Sunday, March 23, 2008

Echoes From Teaching.

Echoes From Teaching.
Just of recent I visited one of my students called Jen. She had been absent already for 18 days and I have been wondering if she was sick or something and so went there to find out. Thank God I went. I could not see the road address and mistakenly went to another house. As I was asking a neighbor, her mother and grand mother were coming in. The neighbor asked me if I was a police officer because she does not give information to police officers. I told her I was a teacher and wanted to find out about one of my students I have not seen in school for a long time now. I introduced myself to them and they called for Jen to come and talk to me.
While waiting, I was weeding the premises with my eyes. I saw garbage littered all around the yard as if waiting for a dump truck that has not passed for the past one year and may never pass for the next three years. I saw some dirt they have unsuccessfully tried to burn and others they told me they were keeping to exchange for recycling. It would seem they had a house but they were still homeless. If you did not see anybody around you may think it is an abandoned building or perhaps a haunted house that could be used for gothic excitement. Even the seats that sat outside seem incubators for typhoid and they were surely not immuned to bacteria. Then as the mother opened her mouth to speak my heart leapt out.
She was a 43 year old white woman but her teeth were almost all gone because she did not have dental insurance. Her teeth were variegated in a kaleidoscope of colors as an ancient Italian painting. Perhaps because she has made herself a human chimney popping out cigarette smokes as though her stomach was a tobacco manufacturing industry. She had the face of a grand mother in the body of a young woman. Her voice quavered and warbled like that of an unseen spirit.
Then she steered at me deep into my eyes from whose lips she muttered the words “thank you for thinking of us. I dropped out of school on my 16th birthday and my two older daughters have not graduated from high school either. I am hoping that Jen will be able to do it so that at least we can celebrate one successful student in our family. We really need to see someone graduate from high school too like other families". Jen bowed down her head and then took it up, looked at me and dropped it down again as if saying this burden is cumbersome for me. I looked at her and told her she could do it. Then she smiled, then grinned, and then bowed down her head again.
Though I have advocated for health insurance for all that day made that a permanent cry. I wept silently in my heart and wondered if this is the great America we boast about. I mean; the country where milk and honey flow. Billions are shipped for the defense of democracy (a system of government) worldwide but the people are deprived of basic amenities. Oh what a paradox and irony. Their situation reminds me of the great Tantalus who lived in paradise but was deprived of the bliss and felicity thereof. When poverty and sickness want to attack a person they do not look at their color. The Americans and people of the world alike must join their hands together: Light Skinned and Dark Skinned to make the world a better place for everybody.
I promised them I will pass by on Saturday to help them clean the yard and they were very happy. They told me there was a gentleman who had made the same promise but he never passed because on the day he made the promise he was drunk. I assured them that I seldom make promises but once I make one I try to keep it. Furthermore, I was making the promise out of my own volition and not under the influence of any substance. Perhaps my parents made a mistake naming me Hamilton they would have named me He Says and Does.

Until then, I wish them well.

Prince and PA Hamilton Ayuk

Friday, March 21, 2008

Shouldn't The American Church Concentrate on Its Abscesses: Racism and Sexism?

