from these figures and convert it into percentage and it does not give you 10%. The numbers they put out there were for Sub-Saharan Africa but they said there were some countries. That is false. Let me prove to you again that the HIV information on Africa has been distorted.

If the amount of infected HIV Sub Saharan Africa stands at 24. 2 millions and in 2005 the population was 770 millions and is growing at a 2.3% per annum, what would be the current population estimate in 2008? Take a look at the calculation below and tell me how any organization or unbiased individual will come up with the 64%.

Population in 2005 ---770Population in 2006 --- (770 x 2.3/100) + 770 = 787.81Population in 2007 ----[787.81x 2.3/100] + 787.81 = 805.92963Population in 2008 --- (805.92963 x2.3/100) + 805.92963 = 824.46601149 (in millions)Percentage of people infected with HIV24.2 millions is 3.14% of 770 millions (if 770 millions is 100% of the population in 2005, 24.2 millions will be 24.2 x 100/770 = 3.14%)In 2008, 3.14% of 824.47 millions of the population will be infected --> 824.47 x 3.14/100 = 25.91 millions.

What is the percentage of people infected with HIV considering that there is treatment and better means of reducing the disease in 2008? With this calculation do you see that the claims about HIV infections in Africa are exaggerated?

Look at his statement above there is error. Then look at the facts you realize they are subjective. There are two plausible reason for inflating the HIV infection rates so that the West will use Africa as their new cavy to test their new drugs and then also to look for a means to swindle money from organizations and government. No doubt there is HIV infection but the percentage is more in the WEST than in Africa because the immune system of Africans is more solid than those of westerners. Take for example; the African drinks water in Africa does not get sick, comes to the US and drinks water but still does not get sick. The westerner moves to one state drinks water gets sick goes to Africa drinks water and catches diarrhea. Secondly, the Africans live more on natural foods than the fertilizer food that the westerners stuff themselves with. So if both were to pick up a disease or a virus the African will have better chances of survival than the Westerner.

Now, that is not the issue here; the issue here is the inaccurate data to pass information. In 1990 there was a report that stated that one out of every ten Africans has HIV. My question then was why has there been population explosion rather than death explosion. I sat in a church and heard a missionary tell a lie about Cameroon (a country I have traveled extensively) just in the name of raising money. Little did he know I come from Cameroon? There is no where in Cameroon where kids drink water from the gutter. A stream yes, but a gutter I have never seen or heard and I have never made my friendship with rich people to neglect the plight of the poor. So I know well the calamity the poor faces in Cameroon and Africa. Therefore I will take this information with a lot of reservation.

Nonetheless, I abjure every sexually active individual to go and take one or two tests to determine their status. In case you are positive seek treatment at once for the earlier you start the better. HIV is a disease like any other diseases and so there should be no stigma or shame about it. Above all the best method of prevention is abstinence and fidelity. As most of you know that I have always taken the tests and even published my results like I did last year.

Until then, be cautious as you embrace these studies.



Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Friends In Deed And Need

A student came to me one day crying that one girl had slapped her. I asked for the name of her attacker and she told me. So I said: “methought that is your friend?” She shook her head in a slow motion nodding; up and down in affirmation. Then I asked what happened? She replied: “she said I am saying things behind her back”. Then today as I was reading through Patricia’s blog, I found out that she had written about Bill Richardson: governor of New Mexico; a supposed friend of the Clintons who endorsed senator Obama. Thus the seed for this message is born.

A music seller told me a story one day. He pointed to the cemetery and said: “when you sit in front of this store, you learn lessons you may never forget. One of them was when a rich man died, and they were taking him to the cemetery. In his hearse was only a dog as his friend. He had no one because he had alienated himself from them. The dog sat with him looking very unconcerned and bewildered.

Perhaps you all read in August 29, 2007 that Leona Helmsley left 12 millions for her dog and her human chauffeur had $100,000. It is dysfunctional when the warmth of an animal replaces that of humans. It is a verbal picture that portrays the human being walking with his/her head down and his/her legs up.

Some people have made friends with animals. Are human beings finished on earth? We used to have our little dog (Babuel) that grew up with us. The day it died we gave it a befitting burial but the dog never replaced the warmth of human beings.

When you find anything good the first people to tell should be your friends. I wonder then why some people call others their friends and are jealous of them. To sleep and seize your friend’s wife (like what Samson’s friend did) is not a sign of friendship (Jg 14:20).

Some people say they don’t have friends. To make friends you must show yourself friendly (Prov 18:24). If you stick out for a good friend they will do same for you. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Do unto others what you want them do unto you. If you want loyal friends you should be loyal. If you want people to speak honest things to you then be honest to them. Make friends with people that can make you better because iron sharpenth iron (Prov 27:17).

