Friday, March 21, 2008

Shouldn't The American Church Concentrate on Its Abscesses: Racism and Sexism?

I have watched the news and read the papers; I have listened to people and heard others talk about Obama and his pastor. The attempt was for him to renounce and deny his pastor to show his Americanism to this great nation. To some, he succeeded but others, he failed. The liberals and moderates say he succeeded, but the far right says he failed; he is dishonest. Yesteryears, people read and watched Apartheid South Africa, but today they see racism and sexism in America.
As a kid, my grandfather took me to a meeting where they revealed to a relative that his mother got him out of wedlock, so he was out of the inheritance, talk less of the chieftaincy. Relatives and villagers alike averted the subject because it was a taboo subject. Although racism and sexism are ingrained in America, people (mostly Christians) still shy away from confronting it headlong. It is so deeply rooted that many Americans obviate its debate for fear of undesirable consequences if discussed honestly.
Here is the young Obama holding the US to task about treating her diseases; diseases that belittle her and make her more a court clown each time she tries to teach the world. How do you teach others about human rights when your judges see different laws when a white boy and a black boy commit the same crime? The white boy would be given probation and community service, but the black boy would be given jail time. How do you talk of human rights when companies are resisting hiring more women and minorities that they need to be forced? Shouldn’t that be natural?
Countries look contumeliously at America each time she talks of human rights. President George Bush took invectives from presidents Castro and late Hugo Chavez when he tried to lecture Cuba and Venezuela respectively on Human Rights 101. Tony Blair and Bush took a tirade from Zimbabwean President: Robert Mugabe when they ventured to challenge his Human Rights records. Indeed, all three: Castro, Chavez and Mugabe are right because until the US shows that some Americans are not more American than others, they should keep their Human Rights lectures and missionaries back in America.
How on earth do we talk of compassion; meanwhile, we are applying Three Strikes you are out? The very people implementing the Three Strikes have had more than ten themselves. Again, the Three Strikes is mostly with the Dark Skinneds. In most countries where the US is pretending to export Christianity, those countries teach religion in public schools while in the US prayer is not even permitted in public schools and Ten Commandments' effigies are excavated from public view to obscure settings.
American Christianity is not good enough for foreign exportation. Indeed, it needs to be reconverted and revived. Only in America do you see the Light Skinned (white) sit in another church, and the Dark Skinned (black) sit in the other with all of them hoping to meet in heaven. The black preachers preach of evil America led by whites, and the white preachers preach of evil America led by Blacks and immigrants. The sum advice is that countries must expel American missionaries and send them back home for they have much work in America to perform than go for picnics and excursions in other countries in the name of Missions. Doesn’t the Bible say: “healer, heal thyself”? Why try to remove the log from your brother’s eye when you have a beam in yours?
One would have expected the white preachers to say yes we agree with Rev Wright because the greater part of his sermon is true. They might not agree in everything but who agrees with anyone in everything if they are not hand-clappers and praise-singers anyway? The white preachers preach the same thing and no one asks their parishioners to disown them. I thank God for Obama who was courageous enough not to deny his own friend because of popular opinion or votes. Why should Obama even be bearing the brunt of his pastor’s homily? They claim he should have left the church. The fact that he did not leave the church shows that he is a very tolerant guy, ready to take others’ opinions. This is not an endorsement of his social policies. He has socially helped to send more Americans to hell than to bring them to God.
America has two chronic diseases: racism and sexism. They are like abscesses that Obama and Hillary are piercing and the pus smells everywhere. There are alternatives: America either treats the abscesses by confronting them headlong this time around or sprays airfreshener with Rev Wright as the scapegoat. The Rev is a man of God; good man and worthy of all respect. He is a loyal American and even better than most media commentators whose community labor records look like dwarfs when compared to that of Rev Wright.
The permeation of drug addiction, the necessity of expanding free trade, the need to curb military spending, over taxation of the poor while giving tax breaks to the rich, and companies taking American jobs abroad all call for unity of hands and spirits. The time has come for the Light Skinneds and the Dark Skinneds to put their hands together and provide a better tomorrow for today’s America and the America of tomorrow. Except they do that my
Law of Oppression will always fulfill itself.
One of my friends was accused of misbehaving and his lack of etiquettes was attributed to his white wife. He made all white people as angels in his attempt to defend his wife. Another one was accused for not coming home because he married a white girl. He too followed the same footsteps of the first. A white woman had just used a bad language on me one day when another white woman fell on her like a bee. She said: “I am married to a black man for 25 years after my first marriage that did not last for three years because my white husband treated me as a simpleton. Please, never say black people are like this. You do not even know him and you think all black people are bad”. A Dark Skinned American moralized her father who disrespectfully addressed her husband with: “tell your White Boy I want to see him”. “Dad, he has a name and don’t ever call him again like that”. She scolded the father.
Obama understands the frailties in both skin colors better because he saw and heard the fears of his white grandmother about the black people, and he also heard and saw the anger in his black pastor about the white people mistreatment of the blacks. Hillary Clinton has served in both spectrums and can easily hear the cries of the poor black and white kids. In a time like this, the US needs the Blacks and the Whites, the Hispanics and the Orientals to enter into the new millennium. The evil of unemployment, insufficient health care, the fear of privatizing Social Security, the parents’ rights to choose schools via vouchers bedevil every color and everyone living in America.
My friends, the only way this country will be better is when the two colors work hand in hand in love and mutual respect. This country will always have its abscesses if the Light Skinneds try to dominate the Dark Skinneds and the Dark Skinneds try to fight back in anger. Whatever the case, America must treat itself of racism and sexism. If the black people cannot sleep because of what the White people are doing to them, the white people will not sleep for fear of what the blacks will do unto them.
Until then, the sickness you do not treat today will kill you tomorrow.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

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