Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Do You Need A Little More Push in Your Life?

Is life stinging you like a bee? Are your kids sending you to a psychiatric ward? Have you lost your job, or is cancer tearing a relative apart? Is the devil roaring like a lion seeking to devour you? Know that after every winter comes spring. Resist the devil in prayers and he will flee away from you.
We all know that most of us do not like severe winter.
The other day I read the story of the boll weevils. They cannot survive in severe winter and so cannot eat the crops of farmers. To those farmers, winter is a blessing. Please, turn your trials and temptations into blessings. Not every calamity is a curse; some are rather blessings and that can only happen through prayers.
Are you praying enough? If your problems are overweighing you down then you have prayed less. If you pray enough though you may still have the problems but you will have the peace and succor to bear the outcome. So are you praying enough? When was the last time you set a prayer time and place? When was the last time you prayed as if your life was on the line?
People say prayer renders a society backwards. Are all Muslim countries backward? Muslims do not pray for more than 30 minutes per session but did you know that each Muslim makes a total of 17 prayer rounds during the 5 daily prayers? The Morning Prayer has 2 prayer rounds, Noontime Prayer: 4 prayer rounds, Mid Afternoon prayer: 4 prayer rounds, Sunset prayer: 3 prayer rounds, and the evening prayer: 4 prayer rounds; making a total of 17 prayer rounds.
Paul urged believers to “pray without ceasing” (I Thes 5:17). Like the praying Mantis be in a praying position in your heart and acts. The phrase “praying always” (Lk 21:36; Eph 6:18; Col 1:3) simply means communicate at all times with God. Some may pray night and day (I Tim 3:10) and others just during the day, but they are praying.
Are you wondering what position you should take in prayers? Hannah prayed with her mouth closed (I Sam 1:12-13), and it was answered (I Sam 1:26). Solomon prayed with his eyes opened during a convention (I Kings 8: 22-60; 2 Chr 6:1-42), and it was answered (2 Chr 7:1-3). Group prayers are accepted (Acts 12:12) and praying as a group simultaneously (Lk 1:10). Daniel prayed kneeling three times a day and gave thanks to God, as he did aforetime (Dn 6: 10), and it was answered (Dn 6;20-28). Jesus did not have problems with people praying while standing (Mk 11:25). When Jesus was being baptized, he was praying, and the prayer was answered ( Lk 3:21-22). That means, you can be working or driving and praying because God is everywhere. You can pray alone (Mk 1:35). Even in a group seek private time to pray by yourself (Lk 9:18; 11:1; Mk 14:32). Paul prayed alone (Acts 11:5). You can pray in the Holy Ghost (Jude 1: 20). The only way to avoid temptation is to watch and pray (Mt 26:41). Jesus went into the mountain to pray (Mk 6:46). The only way to get things from God is by prayers (Mk 11:24). Some people could serve the Lord in prayers nigh and day (Lk 2:37). That is a calling just like some are called to preach and teach.
So why are you crying to human beings when you can pray to God who owns everything? People with problems should pray (Lk 5:33) and do all that a human being was supposed to do. What do you lack that you think God does not have? You make me shake my head left to right. But if your hands are full with blood God will not hear your prayers (Is. 1:15). Long prayers are not necessarily good prayers (Mk 12:40).

Until then, pray without ceasing.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

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