Friday, January 11, 2008

When White Stars Adopt Black Kids

Madonna did nothing wrong to adopt David Banda. People have been complaining that white people are only adopting Asians kids. Now the young woman decides to break the color barrier and all hell breaks open that she has committed a mortal sin. The truth of the matter is that racists’ individuals want to use Madonna as a cavy to daunt any other white superstar who will dare give hope to Africa. In this particular scenario it will discourage even black megastars. Is this the first Adoption case? Now, like monoblepsists the Africans join the racists for the long march against Madonna. You wonder if there is any morality in that. Indeed it is.

There are many adoption cases taking place daily in Africa unnoticed. Why does this adoption make negative headlines? I guess because only negativity sells on Western media. When Angelina Jolie adopted an Ethiopian AIDS orphan last year, it was almost a similar story. But the Ethiopians were wiser enough not to give in to racist canards. How many adoptions from Asia have followed this same publicity? Is there anyone who will tell the world that the adoptions in Asia have been more normative than the one of Malawi ? Whatever may be the case; let us take a look at the Bible.

Let us start from the Old Testament. David and his men ate the shewbread that was reserved only for the priests and which had an injunction of death if eaten by a non priest (I Sam 21:1-8). Don’t forget this bread was supposed to be given only to the priests (Lev 24:5-9). There is a time when the need and life of an individual must be cherished before religious or societal sanctimony. That is the Law of Charity that surpasses legalistic manacles. Did our Lord see it different?

The Lord Jesus healed seven times in the Bible on a Sabbath Day when no man was supposed to do any work (Mt 12:1-13; Lk 4:31-44; Lk 6:1-10; Lk 13:10-16; Lk 14:1-14; Jn 5:1-21 and Jn 9). If it was bad then Jesus was a sinner. But the Bible says he was without sin (Luke 23:39-41; Luke 23:47; 2 Cor. 5:21; Heb 4:15; Heb. 4:15; 1 Pet 2:21-22; 1Jn 3:5; Heb 7:26-28). If it is bad upholding this theory then Jesus was a sinner for breaking the law. But since he was no sinner then the Bible and Jesus are on our side. Well not everybody believes in the Bible. So let us look at logic.

Even if the adoption laws were broken; which is bad: to allow the child to die in his condition or to save him by plucking him out of the Malawian cauldron. People will tell you the law is no respecter of persons. True it is not. However, there are times when benevolence supersedes human law. For example; if you found an individual gunning down innocent children and you could take him out from the back. Which would be logical: to practice thou shall not kill or to kill and save the rest of the endangered lives? God would not charge you for murder because benevolence is greater than bureaucratic red tapes.

Others contend that Banda would lose himself and become a social misfit. Most of the social misfits nowadays were not adopted. More so, with Madonna leaving the child’s name: Banda, she leaves the child’s identity intact to trace his roots. Here are the social misfits: those Africans who can only speak a foreign language and cannot speak their local languages. They are the social misfits. Here are the social misfits: those foreigners in the US taking accent reduction classes. They want to be what they are not. Perhaps they were adopted you think?

Still others have argued that it would have been nice for these stars to send the money so that the children could be raised up in their environment. Firstly, it would be a bad business decision to hand groundnuts to rats for storage or retirement funds for Enron executives to bank. Secondly, most heroes and heroines had to leave their homes at a given time before coming back to bring them salvation from Moses to Gandhi and Lumumba to Mandela.

Some people say that most of these stars are using the kids for their publicity stunt and would abuse the kids. More priests have been accused, charged and convicted of child abuse than the stars. So why do we still allow children to go closer to the priests and churches? Many pastors have abused the congregations by preaching a Retiary Gospel to pilfer from their per-diems and yet no one seems to see the immorality in it. Many teachers have molested their students more than these stars. So why do we still allow our kids to go to school? Please, give these women a break!

Banda, Madonna is your manna from heaven. She is the well God made for you to drink without digging. Take it and be gracious to God almighty for giving some people the heart to cater for others like you. Madonna should be praised for giving this child a home and a hope. These women like Madonna, Stone, Jolie who decided to share their wealth with our hopeless children are our heroines. By adopting from the third world these stars draw attention to the predicament of the people. The US should relax its adoption laws if it wants her stars to adopt from here.

Until then, Jesus would have gladly adopted Banda to Madonna!

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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