Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Do You Need A Little More Push in Your Life?

Is life stinging you like a bee? Are your kids sending you to a psychiatric ward? Have you lost your job, or is cancer tearing a relative apart? Is the devil roaring like a lion seeking to devour you? Know that after every winter comes spring. Resist the devil in prayers and he will flee away from you.
We all know that most of us do not like severe winter.
The other day I read the story of the boll weevils. They cannot survive in severe winter and so cannot eat the crops of farmers. To those farmers, winter is a blessing. Please, turn your trials and temptations into blessings. Not every calamity is a curse; some are rather blessings and that can only happen through prayers.
Are you praying enough? If your problems are overweighing you down then you have prayed less. If you pray enough though you may still have the problems but you will have the peace and succor to bear the outcome. So are you praying enough? When was the last time you set a prayer time and place? When was the last time you prayed as if your life was on the line?
People say prayer renders a society backwards. Are all Muslim countries backward? Muslims do not pray for more than 30 minutes per session but did you know that each Muslim makes a total of 17 prayer rounds during the 5 daily prayers? The Morning Prayer has 2 prayer rounds, Noontime Prayer: 4 prayer rounds, Mid Afternoon prayer: 4 prayer rounds, Sunset prayer: 3 prayer rounds, and the evening prayer: 4 prayer rounds; making a total of 17 prayer rounds.
Paul urged believers to “pray without ceasing” (I Thes 5:17). Like the praying Mantis be in a praying position in your heart and acts. The phrase “praying always” (Lk 21:36; Eph 6:18; Col 1:3) simply means communicate at all times with God. Some may pray night and day (I Tim 3:10) and others just during the day, but they are praying.
Are you wondering what position you should take in prayers? Hannah prayed with her mouth closed (I Sam 1:12-13), and it was answered (I Sam 1:26). Solomon prayed with his eyes opened during a convention (I Kings 8: 22-60; 2 Chr 6:1-42), and it was answered (2 Chr 7:1-3). Group prayers are accepted (Acts 12:12) and praying as a group simultaneously (Lk 1:10). Daniel prayed kneeling three times a day and gave thanks to God, as he did aforetime (Dn 6: 10), and it was answered (Dn 6;20-28). Jesus did not have problems with people praying while standing (Mk 11:25). When Jesus was being baptized, he was praying, and the prayer was answered ( Lk 3:21-22). That means, you can be working or driving and praying because God is everywhere. You can pray alone (Mk 1:35). Even in a group seek private time to pray by yourself (Lk 9:18; 11:1; Mk 14:32). Paul prayed alone (Acts 11:5). You can pray in the Holy Ghost (Jude 1: 20). The only way to avoid temptation is to watch and pray (Mt 26:41). Jesus went into the mountain to pray (Mk 6:46). The only way to get things from God is by prayers (Mk 11:24). Some people could serve the Lord in prayers nigh and day (Lk 2:37). That is a calling just like some are called to preach and teach.
So why are you crying to human beings when you can pray to God who owns everything? People with problems should pray (Lk 5:33) and do all that a human being was supposed to do. What do you lack that you think God does not have? You make me shake my head left to right. But if your hands are full with blood God will not hear your prayers (Is. 1:15). Long prayers are not necessarily good prayers (Mk 12:40).

Until then, pray without ceasing.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Christianity and Rejection

People always ask me if I am not tired of people insulting me each time I wrote an article. I tell them I am not. Perhaps I should narrate part of my early Christian experience. In 1986 when I gave my life to Christ it was a great ignominy that you lost all your friends. Most of my friends ran away and I remember when I am passing people hide to call me names like Holy Spirit. I mean I had never been called such names and funny ones until that age. When a mother found their child walking with me they will beat them up. They will ask the child why he or she was walking with me and if he or she wanted to be "useless" like that idiot (that's me). Even classmates who could not even write a sentence both in our first, second or third languages would tell me I am stupid. They made fun of me as I went out and derided me as I came back.
Giving your life to Christ brought you shiners more than what criminals had. My in-law used to tell me: "you are the most wicked person going to church. You will not help your family if you become a Christian and you will be useless. How many white people have you seen in church here"? As I look at it now I laugh. We were living in a town with very few white people. So how was he going to see white people in church where there were no TV or the only one we had showed only the effigy of the president morning and night.
I remember one day how I visited one young man who gave his life to Christ. His father was a medical doctor. So he asked me for my name, parents and education. Then when I told him I had a degree he said come in and we began discussing about Christ. I was really too good for him. So he called the children and said: “this is the type of person you should listen to not these frustrated people out there who do not go to school”. Christianity in those days was like taking money to buy shame.
As time went on things began to change. One woman came to me one day and said: I heard your father has died yet you have kept yourself in school. Please, I want to give you my boy so you could proselyte him. Soon many parents were calling me as the example in the quarter. I remember a nurse who used to work for Brasserie Du Cameroun who invited me to his house to teach his kids what a model child should be. I used to carry cooking pots, food and things on my head to go to the market with my mother when kids that were just in secondary school felt it was a shame. When the truck pusher who had to carry my mother’s food to the market was delaying I will carry part of it on my head and my mother will carry the rest. It was a testament to the people in the quarters. Rather than everyone scorning at me the younger people mocked me but their parents gave me the respect and wanted all their children to behave like me.
Christianity is more than just going to church my friends. It is more than just singing and talking about God. It is a lifestyle. That is what made my family to believe in Christ,. They saw their kin change from a rascal to a gentleman.
Nonetheless, there were times I cried when people mocked me too much. I have cried too much when I was a young Christian that today I am a shame-proof. No matter how people mock at me I just laugh. Little kids will stand by the roadside; singing and clapping a mockery song. Those that shot little stones and hid themselves. Wow! What rejection have I not seen? My body even itches if I do not hear people say those things again. Yeah, they instead make me laugh and they now sound funny.
Sometimes I have fought back like when I was preaching in “Parlement” at Ngoa Ekelle and a girl was disrupting my homily calling me frustration papa. She will ululate and say “frustration papa”. So I stopped preaching because she was perturbing others from listening and gave her, her own medicine. I said: “look at you; you do not even have the name of a woman on your face. Will you too go if they wanted women to come to the presidency? The crowd shouted woooohhhhhh. What I meant was that she was an ugly woman. She went quiet but moved closer to me. Mehtought she wanted to hear more about God. As I came closer she landed me a dirty slap. My ears rumbled and my eyes saw stars. From nowhere a young man : not even in my group came and held her, pulled her by the side and began whooping her as if to kill a snake until I had to personally go and plead with the young man to leave her alone.
Today, almost everyone wants to be a Christian. This is wonderful. Rather than carry my bible secretly, I now write everywhere telling people I am a Christian. Wow. Lord I thank you for what you did for me and my friends. I look at most of them they are still here. I wonder if I had not experienced rejection as a young man what would have happened to me these days with all the rejections one faces almost daily. Wow, God is really good. The good thing about my Christianity is that people have known me since when I was a child and they do testify about my transformation. What else can a man want in life if it is not believing and serving Jesus Christ the only way of salvation?