True friends walk together (Gen 26:26). A good friend is a person through whom you can send something and it reaches its destination (Gen 32:20). Good friends should be able to speak face to face (Ex 33:11). A good friend shares his or her spoils with his or her friends (I Sam 30:26). The friend of your friend is your friend (2 sam 3:8). It is absurd to hate one’s friend but love his enemies. True friends are the people that you should first call when you are faced with a calamity (Est 5:10; 6: 13).
The question is can anyone trust you as a true friend. Can they call you when they need your help or you will pretend you did not hear their call and then call after the incident has subsided? When friends are propping you about your calamity don’t fret because they are acting only on the limited information they have (Job 32:3). When the time comes they will pay for their rashness (Job 42: 7). True friends should be there whenever you need comfort (Job 2:11). A major characteristics of a true friend is faithfulness (Prov 27:6).

Therefore, any friend who flatters his or her friend, even the eyes of his children shall fail (Job 17:5). A true friend should love you at all times no matter what you are going through (Prov 17:17). Take note of those lovers, friends and kinsmen who stand aloof of your sore. Those are bloodsuckers and parasites. It is true the poor is hated even by his neighbors but the rich has many friends (Prov 14:20; 19:4, 7, 9). Why does the rich have many friends? Like bees they come to suck the nectar he or she has.

A man married to a beautiful woman, she makes an accident and the next day he is divorcing her, or perhaps they get married and infertility sets in. The next day he wants another woman. This time he wants a woman that can give him children. Many men have had friends who were not working. When they found a job they abandoned their friends and told them how they have moved up one class. What of the woman that was brought into a country by a man and when she is fine she dumps the man calling him baboon.

People should learn how to keep their friends. If you want to keep your friends: avoid whispers (prov 16:28) and avoid people who repeatedly offend you (Prov 17:9).

When your friends start to fall under the sword then look at your life. Is there anything you should have done to rescue the situation? Friendship fails because people cut away from God. God is the Only One that gives loyalty. When people do not live right they cut off from the source of loyalty and no wonder promises and vows mean little or nothing to them. When a lover and a friend are put far away from you know that you are going through the consequences of your sins (Ps 88:18).

Today let me confirm that human friends do fail, no matter how loyal they may be. Yet there is a friend in Jesus who will bear your grieves and share your sorrows. In the middle of the night when everyone else is asleep he will be by your side. Call him in times of trouble and he will answer you. When it seems the whole world has misunderstood you know that Jesus knows you and knows your name. Are you looking for a true and ever present friend? Get more in touch with Him. If you know the friendship of Jesus he will give you the ability to make good and reliable friendship.

Until then, may you find trustful and worthy friends.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

The Drumbeats America Does Not Want To Hear.

In Ntenako around the 70s, there were drumbeats for different news. When someone died there was a type of drumbeat. When the village was summoned for Obasinjom the drumbeats were different. But there were particular drumbeats most did not like: swearing medicine when something was missing or to find out who killed the defunct. Today there are many drumbeats that America does not like to hear. When the drumbeats against racism are beaten America calls them unpatriotic because it will mean she is morally bankrupt and cannot pretend to teach morality in the world. Any attempt to force yourself on a people more righteous than you is an act of imperialism. Beware America; imperialism is outdated.

A CNN poll showed that most Americans consider racism a problem, but many did not think they were racists themselves.[1] So if no one thinks he or she is a racist, is America molested by ghosts who practice racism? Perhaps we are enveloped in some delusional denial that prevents us from facing the truth. When truth becomes more absurd than fiction then a clean conscience becomes a scarce and seared commodity. Why do the words of ministers drumbeat anger in the mainstream media? They have embraced fiction as truth and their consciences leak out the iota of truth that has been deposited by the truthful religious minority. Indeed racism is alive and well in America; eroding both the lives of Dark Skinned (Blacks) and Light Skinned (Whites) Americans. Isn’t it shameful that there are all Light Skinned churches and all Dark Skinned churches in places with both skin colors? There are places in America that people of different colors do not feel safe to walk. Where racism is not the singsong, prejudice and bias are the lullabies. As a result, Dark Skinned Americans still find it difficult integrating Africans.

Another drumbeat that America does not like to hear is that the kids are bad. A timeline of recent school shootings from Feb 2, 1996 to Feb 14, 2008 featuring 53 school shootings showed 44 of them from America.[2] Good kids do no go around shooting people. People always compare it with the barbarism in African civil wars. Because someone is killing another person in one corner of the world does not upgrade murder to a noble act in America. America; train up a child the way it should grow and when it grows it will not depart from it. American children are badly trained. Most suffer from absentee parenthood because the parents have been held hostage by the excesses of freedom by the American laws that guarantee mischievous rights for kids than disciplinary rights for parents. If anything is made of true gold it does not perish easily and so too is character. A child well trained will never become bad. When we have good children they will grow to be good people; they will form good communities that in turn will make a good country.

