Thursday, December 6, 2007

Barry Vicious Brown

Barry Vicious Brown was born in October 23, 1969 at Manhattan, New York. His parents died while he was 9, and life became bleak at once. Although he had no relatives to cater for him, he had the alternatives of living in a foster home or the shelter. He went for the home. His new family was a childless couple who wanted to feel the warmth of a child and to share their wealth with an unfortunate child because it is a shameful and wicked thing to be happy alone. They gave him a room alone that he never had, even when his parents were alive. The couple brought in two other adopted girls who were older then their adopted son. At sixteen, he began to weed their bushes. With the perdiem his parents gave him, he quickly began to forget his humble beginnings. When he broke off with any of his adopted sister, he blackmailed her, and she was warded off to the shelter for trying to rape him. Both girls were returned to the shelter, and he thought he had won. He continued clearing any bush he met. He was a human chimney at the age of 18 to cap his American Dream.

We have made people to loose their jobs, broken their homes, and we  have rewarded the good of others with evil. Know that life always rewards the evil we do unto others. Anytime you are making someone loose his or her job, think about you losing yours. Anytime you slander and blackmail another human being on this earth to ruin their life, think about your own life. Anytime someone tells you it is a secret but you tell a third party, think about it if your own secret was spilled in the market square. In short, do unto others what you want them do unto you.

Apparently, he was enjoying the Dream. He had a flashy car, huge bank account and a duplex that his parents have bequeathed to him. Very few at his age could boast of anything of the sort. He fell out with a coworker and maneuvered for him to be terminated. His young enemy from Africa had a wife, kids and a family to feed. Barry Vicious Brown thought he had won because neither God nor man was quick to react or revenge.

My friends, sometimes calamities strike us and we wonder why us. While some are just from God to teach us patience and perseverance, others from our carelessness, some to honor God, yet most are plain retributions from nature. Each time we cause suffering to someone else somewhere, nature prepares a package for us. At times, it comes in the same packet; other times, it is wrapped differently. Make people to cry if you want to cry. If you want to laugh, make others to laugh. The black-pod disease that caught the cocoa pods is the same that caught the coffee pods.

On October 23, 1999, he felt as though he was running out of breath. The next day, he was rushed to the hospital, and the doctors diagnosed him with cancer that had spread all over his body. They went for blood tests, and he had the homophone of seven plus one too. He sat on his desk and asked what evil he has ever done that he should be repaid like that. Why me? He wondered! He had forgotten already all he did to his two adopted sisters and the African co-worker.

You see a young prosperous man, but the next day he is paralyzed in bed. You visit a home and see a beautiful model, but her womb is closed. Some women will never ever see peace because they have been cursed by the children they aborted. Tears in the night and tears in the morning: crying for the mercies of the Almighty for a child. You buy a home and two years later, you loose your job, and it is repossessed. You buy a home and have no insurance, but it becomes meat for the tornado or hurricane. Your relationships always end in heartbreaks. Tears left and tears right, that is the sum of your love life. Your middle name should have been Sorrow. Don’t misinterpret me. Not all calamities are a retribution of nature, but most of them at times are because the evil that we do, live with and after us. You are rich, but you fear your own shadow. People see you outside and think you are smiling, but it is a plastic smile. As you know, plastic surgery may repair a damaged face, but a plastic smile will be insufficient for a miserable life.

A few years later, Barry Brown’s sisters (the same girls he had maltreated and falsely accused) came to pay him a visit. They were all doing fine and happy. They had put the past behind them, and life was sweet like honey. As usual, life always rewards those who are maltreated with some special joy that their enemies lack. He was gnashing his teeth with misery as cancer and AIDS ravished his flesh. He requested to see them. On his dying bed, he confessed his sins, asked for forgiveness, and they forgave him. Immediately, after they left him, he passed away. Beware who you frame up.  Beware who you hate for no reason! Beware who you hurt. You may end up like Barry Vicious Brown!

Until then, remember what goes around comes around.

Prince and PA Hamilton Ayuk

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