Until then, be proud of your Christianity.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Monday, February 11, 2008

Did the Whiteman Bring Christianity to Africa?

Dr Ojo,
I still thank you for your questions though I feel like an exercise in futility since after you read this treatise, you will wake up with other accusations about white Jesus or white angel and white God. I will not answer your questions in the manner you have asked them but will do so chronologically. Towards the end, I will explain why the titles we bear are not in our local languages. Let me establish the panorama, so you understand well what I am going to do. I will first of all lay the movement of the Light or Dark skinned people. Definitely you have never heard this before, so it would sound strange and implausible.

The first inhabitants of Syria were children of Ham whom themselves were moors. Shakespeare's Othello casts a glimpse of what was in those days. As olden day Syria became Turkey, during this time there has been migration of the Caucasians (people from Caucasus) due to the shift in power. There was intermarriage; that is what gives the present day complexion of the Arabs and most people of the Middle East. With the advent of the Roman Empire, most of Europe, North Africa, Asia Minor, the Balkans and Levant were now like one big country, and this facilitated the miscegenation of all the different colors of people present in this area. Thus, you will find some people really Light Skinned (White) and others really Dark Skinned (Black), but the majority are just plain mixed in this area. As a result, I do not call people white and black because those colors: white and black are different from the colors that human beings have.

Two people from each of these countries: Turkey, Syria, and Egypt will look entirely different unlike in Kenya and Cameroon. It was in this present day Turkey which was Syria in which the city of Antioch was located. Presently, Antioch is called Antakya. Now, before I get you lost, let’s come back to proving that Christianity is not a Whiteman’s religion and was not brought to Africa by the Whiteman.

Before Christ died, he said, "You are Peter, but on this rock, I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it (Mt 16:18)." Right here, the church was in view but not yet started. After Pentecost, the church of Christ is offered unto God as a sacrifice and accepted to function, yet it was still under Judaism. With the advent of the Holy Spirit and the rejection of Christ by the Jews, he shifted his plan of salvation to include the gentiles who at this point are still the same moors since the gentiles in the days of Abraham were the offsprings of Ham (moors). So the gentiles here were included in the entire Roman Empire. Do not forget that Christianity is not yet taken to this area of Africa.

The mistake people are making is to think that because the word Christian was being used for the first time in Antioch, it means Christianity began there. That is not true! The laying of hands as seen in Samaria is not part of Judaism but Christianity. (Acts 8:17) and the preaching of the gospel (Acts 8:25) were all elements of Christianity as ordered by Christ. That means; Christianity was already being practiced but not called Christianity. It was merely a new religion.

The encounter between Philip, the Evangelist and the Ethiopian Eunuch (Acts 8:24-40) sheds more light as to how and when Christianity entered Africa. Philip preached, converted and baptized the Ethiopian Eunuch in Gaza. Then he went back to Jerusalem while the Ethiopian Eunuch went back to Africa. We all know that the conversion of such an important personality would not have left Christianity into the doldrums. Now, take note of the development I am giving you. An Ethiopian was and still someone from Ethiopia because it is one of the oldest nations in the world that has not changed in name, people and position. This is the first instant that Christianity entered Africa. Again it was not by the Whiteman. Consequently,  Christianity cannot be termed a Whiteman’s religion.

The second entrance again is that the gentiles have surprisingly received the word of God and have been baptized without the apostles coming to them (Acts 11:1). Probably the contact of the Ethiopian Eunuch has spread through Antioch since the entire region was now like one. As a matter of fact, Rome that was mostly inhabited by people from the Caucasus received Christianity the last, so the Whiteman would not have taken Christianity to Africa.

In addition, Paul who took the gospel to most of the Gentiles was born in Tarsus (Acts 9:11): a city in Turkey, and he could not be called a Whiteman. By the end of the first century after Christ, Christianity was already in Africa. Before the advent of Slave Trade in the 15th Century and Colonization in the 19th century, Africa had already received Christianity and raised up its own Saints like Anthony the Great of Thebes, Antonio Vieira, Augustine, Bessarian, Benedict the Moor, Felicitas and Perpetua, Katharine Drexel, Martin de Porres, Monica, Moses: The Black, St. Peter Claver, Valentine and Dubatatius and Victoria.

The reason why Christianity had to come to Africa again during the 19th century was because by this time ,very few people were now practicing Christians for most have rescinded or backslidden to animism and other African Traditional Religions. It is the same with Europe and America. Right now, America needs a new wave of missionaries to reawaken it to the initial state of the Pilgrim Fathers because it is competing now with Sodom and Gomorrah.

People always fail to dichotomize between a Jew and Judaizer. Jesus would normally be a Jew since there was no dual nationalities in their days. Definitely, all Children and descendants of Abraham were Jews, but the religion that he practiced until the evolution of the same was Judaism. Not all Jews practice Judaism, and not all Judaizers were Jews. That is why we had Hellenists called the Grecians in the church (Acts 6:1).

Jesus transformed Judaism into Christianity by teaching that rather than wait for a messiah, he was the Messiah since Judaism taught that the Jews should wait for a messiah. While Judaizers do not believe in the original sin, Jesus did believe and taught his followers and subsequent adherents to seek ablution by believing in Him.

By sending his disciples to evangelize and including Gentiles into the salvific plan of God, he discards the old guard of Judaism and introduces a new religion that would later be called Christianity when his disciples were called Christians (Acts 11:26); thus, He rejects it. With such an open rejection that amounted to his death and the abandonment of Judaism by his immediate followers, little is left to prove again that Jesus did not die a Judaizer.

Christianity was not practiced in West Africa, Central Asia and Southern Africa because of the difficulty in transportation. After the encounter of the Ethiopian Eunuch, the gospel revolved around North Africa and then went back to the Levante and Asia Minor and then to Europe.

The first missionaries to visit West Africa lost their lives than the ones into North Africa simply because it was underdeveloped. There was no need standing up against the missionaries since the West Africans were experiencing the religion as if for the first time. Definitely, they had to acquiescently obey the missionaries as they were told because only a fool wants to teach the inventor of a car how to use it. This new generation had not inherited Christianity from their ancestors; they have inherited animism and other forms of African Traditional Religions. Unlike now, the bible was not there for the people to read it themselves and know what to do. Even if the Bible was there, it was not written in the local languages of the people since English was not a main language of the people.

