Friday, December 7, 2007

Importance of Practical Christianity.

Importance of Practical Christianity.
People keep bringing petitions that there is a group that wants to take away our preaching rights and there is a group that wants to band Jesus from being preached in schools and other places. The truth is that if we treat people well Christianity will find its place. If the white Christians treat well the blacks that are with them and vice versa then those who see them will desire their religion. What is taking our freedom away is the perfunctory Christianity and not the non Christians. It is just that Christianity is now mere tintinnabulations. When the church hears about racism they stay quiet. Such evil should make you stand just for being a Christian. Preaching the gospel does not belong to God; it belongs to man. The gospel is not just about the right to preach but about treating other human beings well. Live a good life and the people will desire your God.
In 1998 a lady came to me that her husband was refusing her from coming to church. She had reported the matter to her family head, relatives, friends of the husband and sympathizers to no avail. I asked her what people told her. She told me most of what they said. But the one that stood out was the opinion of The Women’s Ministry leader. She told her that the husband was that viper in the bible that John the Baptist spoke off. And that the woman would just have to disobey the husband rather than God because if she does no more come to church it will mean that she loves her husband more than God. She concluded that it was a good cause for divorce.
I called her by her first name though she was older than me and it was against our culture. She looked at me with strange eyes. I said: what I am telling you now is the voice of a prophet. What are the things your husband is reproaching you off? She told me. I said correct those. Then I showed her what her responsibilities were as a wife. Then I added with my confident smile: “spice all these things up with prayers”. She began fulfilling them as if unto God. One day her husband asked her to take the kids to church; that the kids need to go to church to learn how to behave like her. Three months later he followed the wife to church. Practical Christianity will open more doors than any other thing.
When I was a young pastor in a village, there was a time that the Christians were not permitted to preach in one place. I went and bailed out the treasurer of the church when he failed to pay his taxes. I was just twenty and he was 45. Then I called all the leaders in the committee and told them that they must go and pay their taxes, and then go and report to the Fon (chief) of the village that they have done that. Then they must do things in the village like cleaning the gutters and other community services that needed to be done. Each time we were doing it we always wrote something and kept some people to tell passersby we are doing it for Jesus.
After that was done, I told them on Friday we will go to that same place where we have been banned from preaching to preach. The older Christians wanted to discourage me that it will carry serious consequences but I insisted. We went there and people passing saw us and sent word to the chief who told them that the people have shown that they truly have God in their hearts. They should be allowed to share their God so that everyone will do what they are doing in this village. Practical Christianity pays better than Christianity without works. Except Christianity changes from theory to practice we will live and die on petitions.

Until then know that I will not support racist Christianity for no reason.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk .

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