Monday, December 31, 2007

Picture Democracy in Kenya. Caution: Pictures are graphic

The Bible in the wrong hands. You may want to tell God that one of his angels is misbehaving on earth.

He is looting a loudspeaker but he might not even have a musical instrument (left). Even if the guy was a snake that is not the way to kill it (Right).

Please, don't break his head (left). They are massaging his legs and back with baseball bats or truncheons (right).

They are massaging his legs and back with baseball bats and truncheons (left)

This guy thinks he is in the West where they complain of police brutality. Just wait (upper right)!
This guy is dead and they think he is alive but merely wounded (right)

Casualty of freedom. What a shame (bottom)

His friends are playing football in stadiums he is here kicking people's butts (right).

Is he trying to rape her? If not why doesn't he want her to run away (bottom)?

Do you trust this guy below?

Now they are walking they may soon be forced to run out of the city and country as refugees. What a shame (left)! He is now their worshipper. It is really Gendarme brutality (below).

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Cervical Cancer Vaccine: Gardasil Threatens Our Women.

Ready to vaccinate(bottom) A child being vaccinated with Gardasil (top)

Are you intending to have your daughter vaccinated with Gardasil, or has she already been vaccinated and is experiencing certain anomalies? Well, I bring you free information this morning. When the vaccine: Gardasil was first developed and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it was considered the first vaccine that would protect women from cervical cancer.

On June 29, 2006, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommended the drug for young girls from ages 11-12 with a doctor’s discretion for those within 10- 9.
In an article on the efficacy and safety of Gardasil, the CDC underlined that “there were some cases of fainting (even epilepsy) after vaccination” Rather than judge its efficacy by itself and what it does on cancer, they compared its efficacy with placebo. The CDC again reiterated below their article that since the vaccine was licensed, there have been 13 reports of Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) amongst its takers. That would have rung the alarm bells already if people were vigilant.

On December 3, 2007 in its Australian online version revealed that the Australian Department of Health and Ageing has confirmed the cautionary statement of the CDC by stating: “MORE than 17 girls a week have been experiencing adverse reactions such as seizures and numbness after taking cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil since it became widely distributed in April”. While they know this because they keep records, Third world countries will be nescient since they don’t keep those records.

For the young girls who have not yet taken that vaccine and for Africans who always serve as the dumping ground for at risk drugs, I want you to be careful. Our African parents seldom had cancer. Some have argued that because of the absence of monitors or equipments it was perhaps coined with another disease or witchcraft (as with most unknown diseases). Yet there is a weakness in that theory because at least one would have still seen those same symptoms today. More so, the rate of cancer in the West is far above what we have in Africa.

In 2007, New York had the highest rate of Cancer patients in the US according to American Cancer Society figures. The question that arises is can cancer be prevented. Just like with any man-made cause, any cancer that is caused by man-made factors could be prevented completely. For example; those patients who are casualties of smoking, drunkenness, drug addition, obesity, lack of exercise and poor nutritive habits could have saved their lives if they took control of their lives earlier on.

I once read that cancer is caused by excess sun rays. So what is this tanning thing that women sit and let their skin get darker under the sun? Most women miss this proverb: “every young frog is a beauty queen to the mother”. That is because beauty is relative. If a man wants you to change your body type and structure first before he falls in love with you or marry you then he is not good enough for you; and vice versa. If you are single, just make yourself available and you will have enough pretenders to mingle with you. Stop giving yourself diseases just for a moment of happiness.
Just like with many diseases, if you avoid acting like a human chimney, getting high, drinking like a bee, if you apply the Australian food pyramid, exercising properly and do not live a synthetic lifestyle you will naturally live longer without pain.

Third World countries have to be forewarned to desist from eating the cancerous chicken and pig feet sold to them from Europe. Look at the pigmies of Mouloundu who live more (not only) on vegetation than meat they live longer and healthier. Compare those of New York where oxygen is being sapped away from them and Carbon dioxide emitted to them, live at risk of cancer.

Above all, we must pray regularly to God who gives good health. If you do all what you suppose to do to be healthy, God will do his part. Though one cannot stay without getting sick forever because of the sinful nature that itself attracts diseases, yet we can control and limit its occurrences. I wish you all good health and long life.

Until then, Beware of Gardasil!

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Is Smoking Sin?

Is Smoking Sin?

Please answer true or false and give Scriptural support for your answer.1) A man will go to hell for smoking. True or False? True.

