Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Who Says Miracles Exist No More?

I have heard people argue that miracles do no more exit. I usually do not waste my time in such debates. If miracles are dead then God is static and thus obsolete. I have seen too many miracles to spar with popinjays and flibbertigibbets. The way I picked up my first teaching job was a miracle and the second was still another miracle. But I have never experienced dry bones coming to life in the US like I have had in Africa. Now God shows that He is everywhere.
I bought a car on November 4, 2005, it was stolen on October 26, 2006 but it was retrieved by the police on December 05, 2007. I had hit a curb and it left me with a noise on the wheel. So I took it to the mechanic for repairs. Before dropping the car, I called him in front of a witness, cancelled the insurance telling him I do not want him to even test drive the car because I have a lot of valuables inside. He accepted and told me he was a very good boy and that he is afraid if he does anything foolish I could pray for God to punish him. So I left thinking he was trustworthy. On Monday that I was supposed to pick up the car I did not hear from him. So I just did not bother after all I was traveling but on Thursday. Wednesday, I left a message on his cell phone that after work I was passing by the store to pick up the car.
When I came home my mother told me that the car has been stolen. I went to the store saw the mechanic and then reported it to the police who came to the spot. He said he gave the car to a lady and she ran away with the car. The police took him there and they found out that it was an abandoned house that is being used as a brothel. In other words the mechanic gave my car to a single mother prostitute he does not know and she vanished with the car. He repaired it, drove it and picked up a prostitute. After their mami and papa, the lady told him wanted to go and pickup her child at the Daycare. Hoping perhaps to have some bonus when she comes back, like a meshuggener he sacrificed my car. I wonder where he kept his conscience with the sign in front of my truck: Jesus Loves You. Inside were very expensive paraphernalia excluding sketches and chapters for my new books in different diskettes.
I saw that as temptation. After that I went home and prayed to know what my next step was. I could sue him in a small claim’s court. I remember my mother always saying: “you have taken the money but you have not cut my hands”. I felt in trying to be a penny wise I was now a pound foolish. I blamed myself for canceling the insurance. Many things went through my mind. So I prayed and left it with God. Each day I came back from work my mother would ask me why I am not calling the police to find my car. I will say Mama I have called them. One day the investigator asked me which one do I prefer: to leave murder cases grow cold and search for my car or leave my car for the cases. I told him to go for the former. I don’t remember calling him again since that day. Advisers came from all corners and each of them encouraged me to go to court. I have made up my mind not to fight for money. If God felt it was good to have the car he would have protected it I argued. Like a cooperate slave another car note beckoned me into its embrace.
Finally I told my mother that I was not going to sue him. I will just pray and leave it with God. Nonetheless, regularly I prayed that God should bless her so that she will steal no more. Fourteen months later, the police called me that they found my car. Not even a piece of paper was taken out of it. Nothing was sold. I mean there were things you could sell, but she did not touch anything. I had electronics but she did not touch them. I don’t know if she did oil change but she did not use the six bottles of Castor Oil I had left from the previous oil change. All she did was change the locks of the car doors and ignition.
You see, the God we serve does not sleep. He came at a time I had lost hope about the car and it was that same week I threw the spare key into the trash can. He came at a time I never expected. I believe you are expecting God in something. Don’t give up! Trust Him, He does not fail. 2007 will soon be ending. Without a doubt it had some dark pages you will want to tear off in 2008. So do not go into 2008 with pessimism. God is a God of hope. I don’t know what people are advising you to do on your situation. If you have taken it to God in prayers relax and tell them to relax. I have learnt not to fret when calamity strikes. Though I do not know what it holds for me I know God my shepherd will lead me to green pasture and still waters. What is life if we do not have internal peace? Do not trust in your friends and society for they will fail you. Do not trust in man and spirits for they too will fail you. Trust in God who never fails. I trusted him and he never failed me. To Him be the glory from now unto kingdom come!

Until then, let your 2008 by joyful and flourishing more than your 2007.

Prince and PA Hamilton Ayuk.

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