Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Was Jesus qualified to be a High Priest?

How would we say for certain that Jesus had the priest blood in him therefore, qualified to offer sacrifice? He was qualified to offer sacrifices which makes Him more than just a prophet. He is both King (has king blood from David), Priest (Levi’s family) and Prophet (anointed by God to carry the good news). The high priest must be a direct descendant of Aaron and from the tribe of Levi (Ex 6:16-20). Therefore, my task this morning is to prove that Jesus had the qualities of a high priest to offer the everlasting sacrifice that will bring salvation to every human being who accepts and receives Him.

I have decided to trace Mary the Mother of Jesus’ genealogy to determine if Jesus had the right to offer sacrifices as a High Priest. Some people read verse 23 of Ch 3 of Luke and see Mary from the tribe of Judah. Jesus was about thirty years of age the son of Joseph, who was the son of Heli” from the tribe of Judah. How would Mary and Joseph come from the same tribe and family to get married? It was prohibited at this time in the Jewish society. It would have been a vehicle to incest and so they were not from the same tribe.

 Levi was one of Jacob’s son. Aaron was the son of Amram and Jochebed, older brother to Moses and Miriam. He was married to Elisheba and had four children: Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar. His responsibilities as a High Priest amounted from carrying the Ark of the Covenant, blowing the trumpets, offering sacrifices and libations, burning incenses and caring for the sanctuary.

There is no indication that, the Aaron mentioned here, as the grand father of Mary and Elizabeth was different. Anyone who says so would have the burden of proof and not me. Every time the name Aaron is mentioned, it is tied to Aaron the high priest. There might have been Aarons in the Bible (which you need to prove) but most of them were from Aaron’s (the high priest) lineage. There is neither the slightest bible indication that Aaron was from the tribe of Judah nor were there any other Aarons from another tribe other than Levi.

I perused through chapter 1-3 of Luke and Matthew 1-3 in search of the genealogy of Mary and could neither see where it is said Mary came from the tribe of Judah as some people say. Nor does she come from the line of David which will still be Judah anyway as others allude. Her tribe is important because we will have to trace Jesus lineage mitoncondrially because Joseph his legal father was from the tribe of Judah. And the tribe of Judah was not permitted to be high priests or even Levites. Our only option would then be that of his mother. From it we will trace that Jesus, had priestly blood. How do we prove that Jesus comes from the tribe of Levi

Mary was the cousin of Elisabeth (Lk. 1:36) who was a grand daughter of Aaron (Lk. 1:5). Aaron, being from the tribe of Levi (EX 4:14) means that Mary the mother of Jesus was from the tribe of Levi. Now remember that there is more than one Mary in the Bible; Mary; mother of Jesus (Mt. 1:16), Mary of Magdala (Lk 8:2), Mary; mother of James and Joses (Mt 27:56), Mary; Wife of Cleophas (Jn 19:25), Mary; Sister of Lazarus (Jn 11:28), Mary; Mother of John Mark (Acts 12:12) and Mary; a Rome believer (Rom 16:16).

The second thing is that we need to know our family genealogy. Folks how many of us know beyond our first cousins? Some don’t even talk with their brothers or sisters. Why do we live in the same country and can’t even visit our relatives but we spend all the time on the phone and net? If the Israelites did not keep record of their families how would we have known the information we have today about Mary?

I urge you all to search for your families and establish good relationships. Know your cousins and grand cousins. Invite your nephews and nieces to that big house you are living in alone with the dog.

Until then; God bless you all.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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