True because:
a). Smoking is perpetual sinning and “if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins” (Heb 10:26),
B). Grace does not abound eternally if we continue to sin (Rom 6:1-2)
C). Smoking is destroying the temple of God (body) and whosoever destroys that temple would be destroyed too (I Cor 3:16-17)
2) Smoking cigarettes is a sin. True or False?

True. It is a sin because it fits the definitions of sin.
A). Anything out of faith is sin and smoking is. Rom 14:23
B). Not doing good you know is sin and refusing to keep yourself healthy is sin James 4:17
C). All unrighteousness is sin. Smoking and knowing that it destroys your body is an unrighteous act. Thus by implication it is a wrong act and that is sin. I Jn 5:17

3) Chewing tobacco products is a sin. True or False?
True it falls with answer 2.

4) Church leaders who smoke should be dismissed. True or False?
False. They should be given time to get their acts together and if they refuse, they should be dismissed because no one would permit a pastor who is a prostitute or drug addict. I Cor 5:11-13 gives us the guideline on church discipline and then I Tim 3: 2-7 and Titus 1:7-115)

5. Smoking is a worse sin than slander, gossip or "stretching the truth." True or False?
False. Smoking is an unrighteousness that is sin but not unto death (venial) I Jn 5:17. Unlike blasphemy against the Holy Spirit and illicit sex which are mortal sins (I Jn 5:16 and Mt 12:31). However it is not only smoking that is sin but also all addictions or any perpetual act of sin that falls within the above definitions of sin is not good for our soul.

Until then, I rest my case.

Prince and PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Saved By Grace or By Works?

Saved By Grace or By Works?

I believe grace and works go hand in hand even from the passages quoted and emphasis from James cited below.
Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified by the faith of Christ, and not by the works of the law: for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified (Gal 2:16).
For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast (Eph 2:8-9).

Annotations from the above passages.
The law does not save.
What saves is grace via faith.
What is the embodiment of faith that saves?

The faith that saves is faith with works (James 2:17-18).
Take note that works brought back into the salvific plate. That means the emphasis was not on works as redundant but works as insufficient without faith in the Person of Jesus Christ that does it.
The next thing now is to find out what types of works the Bible is talking about. We are not saved by the works of righteousness (Titus 3:5) because we have none but by works of faith which is obedience to the commandments.
Application: If you are an adulterer and you do not believe in Jesus you will go to hell. If you are a liar and do not believe in Jesus you will go to hell. But for your sins to be forgiven and you obtain salvation you will confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God raised him from the death. Then we may go back again to consider what embodies the belief that saves. The belief that saves is the one where the works that showcase the fruit of the Spirit of God which reveal his nature are exhibited. That means if you are a thief and keep confessing and apologizing without abandoning your thievery you will not obtain mercy. If you are a serial killer and merely confess but refuse to stop killing people with the hope that simply because you have confessed you will obtain mercy is false. Proverbs states that: “He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy” (Prov 28:13).
Yet one question may arise. How do I know that I am saved already since I believe faith and works intertwine to give salvation? That is why I have faith. My belief in God assures me of the salvation. This belief and assurance come from looking at the words of God and knowing that they do not change because his nature too does not change. For example, he says that: “but as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name” (Jn 1:12). Because I have received Him I am now a child of God and must now work on my salvation with fear and trembling (Phil 2:12). Why would I have to work on my salvation with fear and trembling if merely believing is good enough to save me from the power of hell? “If we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins” (Heb 10:26) because grace does not abound eternally if continue to sin (Rom 6:1-2).
Contenders may quote Romans 10:17 “Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing from the Word of God”. Here is what Romans 10:17 is saying. Faith is the gasoline and the word of God is the vehicle. The word of God is the vehicle that carries the gasoline of faith. That means I am faith (gasoline and I want to come to your house in Texas. I will need a car and that car is called the word of God. It does not say that faith is the word of God. That is why I earlier told you that I know I am saved and will go to heaven because of my faith in Christ.
Those quoting that verse make me chuckle a bit because they conclude that “James, in its context states that you can see his faith because of the fruit his faith produces – works”. If works is not a component of saving faith why then does the believer have to even put works in their faith? Belief would have been enough! On the contrary, belief is not enough; it would be dead faith because it lacks works.
Therefore, failing to realize that faith and the word of God are two distinct entities is really where their error emanates.
Once you understand that in the gift of salvation that is taken to Man, there is a vehicle (the word of God) that carries the two elements: faith and works like water is made of two elements hydrogen and oxygen. Just like the molecular ration is disproportionate in the compound of water so is the proportion in the savific compound of salvation different because grace outweighs works. But it does not annul the presence of works. That is the basic presentation of the salvation of man.

