Monday, December 31, 2007

Picture Democracy in Kenya. Caution: Pictures are graphic

The Bible in the wrong hands. You may want to tell God that one of his angels is misbehaving on earth.

He is looting a loudspeaker but he might not even have a musical instrument (left). Even if the guy was a snake that is not the way to kill it (Right).

Please, don't break his head (left). They are massaging his legs and back with baseball bats or truncheons (right).

They are massaging his legs and back with baseball bats and truncheons (left)

This guy thinks he is in the West where they complain of police brutality. Just wait (upper right)!
This guy is dead and they think he is alive but merely wounded (right)

Casualty of freedom. What a shame (bottom)

His friends are playing football in stadiums he is here kicking people's butts (right).

Is he trying to rape her? If not why doesn't he want her to run away (bottom)?

Do you trust this guy below?

Now they are walking they may soon be forced to run out of the city and country as refugees. What a shame (left)! He is now their worshipper. It is really Gendarme brutality (below).

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