The reason why we bear titles in English language is because first it is the language which most of us use. It helps people situate the titles and know how to address us. If I was preaching in my home village, I will definitely coin and use a title in my local language: Kenyang. Secondly, seeing that most of us have received Christianity through the second wave, we have subconsciously integrated their titles, else we would have to redefine and formulate our own theology. I know many have asked me to do so but like always, to write a book in systematic theology one needs ample time. If I have sponsors to support me, I will do that. I will synthesize, assimilate and accommodate some of our culture with biblical tenets.

Christianity is a religion of inclusion and not exclusion; a religion that unites and not one that divides. It is a religion that brings colors and nations together and not one that extols racism and fundamentalism. But again what difference would it make if the Whiteman brought Christianity to Africa? Why would that be bad? After all, most of you talking against the Whiteman are living in countries populated by the Whiteman. Does the color of the person throwing you the lifejacket during your drowning stupor matter? Does the color of the ladder raised up to save you from the inferno in 110th floor of your 111 storey building matter? Does it matter the color of the person that will bring you everlasting joy and peace? Oh no, salvation is salvation and color should not matter. Color does not matter; that is why anti-miscegenation laws did not survive because the white women knew how the negro pleasured them. They did not care what their men said; they cared about the joy those men brought to them. I mean joy those same men could not give them.

The message of Christianity is simple: believe in the Lord Jesus, and you shall be saved. It does not matter what color, country, and tribe you came from, or what language you speak. It does not matter what is your social status. All that matters is your trust in him. There are very bad Light Skinned people just as there are with Dark Skinned; all of them need salvation. If Christianity was a Whiteman’s religion as you and the others claim, then every Whiteman will be practicing it. It would have been inherent or innate in them so that as they are born, they will practice it. The mere fact that every light Skinned is not born Christian and has to become a Christian when he or she makes a conscious decision, tells you that it is not a property of a given color. The reason why the Light Skinned have been more active than the Dark Skinned spreading Christianity is because they have been blessed economically, and they have known how to manage those resources properly.
Therefore, if you have not yet received Christ, it is time to do so, so that your sins will be forgiven. It is gross nescience for anyone to call Christianity a Whiteman’s religion or talk of it entering Africa through the Whiteman. If you liked my article, you can make a donation.

Until then, I hope I have answered all your questions.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Lessons From CAN

Lessons From CAN

As I watched the African Cup of Nations (CAN) finals between Cameroon and Egypt where the latter won by one zero I think we can draw some lessons. We should make a balance sheet though it seems we never just learn.
The Cameroonians should thank the greed of the players that even made them reach that level. Many people say that the players played for the love of their country. That seems far fetched because other competitions where they were not compensated immediately and adequately they always performed poorly. This time they were paid in cash and kind after each game. So their desire to win the money made them perform well. Notwithstanding, some of them had in addition to the greed factor the desire to break records. Song would have been the captain it the highest number of CAN cups, Eto’o would have been the only African player with the highest number of cups too. The newcomers into the team would have been happy holding a cup too because they may never hold one till they retire.
Yet what surprises me is how they went there in tatters. They were so disorganized that six months to the competition they did not have a coach. Two months to the competition they have not played together. That prevented them from finding a winning formula to put the players in sync with each other as a team. That lack of cohesion was exposed in their first game with Egypt. By the finals they have trained and played together that they were now finding their cadence. But then should a team be finding its rhythm only during the competition?
Indeed when Egypt won I felt God was merely being just by rewarding with Cameroon with second place. After all, there were at least 5o countries involved and we came second. I mean second! Cameroonians may blame Rigobert Song as they want but he did not hold our attackers from scoring. Why did they not score two goals so when the mistake of one goal is made we can still win? Short and simple; Cameroon did not merit that cup. The Egyptians believed in their homemade coach and players. They have the chemistry and soccer bond that bedeviled their opponents who have been pampered by the West as the best teams because their players are modern slaves in their modern plantations.
I do agree that if a local coach was given the place like the last one he will be selecting the players by the highest bidder. However, I believe there are honest people like Bell Joseph Antoine who should be given the opportunity to try their hands out.
The third reason why Cameroon lost was not because of the mistake of Rigobert Song but the injury of Alexander Song. The Cameroon midfield lacked a maestro and distributor. These kids these days are fed with Bebelac and biberon. Their bones are just like those of the agric fowls. Look at when Mbappe Lepe, Ekpobang and myself played. Thank God for my mother who gave me only breast milk until when I was two. Did you ever see any of us hop out of the field because of injury? I feel flattered putting myself with these great players. Jealous people can go and tell God one of his angels is misbehaving on earth. No one ever heard of a sprain but nowadays their mothers have refused to breastfeed them and have overstuffed them with artificial milk. A child is born today; tomorrow he is like a palm tree. No wonder they are always sick just like the agric fowls. Injury here injury there. What type of ill luck is this with young people nowdays. I tell them ok, if your mothers did not give you breast milk please eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. They say no, we want chicken and pork rips. Look at what it does: weak and fragile bones like dry brooms.
Cameroon must learn a lesson. They must be organized, believe in a homegrown coach and local players. The local league should be brought to par. Look at the stadiums they are like modern pigsties. Sometimes you kick the ball and it gets stuck in the middle on the mud pool in the field or the ball starts to rotate in the goalpost because of the water rain that got stuck there and they say: “ah those Congolese have ngambe. What ngambe is that?
Women should not be afraid to breastfeed after all the breast was not meant to remain like an orange for eternity. In fact there are other things that can last for fifty years and the woman’s breast is not one of them. But you could help them stay upright longer by applying some cold water after breastfeeding or take a cool shower to open the capillaries to improve the circulation of blood. However the truth about it is that no matter how much you try, those breasts can only last too long especially because some of these women starve those kids but allow ruffians hold them just very any how in their coquettishness. How do you think they will not sag?

Until then, Cameroon must learn from this CAN.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Children and Adults with disabilities in Cameroon: Victims or Wtiches?

When I was in Cameroon, I had never heard of the identification and education of exceptional children. As I was taking the course in 2002, I kept pondering if such a course was being offered. I tried to flashback at the way children with disabilities were being treated in Cameroon. I had lived and gone to school with them, but they did not have any special accommodations and rights than what all of us had. People believe that if you are disabled, you should stay at home rather than come to school to bother your teachers and mates. Such was the destiny that the society and government ligated them. Today, I will be considering how the children with disabilities are treated in Cameroon in particular and in Africa as whole.

