Friday, January 11, 2008

My Faith and Person

During a visit to Mexico. If you would like to support the missionary operating this orphanage please send me an email and I will give you his contacts. Thanks
1. You state your full of and baptized in the Holy Ghost, has this given you a greater discerning to what is and what is not sin?
It is not by being baptized that I have obtained discernment but by accepting Jesus where by the Comforter came unto my life. With his presence he reminds me of the teachings of Christ. With the advent of the Holy Sprit he reproves me of sin, judgment and of righteousness. He guides me in making my decisions and helps me to glorify Jesus.

2. Has this baptism made you a better Christian?
The Baptism of the Holy Spirit does not make me a better Christian however, it endows me with spiritual gifts. In my daily interaction and occurrences is what makes me progress to the image of Christ. I am better not in comparison with other humans but in my walk with Christ in that these gifts give me the surviving tools I need for my daily walk.

3. This is an "OR" question to # 2: or has it made you a Christian?
I do not become a Christian by being baptized in the Holy Spirit because before the Holy Spirit came I had given my life to Christ. Perhaps I will briefly say I gave my life to Christ in 1986 by merely reading the Bible that was handed to me by a high school teacher. That is when I realized I was a sinner and that the only way of redemption is by Jesus Christ. I confessed my sins and invited him to come into my life. Since that time unto now I have always been in the Lord.

4. Have you been able to achieve intellectualism in your studies of the Holy Bible?
In fact when I went to the Bible school and seminaries that I have attended I can tell you I have learnt very little about knowing Christ. I have done studies in comparative religions” Islam and Christianity especially but as you know, the Bible is different from theology. I read it every year and try to spend as many hours per day on it as possible. It has not given me intellectualism it has given me a doctrine about living for Christ and how to worship God better. We do not know God by the numerous studies we do but by going closer to God which is really though his word. That is what I try to do.

5. Other than tongues, have you been baptized with other gifts from the Holy Ghost?
I have been baptized with the gift of teaching, preaching, healings, discernment, miracles, faith and many others. These gifts could be seen in the things that the Lord has done through me in my ministry and walk with him. The dead have been raised (my niece) you have possibility of verification, many people have given their lives to Christ and abided, I have raised up preachers and pastors.

6. Has being a divorced person made you able to live a better, more Christ like life than when you were married?
I have never been married before. Perhaps when you have time we could travel to Cameroon to people who have known me since when I was a child or those who know me now for more than 25 years. I have heard people say I am a seven time divorcee but I don’t know where they come with that accusation. My father died when I was 13. I had the task of helping myself and my family. I felt that by getting married very young it will sway away my allegiance from my family and will not enable me to help them. So as we grew up my sisters decided to drop out of school so that I could continue. Before I could graduate from college they had children and I felt obliged to take care of their children. I have helped them and given then a shelter and enabled their kids to reach a level where they could take care of themselves . That is why I never got married.
7. If you were going to tell us, the doctrinal debate group, how we could better reach our fellow man: What would you tell us? We would really like to know.
I believe in the two great commandments of Christ. Love God 100% and love your neighbor as yourself. I believe that by showing love to follow mankind that you see will prove that you know God that you do not see. I believe that a Christian should first of all be a Christian in his or her surrounding, before they step outside. That is they should go door to door not just to preach but show the people love in the way we treat them. I usually do not tell people I am Christian. At a certain level they ask me are you a Christian because my language and act will not conceal my belief.

8. This is the most important question for all of us. When we each die and stand before God at judgment, what will you tell God is the reason you should be allowed into heaven?
I do not need to tell God to allow me to enter heaven. I must have decided in my choice of life on earth. If I accept Jesus just like I have done, my name has been blotted out from the book of death and written in the book of life. So I go to heaven with a passport given by Christ for which he paid with his life. On it my nationality: Heaven and my visa: the blood of Christ are engraved. So I do not need to enter into any bargain with God.

Until then, thank you very much.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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