Sunday, February 3, 2008

Should Fleecing still be practiced?

Fleecing is a method of finding out the will of God by laying an object and expecting a certain result to prove that God is in what you are doing. In short, it is a form of determining the will of God. Determining the will of God moved from Urims and Thumins (Num. 27:21, Ex. 28:30; Lev. 8:8 ;) to fleecing (Judge 6:34) when the people abandoned God. When they walked with the Lord, they did not need a fleece. Their guide was “the pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night” (Ex 13:21).
In the New Testament, the disciples used lots in determining Judas’ replacement (Acts 1:26). However, after the Holy Spirit baptism, the practice disappeared because “He will guide us into all truth” (Jn 16:13). Nowadays, fleecing is redundant to those who tarry in prayer and supplication because of the presence of the Holy Spirit that abides with us and guides us in our decision-making.
The use of the Bible and Key, horoscope, astrology is nothing shorter than the practice of divinations that God condemns without reservation (Deut 18:10-14). It does not mean that most of these things are false. I have had some non Christian friends send me mails on horoscope and astrology, and they describe my character indeed. Yet I will not rely on them because only God masters my future.
The weakness with fleecing is that, it easily tilts towards our proclivity. Considering that we are in the world with the devil as the Prince of this world, most physical exercises could easily see his hand in them; fleecing not excluded then!
The will of God will be in two categories; the revealed and the unrevealed. The revealed could be known, if we diligently peruse the Bible. The qualities of a good man or woman have been listed in the Bible just like the qualities of a good friend. How would God want you to treat your wife and husband or kids are explained in the Bible. Would God reward you for giving false promises to individuals or would God congratulate you for abandoning your child? Those questions too are answered in the Bible. That means, pertaining to what surrounds us for the present and the past; God has taken care of in His word. Now, we are left with the enigma of knowing His will about making future decisions. That is the most difficult and needs our earnest and unbiased attention to tarry in prayers because God speaks in various forms; dreams, people, Spirit, circumstances and direct supernatural interventions.
My friends, if you want to know the will of God, you wait in prayers for the Sprit to speak, seek counsel (not shrinks or Dr Phil’s type), pay close attention to circumstances unfolding around you and be opened to supernatural interventions.

Until then, let us count on God’s direction.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

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