There were no disabled grants to help them in their conditions. The buses are made mainly for the ones who are whole, and the children with disabilities used the same bus. It has always baffled me how you put a disabled child in the same classroom with those who have no disabilities. There was no main coordinating office for a Non restrictive environment, but there are exceptions to serious handicaps. Help that usually comes through the main stream classrooms like language, speech and physical therapies are lacking. The classes are very large, making it difficult to render help and accommodate the disabled child. In some classes, you had 55-125 students for the secondary schools and 40-2,500 for university in some cases. That prevents individualized services. I never heard or saw any consideration before placements like referral, evaluation and classification. I have never heard of an Individual Education Program for any student. Their testing is the same with regular kids.

Although students with disabilities need rehabilitation, I don’t think the government is doing anything for them. If there is any process to rehabilitate them, then the process is very slow and disorganized. Most of them have the sky as their covering and grass for their beds. They live on sarakat as they lay mendicant plates by the road sides where they incur insults and alms in the same bowl. They have to rely on the largesse of the public because they have no careers and vocations, and their conditions too limit them from competing with whole Cameroonians. Their burdens are carried by the families and not the government. Strong family ties will be sufficient for a disabled child and person in Cameroon. Those that lack are those whose families are poor and mean too. Some of them their families are the Gertrude and Absalom Kumalos of our days. They have gone to the West and no one knows their whereabouts.

I remember a brother in Christ and friend: Kitts who was deaf and was in a class of 1500 students in the amphitheater taking lectures. He was good in taking down notes after reading from a friend. Then he will go home, recopy the notes and read the textbook. Thank God he was a smart guy who passed all his courses. He always laughed after everyone had laughed and stopped because when we laugh, then he will write on a piece of paper asking me why we are laughing. Then when I tell him that is when he laughs and disrupts the lesson. Since the teacher already knew what was happening, it instead made him too to laugh when Kitts was laughing because it was like what type of ill luck is this with this man.

Now as I look back, I can only think of an awful lifestyle for the underprivileged. The country has to do more to care for those who are handicapped. Look at the lepers and see how they are treated. It is true the government is trying to handle it their own way but putting people in quarantine for non contagious diseases like leprosy is unkind. As you read research, the majority state that leprosy is non contagious while a feeble minority claims it is. Yet the government prefers to go with the feeble minority though the feeble minority claims that proper hygiene will even eliminate the minutia contagion percentage. The rest of the society looks at the socially and mentally disabled children as if they are accursed. Some of them are even considered witches where they are either burnt alive, driven from their homes and donated for sacrifice to make the parents rich or even to the extent of killing them. Most are supported by Non profit organizations.

Are they victims of some sort of social exclusion? To an extent, the mentally and physically challenged in our country are excluded. So too are the Anglophones, women, children and short people. Yes, you heard me well;short people. Just of recent the short people formed The Short People Organization to fight for their rights because the bus and every other thing marginalized them. The presence of tribalism has made most people to be excluded in Cameroon. It would look like apart from the Hausa and Betis the rest of the tribes have been socially excluded from Cameroon. Nonetheless, the physically and mentally challenged are more socially excluded.

Consequently, I am disappointed and disgusted with the way the govern handles this group of people. Therefore, the society and government must do enough to cater for the socially and mentally disabled children in African countries. To remediate this problem, the first thing to do is for the mentality of the society to change. To be disabled does not mean you are a witch or wizard. It does not mean God has abandoned you or that you are less of a human being than the others. The society and government should think about rehabilitating them. The government should offer disabled grants, design specific buses just for them, offer language, speech and physical therapies for them and create a coordinating office that will implement good polices for their welfare. I am conscious there are perfunctory offices out there pretending to cater for the physically and mentally disabled children but I do not mean those ones. The government should create genuine ones in theory and practice.

Until then, it is godly to care for the disabled.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Is Reading An African Weakness?

Reading is a hobby and habit. My father had four types of disciplines or corporal punishments for me as a wayward child in my childhood and teenage days. The first type was reading the dictionary. The better I read the faster he fell asleep and we both could go to bed. The second was Pick-A- Pin; right index finger down and left leg up. The third was taking a letter to the headmaster or teacher to tell them I have misbehaved at home which they followed up with “six strong boys pick up”. The last was; “Doctor Do Good”; the switch the rod, whip or whatever you call which him and my mother found solace in the Bible (Prov 10:13; 13:24; 22:15; 23:13-14). Growing, reading became an inseparable tradition. That again annuls the fact that not reading has any relationship with where you come from. Reading is a habit.
Reading could be motivated by priority. I hated to see pastors being ridiculed by scholars of major scientific and logical fields. When I came to the US, the first thing I had was a 39-volume set of Encyclopedia Britannica that I grazed from cover to cover. That was my priority; acquiring knowledge to defend my belief.
Africa is not basically an oral tradition society. If Africa is basically an oral tradition or mostly influenced by oral tradition why is it that Art subjects always register many students considering that most of them warrant a high level of reading? Oral tradition was a handicap due to the unavailability of inventions and methods to store information. The centuries before Christ and the 1st Century A.D were typically the same. In biblical times, oral tradition and scrolls writing were the most common mediums to preserve information. Yet the leader; Moses, had to debrief the people regularly on their theocracy. May be there should be readers to the Africans. You smile don’t you? Despite that, the society was still influenced by oral tradition in the first century. As such, they used lectionaries in most churches. Lectionaries would not have been used if the society was a reading public. The used of scrolls was merely to preserves the work of God. After the 15th century, the advent of Gutenberg’s printing press (1436) changed the way history was read and recorded. Therefore, oral tradition is not limited to Africans alone and should not be the prima facie for their lack of reading enthusiasm.
The non-reading should not be attributed only to Africans alone because in most forums; Africans or non Africans you have only about eight people who constantly write. If the Africans do not read, how do they pass their exams? Therefore, the non reading public is not a problem of African but a problem of priority. Now they do not see why they should read. Neither is reading a habit to most people in the west nor oriental societies.
The lack of good printing presses in Africa is not because there is a non-reading public. It is because of the lack of funds to buy the books and promote the growth of the printing press considering that the book will be pirated, photocopied or distributed in one way or the other. The publisher has to give them what he knows will help him maximize some profits. Poor quality is not the fault of the publisher because he comes from Africa. It is the lack of pouvoir d’achat that has influenced the quality of his products. Even the goods from China and the US coming to Africa are of lesser qualities than those sold in the US because if kept at the same quality nobody will buy them. That is why we have mostly baubles and trinkets. So again, the problem is the poverty-stricken society that is merely struggling to survive.
Flashing back, literature in the West was for the aristocratic society for their leisure, information and didactism. Consequently, reading in general was for those who had made it and wanted to layback and enjoy the fruits of their labor. How would a sample from Ethiopia be contented with reading when he has barely eaten a palm kernel nut for three days?
Consequently, most Africans in the West have an agenda; survival. Firstly, they ran away from a mismanaged economic system and integration is posing problem to them. Secondly, they are haunted by their dreams of grandeur to replace the withered grass at home with the green grass abroad without which they become a byword of failure to their kins.
The solution to this is for Africans to have the wealth necessary that can help them to be laid back. Reading and writing are mostly laid back habits. If you do not have a sound and peaceful mind you cannot read or write. That is why if you are taking an exam you could be given some time to appear in court if its not a serious crime because everybody believes you need a sound mind to bolster acquitting legal arguments. Therefore, no troubled mind will read and write regularly.