I have watched the news and read the papers; I have listened to people and heard others talk about Obama and his pastor. The attempt was for him to renounce and deny his pastor to show his Americanism to this great nation. To some, he succeeded but others, he failed. The liberals and moderates say he succeeded, but the far right says he failed; he is dishonest. Yesteryears, people read and watched Apartheid South Africa, but today they see racism and sexism in America.
As a kid, my grandfather took me to a meeting where they revealed to a relative that his mother got him out of wedlock, so he was out of the inheritance, talk less of the chieftaincy. Relatives and villagers alike averted the subject because it was a taboo subject. Although racism and sexism are ingrained in America, people (mostly Christians) still shy away from confronting it headlong. It is so deeply rooted that many Americans obviate its debate for fear of undesirable consequences if discussed honestly.
Here is the young Obama holding the US to task about treating her diseases; diseases that belittle her and make her more a court clown each time she tries to teach the world. How do you teach others about human rights when your judges see different laws when a white boy and a black boy commit the same crime? The white boy would be given probation and community service, but the black boy would be given jail time. How do you talk of human rights when companies are resisting hiring more women and minorities that they need to be forced? Shouldn’t that be natural?
Countries look contumeliously at America each time she talks of human rights. President George Bush took invectives from presidents Castro and late Hugo Chavez when he tried to lecture Cuba and Venezuela respectively on Human Rights 101. Tony Blair and Bush took a tirade from Zimbabwean President: Robert Mugabe when they ventured to challenge his Human Rights records. Indeed, all three: Castro, Chavez and Mugabe are right because until the US shows that some Americans are not more American than others, they should keep their Human Rights lectures and missionaries back in America.
How on earth do we talk of compassion; meanwhile, we are applying Three Strikes you are out? The very people implementing the Three Strikes have had more than ten themselves. Again, the Three Strikes is mostly with the Dark Skinneds. In most countries where the US is pretending to export Christianity, those countries teach religion in public schools while in the US prayer is not even permitted in public schools and Ten Commandments' effigies are excavated from public view to obscure settings.
American Christianity is not good enough for foreign exportation. Indeed, it needs to be reconverted and revived. Only in America do you see the Light Skinned (white) sit in another church, and the Dark Skinned (black) sit in the other with all of them hoping to meet in heaven. The black preachers preach of evil America led by whites, and the white preachers preach of evil America led by Blacks and immigrants. The sum advice is that countries must expel American missionaries and send them back home for they have much work in America to perform than go for picnics and excursions in other countries in the name of Missions. Doesn’t the Bible say: “healer, heal thyself”? Why try to remove the log from your brother’s eye when you have a beam in yours?
One would have expected the white preachers to say yes we agree with Rev Wright because the greater part of his sermon is true. They might not agree in everything but who agrees with anyone in everything if they are not hand-clappers and praise-singers anyway? The white preachers preach the same thing and no one asks their parishioners to disown them. I thank God for Obama who was courageous enough not to deny his own friend because of popular opinion or votes. Why should Obama even be bearing the brunt of his pastor’s homily? They claim he should have left the church. The fact that he did not leave the church shows that he is a very tolerant guy, ready to take others’ opinions. This is not an endorsement of his social policies. He has socially helped to send more Americans to hell than to bring them to God.
America has two chronic diseases: racism and sexism. They are like abscesses that Obama and Hillary are piercing and the pus smells everywhere. There are alternatives: America either treats the abscesses by confronting them headlong this time around or sprays airfreshener with Rev Wright as the scapegoat. The Rev is a man of God; good man and worthy of all respect. He is a loyal American and even better than most media commentators whose community labor records look like dwarfs when compared to that of Rev Wright.
The permeation of drug addiction, the necessity of expanding free trade, the need to curb military spending, over taxation of the poor while giving tax breaks to the rich, and companies taking American jobs abroad all call for unity of hands and spirits. The time has come for the Light Skinneds and the Dark Skinneds to put their hands together and provide a better tomorrow for today’s America and the America of tomorrow. Except they do that my
Law of Oppression will always fulfill itself.
One of my friends was accused of misbehaving and his lack of etiquettes was attributed to his white wife. He made all white people as angels in his attempt to defend his wife. Another one was accused for not coming home because he married a white girl. He too followed the same footsteps of the first. A white woman had just used a bad language on me one day when another white woman fell on her like a bee. She said: “I am married to a black man for 25 years after my first marriage that did not last for three years because my white husband treated me as a simpleton. Please, never say black people are like this. You do not even know him and you think all black people are bad”. A Dark Skinned American moralized her father who disrespectfully addressed her husband with: “tell your White Boy I want to see him”. “Dad, he has a name and don’t ever call him again like that”. She scolded the father.
Obama understands the frailties in both skin colors better because he saw and heard the fears of his white grandmother about the black people, and he also heard and saw the anger in his black pastor about the white people mistreatment of the blacks. Hillary Clinton has served in both spectrums and can easily hear the cries of the poor black and white kids. In a time like this, the US needs the Blacks and the Whites, the Hispanics and the Orientals to enter into the new millennium. The evil of unemployment, insufficient health care, the fear of privatizing Social Security, the parents’ rights to choose schools via vouchers bedevil every color and everyone living in America.
My friends, the only way this country will be better is when the two colors work hand in hand in love and mutual respect. This country will always have its abscesses if the Light Skinneds try to dominate the Dark Skinneds and the Dark Skinneds try to fight back in anger. Whatever the case, America must treat itself of racism and sexism. If the black people cannot sleep because of what the White people are doing to them, the white people will not sleep for fear of what the blacks will do unto them.
Until then, the sickness you do not treat today will kill you tomorrow.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Prostitution Spits Spitzer Out Of Office