Another drumbeat that America does not like to hear is ignorant journalism. Sometimes you hear a journalist speak and you think he or she is a farmer in the jungle cut off from the people. I wonder why some are still calling Iraq ( -r k , -räk )[3] as /aira:k/. How does a journalist write or say that 66% of Africa is HIV positive when he or she could just make a trip and conduct a research? When they take a piece of news they jumble it up with lies and drum a familiar music of fear and xenophobia that will sooth the ears of gullible but ignorant Americans. How long shall America run away from its own shadow? Fig leaves are for a moment; they will get dry and the world will see our nakedness.

Another drumbeat America hates to hear is that it is the fattest country in the world.[4] That is, it has the fattest and most obese people in the world seconded by Mexico. She must curb her appetite for food and regulate her manufacturers to produce healthy and lean food stuffs. To pamper and molly cuddle their vice they say you could be fat and healthy. Recent studies just disproved that rubbish.[5]
Oh, America, except you dance to the tunes of these drumbeats you will never feel fine
. The porcupine has hidden things in its stomach until its entrails have become bitter. S peak out when you are mad else you get embittered within and explode without with wanton destruction and force the innocent to bear the brunt.

America is rich but miserable with 10% of the population divorced.[6] Divorce is not a sign of happiness. Suicide is now a public health problem as the 11th leading cause of death.[7] Suicide is not a sign of happiness either the doctors say. America is rich but almost every American has a debt they owe; they owe more money than ever before.[8] Don’t collectors say debtors are not happy people? Don’t even you reading me now owe something? You smile; don’t you? America is rich but there are all types of depression medications over and on the counters. Do psychologists and psychiatrists say depression is a sign of happiness? “One in every five Americans is depressed or unhappy”.[9] Unsurprisingly America tops the list with “9.6% of the population experiencing bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder or chronic minor depression over the course of a year”. [10] Here is the deal; confronting your problem is 50% of the solution and the solution will follow.

Until then, the prophets are parapets for the derailing society so listen to them.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Saturday, April 12, 2008

America: the trumpet is sounding Louder and Louder.

Each time someone says America is sinful daggers from patriotism sheaths are drawn out. But the conclusion of the matter is that America is indeed more wicked than Sodom and Gomorrah. Yet does that mean every American is bad? Not at all! So those who are righteous should thank God they are and those who are sinful should bewail their sins, repent and be baptized for the kingdom of God is at hand. Is the American church corrupt? More than that of the Corinthians! But are there good Christians in these churches? Yes, indeed!
Has America got racism problems? Yes, indeed but not everyone is a racist. Is America trying to implement human rights in the world? Yes! But is she lagging behind herself? You surely bet!
Acknowledging a problem is 50% finding the solution. I do not pamper and cajole those who commit evil simply because they are my cronies or kinfolks.
Last two weeks I was on the line trying to buy some groceries. A young man greeted me and I recognized him as one of my former students. Then he began confessing to me that he is trying to lose weight because he wanted to go to the army but they said he should lose weight. Then he told me: “man, you used to say that man. I will try and pass by the school to see you man. I think about you all the time”. I said: “son you can pass by anytime. I am pleased to see you buying mostly fruits. I will pay the bill for you”. He was so surprised I paid for him.
By the time I told him he was too fat for his age he was looking at me like a mean, arrogant, careless teacher. But if he heard my advice he should not have wasted the time he is wasting to cut down. But then do you know how many I tell them you are too fat for your age and they tell me I am trying to lose weight but I don’t know how and I tell them I could help.
I knew a friend who confessed to me that her family was struggling with obesity. I told her that the number one solution is to curb our appetitive for food and curtail our desire to eat as we see. As we were traveling she kept eating and I asked her if she was eating for eating sake. Like thunder, she exploded and told me she is even kind she would have abandoned me on the road. I kept my mouth shut. Now I know deep in her heart she knows I was right because she has doubled in size from that date.
Good friends are those who speak the truth to you and are able to assist you solve the problem. The style they say it to you does not matter. All you need to hear is the truth and the truth shall make you free. I do not only rebuke America and leave it there. I worked in Downtown Atlanta visiting people in their homes and risking my life in the streets of Ashby Simpson to share bread to homeless. I visited shelters and preached the gospel. I do not only reprimand America but I visit my students in their homes, and assist them in any way I can.
Notwithstanding, if you are a patient you do not need the shape of the medicine to be the way you want before you drink. Whether it is diagonal, rectangular, square, round or whatever shape all that matters is that it is medicine for your body. Therefore my friends do not think I hate America. I want it to be a place where we all can practice "love your neighbor as yourself."