Until then, I encourage everyone to read.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

“Two Million Victims of Female Genital Mutilation in Cameroon”

I am befuddled to see the above heading. It is incongruous to use the appellation Female Genital Mutilation because it makes the woman a victim; meanwhile, nothing is mutilated per se but pruned or trimmed. Should we then say male genital mutilation too since the foreskin is cut-off? In cultures adhering to this practice they based their argument on their culture and the longevity of the practice. In most of these cultures, it is synonymous to the woman who goes and takes baptism in the 18th Century for salvation.

When Ya’Adua the current president of Nigeria was governor of Katsina State, he pushed for Sharia law where he confirmed female circumcision as a custom of the people to fulfill fertility rites. Considering that every culture is equanimous; therefore, impugning it is tantamount to ethnocentrism. That means; we are saying that there is a culture that is better than others. The practicing culture has neither solicited foreign assistance to eradicate it nor do they condemn it. Rather, it is the outsiders who have changed the name from Female Circumcision to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Should we then call plastic surgery human mutilation?

Why should circumcision create victims? Some people have questioned circumcision, especially female circumcision. In July 11, 2007, the British Metropolitan police was offering £20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of anyone practicing Female Genital Mutilation. Waris Dirie: Somali-born model acknowledged she was a victim. Indeed, the practice is done mostly in Muslim countries especially North Africa. Opponents argue that male circumcision has both esthetic and health benefits, but the female has only satisfaction reduction.

Research found in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology revealed that Female Genital Mutilation does not reduce sexual pleasure; on the contrary, it increases. If this was true, then the British women in whose country this research came out would have been lining up for Female Genital Mutilation since they have prostitution as a taxable profession. Their failure to pursue “happiness” portrays a tailor-made research to destroy the African culture.

Those considering male circumcision on health grounds realize that their arguments are untenable because the ancient Egyptians who did not circumcise, lived longer than the males who get circumcision now. If female circumcision is unhealthy, why was the mortality rate amongst its adherents not higher than the rate of those who are not circumcised? Same with the female circumcision that was done in those days, the mortality rate today on other female related diseases outweigh the one during the ancient days where female circumcision took place. Egypt has 78% of female circumcision, but they are still healthy as compared to those in Sudan. Could it not be said that Sudan is due to other factors like war, famine and other man made disasters?

Perhaps people should be informed that this act is done by voluntary parents who at the time feel that it is the best choice for their beloved daughters. No parent was forced. If the child is forced, and it becomes a bad thing, do we then condemn those parents who force their kids to take medicine which later gives them allergies? Isn’t it because they believed the medicine will heal their child that they forced the child to take it? Since we live in a democratic world, the people should be left to deal with their choices. It is strange because no one condemns plastic surgery in the West with people butchering themselves just to look good. Those who do that, do so on basis of their culture. The same thing done in Africa is called  Female Genital Mutilation.

Women in the West shave the hair off their hands and legs, even their armpits but consider the African girls who do not do that as nasty. You can moon raise your armpit and do not take a shower and still be dirty; meanwhile, the lady who does not shave but takes a good shower stays clean. Here again is cultural. Why then should any culture’s component be regarded inferior? How many times have African cultures asked Westerners to modify their cultures?

Do Africans need the Westerner to sensitize them against the harms of female circumcision? One of the arguments is that the practitioners carrying the circumcision may not be trained. They are traditional practitioners who are regarded as local doctors with skills trained to do that. They have done that to many girls and very few died. The rate of hospital dead in the West on brain and other related surgeries are more than those from Female Genital Circumcision. Does it mean that because there are fatalities during heart surgeries in the US all heart surgeons are not qualified and heart surgery should be prohibited? This practice was time immemorial and the colonizers met it and left it. If it was that bad a practice, why did they not raise an objection during that time when they had the power, plundering the resources?

The objection to Female Genital Circumcision is more a racist affair rather than an advocacy for the welfare of African women and children. If the same practice was done in the West, it would be plastic surgery. They should be more concerned with their women butchering their breasts off and inflating their breasts in the name of plastic surgery and beauty. They should be more concerned with abortion clinics and execution chambers they have. Why worry about the African sick when you have dead bodies littered all over?

It should be noted that the same arguments against female circumcision were done for male circumcision and that most Asians do not even circumcise their males. Since domination is the property of the powerful thus the powerful western nations are imposing their views and cultures on less powerful African and Asian countries with unfounded theories and research.

Until then, let those who want to be circumcised do so.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Secret of Conflict Resolution.