On March 10, 2008, the New York Times broke out the story about Eliot Spitzer’s involvement in a prostitution Ring called the Emperors’ Club. He was called Client 9 to conceal ID. Spitzer is best known for cleaning corruption in the stock market, breaking prostitution rings and fighting for the immigrants. When news broke out that the New York governor was himself a client in the prostitution ring, it came with utter misbelief to most residents of New York and with great embarrassment to his wife and family. It was a fall like the Boma or Iroko trees that shook the surroundings. The vibration is all over and the residue everywhere. How have the mighty fallen?
His fall comes with mixed feelings. His family feels disappointed but supportive while his opponents want his scalp. The prostitute is opportunistically cashing in after all he has been her milking cow for long. Perhaps nice to say her ATM machine since there are no cows that are milked in the streets of New York. In the rest of the world people are wondering when America will overcome her hypocrisy. Kelly Flinn was caught in adultery and dismissed from the Air Force despite being the first female B-52 Bomber pilot. The following presidents had mistresses but they were not dismissed from their posts. James A. Garfield had Mrs. Calhoun, Warren G. Harding had Nan Britton, Franklin D. Roosevelt had Lucy Mercer, Dwight D. Eisenhower had Kay Summersby and Lyndon B. Johnson had Alice Glass. Each time a politician is caught in adultery like Gary Condit, Bill Clinton and many others the unison is: “he must resign”. While adultery is a very serious sin it does not qualify for a statesman to resign.

The statesman was not running for a spiritual and moral position; he was running for a political position. And politicians like sports or movies stars should not serve as a moral compass or teach the people morals. After all religion and state should be kept separate they say. The teachers, prelates, social workers and others should serve as models for kids and each parent should serve as a model for their own kid at home. These ones took a position they felt compelled and called on their own volition to lead the world in probity and decorum.

Therefore Spitzer should not be charged criminally because the ignominy of being exposed is cumbersome as criminal charges will outweigh the sin. Secondly, he should be forgiven because God says forgive your brother 490 times a day. Thirdly, common sense shows that the wife will still have Spitzer’s peacemaker and thus Ashley Dupré has only squeezed it for a moment. The feminists whom themselves are unable to keep a home will tell Silda Spitzer to kick him to the curve. There are extenuating circumstances that one should not go back or stay married for staying sake; however, divorce should come after all attempts to mend the marriage have failed. Adultery like illicit sex is one of those sins that one cannot make restitution, but it is not unforgiveable. It is not only Spitzer but the prostitute that will be stigmatized. No matter how much money she makes and how rich she becomes it will never leave her name that she was a prostitute. Monica Lewinsky may never run for a position but if not of the constitution Bill would have run and won if permitted.
Spitzer was not the only one. There were other names in the Feds list but because Spitzer was a big fish his name was blown open. Who are the rest of the people in the ring? Spitzer had made himself many enemies from his style of oration to his old days as a prosecutor at the New York Stock exchange where he cleaned the house. Those dark memories still linger around and the spite and rancor to pay him squarely have consumed their souls. His policy to over tax the rich and issue driver license to illegal immigrants had constantly kept him on the radar of his opponents.

The existence of Prostitution is because the society wants it. The proof is that everything about prostitute Dupré has skyrocketed in monetary value. If prostitution is so much abhorred why and who are those scrambling for her image and stuffs? It also reveals the cruelty of the society. Many kids are abandoned to fend for themselves. The women can easily make their living in prostitution while the men have crime as brothers. If we want these ills to subside we must create better living conditions? Rather than use all our money for war we should use the money to improve the welfare of every body and to look at the world as an extension of our country. Also the desire to find men who are ATM machines has promoted prostitution. Adultery is caused by the empty nest syndrome. There could be a spouse but the home is empty because there is no support. In some states adultery is a crime but in the US constitution it is not. So why make a big deal about criminally charging him?

In July 16, 2006, Republican congressman Lincoln Davis suggested that Congress should prevent divorcees and adulterers from obtaining the high office. The outcry was deafening. Why? Most knew they could be next!

