Friday, January 11, 2008

The US and The Mexican Wall

The United States government has decided to build a 700 mile wall that could cost them about $ 2.2 billion to fend the Mexicans from entering illegally into the US. The initiative drew cheers from most Americans but cries of racism and xenophobia from expatriates. Mexicans will face a giant wall as a boundary: a line or thing demarcating a limit. Building a border wall is not a new phenomenon when we flashback at The Great Wall of China, The Prato Wall, and The Berlin Wall. Yet this one catches more attention because the US arguably says it is the heartbeat of international morals.

I write with a heavy heart considering that I would have loved my kindreds and cronies to make a giant leap through the front gates of Uncle Sam’s Backyard, and this essay will instead jeopardize their chances. The first thought that came to my mind was why the US doesn’t make the DV Lottery only for those who are already in the country or just give them the visa. But then it would be encouraging evil to sit in high places. It is difficult to have illegal immigrants integrate the society. Therefore, they are a drawback than an advantage to the economy. Most of the money they make, they send it back to their countries, leaving little for development or circulation of liquidity in their host countries.

Expatriates pettifog that people should be allowed to settle anywhere they want after all; “the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof” (Ps 24:1; I Cor 10:26). Horizontal application reveals that God ordered Israelites to established boundaries (Ex 19:12; Deut 32:8), not to remove landmarks (Deut 19:14; 27:17; Prov. 22:28; 23; 10) and that God did not reprimand the Israelites for refusing neighbors from running into their country for safety (Judges 12:5-6). Furthermore, most Israeli cities were walled round (Lev 25:29-31; Deut 1:28). Although God has commanded people to settle everywhere on the surface of the earth, He has set forth boundaries (Acts 17:26). Thus, building the wall becomes like a rich neighbor building his fence. In Africa and Latin America, most of the rich live in fenced duplexes. You nod, don’t you?

The wall of partition that Jesus broke down was spiritual rather than a physical one (Eph 2:14; I Cor. 12:13). In the days of Jesus like the days of Paul, Damascus was walled (Acts 9:25), yet neither Jesus nor Paul made any criticism. Others argufy that there should be open borders for anyone to settle where they like, yet the same people do not just let anyone enter into their houses and live as they want. They do not just drop their cars for anyone to enter and drive as they want. The Americans want more protection for their country. They want that those who live in it should have a special bond and feeling of belonging, for people to know that this is where America starts and ends with the Mexicans and above all to show that they own the land. Until we live our doors open for strangers and cronies to jump in and out as they like, we cannot ask the American government to stay indifferent to the influx of illegal immigrants. That is called common sense!

Most stickle that the US is a country of Immigrants and should let anyone and everyone in. Myself too, I do agree that other immigrants should be considered illegal except the Africans because they are merely coming to collect what their great-great-great-grand parents brought to America. It was said that when our grand parents were caught, they had some money tied around their waists, so it would not be bad if the African is out to retrieve his great-great-grand father’s money. Once you give it to him, he has no right over staying his visa and visit anymore. In addition, there is not just one country that is sitting where it was originally founded without its people migrating from one place to another. If that is the case then no country should have borders. If countries whose citizens are struggling between life and death can drive foreigners how much more the US?

Yet America is not without blame to the cause of this problem. The immigration problem will never end because the US did not heed to God’s law: Deut 19:14; Hosea 5:10; Job 24:2. They seized land from Mexico in the Mexican War of 1846-1848. Most Mexicans feel they have the right to enter into this country de facto or de jure after all; they are just visiting the annex of their country. The Africans believe the US is sitting on the blood and sweat of their slave forefathers.

In addition, the US is encouraging spurious asylum cases to make other countries look bad with poor human right records. Now people are telling all sorts of melodramatic tales and myths. The hot cake now is “I am persecuted because I am a gay activist” and boom you have asylum. How are asylum seekers better than those who overstayed their visas? At the same token, they are blaming the Ghanaians for false marriages and jailing their own citizens for sham marriages. Why would they not when they know that if you get married to an American you obtain citizenship? If an individual is in any country illegally, they must and should first step out of the country before their petition is considered. Worst still, not every American who found himself or herself in a spurious marriage was aware. Being tired of loving toys and animals, some of them wanted to seek true love when these tricksters conned them into the scam.

Indeed, almost every country has opened their shores for the displaced. That of the US could be summed up to the expression in I Corinthians: “And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing” (I Cor 13:3). When the US opened her shores for Cubans, it was not an act of love but an act of revenge against Castro. Why the Wetback Policy for Mexicans and the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966 and the subsequent Wet Feet Dry Feet Policy for the Cubans? So you see that you just don’t allow people into your shores as you may think.

If the US does not want people passing through the backdoor, they should encourage their embassies to give visas to honest individuals rather than people who can tell postiches. If you go to the embassy and say: “I am not married, but I want to visit the US” you will not receive a visa. Consequently, even the holiest of Christians who is single has to obtain a fake marriage certificate with 2 wives and 7 kids. When truth becomes more absurd than fiction, then a clean conscience becomes a scarce and seared commodity.

More so, the US and most Western countries may reap less sympathy when they encourage embezzlers from third world countries to save in their banks and buy assets in their countries. That is why people like Teodore Obiang and Frank Biya can take their countries’ money to squander with frumps and ostentatious realties. By permitting these pilferers to squander this money in their countries or stockpile them in Switzerland, they are pillaging the developing countries leaving their youths with no other greener pastures than where their stolen money is being kept or used. Where your treasure is, there will your heart be. Isn’t it my people? This same policy of supporting the riff-raffs and ragamuffins in presidential robes is what really questions the morality of the US and breeds radicalism in Africa.

Nevertheless, though we bemoan the building of the wall, the American government should do that with a peaceful mind knowing that it is within the confines of ethics and morality to erect a wall for her safety, identification, bond and authority. Immigrants and neighbors should accept the decision, knowing that each of us believes in owning a car or house and would not want anyone to pop in and burst out at will. I strongly believe Jesus would have said: “build the wall”. If anyone wants a world where there will be no boundaries and walls, they should believe in Jesus for a new heaven and a new earth.
Until then, the US should build the wall.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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