There is no wound that balm does not heal. For the time that I have been as a minister and lived as a leader, even if hearts were broken and turn into dust, bodies separated from each other for centuries and sins high up like a mountain love surpasses all and love brings resurrection and healings.
There are four types of conflicts: Humanity versus society, Humanity versus Humanity, Humanity versus self and Humanity versus nature. To solve the conflict between Humanity and society we have enacted jails though the jails in America are modern slave plantations making people to work for free. The conflict between Humanity versus nature has been tough to resolve; earthquakes here and there, and tornadoes constantly sapping away lives. Since man is so existentialist we name the hurricanes mostly after women to have a psychological escape. Yet these natural disasters have inflicted untold havoc cumbersome to carry for many who are now alive and those dead and forgotten. People have been raising solutions only on how to solve one type of conflict and the rest neglected.
The solution to the conflict between humanity and self is that the individuals must engage in positive self esteem building or boosting their self confidence. They also need a mentor and align themselves with people who are positive minded and success oriented because unlike failure which is an orphan success has many brothers and sisters. The adults need to share it with their friends and for children they need to share their internal fears with their parents. Teenagers make the mistake of thinking their parents would not understand and that their friends understand better. That is a mistake. That is why the highest rate of deaths amongst teenagers comes from suicide. They take in more than they can keep and drown themselves in depression and finally suicide. Our inner worries and fears cannot be solved with inner worries and fears. The Christians must look unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith before they start to look unto themselves. Then the individual must remove their eyes from themselves and place them unto God who does not fail and will never fail.
There will be wars and rumors of wars and there will be earthquakes and tornadoes because with the fall of man evil was brought into the world and nature was given the right to rebel against humanity. When humanity wins the ultimate battle to submit to God then all other things will resubmit to it. That means; no matter what science brings and what equipment we invent we will only reduce the rebellion of natural forces but we will never prevent them. That is a lost battle. The conflict between nature and humanity will never be solved until there is a new earth and a new heaven.
To solve the conflict between humanity versus society the best way will not be three strikes you are out. I acknowledge there should be jails but when they are used as modern slave plantations they lose the reformatory purposes for which jails were intended. Jails should not have the prime motive of ostracism. The Greeks practiced it with political juggernauts or those problem oriented politicians and the French exhibited it by sending Alfred Dreyfus to the Devil Island in solitary confinement. That sounds to me as mere sanctimony and epicaricacy. Why are undocumented immigrants caged up in American jails for more than two years? If you do not want them in your country deport them. People should not be locked up for life.
In June 2007 the Home office of Great Britain came up with the proposition of chemical castration: a method in which serious sex offenders will take in chemicals to reduce their libido. Castration in any form is tampering with the reproductive plan of God because while God says people should go out and multiply castration renders them sterile. A win-win solution is for countries to pass a law where before a given age you must get married since statistics have proven that most serious sex offenses have been committed by single people. Let us take a look at the conflict between humans.
If two people are quarreling because of bad elections let the one who is declared the winner acknowledge the one who was not favored and withdraw some of the faulty statements about his or her opponent. That creates credibility and builds a rapport between him and his opponent. He and his team should acknowledge the instances where the constitution was not respected, condemn them, and then take immediate steps to correct them.
Never taunt your opponent in the aftermath of an election. It would be a lack of tact, leadership and maturity that will divide you guys the more. It does not matter how many followers he has. After all; it does not matter how many people you have in your country you are still the president of your country. The president of Seychelles has 600, 000 people in his country but he is still sitting in the UN with nations that have 200 millions.
When a conflict comes up acknowledged the problems, be honest and frank with the defaulters. That is; be able to tell your friends they are wrong. There was a marital problem that was in my prayer cell. Right then I was the prayer cell leader. The couple did not tell me because I was not married. They inferred I could not handle it. They took it to the married church leaders but it did not work. They took it for counseling it did not work. Then a prayer cell member whose marriage I had saved whispered to me what was going on. I requested to talk to the couple. Monday, at 6:00 p.m I visited them. On that day the lady’s things were on the floor by the door side. The man had another woman on the bed while the wife and her kids were in the living room. Ichabod. This is one of those occasions where you ask yourself “are we still worshipping the same God”.
I asked the husband snatcher to leave first and she left. I sat the couple facing each other and then I sat on the end of table with one on my right and the other on my left. I asked the man to tell me why he was angry. He did and I wrote all his anger down. I asked the woman to tell me why she was angry and as you can imagine she spoke for about 2 hours even things when they just newly got married. Then I asked them if they believe in the Bible and if they will accept the decision of the Bible. If they are not Christians then use any other authority that the belligerents will adhere to. I also asked them if they will accept my decision. Each of them accepted. I have established myself as a very objective leader that they all knew in church. My judgments were not always right but they knew that even my wrongness had no malice; it was a mere error. If I was in error and realized it I took immediate steps to correct it because immediate steps to correct a mistake, shows it was not intentional. So I asked each of them to pick their bibles and they did. We decided that each time the cause of your anger was right the other partner will apologize to you and if it was wrong you will apologize to the other person. That was tough for the woman to apologize to the man. But the love and respect she had for me and God humbled her.
As we went through their grievances and chagrins with each apologizing and repenting, by 5:30 a.m we were all soaked in our mistakes and hurts that forgiveness flowed like a river and took away their hatred and anger to the devil. Love took over surpassing every insult that peace and joy were jumping in every corner of the room; waking up the kids and neighbors. There will be no meaningful reconciliation if both hurters do not sit face to face or where there is no codified law governing them.
Many people try to resolve their problems by postponement, solicit outside intervention, fight, surrender or compromise. Those who postpone, end up as losers because sometimes opportunities come but once. The ones that solicit outside intervention may use money to buy malaria because they could be soliciting it from the wrong source. Others just prefer to use a grenade to kill cockroaches. That is; they prefer to fight and after they fight sometimes they may win the battle but lose the war. Take for instance the modern woman: she has won the feminist battle but lost that of keeping a home.
Nowadays since most kids are not taught conflict resolution skills they turn to surrender in the face of little trials and temptations. Indeed only cowards surrender. So if all the other solutions have bigger lacunas what about the last one: compromise. This is the solution we will generally call the win-win solution. In this solution the parties come to the table, they discuss and finally each accepts to lose and win something. No one wins or loses everything. In this mindset of compromise we will solve many problems that otherwise we would have blown open our rooftops.
Two he-goats were tied with the same rope on each end of the rope. The one on the right wanted to go and eat the grass on the right and the one on the left wanted to eat the grass on its left. They kept fighting but none was eating. They fought until they were tired and then they spoke together that they will go and eat on the left and then go and eat on the right. That is compromise and each person wins.
In the midst of a win-win solution there are a couple of methods we could use. The first is for the two people in conflict to talk and try to resolve their problem between them. There is no conflict that can be solved without talking. We must stop running away rather than talking if we want to make our lives better on earth. Express your grievance rather than bury it within. The porcupine has hidden things in its stomach until its entrails have been embittered. If they cannot solve it then they take it to their peers. If the mediation of their peers fails they should take it to the community leaders. If the community leaders disappoint them they should go to court and let the recourse of the courts be their last resort. But if they are siblings they should take it to their parents first before they involved an outsider. A family problem taken outside during the day may invite a wicked hand at night.
Here is a blueprint for ministers and community leaders to solve problems. This one has always worked for me.
Here is the blue print.
1. Acknowledge that there is a problem.
2. Invite someone you both trust and respect.
3. Determine the basis for your reconciliation. The Christians will use the Bible
4. Each should have a pen and paper
5. Take down notes and do not contest what the other person has said but you may explain why you did what they were accusing you. At times by explanation we ended realizing it was a miscommunication
6. When a point is raised, look into the Bible and see what it says and how it treats such a point. Then ask the guilty part on that point what they want to do repent or reject it. Because all accept the Bible they repent.
7. Let the party from whom forgiveness is sought react.

