Saturday, February 2, 2008

Would Religion Benefit American Schools?

I don’t think we need any research to answer this question. But let me start by answering the second part of your question. That is correct you cannot preach religion in public school but you can practice your religion under the First Amendment.
Well, as you know, the human being is the only being that repents and the only that must do so because it has a spirit that praises or condemns its conscience. Therefore, humanity has another part of itself that is different from the mind. Education may give the human being knowledge but it does not give you morals; religion does. Religion plays the role of a stimulator to the moral wellbeing of an individual. Those who say there is no God like the Atheist believe in a religion that says there is no God and their actions are greatly influenced by the doctrine that there is no God.
Religion has always played a greater role in the advancement of civilization. Due to the Benedictine Rule people became so religious, intellectual and entrepreneuring. This influenced the neighboring barbaric tribes who became civilized. The monk took time in preserving the writings of great scholars and church fathers. They also taught the people how to do manual work either in farming, art or handicraft.
History has proven that when religion lived in public schools we had less behavior problems as to what we have today. That is because religion creates a living conscience that prompts an individual to espouse the virtues of the society. You see, right now America does not need better teachers; for they have them in surplus. Rather, they need better students. The parents today were the badly brought up kids yesterday and they are transfering that irresponsibility unto their children. If the kids today are raised up well then when they become parents they will give the society better students, and the teacher will concentrate more on instruction rather than on behavior.
Notwithstanding, though religion is not an ultimate solution in itself it does however, contribute positively. The presence of religion in schools will equip the child with conflict resolution skills which can only be gotten when the individual is at peace with himself or herself. That is why you see some very gifted individuals unable to cope with their surroundings. They lack that skill that can only come through the religious doctrine of tolerance and self-control. Knowledge does not reform a person but religion does. That is what will reduce the number of kids going to jail if they can be made to love God, themselves and their neighbors which are the paramount commandments of the Bible. Are we crying against teenage pregnancy, irresponsible men who only “donate” sperms or about our kids who lack self control in the way they use money. Religion will contribute positively. Train up a child the way he or she should grow and when she or he grows he or she will not depart from it.
Apart from the physical man which is just the tip of an iceberg man becomes holistic only when religion is added. The rate of students who are drug addicts and church-goers is smaller than the rate of the non church goers who suffer from the same ill. The higher rate of students involve in sexual promiscuity and the lower number of the ones who want to stay chaste tell you the role religion plays in the life of every individual. The presence of religion helps kids stay away from gangs though the nature of man is rebellious.
However, religion taught badly would lead to fanaticism and fundamentalism that may instead be a fatal cocktail sold to the society. But if taught rightly, religion is a treasure that propels the individual to hardwork, love for their neighbor, love for themselves and desire to do right. The embodiments of these virtues make an individual whole. Otherwise, education with no morals (religion) is mere tintinnabulation.

Until then, America must reintroduce religion into schools.

Prince and PA Hamilton Ayuk

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