Until then, have a great week.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Cameroon: The Blind Corner of the British.

Cameroon was a Class B mandated territory from the defeated Germans handed to Britain and France by the League of Nations. Then with the advent and subsequent end of WWII their status was converted into a Trust Territory by the United Nations. Apart from what the British and French inherited from the Germans, may some Good Samaritan tell us what the British left by the time the Cameroonians were ending their reign? Rather they left the country a ramshackle eyesore. In terms of infrastructures they have even misused all what the Germans left. Politically they sacrificed part of Cameroon to Nigeria; the present Gongola State.
Now the British are in Cameroon as diplomats and the Cameroonians want them there but they have preferred to be blindsided; they only want to stay in Zimbabwe. Mugabe has told them he does not want them. Why are they trying to use Morgan Tsvangarai to do their dirty work? If they care so much about Africa there is still incomplete work in Sudan, Chad, Eritrea, Somalia, and other places. I mean there is still much work in Basra and even Kandahar. Those are more urgent priorities and even imperatives for them to tackle. Why is Zimbabwe and Mugabe so much on the top of the list when those who really need help are neglected?
Does this go to say that because in Zimbabwe it is an attempt to reinstate white rule like in the days of Ian Smith through the stooge called Tsvangarai? Why did Ian Smith the one time Prime Minister of the White Minority rule relocate to Cape Town: South Africa rather than stay in his own country? That is because at this time Apartheid was still going on in South Africa and it would be a better place for him to live and still practice his one time evil. So the British have a vested interest to develop their puppetry in Zimbabwe. That is why they are pretending they want democracy in Zimbabwe.
If it is a problem of democracy why don’t they look at Cameroon? How can one person be in power for more than a quarter of a century? The problem is that Cameroon has already liquidated her resources to the French for at least a century to come so it would be worthless coming into a country like that. What the British forget to know is that Like Muammar Gadaffi, Anwar Sadat, Thomas Sankara, and a lot more there are leaders who will annul all those useless treaties and pacts with the sorry French. The French quickly ran to support the government of Idriss Déby of Chad when he was under the assault of the rebels in exchange for the Zoe Act charity workers who were accused of trying to smuggle children from chad to France. Who knows for what purpose.
I did not hear Gordon Brown evoke the problem of Cameroon; rather he spoke and hit his fist on the pulpit reminding me of the former colonial master. While Thabo Mbeki says they should have patience he is hitting his fist on the stage. He is pretending a blind eye to the political upheavals in Cameroon. After all no one can afford instability of Cameroon now in Central Africa because it will have a domino effect since most of the presidents there have been in power for more than 40 years each. It is not only Cameroon that is a boiling cauldron; the whole of Central Africa region is like a political volcano. When it will truly erupt no water will quench it and untold human lives will vanish. Blood will roll down the streets like red lava from the mountain and many people will be relocated. Just take a little peep at the region. Omar Bongo of Gabon (since 1967) and Gnassingbe Eyadema (since 1967) have each ruled their countries for 41 years. Paul Biya of Cameroon since 1982 (26 years), Idriss Déby since 1984 (24 years), Denis Sassou Nguesso of Congo Brazzaville has ruled since 1997 (11 years) and François Bozie a French puppet overthrew Ange Félix Patassé in 2003 and has been ruling Central Africa Republic for 5 years. Six people have ruled for a total of 148 years. Cameroon’s Paul Biya has ruled for 26 years for a total of 4 British Prime ministers and 4 American presidents within the same time frame.
The question now is what is wrong with some African leaders. They should emulate examples of Mandela who stepped down for Thabo Mbeki and Festus Mogae who did same for Ian Karma though their terms of offices were still valid. Why must everyone want to leave like Idi Amin, Mobutu Sese Seko or Hissène Habré. Each of this people tampered with the will of the people and paid with their blood or liberty. History has shown that those who cling to power against the will of the people may need the people's will to live in liberty or live alive.
Until then, I urge the British to go to Cameroon and institute democracy there rather than bother Mugabe.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Monday, April 7, 2008

How Does God want us to have sex?

