Thursday, December 6, 2007

Teenagers Menacing the Great America

The recent shootings again at Omaha Nebraska and the killing of Sean Taylor have again confirmed that America needs proper parenting. In both occasions the gunmen are teenagers. The rise in moral turpitude among youngsters: gun violence, teenage pregnancies, teachers sleeping with underage students, armed robbery, prostitution and divorce is a sign that the society needs to stop and make a balance sheet of its priorities.
The kids are looking for attention. They long for love, acceptance and value. The society is the one to pay the price and rightly so because if you are beautiful like Debra Lafaye you are treated differently in court. If you are rich and famous like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan though the law is blind the judges will see you. If you are Driving While Black (DWB) new crime in American Law Lexicon then you are already guilty until proven innocent.
Such preferential treatment seems to extol the process of natural selection where the stronger species eliminate the weaker ones. In such kingdoms even the weaker species then are ferocious and loveless. Most kids were conceived in bitterness, they are growing up with that bitterness and the society seems their Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The kids are so distrustful of adults, they believe no one cares and their cry for help is often bypassed by parents’ quest for hedonism.
American parenting needs an overhaul; it is sham and shamble. The guns that those young people used did not come from schools and school boards but from home. Only kids who lack etiquettes use guns to kill people. If every parent trains their child the way they will grow, when they grow they will not depart from it. If your child is ending up a killer there is some truism that you contributed to it as a parent to an extent.
See, you are held hostage by the excesses of freedom. Underage kids do not drink alcohol in America but they can drink and get drunk in Mexico and Aruba. They can have sleep over parties at some friend’s house. What is that? Experiment center? Lord have mercy! Those sleepovers are when kids experiment all sorts of things. A child skips a class and a teacher calls the parent: she responds with: “oh, is it only for skipping? I thought she did something bad?” Parents drive their kids and leave them at the mall to shop by themselves. Every child no matter how smart has some childishness that can only be driven away by proper parental tutelage.
If you know you cannot take care of kids, perhaps you should abstain from sex. It is a terrible thing to have these kids and then abandon them. You are adding to the insecurity of the world. Parents, the kids are becoming a menace to society because of your irresponsibility. Irresponsibility is in various forms. Having kids and neglecting them is one of them. Until we show proper care in love, acceptance and value there are many more movie scenes for us and our children like those of Sean Taylor and Omaha Nebraska.

Until then, may God help us all.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

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