The question is why does a spouse desire prostitution and a high price prostitute for that matter? Spitzer’s fall is more spiritual than physical. Many can testify that most of the people who acted mimes, drama pieces or sketches as Satan ended up backsliding. That is because the devil uses your fun predilection to bring you down. Job said that: “For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me” (Job 3:25). A little bird said that every water quenches fire but it seems Ashley Dupre’s water quenches more that Spitzer paid $1000 an hour. Miserable American teachers do not make $200 an hour despite helping the parents to raise their kids.

Eliot Spitzer is not the first to commit adultery. French royals had mistresses. Dimmesdale was honest enough to realize that because he had sin it would be hypocritical and more sinful to cast the first stone on Hester Prynne. To the many Pharisees and Scribes who accused the woman caught in flagrant adultery, Jesus had one admonition: “let he that is without sin cast the first stone”. If our entire lives were put on a giant screen for the world to see then very few will shout for the resignation and conviction of Spitzer. Many people who are pointing at Spitzer today may have more skeletons than he does. When a man falls, it is not a time to seek his death or teach him righteousness for we do not learn when we are burnt to the stake. You do not teach a man by shooting him on the head so shoot him on his toes. By exposing him he has suffered enormously that criminal charges will merely be cruel and sanctimonious.

Perhaps the question people should ask is: why did he fall. The natural selfish tendency of humanity to satisfy his or her flesh always kicks in. There is no love that is unconditional. Not even God’s love. If you want God to love you, you must keep his commandments. That is not unconditional. He gave His only son that whosoever believes should be saved. If you don’t believe you cannot be saved. However, God’s love is perfect in that even in your weakness he still supports you and knows that you are weak. That is what we should do when someone falls into sin. Indeed there is no human action that is altruistic. Every human action is influenced by a miniature of selfishness. No human being does anything without a covert or overt motive. It is sad to see that due this hamartia Spitzer’s benevolence is pissed into the legs of Dupré.

Until then, I wish him well.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Kangaroo Courts of Cameroon

Bravo to the Bar Council led by Barrister Charles Tchongang and the Bar representative in South West: Barrister Innocent Bonu for coming to the defense of those rounded up during the strike. I commend lawyers Emmanuel Obi and Tanyi-Mbianyor S. Tabi for seeking justice where justice is being denied. Perhaps it is expedient to remind Magistrate Helen Egbe and the State Counsel Magistrate Mbu, Justices Sokem Mborh, Tayon Beatrice, Tanyi Patience and Esther Ayuk, State Prosecutor, Alfred Suh, Police officer Jacques Roger Mefire, Adjudant Chef Evaristus Ngong and Robertson Akolombi that denying justice to the oppressed may deny you a sound sleep at night and an payback from nature.
When trials are programmed without the knowledge of defense counsels the judiciary should dissociate itself from the executive bottlenecks since they are there to curb the excesses of the executives and legislators. They are there actually to interpret and implement the law and not abuse it; for that is abuse of the judiciary system. Magistrates Edward Forcheh, Moses Antunka Andu and James Ngong should be ashamed of themselves and people should take note of them. How do you jail anyone for six months with hard labor for marching? Accused without evidence or on evidence based on some government witness whom himself cannot be trusted is farcical trial. Who in Cameroon can trust the gendarmerie or police? If you say yes then tell me if any Cameroonian can give his beer, money or woman to any of these people in uniform? You leave them with your beer they will be walking with their knees, with your money they will charter the off license talk less of your wife or daughter you will not meet her underwear and bra on. Is that the type of people you want to take evidence from?
The culmination of ambushed trials, the lack of evidence with verdicts based on hearsays; in short the lack of due process warrants a dismissal of those cases. The accusations of obstructing the highway and destroying property would require simple evidentiary demonstration from the penal code which it fails to fulfill. If no barricade were mounted then the government lacks real evidence and even when the barricades are mounted, who would you accuse mounted those barricades in the absence of video evidence to zoom through the throngs. This lacks any demonstrative evidence to make a case against them. There are no pictures and signed affidavits by the accused for mounting the barricades for most were sleeping at the time the strike was going on. Even if they were out it is difficult to select the bee that stung you when bees do attack. As such the government will be forced to deal with testimonial evidence which will be based on those arresting officers.
Except you have never lived in Cameroon then you will know that you could be arrested for nothing. The police could arrest you for refusing to bribe him or her. How do you accuse and convict people for mounting barricades and destroying property despite their airtight alibis? Lacking any credibility such evidence from those officers should not be admitted at all in court. Laying the foundation of the case with no real evidence shows a weakness in the judiciary process of Cameroon. You are fining them when you have not given them any job? It should be noted that every evidence brought to court by the police or gendarme, and army is already biased and corrupted because these folks have been used to molesting the citizens for no cause and crime. The forces of law and order in Cameroon cannot be trusted.
The whispers between the judges and prosecutors portrays guilty until proven innocent. Nobody: not even Abia, should be used as a scapegoat when the wind of change is blowing around the world. The burden of proof lies with the crown and not the defense and the factors that may influence conviction are entirely absent. Rather than have the judiciary system side with the government, they should emulate the example of Pakistan. Rather than sit and watch their kids and grand kids die in the streets the teachers and professors in Cameroon should copy the examples of Mexican teachers who took to the streets themselves and fought with the police to bring better conditions in the country.
These strikes have revealed that it is difficult to dichotomize the law from the state and that the law does not protect the common man. Cameroon since the time of Ahmadou Ahidjo has functioned under kangaroo courts and hitherto it has not changed. One only wonders when it will end at a time when almost everyone is calling for justice. Perhaps we may remind every Cameroonian that though the law is blind the judges see and they mete their verdicts not by guilt but by dictats of the government. In other words the rule of law does not exist and so cannot prevail. In this light one has to question all the reports from Human Rights, Transparency International and government agencies singing the eulogies of Democracie Advancée in Cameroon. How can we talk of democracy when there is no freedom of demonstration, speech, and even lifestyle?
Therefore I call on CPDM America to voice their resistance against false arrests and imprisonments of law abiding citizens. I challenge the members of the CPDM Diaspora to defy the government's letter cajoling them to march in support of the change in constitution. Anyone going out to march for the CPDM on that day is marching to encourage an amendment of the constitution and which should be rejected by every rational and altruistic Cameroonian.
Until then, when the oppressed cannot sleep the oppressors too will not sleep for fear of the oppressed.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Most Africans Suffer From Rip Van Winkle Syndrome

