Friday, January 18, 2008

Hope in Hopelessness

Only death brings the end of hope. As long as we are alive let us have hope that God does not fail. He may not walk with the pace of a man, but He is never in a hurry and never late. Keep trusting Jesus; he will never fail you. Life always serves us with a plate we did not order. However, let us not worry; we should only know the Cook is our very own Father: Jesus whose meal will bless our hearts.
Fear sometimes cripples us but let faith moves us to higher bounds. Look around you, that is not how you began. You are not what you want to be, but thank God, you are not what you used to be. To every tunnel, there is an end. Our dark days may be long and dreary but stay focus, your ray of light just proves you are winning. Youwill make it.
There are many in heaven looking down and hoping you make it too. Would you fail them? You owe them the responsibility of making it and seeing Father Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Deborah, Esther, Daniel, John the Baptist, Paul, Apollos and finally Jesus.
My Brethren, the days keep getting darker and darker and evil seems enveloping us all. You may be cast down but don’t be downcast. Tell them though I am knocked down I am not knocked out. I am still in the ring for it is not who wins but who can put up a fight till the Master comes. Care not how fast the other is running. When you stumble, lift yourself up and keep running; knowing that it is not a race to find the first but one of finishers.
I have made up my mind to leave misery and the world behind me. I take up my full armor to face the tides of life that try to beat me round. At times I crawl with tears in my eyes, other times I run with joy in my heart. I may not be walking and I am not running but know that, in so far as I am not standing I am on the move. Every early morning, I made some phone calls to my friends and Jesus always picks his. More so, He does not complain what time is this. He tells me all the time, coheir, I am on my way, just a little bit of patience.
That at once illumines and brightens my day because while on earth, the sister of IRS loved him as he even paid his taxes from the mouth of a fish. His legs were his car and now that gas prices are hiking, he will be treading on familiar territory. Everywhere he visited, he was doing good. Some people did not need to buy medication for he used just mud to heal their blindness. He prepared a meal in the presence of foes and friends alike and their baskets were overfull in a football field. I mean just with two loaves and five fish he will feed more than ten thousand.
Look at you with teary heart or even face. Why are you silently crying when you can make that early phone call? You think your situation is hopeless and life is not fair. Indeed life is hopeless and unfair without a chemistry with Jesus. Seest thou not that thy Lord lovest thee that much my brethren? Why lookest thou unto thyself when thy Hope beckoneth? Your Master, though gone is always around you. You know, He loves you very much. If the devil tries to push you over you over push him in prayers till you make the Lord your delight. When trials and temptations come over you in their myriads you be the overcomer the Lord has smoothen. Say to yourself, I came to this world, not of my choice but of His own making. I was made more than a conqueror without a vote, I shall live as a conqueror in the midst of warriors and shall die a conqueror even if all others are killed. Lord unto you I surrender my life.
Until then, only dead people lose hope.

Prince and PA Hamilton Ayuk

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