Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cameroon Does not need a better Internet Signal

How many people in our villages have electricity, have internet and have computers? So what good is the village person receiving the greatest signal? Looking at these things, Cameroon does not need a strong internet signal. Nonetheless, I want Cameroonians to have faith in God and also have faith in the country. During the days of Jesus there was a proverb that “Can anything good come from Nazareth”. Lo and behold Jesus; the savior finally came from there. Impossible things to man are possible to God (Lk 18:27). What we have to do is to keep pointing out those frailties and though you think people do not see they see and will make the necessary adjustments.

Indeed Cameroon needs internet but I would have preferred them to tell them we want to build roads because better roads will bring development. Good roads will facilitate the transportation of cash crop produce and even help the subsistent farmers to cure their pocket migraines.

Then they have to provide security for Cameroonians abroad when they come home. Look, the police just killed someone visiting home for less than a dollar. In 2001 I was harassed when I visited home. I was even detained for more than 8 hours for nothing; just that the two white girls I was with were taking pictures of "sensitive buildings". The sensitive buildings were live goats, pigs, cocoyams, plantains at Marche Mokolo. Then they wanted 250,000CFA for bribe before they could release us. Man we "sand die" that we were not giving them anything. They later fell on me telling me: “look at you; a pastor all what you are bringing from the US is two white women you do not even feed well”. That is because the girls were skinny or slender. They were really beautiful girls like tadpoles but because these drunkards wanted money all they saw was me not feeding them well. The corrupt inspector looked at me and said: "you are selfish even to yourself. Look at the women you have you do not feed them. Give them to me and two months you will see all of them rounded like football". Did anyone tell him these girls wanted to be rounded. I don't know! He turned and asked the girls if they had eaten. Such embarrassment to visitors and citizens is only tolerated in Cameroon.
One does not know how to protect the team you take home and how they will be treated. Cameroon needs more than just an internet signal. Do you think these girls will come to Cameroon again? That is lots of money they just lost from their tourism industry. In other places, that industry boasts half of the country's revenues. They respect visitors that if you steal from a visitor it is even worst than if you stole from a minister from the country because they want to keep the image of the country clean. In Cameroon it is the contrary.

Cameroon should reduce its taxes at the seaport. Other countries decided to scrape out taxes at a given time to encourage people to ship and those things shipped were so many that there was a lot of competition and subsequent drop in prices and the standard of living of the people improved. But if they keep thinking they should discourage people from shipping things home they will not have anything. Right now the hassle at the port and the exorbitant custom fees discourage people from sending anything home. By so doing they are digging a big hole to fill a small one because they are killing small enterprises. Many of those jobless graduates who are now 419niners and prostitutes could have easily done something with their lives. Many of those jobless people who are now armed robbers would have done something because someone from abroad could easily engage them into business.
Finding jobs for the jobless in Cameroon will also increase the deluded security that we so cherish. Have you seen any armed gang now in Cameroon without a graduate in it? No, they even mastermind. While I do dot cherish the act but it is a great motivator for them to join gangs because they are bored with life and tired of living without hope.

The last and not the least is that Cameroon does not need an internet signal; it needs protection from Chinese invasion. The common man has been sacrificed to the Chinese with their temporal goods and now even the Bamileke that were great enterprisers and entrepreneurs are now going out of business. As a result secret societies are flourishing the more. When secret societies overrun a nation the people become aloof to hard work and the belief in selling their brother or sister into Famla to earn living.

Until then, one day Jesus will come from Nazareth.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

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