When sense and sensibilities are more absurd than asininity and insentience, written decorum goes kaput on the keyboard. While Africa: their home continent is burning they are here talking about Obama and Hillary. Some are even giving money while there are more serious situations calling for financial assistance at home. This is the portion of the Rip Van Winkle Syndrome; doing things for others while your home is abandoned, and living in a dream. Why do we like to escape from reality? Perhaps it gives some of us the worth since most will want to behave like Americans to show that they have arrived.
Cameroonians and Africans are writing about American politics even more than Americans. It does not matter if you are naturalized or not; you were borne an African. Calculate how many mails you guys have written about Hillary and Obama and calculate how many you have written about Cameroon in turmoil. What a people trying to take off the log from a neighbor’s eye while they have a beam in their own eyes. The same intolerance you all are showing here is the very reason why Biya thinks he can rule for eternity. That is even why the CPDM is the best devil Cameroon can afford in party politics today. The CPDM may not be the best party but it is the best when compared to all other parties.
Most of you have just shown that you do not even care about the very Countries you pretend to be born from. If not why would that not be absurd that anyone should be talking about American politics while Africa is now a deathtrap raining sulphur and brimstone, with the sound of the machine gun circling and weeding young people from the streets? Listen to the cries of students as they run for shelter underneath the trees that the repressive forces of law and order stand. Watch the mothers crying for the loved ones and only child perforated with bullets and turned into a human grater. Prices have skyrocketed and life is now so hopeless that the oppressed cannot sleep because of oppression and and the oppressors cannot sleep because of the oppressed.
Look at most of you; if anyone says he does not support Obama he becomes an instant enemy. Is that the way people should play politics? How many people have you seen me consider here an enemy because they religiously disagree with me? My friends, you all better get your act together. Look at you clearing a neighbor’s yard while yours is like a bush. Lord have mercy!

