Thursday, January 24, 2008

Does God Owe Humanity Anything?

After writing this lesson I did not save it and deleted it. I had to rewrite it again. Worst of it all I type only with two fingers. So this lesson is dear to me for all the efforts since most articles will take 30 mins or longer like: “The Myth of Bill Clinton” Remystified . This particular article though short took much time because I had to reverify the verses again for the second time. Thank God I finally did it.
As a young Christian I have heard many preachers tell their congregations: “the Lord God does not owe you anything. He does all what he wants.” Most cited Ps 115:3; Dan 4:35. At times I felt disappointed that they were letting the Lord lose and other times I felt it might be true. I have cited them too but these verses do not exonerate God from fulfilling his promises. Yesterday when a friend asked me: “Does God owe us anything” I felt the answer would be No and Yes.
In terms of how he rules this earth God does not seek our consent because he is omniscient (Psalm 147:4, 5; Acts 15:18; Psalm 33:13; II Kings 13:19; Jeremiah 38:17-20Romans 4:17; Isaiah 46:10; Matthew 11:21-23; I Samuel 23:5-14), omnipotent (Matthew 19:26; Genesis 17:1; Job 42:2; Jeremiah 32:17, 27; Luke 1:37; Revelation 19:6) and omnipresent (Psalm 139:8; Jeremiah 23:23, 24; Ephesians 2:22; Psalm 113:5; Psalm 123:1; I Kings 8:27; Matthew 6:9; Hebrews 1:3; I Corinthians 1:27; Matthew 18:20; Romans 10:6, 7; Romans 8:9). In terms of a friend needing some thing and going to his friend for a loan God does not owe us anything because the earth and the fullness thereof are his (Psa 24:1; Psa 89:11;Psa 50:12). He owns everything that you need and have. Looking at it this way then God does not owe us.
However, it will be sad for anyone to say God does not owe us anything. He does! A promise is a debt. All those promises He has made in the Bible must be fulfilled. God has promised that those who believe in Him must be saved (Is 1; 18; Jn 1; 12: Rom 10:13). He has promised us protection as our inheritance (Is 54:17). He has promised that no one will snatch the believer from his hands (Jn 6:37). God has promised us temporal blessings, made promises about our life on earth, spiritual blessings and other. God does not take pleasure in fools who do not keep their promises (Num 23:19, ECCL 5:4; Lk 1:70; Mk 13:31) because He himself does not break promises. So if God does not break his promises and they say he does not sin why would he not keep his own promises? Is that not a debt he owes the beloveds? If God does not owe you he owes me something.
Just the fact that God created you when you did not ask him to create you is good enough for you to ask him to support you. In a broken marriage it would be spousal support because you have never lived in this life before. He created you. So he owes you the duty to guide you. The problem now is do people listen to Him when he tries to guide them? God created you for one purpose and one purpose only: to worship him (Eccl 12:13). Are you worshipping him?
Therefore, my brethren, live knowing that the lord your God has made you some promises. Those promises he has made to you are debts He must pay to you. Remember, he will never fail you. But suffice me narrate an anecdote.
A young man had told me that God had promised him a sister in Christ as the wife. He prayed and we joined him in prayer to no avail. The sister got married to another man and the boy to another girl. So what went wrong?
There is a difference between presumption and faith or hearing voices and hearing from God. Sometimes you may hear your own voice and mistake it for God’s and then wait for the fulfillment. It will tarry and will not come to pass. God does not pick and choose who you marry. He guides you and shows you who could suit you.. God may show you this is a good person for you to marry but he does not say you must marry only this person. If that happens and the marriage goes kaput then God has made you a bad choice and you know that God does not make mistakes. If God tells you that this is the person you must marry and that person dies then the will and blessing of God for you have died. Knowing that the blessings of the Lord they make rich and they are never associated with any evil (Prov 10:22) then I have reservation that was God’s will.
Man, is a rational being; able to make foolish and wise choices in the process. Sometimes humanity considers its alternatives before making it choices but other times it does not. Yet he has given you a brain for thinking. That is why no one should be mad when people disagree with what he or she says because no one can know everything. All of us do see as through a dark glass and know only in part. Yet, in all of this know that, though we did not give God anything to keep He still owes us the promises He made.

Until then, don’t let God go until he fulfils His promises for you.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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