There are two types of sex: non genital sex and genital sex, and there are two kinds of genital sex: direct contact and proxy. Non genital sex is sex that does not involve your genitals like kissing, caressing and others. Direct genital sex is sex that you use your genitals and sex by proxy is sex you use your genitals but the other partner is not in the vicinity. Sex is between a male and a female who are legally married in the eyes of God and, or human beings. So the purpose of sex is for procreation and pleasure. This lesson is for people who are legally supposed to have sex. Wife swaps, swinging, group sex, bestiality, incest and homosexuality are all condemned in the Bible. Sex is soul knitting and thus it is wrong to give your spouse to tie his or her soul with another person for which it brings in a third person into your marriage.
In the course of sex by proxy the couple could employ the phone (phone sex), internet (cyber sex), erotic letters (erotic mails) through which they defy distance to maintain their soul bonding and partially attain the pleasure of sex. Erotic letters could be wishful thinking and wishful thinking is not different from mere desires.
Before the advent of the internet, couples who were distant from each other communicated via letters and then after the invention of the phone via the phone. Now there is the internet and many other technologies for couples to communicate intimately even if they are far off each other. Through this communication they could have sex as explained above to keep the bond. If blood is the main requirement in a covenant, sex is the one in a marital relationship. That is the reason why abandonment is one of the reasons why a spouse is permitted to divorce (I Cor 7:14-15) because by abandoning your post you break the bond that existed via sex and thus you are considered dead (Rom 7:1-3). Since a covenant requires two living beings then the one who is alive is permitted to look for another partner for a new covenant. Immediately the methodology sets in.
There are no specific directions on how one should have sexual intercourse with his wife in the Bible. Sex being a spiritual exercise God leaves it for our spirits to be creative. The content and form of the sexual acts is dependent on their creativity. However, clearly there are some orifices (anus) meant for defecation ONLY. Sex was meant to express love but if in trying to demonstrate our love we instead inflict pain (bondage sex) then one has to sit and make a balanced sheet at the notion of love. If one employs anal sex and in the long run at dotage the spouse has to live with one’s rectum leaking and needing diapers then we wonder how loving we have been to our spouse. Studies have shown that oral sex easily transmits more serious diseases than the mouth can support and anal sex is damaging to the rectum in a long run.
If anal sex was that safe why do doctors tell ladies never to move anything from their anus to their vaginas? Why are young girls taught to clean their anus from the vagina ending to the back and not anus to vagina? That is because the anus has its own natural bacteria that could inflict serious harm on an individual if brought outside. Others have argued that because the anus is guided by internal and external sphincters the rectum would not fail. Depending on the size of the penis, or object employed and the frequency in a long run these sphincters give up as with any muscle. Those sphincters are made just to regulate the outgoing of feces and so their life span may be shortened if overworked and having sex via your anus is overworking them.
There is a gross mistake to think that sexual intercourse can only be successful when one goes beyond the natural and start to act like a demented individual or by instincts. The clitoris could be stimulated with the fingers far better than the tongue and soft wet hands could produce more stimulation on the penis shaft more than the mouth.
One other question you asked was about toys. When a couple mutually agrees on how to have sex they could practice any type of safe sex they enjoy. It would be lack of altruism for a man who cannot perform well to refuse using toys. As with every medicine the use of sexual stimulants have their long term effects. Proper dieting and exercise will keep you up for a long time and many years to come. Else you will be forced to sit on a chair and watch her perform. What misery!

Until then, I hope it helps and I wish you a happy marriage.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Sunday, April 6, 2008

What Does The Bible Say About Masturbation?

Dear Daniel,
I have decided to answer your questions in two separate lessons because they were too many. The first one I will entitle “Does God Condemn or Approve Masturbation?” and the second one will be “How does God want us to have sex” in another article.

Does God Condemn or Approve Masturbation?