Until then, Africans consider your ways.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Raising Modern Zombies

I like driving so I can weed the countryside with my eyes and get in touch with the natural setting. During these long trips I think about all: past, present and future. Sometimes I get lost in my thoughts and complete the process in my dreams. I had stopped to do #7 or perhaps # 13 (whatever name you call it during a road trip) when I saw a group of young people coming out of a gas station. They all looked disconnected from each other with each having their ears plastered with earphones. I made many trips with two different groups: mates and teenagers. With my mates, we sat in front and discussed the humbug of life nowadays while the teenagers were all glued to their electronic gadgets. In my next trip, I was in the plane and latter the train. In each trip, I sat gazing directly forward as if trying to see what my glasses have failed to see. It was all the same setting. The young people were superglueed to their electronic gadgets. Then a quick question propped into my mind: “are we raising modern zombies”?
In the 17th Century, René Descartes fully developed the idea of a human being acting without consciousness. Are these kids nowadays acting without consciousness? Four centuries later, the father of Afrobeat; the Nigerian: Fela Anikulapo Kuti in 1977 produced his music titled “Zombie”. In it he compared the Nigerian army to a zombie because they do as they are ordered without using their consciousness. Perhaps the police from all third world countries and soldiers worldwide are zombies. But with the soldiers and the people of Descartes days, humans made them zombies while nowadays electronic gadgets are those forming our modern zombies.
These modern zombies lack basic conflict resolution skills; they think to disagree with their personal opinion is rejecting them, and they are specialists in deferring challenges that crop their paths. They communicate as though to impose their opinion and complain about all and nothing. Look at them sitting in a bus, classroom, train, at home, and everywhere with their eyes fixated on some widget and their ears plastered to their video games, Ipods, MP3 players, sports, internet, and their parents complete it in workaholism and the Rat Race. Please tell me; are these still human beings?
The reason why the society is the way it is today is because the parents today were the zombies of yesterday. They were raised up jealous, cruel, cowardly, foolish, rebellious, selfish, unfaithful and proud. No doubt we so lack and so desire basic human qualities like compassion, humor, honesty, integrity, patience, tolerance and understanding. They seem to hate everything and everybody including themselves. This is an angry and hopeless generation that finds solace in electronic gadgetry rather than human beings. Listen to this: it is not good that anyone should be alone.
I took a little trip to see if the animals and insects have a lesson for us. I found that we are now like animals and we are raising young zombies who will act by instinct rather than by reason; that means closer to animals. The social behaviors of animals range from social groupings, male-female, solitude, cliques to school aggregation. No matter how animals may group but with time, food, threat, reproduction and a life stage, they start to fight among themselves. Isn’t that what is happening today? You hear people say things like I can’t talk right now; I just want to be left alone. That is synonymous to the animal life stage. Look at how money and individualism have torn our society apart that we have engraved in our kids' hearts the adage: "everyone for himself/herself and God for us all". Isn’t it true that some people will kill you just for money? Relationship is now just for sex rather than for company and subsequently family. No wonder marriages go kaput everyday, and divorce papers are littered in courtyards.
The human being was not made to live in solitude and that is why solitude easily kills than any other thing. So why do we so desire to be left alone? Perhaps I should take you to visit some insects. They live together in well organized colonies and with their language dance they signal danger to their compatriots, help achieve great projects and they save during good weather for raining days. Are we thinking of tomorrow at all?
Dear reader, are you allowing your children and the young people around you spend all their time on whatchamacallits? Then you may be guilty of raising a modern zombie. Yes, a real zombie that will be dangerous for themselves, you and the society. If you say things have changed for the worse nowadays then think of what we would have in the next 30 years: a society where human beings are totally cut-off from other humans, and toys and gadgets will replace the human touch. Do you understand why school shootings are increasing daily and will skyrocket in future? Modern Zombies! Every time I ask young people about the number one human quality they want to see in the other person, they always tell me honesty or loyalty. How will there be honesty or loyalty when you are closer to toys than humans? Remember this: if you form a monster to kill your enemies after they finish killing your enemies and they have no one to kill they will turn to you and later themselves.

Until then, raise real human beings.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Cameroon: A Boiling Cauldron.

More than 40 people have died and wanton property destroyed in the past week though the government is trying to camouflage that only 20 have died. Taxi drivers, “Ben Sikins”, students and chargers have all died in this strike. Soldiers are used to killing indiscriminately and with the pretext of the strike many settle old scores they could not during peaceful times. Many freedom fighters like Mboua Massock and their kids have been arrested. The root of this problem is since the resignation of former president Ahmadou Ahidjo that was coerced by the French. France has always been a loser and will remain just that. I am just appalled that President Paul Biya still thinks he will do something despite not having achieved much in his 26 years. I think that with the president’s recent speech and policies it shows that he has run out of inspiration that never existed in the first place. It is high time he hands over the presidency to another person.

