Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Michael Vick: a Vitrine of American Misplaced Priority.

Every people have their priority and when it is threatened, they feel bad. With the conviction of Michael Vick the world has no doubt that the priority of most Americans is the protection of dogs over humans. If not why would a man who killed dogs be sentenced to 23 months of imprisonment while a lady who killed her pastor husband spent only seven months in jail? In April 14, 2007 Mary Winkler’s attorney said she was trying to protect their child. The question would be why did she not just run away with the child rather than shoot the man in cold blood in his sleep. Do you realize the preacher was sleeping? She got seven months for shooting to death a sleeping preacher, but Vick gets 23 months for making dogs fight.
How many Americans went out to march against the sentence given to Mary Winkler but how many came out to march for the conviction of Michael Vick. To many he has committed the unpardonable sin or call it mortal sin; that of killing some of their relatives called dogs. No doubt people can keep their dogs at home but abandoned their parents in the nursing homes. Yes, we can carry the shit of our dogs but we have a problem carrying that of our parents.
Like a movie the country cried: “to Jail” with Vick and like a mass murderer he was led to the gallows. The judge justifies his stiff punishment that he first lied. Libby’s sentence was commuted by President Bush because the jury’s sentence was excessive. What harm does Vick do to Americans by using dogs for sports as compared to what Libby did? If fighting is a bad sports for dogs why is it not for humans?
In the reality TV show The Contender and other programs like UFC, IFL, Strikeforce, M-1 and Boxing, people sit and watch humans beat themselves to partial death or death and they cheer and clap; whereas, they put shackles and manacles on the legs and feet of a promising young man for making animals fight; a young man who gave joy to many . How many people held placards out to protest the death of Sam Vasquez after he died from fighting in the ring? In 2005, Leavander Johnson died after suffering from a brain injury trying to defend his lightweight world title with Jesus Chavez. No single American marched to show love for mankind, but here are people marching for the killing of dogs. I mean dogs that are delicacies to some people in Asia, Latin America and Africa.
America has a disease, and that disease is called Racism. It must be cured. The sentence is harsher for a man who publicly apologized and repented of his evil. As if not enough, the state charges loom over his head. This is a federal case and state charges should not even have featured. People are just eager to accuse and jail the black man. You may want to read the case of William Bennett before you understand how much appetite people want to jail the Blackman. The Churches should increase their comprecations and vespers, and individuals should add their complines and lauds.

Until then, love your neighbor as yourself.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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