Dr Joycelyn Elders, the former Surgeon General of the United States (09/08/1993-12/31/1994) was fired in December 31, 1994 for suggesting that masturbation should be taught in schools. Feb 19, 2008, Tufts University Police Department (TUPD) issued a trespasser warning to a dark skinned male because a female student strongly suspected he has been masturbating in the public library due to “motions or gestures in the area" of his private parts. Statistics show that 65 % of women masturbate even though most women know deep in them that this statistics is wrong because 90% and above masturbate. So what then is masturbation? Masturbation is self stimulation of the genitals to obtain sexual satisfaction. People masturbate to cure loneliness, release themselves of sexual pressure, and others to discover the mechanics and dynamics of their genitalia.
Many preachers and Imams have sermonized that masturbation is bad because the Bible and the Koran say so. Those that cannot find solace in religion find it in myth and unempirical medicine. Some have said it causes syphilis, hair to grow on your teeth and hands, gonorrhea, blindness, infertility, demon possession, mental retardation and a lot more, yet no medical journal has published that masturbation has caused or contributed to any of these diseases. Is masturbation then sinful?
Two passages in the Koran: Sura 23:5-7 and 70:29-31, recommend masturbation if one was afraid of committing adultery. The immediate question will be if it is inherently bad why even permit it as an escape route for adultery? Does that make any sense to you? 
The Christians use Gen 38:6-9 where God killed Onan for spilling his sperms unto the ground rather than into his brother’s wife, so she could bare his brother a child. The weakness with this doctrine is that, masturbation is a solo effort while Onan had sex with his brother’s wife. It was on basis of the levirate marriage that he was bequeathed with the inheritance of his brother's inheritance, including his wife although he selfishly does not want his brother to have off springs. Therefore, he is killed for selfishness and not withdrawal. You cannot eat your cake and have it.
Some Christians have also cited Paul’s advice to the Corinthian church: “Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband” (I Cor 7: 2). The weaknesses with this doctrine is that, it takes two or more to commit fornication, but it takes only one to commit masturbation, so the passage is treating a different topic. The second weakness is that, within the confines of this passage, the couple acquiescently without objection adheres to verse 3-5. Meanwhile, nowadays it is generally accepted that a man cannot rape his own wife. Just like one cannot steal his or her own property except if someone else was carrying it. So too is the case with sex.
Before you got into marriage, you accepted the condition that your body belongs to your spouse and vice versa. In that case, someone could well be married but staffed from sex because the spouse partially obeys the scripture. When people are married, they have mutually agreed to surrender their bodies at all times anywhere without price and without restriction to each other. Except with mutual consent can they abstain from having sex.
One other reason why some people think masturbation is bad is that it has a residual effect. As is with all habits, any habit that is done in excess leads to addiction which is regarded as a residue of the primordial act. If you eat too much and start to fall in love with food, you will become a glutton because you eat too much. That is just plain common sense. If you love hating people, you will end up a killer. I don't understand why people say they fear the residual effect. In that case then, every act should be prohibited since every human action has a residual effect. Eating may lead to gluttony and drinking alcohol may lead to drunkenness.
Masturbation is to cure or tampon loneliness, and the Bible says it is not good that a man should be alone (Gen 2:18). The only place where sex is permitted is in marriage, and marriage is bond in blood sexually administered. How will it be bad when the bond in marriage is not broken since he or she is not bringing a third party inside? The marital bond is infracted only when a third party is brought into the union by consensus or unilaterally. In masturbation, no third party is brought in; rather it is a means to curb loneliness so that the to-be married partner could be preserved for their spouse.
Yet other Christians consider it a sinful act because they claim the masturbator must affixed his or her mind to an opposite sex to attain satisfaction. The weakness with this theory is that, it takes away the act of sex from a spiritual position to a physical one. Sex is not a physical act; it is a spiritual act (I Cor 6:17-20; 3:16-17). That is why we entangle our souls with the individual we have sex with. That verse refers to harlotry, prostitution or unlawful sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse, harlotry or prostitution are not solo exercises. They must be done with two or more people. It is merely saying that the fornicator should not think that his or her body belongs to him or her because he/she is of Christ, so he or she cannot just give it to another person  as they want. When man was conceived, he was conceived in iniquity; hence, sold to sin. Through propitiation, Christ's spills his blood;thus, redeeming mankind. At that moment, mankind belongs to God. Since sex is a spiritual affair, to have sex with another person out of the covenant, you are selling your body. In masturbation, you are not giving your body to anyone; therefore, you are not breaking any bond. The key here is the bond. It is like someone massaging their leg to feel relaxed or who takes a swim to feel good. Would that be sinful? 
Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. So anything that will involve your spirit must be attained by affixing your mind unto the desired or coveted object. Furthermore, just because someone lusts after something does not mean they have sinned because lust must conceive (take one a prisoner) to produce sin (James 1:14-15). A prisoner is anyone who does not have control over himself or herself. If we consider lust as sin then temptation is sin; meanwhile, we know that temptation is a test (bad test seeking to destroy) our faith and commitment to God. One has to fall into temptation to sin because though they may be tempted, they may overcome it.
Some have argued that if masturbation is an acceptable practice, the people of yesteryears would have been doing it. There is no proof they were not doing it. In addition, the people in the olden days may not have even needed masturbation because they married at early ages, even before their bodies were fully developed for them to play with.
Notwithstanding, masturbation may be permitted but not expedient when we consider that sex is the spiritual demonstration of our love using our bodies. Perhaps the only solution to masturbation will be self control and not marriage because even in marriage, one will need self control since they will be forced to masturbate in case their spouse refused giving them sex. The Bible neither condemns nor promotes masturbation. We are facing an adiasphora. When the bible does not condemn or promote an act, the individual will have to count on their conscience (if they have one) or on personal revelation, but I personally do not see anything wrong with masturbation!

