Sunday, March 16, 2008

Prostitution Spits Spitzer Out Of Office

On March 10, 2008, the New York Times broke out the story about Eliot Spitzer’s involvement in a prostitution Ring called the Emperors’ Club. He was called Client 9 to conceal ID. Spitzer is best known for cleaning corruption in the stock market, breaking prostitution rings and fighting for the immigrants. When news broke out that the New York governor was himself a client in the prostitution ring, it came with utter misbelief to most residents of New York and with great embarrassment to his wife and family. It was a fall like the Boma or Iroko trees that shook the surroundings. The vibration is all over and the residue everywhere. How have the mighty fallen?
His fall comes with mixed feelings. His family feels disappointed but supportive while his opponents want his scalp. The prostitute is opportunistically cashing in after all he has been her milking cow for long. Perhaps nice to say her ATM machine since there are no cows that are milked in the streets of New York. In the rest of the world people are wondering when America will overcome her hypocrisy. Kelly Flinn was caught in adultery and dismissed from the Air Force despite being the first female B-52 Bomber pilot. The following presidents had mistresses but they were not dismissed from their posts. James A. Garfield had Mrs. Calhoun, Warren G. Harding had Nan Britton, Franklin D. Roosevelt had Lucy Mercer, Dwight D. Eisenhower had Kay Summersby and Lyndon B. Johnson had Alice Glass. Each time a politician is caught in adultery like Gary Condit, Bill Clinton and many others the unison is: “he must resign”. While adultery is a very serious sin it does not qualify for a statesman to resign.

The statesman was not running for a spiritual and moral position; he was running for a political position. And politicians like sports or movies stars should not serve as a moral compass or teach the people morals. After all religion and state should be kept separate they say. The teachers, prelates, social workers and others should serve as models for kids and each parent should serve as a model for their own kid at home. These ones took a position they felt compelled and called on their own volition to lead the world in probity and decorum.

Therefore Spitzer should not be charged criminally because the ignominy of being exposed is cumbersome as criminal charges will outweigh the sin. Secondly, he should be forgiven because God says forgive your brother 490 times a day. Thirdly, common sense shows that the wife will still have Spitzer’s peacemaker and thus Ashley Dupré has only squeezed it for a moment. The feminists whom themselves are unable to keep a home will tell Silda Spitzer to kick him to the curve. There are extenuating circumstances that one should not go back or stay married for staying sake; however, divorce should come after all attempts to mend the marriage have failed. Adultery like illicit sex is one of those sins that one cannot make restitution, but it is not unforgiveable. It is not only Spitzer but the prostitute that will be stigmatized. No matter how much money she makes and how rich she becomes it will never leave her name that she was a prostitute. Monica Lewinsky may never run for a position but if not of the constitution Bill would have run and won if permitted.
Spitzer was not the only one. There were other names in the Feds list but because Spitzer was a big fish his name was blown open. Who are the rest of the people in the ring? Spitzer had made himself many enemies from his style of oration to his old days as a prosecutor at the New York Stock exchange where he cleaned the house. Those dark memories still linger around and the spite and rancor to pay him squarely have consumed their souls. His policy to over tax the rich and issue driver license to illegal immigrants had constantly kept him on the radar of his opponents.

The existence of Prostitution is because the society wants it. The proof is that everything about prostitute Dupré has skyrocketed in monetary value. If prostitution is so much abhorred why and who are those scrambling for her image and stuffs? It also reveals the cruelty of the society. Many kids are abandoned to fend for themselves. The women can easily make their living in prostitution while the men have crime as brothers. If we want these ills to subside we must create better living conditions? Rather than use all our money for war we should use the money to improve the welfare of every body and to look at the world as an extension of our country. Also the desire to find men who are ATM machines has promoted prostitution. Adultery is caused by the empty nest syndrome. There could be a spouse but the home is empty because there is no support. In some states adultery is a crime but in the US constitution it is not. So why make a big deal about criminally charging him?

In July 16, 2006, Republican congressman Lincoln Davis suggested that Congress should prevent divorcees and adulterers from obtaining the high office. The outcry was deafening. Why? Most knew they could be next!

The question is why does a spouse desire prostitution and a high price prostitute for that matter? Spitzer’s fall is more spiritual than physical. Many can testify that most of the people who acted mimes, drama pieces or sketches as Satan ended up backsliding. That is because the devil uses your fun predilection to bring you down. Job said that: “For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me” (Job 3:25). A little bird said that every water quenches fire but it seems Ashley Dupre’s water quenches more that Spitzer paid $1000 an hour. Miserable American teachers do not make $200 an hour despite helping the parents to raise their kids.

Eliot Spitzer is not the first to commit adultery. French royals had mistresses. Dimmesdale was honest enough to realize that because he had sin it would be hypocritical and more sinful to cast the first stone on Hester Prynne. To the many Pharisees and Scribes who accused the woman caught in flagrant adultery, Jesus had one admonition: “let he that is without sin cast the first stone”. If our entire lives were put on a giant screen for the world to see then very few will shout for the resignation and conviction of Spitzer. Many people who are pointing at Spitzer today may have more skeletons than he does. When a man falls, it is not a time to seek his death or teach him righteousness for we do not learn when we are burnt to the stake. You do not teach a man by shooting him on the head so shoot him on his toes. By exposing him he has suffered enormously that criminal charges will merely be cruel and sanctimonious.

Perhaps the question people should ask is: why did he fall. The natural selfish tendency of humanity to satisfy his or her flesh always kicks in. There is no love that is unconditional. Not even God’s love. If you want God to love you, you must keep his commandments. That is not unconditional. He gave His only son that whosoever believes should be saved. If you don’t believe you cannot be saved. However, God’s love is perfect in that even in your weakness he still supports you and knows that you are weak. That is what we should do when someone falls into sin. Indeed there is no human action that is altruistic. Every human action is influenced by a miniature of selfishness. No human being does anything without a covert or overt motive. It is sad to see that due this hamartia Spitzer’s benevolence is pissed into the legs of Dupré.

Until then, I wish him well.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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