Cameroon is blessed that no Cameroonian has been able to infiltrate the country with weapons if not the story would have been different. Notwithstanding, you can only suppress a people for a time but at a given time they will look for means to brake their shackles than live as eternal slaves.

The government has been using sports as the opium of the people but this time it failed woefully. The raising of gas prices after the Lions won their semi final match against Ghana during the recent African Cup of Nations was a miscalculated opportunism. The people are tired of being ligated to eating insects as food rather than delicacies and source of protein.

Two days before the strike became public I was informed there was going to be a strike but that it would be mere marching. I doubted it straight away because I know the occult power of the crowd. Even the greatest coward is always a hero when surrounded by the crowd. I am just appalled that western media have reported it less than they will when a western celebrity visits Africa. What a shame!

The US and other foreign embassies have publicly expressed their displeasure to the government’s attempt to amend the constitution and give the president another term in office. Apart from the Santa people who think that Biya should amend the constitution and rule the country for eternity even little kids in Cameroon know that it is high time for him to go. I mean go on retirement for his own good and that of the country. Before the 80s, Cameroonians had the lowest percentage of people who left their countries in Africa for foreign countries. But today, even as I am speaking if wishes were horses, all Cameroonians; even unborn babies will leave that country.

Kerosene that was bought for 75 Frs a gallon is now 375 Frs. If the economy has improved one would understand but instead the economy has gone down a downward spiral and yet prices keep going up. The standard of living has fallen lower than even it was in the 60s and the death rate has skyrocketed due to diseases. When I call home I am afraid to ask my friends because each time I ask this one they tell me he has died and I ask the other one they say he just died yesterday. Others have died without me knowing and I wonder if I go home I will find anyone I used to play with as a child.

Why is the government increasing prices and over taxing perishable goods but decreasing and undertaxing nonperishable ones? When the prices of perishable goods are raised they directly affect the common man who faces the situation of daily survival. No wonder every business baron in Cameroon is now in the CPDM to benefit from Tax breaks. You can bring as many cars as you like and all the gadgets as you want if the people do not have money to eat and money to buy petrol to put into their cars your imports will be a waste.

However, I am against the destruction of public property like schools, and post offices because they directly hamper the welfare of the common man. Perhaps the population should target the perfunctory national assembly, the police and gendarmes stations and the custom duty offices. Cameroonians should only burn down a hospital that refuses to treat the poor for the rich and money only and the French shops that are exploiting the people. Those are the things to burn. Most of these shops have brought on high cost and low standard of living. Foreigners should not be hurt when strikes are going on because they could be the objective eye to narrate the story world wide. Though the French goverment has very bad policies in Africa and Cameroon it does not mean all French citizens do agree with their government. So they should not be made to bear the brunt of the stupid policies. To the freedom fighters of Cameroon I say this: do not relent for a little bit of sacrifice and you will obtain your freedom.

Until then, may God console those who have lost loved ones.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Separate the writer from the writing

Dear Reader,

I was discussing with my friend whether to take a nom de plume, sobriquet, penname or nickname for my blog but then I quickly thought that, that would be cowardice and hypocrisy. She was making her point that people do not know how to separate the writings from the writer. For example, though I believe polygamy is not prohibited in the bible it does not mean I am a polygamist or will practice polygamy. No one in my family is a polygamist and no female has been circumcised. Though I do not believe the expression Female Genital Mutilation is well used it does not mean I encourage it or will do it to my daughter.

What I am saying is that we should not extrapolate cultural ethnocentricities as biblical tenets especially where the Bible is mute or clear. I have heard people say: “you are just too nice but what you write seems like you are too mean”. While I believe sin is bad it does not mean I will drive sinners or hate those who manifest some peccadilloes after all every human being does have a flaw and sins.

I believe people should be able to speak their minds and express themselves. The human being is the only being that acts by reason rather than by instincts. If not we will be forming modern zombies. More so, it will be even cowardice to hide yourself behind a sobriquet to speak your mind. That will be drawing us back to USSR under Stalin, China under Mao Tse Tung, Zaire under Mobutu and Uganda under Idi Amin Dada. That is why I discourage anonymous writers and callers.

Therefore, as you read this blog, stay with an open mind and try to understand the spirit behind the blog and the approach the author is taking. God willing in a couple of days I will be answering many questions the church has refused to answer. When I believe in something I tell you I believe in it but when I do not, do not infer. You may be painting a different caricature and you are the bad painter.

Until then, enjoy your week.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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