Monday, February 11, 2008

Lessons From CAN

Lessons From CAN

As I watched the African Cup of Nations (CAN) finals between Cameroon and Egypt where the latter won by one zero I think we can draw some lessons. We should make a balance sheet though it seems we never just learn.
The Cameroonians should thank the greed of the players that even made them reach that level. Many people say that the players played for the love of their country. That seems far fetched because other competitions where they were not compensated immediately and adequately they always performed poorly. This time they were paid in cash and kind after each game. So their desire to win the money made them perform well. Notwithstanding, some of them had in addition to the greed factor the desire to break records. Song would have been the captain it the highest number of CAN cups, Eto’o would have been the only African player with the highest number of cups too. The newcomers into the team would have been happy holding a cup too because they may never hold one till they retire.
Yet what surprises me is how they went there in tatters. They were so disorganized that six months to the competition they did not have a coach. Two months to the competition they have not played together. That prevented them from finding a winning formula to put the players in sync with each other as a team. That lack of cohesion was exposed in their first game with Egypt. By the finals they have trained and played together that they were now finding their cadence. But then should a team be finding its rhythm only during the competition?
Indeed when Egypt won I felt God was merely being just by rewarding with Cameroon with second place. After all, there were at least 5o countries involved and we came second. I mean second! Cameroonians may blame Rigobert Song as they want but he did not hold our attackers from scoring. Why did they not score two goals so when the mistake of one goal is made we can still win? Short and simple; Cameroon did not merit that cup. The Egyptians believed in their homemade coach and players. They have the chemistry and soccer bond that bedeviled their opponents who have been pampered by the West as the best teams because their players are modern slaves in their modern plantations.
I do agree that if a local coach was given the place like the last one he will be selecting the players by the highest bidder. However, I believe there are honest people like Bell Joseph Antoine who should be given the opportunity to try their hands out.
The third reason why Cameroon lost was not because of the mistake of Rigobert Song but the injury of Alexander Song. The Cameroon midfield lacked a maestro and distributor. These kids these days are fed with Bebelac and biberon. Their bones are just like those of the agric fowls. Look at when Mbappe Lepe, Ekpobang and myself played. Thank God for my mother who gave me only breast milk until when I was two. Did you ever see any of us hop out of the field because of injury? I feel flattered putting myself with these great players. Jealous people can go and tell God one of his angels is misbehaving on earth. No one ever heard of a sprain but nowadays their mothers have refused to breastfeed them and have overstuffed them with artificial milk. A child is born today; tomorrow he is like a palm tree. No wonder they are always sick just like the agric fowls. Injury here injury there. What type of ill luck is this with young people nowdays. I tell them ok, if your mothers did not give you breast milk please eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. They say no, we want chicken and pork rips. Look at what it does: weak and fragile bones like dry brooms.
Cameroon must learn a lesson. They must be organized, believe in a homegrown coach and local players. The local league should be brought to par. Look at the stadiums they are like modern pigsties. Sometimes you kick the ball and it gets stuck in the middle on the mud pool in the field or the ball starts to rotate in the goalpost because of the water rain that got stuck there and they say: “ah those Congolese have ngambe. What ngambe is that?
Women should not be afraid to breastfeed after all the breast was not meant to remain like an orange for eternity. In fact there are other things that can last for fifty years and the woman’s breast is not one of them. But you could help them stay upright longer by applying some cold water after breastfeeding or take a cool shower to open the capillaries to improve the circulation of blood. However the truth about it is that no matter how much you try, those breasts can only last too long especially because some of these women starve those kids but allow ruffians hold them just very any how in their coquettishness. How do you think they will not sag?

Until then, Cameroon must learn from this CAN.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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