Until then, my desire is for us to live peacefully.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Plastic Surgery: Self Inflicted Evil.

The adage “woman thy name is vanity” is just fine though at times we could add “man thy name is sometimes vanity too”. There are many reasons for plastic surgery. Women do breast augmentation and breast reduction, eyelid surgery, facelift, facial implants, forehead lifts, lip augmentation, liposuction, nose surgery, tummy suck, and you name them. It has claimed many victims from Kate Silverstone, Jackie Stallone, Heather Mills, Latoya and Michael Jackson, Jocelyn, Wildenstein, Courtney Love, Paul Stanley, Lil Kim, Micalea Romani to Janice Dikinson just to name a few.
The mother of a plastic surgery gone bad once said: “I am the mother of one of the women that Dr Adams disfigured, and I can blatantly assure you that my daughter is not a ‘Sue-Happy Bitch!!” It is not only in plastic surgery that surgery could go bad but even in other normal surgeries, but you really don't know when it could go bad and you will remained deformed for good. Moreover, plastic surgery has synthetic causes unlike the normal surgery which is due to sickness.
There are people out there who like big breast and others who like small breasts. If a man does not like your kind of breasts, then he was not meant for you. I remember some of the love letters we wrote as little kids. Some of them read: “your breasts are my pillow". That tells you someone out there will appreciate the size of your breasts just fine. One of my friends always said he loved little breasts like oranges.
Did you know that plastic surgery is a sin? Your body is not your own; it was bought with a price (I Cor 6: 19-20). This body of yours is like the money we use. You may own it but if you destroy it, the government will jail you. It is your body but when you use it wrongly, God will punish you. Nature even starts when we get old.
Fooling around with the woman’s breast is being too selfish to progeny. It means you will never breastfeed if you intend to have babies. Your body and all the artificial things you take will start to exfoliate as the skin shrinks due to senility. Naturally, without fiddling with the natural construction of your body the human being will spend more money at their old age than any other age. Then what more if you do.
In most cases, plastic surgery changes the individual’s physiognomy. It is the artificial reply to low self-esteem and confidence about one's own body. No matter how plastic surgery goes well, during your geezerhood, the effects are cumbersome. Do you think of dotage when you do certain things?
Science tells us through the Second Law of Thermodynamics that nothing new will remain new; for all will depreciate with time in good or bad conditions. When aging comes, our minds and physiognomy change from good to bad and finally to worst. An iota of common sense reveals that plastic surgery has no long term benefits. When you get old, your skin starts to fall off. Why don't some of these people go to nursing homes and see for themselves what plastic surgery does to people?
Dear friend, you are just fine the way you look. Listen to me: one man’s poison is another’s meat. I had gone to a graduation ceremony in 2007. My friend reminded me I would have dyed my grey hair black. I had grey since when I was nine. He explained himself that it makes me look too old for my age. There are people who are older than me with 20 years who do not even have a single grey hair. A few minutes later, we met some party guests too. A lady walked to me and asked me if I dyed my hair grey because this grey looks so beautiful and special. She asked for permission to touch my hair which I joyfully gave it to her. She touched and caressed it as the vibrations of her body woke my lust. Then she added: “it looks sexy too”. If someone does not love you in your natural looks without make up, then they don’t love you.
Nonetheless, not all plastic surgery is bad. There is plastic surgery to correct an ailment like burns or overgrowths. This type of surgery is health wise and not for entertainment purposes. Dear friend, plastic surgery may repair a damaged face, but a plastic smile will be insufficient for a miserable life. You can augment or reduce your breast; augment or reduce your lips and augment or reduce your buttocks as you want; you will still be miserable inside if you don't have inner satisfaction with life. The solution to your inferiority complex is feeling good inside and that does not come with surgery; it comes with knowing the Prince of peace: Jesus Christ.

Until then, plastic surgery is a self-inflicted evil.

Prince & Hamilton Ayuk

Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk). Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk). "If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable." (I Cor 15:19). "It is not how well you know a person; it is how well you treat them that they will live longer and happier with you." Hamilton Ayuk. Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

Should Parents Take Out their Disabled Kids?

First I do acknowledge that the parents who do that think it is for the welfare of their child, but a close look shows rashness and a demonstration of hedonism because they do that to alleviate their burden. Let us quickly look through history and see if we could learn a thing or two.

George Washington: Had a learning disability. He could barely write and had very poor grammar skills. Yet he later led an army and even became the president of the United States.

Woodrow Wilson: U.S. President from 1913-1921. Had a learning disability -- was severely dyslexic. Learned how to read and write only when he was 12. The young girl is still just 9 years old for God’s sake.
Charles de Gaulle suffered from Marfan Syndrome.

Billy Barty suffered from dwarfism yet produced great films. Even if the child was not growing normally that is not an excuse to put that child in that condition. I guess the parents of Billy would have just frozen him. What an evil!

Charles Dickens though with epilepsy wrote great novels like Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, The Pickwick Papers, Hard Times, a Tale of Two Cities.

Helen Keller is described as “a deaf, blind, American, author, activist and lecturer” was born with full sight and hearing but lost both after two years. She did what many people with eyes ands ears could not and cannot do.

A child may be born by a couple but he or she does not belong to the couple. Children belong to the community that is why we say it takes a village to raise up a child. Thus making decisions of paramount importance necessitates consultation with other experts and well-wishers in the community. Hence, such a unilateral decision is a social mishap.

Science is experiencing great breakthroughs now that it would be reckless to condemn individuals to such situations. Scientifically it is a bad decision. Disabled children should be given the opportunity to function just like any other child in life.

Religiously, the decision is immoral because we all know about miracles. Miracles in most cases undo the natural disabilities and even at times the man-made disabilities. As such, the parents put themselves in the position of God to ligate the child to a destiny they alone enjoy. That shows a lack of trust in God: the maker of the little girl.

Until then, let every human being live.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Should Fleecing still be practiced?