Until then, let your conscience and spirit guide you.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Robert Mugabe: The Epitome of Zimbabwean Freedom.

Britain colonized Zimbabwe in 1890 to 1980. During this time, they plundered and pillaged the country; undressing it from all its natural resources and living it naked that in due time though the Zimbabweans tried to cover their nakedness with fig leaves, but the leaves could not resist the sun and wind blowing daily on their unprotected bodies.
After independence, from 1980 to 2000, Zimbabwe was fine. It was looked upon as Little America in Africa. It had better welfare: good hospitals, good schools, a good economy and everything that could attract foreign tourists and investors. Nonetheless, there was still one thing to settle to make the revolution complete. The white Zimbabweans who took the land at gun points make only point zero three percent, but they own seventy-three percent of the cultivable land. To the British that is equality and fairness.
Mugabe in his attempt to correct a mistake made one himself. Rather than seize the land from the white settlers and share it to people who could mange the land well and keep the economy growing, he redistributed the land to his cronies and myrmidons. Mugabe should be held partly responsible for wrecking the agricultural economy which is almost half of the Zimbabwean economy, but he still gave them hope more than anyone could. I mean the freedom they now enjoy is thanks to him. He did not like the biased reporting of foreign journalists, so he cracked down on them. This frightened foreign tourists through which the urban economy survived. They too in their usual manner went back to their different countries with bad news that discouraged investors.
In February 2002, the European Union and UK imposed an Arms Embargo on Zimbabwe. The effects of American and European Union embargoes and travel sanctions on Government officials had residual effects. That meant they could not travel out to negotiate contracts and create better conditions or get investors into their country. In May 2004,  the European Union passed and implemented financial, Arms and military cooperation sanctions against Zimbabwe. Some assets were frozen by UK and European Union. In November 2005, the United States imposed sanctions against Zimbabwe for failing to introduce proper democracy into the nation. The diplomatic language was that the sanctions will not affect the common man.
This is like putting two legs in different buckets: one with cold water and another with hot water. I guess because the one in cold water is fine the individual will feel fine. Not at all. No matter wherever and whenever sanctions are applied, the truth about it is that there are many goods that would have benefited the common Zimbabwean that they are trying to protect from getting. Sanctions always reduce the purchasing power of the nation affected. In Zimbabwe’s case, it has caused inflation. In addition, they prohibit and deter investment or foreign investors. Zimbabwe due to sanctions has lost 40% of its Gross National Product. Financial embargo brought in shortage in foreign exchange. This resulted in scarcities of goods and inflation.
When Rev John Sentamu was appointed the Archbishop of York in 2005, as a Ugandan, he wanted to please his payers, and the only way was to play to their tune by taking a first swipe at Zimbabwe their bête noire. That was a Christmas carol that most British sing even the unborn. As you may know, many good people in South Africa and East Africa are with Mugabe. Look at the last meeting when Thabo Mbeki visited London. He asked the outside world to wait and respect the wish of Mugabe and Tsvangarai, but Gordon Brown: the British Prime Minister was speaking and hitting his fist on the pulpit as if he was asking a council member to accomplish his wish. He forgets that Zimbabwe is an independent country, capable of making her own decisions. Many of those against Mugabe are in the West, and you know, if you swim in a crocodile infested river, you better behave before they eat you up.
The truth about it is that Zimbabwe is not suffering because of Mugabe, rather because of British Shenanigans, thinking like Stalin that when he shakes his little finger Tito will fall. No matter how Stalin shook his hands and body, Tito never fell. No matter how the British shake their bodies, Mugabe has not fallen and will not fall. Sometimes good liberators like Castro and Mugabe will take more than just outside influence to bring them down. The Zimbabweans are not telling them how to distribute their land. Why are they trying to determine how the Zimbabweans should share their land?
The time for colonization or neo colonialism has expired, and it its now time for the sons and daughters of the soil to govern their fatherlands, without Western influence.
Zimbabwe after Independence had peace and security. Rather than payback the white settlers who had held them hostage for centuries were integrated and accepted as brothers and sisters. The usual sing song of factional wars that played over Africa did not find ready mouths to sing and people to dance in Zimbabwe. These are a people who have ligated themselves to the bumble path of peace and unity.
The world must help Zimbabwe to curb her inflation by lifting all those sanctions and embargoes. Military cooperation should be reinstated between Zimbabwe and the European countries. Investors should not wait for Mugabe to leave before they go to invest because it would mean they have a secret agenda in Zimbabwe and need s stooge in the name of Morgan Tsvangarai. Finally, Zimbabweans themselves must not sell their land to the highest bidder through the aid of western stooges. They must show their resolve to be free people by rejecting the bait from Tsvangarai. I hope Oliver Mtukudzi and Thomas Mafumo keep singing for Mugabe those freedom songs we heard as teenagers across Africa.

