Monday, December 24, 2007

CIGNA: When Love for A Neighbor Fails

Nataline Sarkisyan. Can Money replace this young woman?
Nataline Sarkisyan died on Thursday, December 20, 2007, because CIGNA the health insurance company that was supposed to cover her claim for a liver transplant delayed to do so twice. She had a preexisting livr condition, so CIGNA her insurance carrier, refused to cover her bills. As I watched and read the news, tears rolled down my cheeks. I wonder if this is all about life: saving money. Can money talk to you, scratch your back, crack jokes, share a meal with you, dance and play around? Oh, what is really money that the workers of CIGNA should allow the young girl to die? Can money ask you: “how are you”? Can money say: “let us go and play soccer”? Can money laugh with you as you watch a movie? What is really money?
This case reminds us of four basic lessons: Corporations regard money more than human life, the poor have no chance, the absence of the principle of Good Samaritan and that the voice of compassionate people echoes more than acts of greed.

The thing that marvels me is that CIGNA is not human but people are. The people working in CIGNA take those decisions. The evil that people do live with and after them. Like Mark Geragos (the family’s attorney) said: they should be charged for murder or manslaughter. How much money equates to human life? Nurses were protesting it is a daily habitual act to place money before human lives. Unlike the insurance workers who think they will never get sick, the nurses think it is improper to place money in front of human beings.
This incident again reiterates that the poor have no chance. If Nataline was rich that she could pay up front that would not have been a problem. We probably would not have heard of it. I mean I do not understand why countries in Europe like Germany give free health care for all their lawful citizens but the US that seems richer, cannot. The Bible says love your neighbor as yourself. That linear presentation goes thus: love yourself first and then love your neighbor. Why are we spending too much money overseas but depriving the citizens from the dream?

I mean even if she did not have money, is Cigna not supposed to serve as her neighbor that when they see her fall, they should first help her before talking about money? Here is a young woman down and people are leaving her on the ground rushing to the market to make money to come help people. Some of those people who even refused her claim will go to church; they will tell people how they love God. How do you love God you do not see when you cannot love man you see daily? When calamity befalls them they will ask God why me? Thank God for some compassionate people with a conscience.

Nataline’s case shows that the poor if given a voice will should louder. Power needs to be taken away from big corperations and be given back to the patients and poor. I sit and se poor people complain everyday but they do not vote. If you do not vote it means you have abandoned your future into the hands of someone else. We have seen in several cases that the crowd can influence a verdict. The crowd again did its magic and the money minded employees of CIGNA decided to cave in. I know people are there as employees but we all have a conscience and we should use it. Would it be fare of your own daughter to die negligently like that just for money sake? It takes only a few compassinotae people to change an awful practice.

I do wish Mark Garegos luck. I hope that Congress will weigh in to investigate CIGNA and the CIGNA employees directly concerned with making that decision serving jail time for such selfishness. I wish the family of Nataline consolation and hope the Lord will heal them faster. What a lost because of money. I mean money!

Until then, what shall it profit a man if he will gain the whole world but lose his soul?

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

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