Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Most Africans Suffer From Rip Van Winkle Syndrome

When sense and sensibilities are more absurd than asininity and insentience, written decorum goes kaput on the keyboard. While Africa: their home continent is burning they are here talking about Obama and Hillary. Some are even giving money while there are more serious situations calling for financial assistance at home. This is the portion of the Rip Van Winkle Syndrome; doing things for others while your home is abandoned, and living in a dream. Why do we like to escape from reality? Perhaps it gives some of us the worth since most will want to behave like Americans to show that they have arrived.
Cameroonians and Africans are writing about American politics even more than Americans. It does not matter if you are naturalized or not; you were borne an African. Calculate how many mails you guys have written about Hillary and Obama and calculate how many you have written about Cameroon in turmoil. What a people trying to take off the log from a neighbor’s eye while they have a beam in their own eyes. The same intolerance you all are showing here is the very reason why Biya thinks he can rule for eternity. That is even why the CPDM is the best devil Cameroon can afford in party politics today. The CPDM may not be the best party but it is the best when compared to all other parties.
Most of you have just shown that you do not even care about the very Countries you pretend to be born from. If not why would that not be absurd that anyone should be talking about American politics while Africa is now a deathtrap raining sulphur and brimstone, with the sound of the machine gun circling and weeding young people from the streets? Listen to the cries of students as they run for shelter underneath the trees that the repressive forces of law and order stand. Watch the mothers crying for the loved ones and only child perforated with bullets and turned into a human grater. Prices have skyrocketed and life is now so hopeless that the oppressed cannot sleep because of oppression and and the oppressors cannot sleep because of the oppressed.
Look at most of you; if anyone says he does not support Obama he becomes an instant enemy. Is that the way people should play politics? How many people have you seen me consider here an enemy because they religiously disagree with me? My friends, you all better get your act together. Look at you clearing a neighbor’s yard while yours is like a bush. Lord have mercy!

Until then, Africans consider your ways.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

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