Until then, long Live Mugabe and Long Live Zimbabwe.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Oh, Cry For The Beloved America

Oh, Cry For The Beloved America

America is the greatest nation in the world and no one doubts that, but the Christianity in America is in its vegetative state and that is what I intend to call your attention to today. The Christians must be real. I am a prophet and not a politician and a prophet’s duties are to foretell and forthtell the conditions of a continent, a society, country and not to molly cuddle it to perdition. If the prophet does not point out the ills of a nation who will and who should? Does rebuking or correcting a nation mean debasing its status? Where do we keep this scripture: “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works” (2 Tim 3:16-17).Perhaps you need to be aware that in the 20s to the 80s the name US was a household name and epitome of greatnesses. Perhaps you should know that in the days of Bill Clinton the world looked at the US with shock and awe but now it is merely derision to mention the name US among other countries. If the US is only great in the eyes of Americans then that greatness is arguable and may be xenophobia rather than greatness for every xenophobe considers his or her country great. You and I know that some countries are not worth being called countries for they are more or less living hells. In the earlier years of the 21st Century, the US was held in high esteem for its spirituality and in the days of Clinton for its economy. But now it is spiritually kaput and economically on life support. By implication something has been lost and must be regained. Like Samson in great delusion we awake from our sleep and say: “we will go out as at other times before, and shake ourselves”. But we do not know that the LORD has departed from us as a nation. Wake up Christians of America. I say wake up!
Do you see how difficult it is to convince some Americans that we may be heading for a recession? Many had faith in Enron and WorldCom until their demise and it would seem we will prefer to see everyone a pagan in the US before we realize that Christianity has lost grounds and is ceding way to Islam and New Age. Before the advent of New Age, Islam was the fasted growing religion in the US. The Dark Skinned Americans were the new converts of Islam because of what they see in racism because when a people have suffered for too long they will drink with insatiable gullibility fairytales on fairylands
The conclusion of the matter is that American Christianity is not good enough for foreign exportation and consumption. It should be left back in the US because any Christianity that does not preach love your neighbor as yourself is just not good enough. And as you know, racism and prejudice are not good examples of loving one's neighbor.
Look the Christians are busy pretending all is well and people like Oprah are taking the New Age Religion into their homes ( Oprah says that there are many ways to God and now peddles humanistic theology through your women into your homes in the name of the Oprah Winfrey Show. Another one is Ellen DeGeneres. America is degenerating into a heathen nation through a simple method of Hunting by Mother Proxy.
When I was a kid we reared some goats and sheep. When it was time to mark them we will first catch the mother and the kids will come hovering around their mother. One by one we will catch them all and mark them then finally the hegoat will come to liberate his wife and he too will be caught. By the time Oprah and Ellen are done with our women, our kids and men will follow. Though the man pretends to be the head of the house the woman serves as the neck that turns it to where it wants to see.
Greatness is relative anyway. There are countries in the world whose subjects and citizens do not desire going out of their country talk less of coming to America. It is a shame that we always take criticisms about the spiritual decadence of the US to mean a general rebuke of the entire country. While other religions are doing all it takes to permeate their fallacies the Christians are busy sleeping on their laurels. Christianity in America is no more what it used to be that does not mean America is not a great country. Christians like to make it look like each time someone criticizes the spiritual degradation it means they mean the country America is not good.
Christians must refrain from this type of behavior. We are hurting and hindering the call for a change of lifestyle that can trigger revival that could lead to real Christianity. A Christianity that truly preaches: “love your neighbor as yourself”. When we will acknowledge that every human being was born free and equal and should be treated equally and left freely.
This is not an attempt to be a moral compass and as always: Africans have enough immorality of theirs to stay back home and preach in their countries and United States citizens have a lot of putrefaction to stay back in their country than take vacations to other countries that they want to preach. If you find yourself anywhere then preach the gospel but it is preposterous for an African to say they are coming to America to preach the gospel. There are many sinners in Africa that by the time they are done the Lord must have called every preacher to heaven. The same thing goes with the US, Europe and other continents.
Unconsciously, tacitly and acquiescently this country is selling her progeny to a doctrine that challenges the Deity of Christ and the main tenet of the Christendom that unequivocally states: “For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus; Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time” (I Tim 2:5-6). Jesus himself affirmed it by saying: I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (Jn 14:6).
Until then I urge Christians worldwide to pray for America and for the American Christians to rise up and take back their country.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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