Fleecing is a method of finding out the will of God by laying an object and expecting a certain result to prove that God is in what you are doing. In short, it is a form of determining the will of God. Determining the will of God moved from Urims and Thumins (Num. 27:21, Ex. 28:30; Lev. 8:8 ;) to fleecing (Judge 6:34) when the people abandoned God. When they walked with the Lord, they did not need a fleece. Their guide was “the pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night” (Ex 13:21).
In the New Testament, the disciples used lots in determining Judas’ replacement (Acts 1:26). However, after the Holy Spirit baptism, the practice disappeared because “He will guide us into all truth” (Jn 16:13). Nowadays, fleecing is redundant to those who tarry in prayer and supplication because of the presence of the Holy Spirit that abides with us and guides us in our decision-making.
The use of the Bible and Key, horoscope, astrology is nothing shorter than the practice of divinations that God condemns without reservation (Deut 18:10-14). It does not mean that most of these things are false. I have had some non Christian friends send me mails on horoscope and astrology, and they describe my character indeed. Yet I will not rely on them because only God masters my future.
The weakness with fleecing is that, it easily tilts towards our proclivity. Considering that we are in the world with the devil as the Prince of this world, most physical exercises could easily see his hand in them; fleecing not excluded then!
The will of God will be in two categories; the revealed and the unrevealed. The revealed could be known, if we diligently peruse the Bible. The qualities of a good man or woman have been listed in the Bible just like the qualities of a good friend. How would God want you to treat your wife and husband or kids are explained in the Bible. Would God reward you for giving false promises to individuals or would God congratulate you for abandoning your child? Those questions too are answered in the Bible. That means, pertaining to what surrounds us for the present and the past; God has taken care of in His word. Now, we are left with the enigma of knowing His will about making future decisions. That is the most difficult and needs our earnest and unbiased attention to tarry in prayers because God speaks in various forms; dreams, people, Spirit, circumstances and direct supernatural interventions.
My friends, if you want to know the will of God, you wait in prayers for the Sprit to speak, seek counsel (not shrinks or Dr Phil’s type), pay close attention to circumstances unfolding around you and be opened to supernatural interventions.

Until then, let us count on God’s direction.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Should Christians Participate in Beauty Contests?

Christians have to know that the church cannot function out of the community. If God gave the Israelites ceremonial laws, which the community had to perform is because he wants the community too. That is why, the way we live in the community should reflect what we profess in church.

Secondly, the competition of Esther that eventually led to her being made queen is biblical example of God’s approval of pageantry.

Thirdly, there is no theological statement that was made in a vacuum. Take for instance, the cases of John the Baptist (Lk 3:10-14) and Jesus (Mt 5:38-45). Both used language as a vehicle of the community.

Please pray and encourage our sisters who are competing. Is it a sin to be beautiful or handsome? If not then why would it be a problem to enter into a competition? Is it a sin to be intelligent? If not why would it be a problem entering into a competition if you can. Now, if we don’t have a problem with our kids writing exams to earn their living, playing sports to earn a living; why would it be a problem for anyone to do a beauty contest to earn her living?

The only issue would be if there was sin involved. Yet as we all know, every area in our life; school office, home is sin oriented and we fight that everyday. If we give in we have fallen into temptation but if we don’t, we have overcome. Jesus said “I do not pray that You take them out of this world but protect them from evil because we are of the world (Jn 17:15-17).Therefore, the problem will not be participation but what a Christian participant does with the exposure.

I wish all the contestants the best and do give her my blessings.

Until then, make yourself beautiful in and out.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Count on God

The God we serve neither slumbers nor sleeps. He is never in a hurry, but He is never late. He walks with a pace unfamiliar to humans but leaves his footprints everywhere He passes. The only that turns a seabed to a highway. He converts a fish into a submarine, and turns birds into chefs. He performs surgery without spilling blood and his voice is thunder. The saliva of his Son Jesus is an eye drop for the blind to see. The IRS will worship Him because He orders even fishes to pay his taxes on time. In his days, coffin makers had bad business because he usually raised up the dead. As if not enough; he rejected two strikes you are out and installed seventy times seven times before you were out. He walked like a man but spoke as God. Horoscope and tarot readers hated him because he read their minds and foretold the future. Keep trusting in Jesus; He will never fail you.

Until then, God never ever fails!

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Would Religion Benefit American Schools?

I don’t think we need any research to answer this question. But let me start by answering the second part of your question. That is correct you cannot preach religion in public school but you can practice your religion under the First Amendment.
Well, as you know, the human being is the only being that repents and the only that must do so because it has a spirit that praises or condemns its conscience. Therefore, humanity has another part of itself that is different from the mind. Education may give the human being knowledge but it does not give you morals; religion does. Religion plays the role of a stimulator to the moral wellbeing of an individual. Those who say there is no God like the Atheist believe in a religion that says there is no God and their actions are greatly influenced by the doctrine that there is no God.
Religion has always played a greater role in the advancement of civilization. Due to the Benedictine Rule people became so religious, intellectual and entrepreneuring. This influenced the neighboring barbaric tribes who became civilized. The monk took time in preserving the writings of great scholars and church fathers. They also taught the people how to do manual work either in farming, art or handicraft.
History has proven that when religion lived in public schools we had less behavior problems as to what we have today. That is because religion creates a living conscience that prompts an individual to espouse the virtues of the society. You see, right now America does not need better teachers; for they have them in surplus. Rather, they need better students. The parents today were the badly brought up kids yesterday and they are transfering that irresponsibility unto their children. If the kids today are raised up well then when they become parents they will give the society better students, and the teacher will concentrate more on instruction rather than on behavior.
Notwithstanding, though religion is not an ultimate solution in itself it does however, contribute positively. The presence of religion in schools will equip the child with conflict resolution skills which can only be gotten when the individual is at peace with himself or herself. That is why you see some very gifted individuals unable to cope with their surroundings. They lack that skill that can only come through the religious doctrine of tolerance and self-control. Knowledge does not reform a person but religion does. That is what will reduce the number of kids going to jail if they can be made to love God, themselves and their neighbors which are the paramount commandments of the Bible. Are we crying against teenage pregnancy, irresponsible men who only “donate” sperms or about our kids who lack self control in the way they use money. Religion will contribute positively. Train up a child the way he or she should grow and when she or he grows he or she will not depart from it.
Apart from the physical man which is just the tip of an iceberg man becomes holistic only when religion is added. The rate of students who are drug addicts and church-goers is smaller than the rate of the non church goers who suffer from the same ill. The higher rate of students involve in sexual promiscuity and the lower number of the ones who want to stay chaste tell you the role religion plays in the life of every individual. The presence of religion helps kids stay away from gangs though the nature of man is rebellious.
However, religion taught badly would lead to fanaticism and fundamentalism that may instead be a fatal cocktail sold to the society. But if taught rightly, religion is a treasure that propels the individual to hardwork, love for their neighbor, love for themselves and desire to do right. The embodiments of these virtues make an individual whole. Otherwise, education with no morals (religion) is mere tintinnabulation.

Until then, America must reintroduce religion into schools.

Prince and PA Hamilton Ayuk

Is it Biblical for Christians to do In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)?

A Christian sister used In Vitro Fertilization to bear her first child because she was nearing menopause without a child. The church dis...