Therefore, we are saved by grace through faith with works of faith.

Until then, enjoy your New Year

Prince and PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Survival Pictures

When cows turn trucks
What a road to go for honey moon.

Protecting their slippers from thieves

Street roads

Farmers from the farm to the city market

Former Peace Corps volunteer helped to make this donation possible

They can do better if given the means

Market roads

This car has been turned to a truck
A major highway.

Do you want to make a difference in hospitals, schools, villages,etc ? Email me and we could talk about it. Remember; it is a shameful and wicked thing to be happy alone.

Benazir Bhutto: Salmagundi or Puppet?

As a youth coordinator, I saw very many beautiful girls: I mean girls who wake up from sleep; not needing any make up to look beautiful. One of them made me coin this adage: “life is like a mysterious highway. At times we bypass those who would have made us happy on the other side of the road either because of our hyperopia or myopia" because she rejected many good men and ended up with a hobbledehoy. Perhaps in desiring too much, we end up with nothing. Such is the conclusion on Bhutto’s death.

She went on voluntary exile but was later lured back into the country. Bhutto and Musharraf were two staunch enemies, so for the latter to accept her return without pressing corruption charges earlier labeled on her was such great sacrifice. While the marriage of convenience between Musharraf and the West could work, no one foresaw Bhutto and Musharraf working together. If their corpses were kept beside each other, they will each slide to the far end of the grave. Initially, she was to form a government with President Pervez Musharraf with Musharraf as president and her as the prime minister. Like a trencherman, when she arrived in Pakistan, she decided she wanted all or nothing. Indeed, she finally got nothing!

Her return was the turning point and the clarion call for martyrdom. Most Pakistanis looked at her as the Pakistani child prodigy of the west. While the West could not undiplomatically say their relationship with Musharraf was a marriage of convenience with mutual distrust, they rather had high hopes on Benazir Bhutto. By Bhutto unconditionally declaring “Musharraf must go”, she literally dug her own grave. Musharraf being the fox that he is, goes public and paints a caricature of the US carrying Bhutto in her arms. He warns the US to stay away from Pakistani politics and respect their sovereignty. He dug deep into the minds and hearts of the extremists by doing the unthinkable: he stepped down as the Army Chief and then slated elections for January. He sang a love song and the extremists followed when he denounced the US in an interview. The journalists asked him if he will hand over Osama Bin Laden to the US if he saw him. He quibbled and made the US the scapegoat for failing to find Bin Laden despite all their technology.

At this juncture, the extremists see Bhutto and Sharriff as their enemies. They fear Bhutto will auction their sovereignty to the US and the West. Musharraf may not even be directly involved in the death of Bhutto because he did not need to. He cunningly manufactured enough Bhutto’s haters. With that strategy, Musharraf has toasted Bhutto unto the terrorist altar as a sacrificial lamb for his power extension.

The presence of a suicide bomber shows its terroristic link, but the company of bullets shows that it was for political reasons meant to do away with her once and for good. She knew too much than the world thought. Whatever may be the case, her blood will cry as a martyr. It challenges other freedom fighters that freedom has a price to pay, and in most cases, it is with your life. Freedom always walks with a slow pace, people and circumstances may delay it, but it will always reach its destination. While Pakistanis will miss her, the US will miss her more because she reminds them of Operation Acoustic Kitty.

Until then, may her family be consoled.

Prince and PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Who Says Miracles Exist No More?

I have heard people argue that miracles do no more exit. I usually do not waste my time in such debates. If miracles are dead then God is static and thus obsolete. I have seen too many miracles to spar with popinjays and flibbertigibbets. The way I picked up my first teaching job was a miracle and the second was still another miracle. But I have never experienced dry bones coming to life in the US like I have had in Africa. Now God shows that He is everywhere.
I bought a car on November 4, 2005, it was stolen on October 26, 2006 but it was retrieved by the police on December 05, 2007. I had hit a curb and it left me with a noise on the wheel. So I took it to the mechanic for repairs. Before dropping the car, I called him in front of a witness, cancelled the insurance telling him I do not want him to even test drive the car because I have a lot of valuables inside. He accepted and told me he was a very good boy and that he is afraid if he does anything foolish I could pray for God to punish him. So I left thinking he was trustworthy. On Monday that I was supposed to pick up the car I did not hear from him. So I just did not bother after all I was traveling but on Thursday. Wednesday, I left a message on his cell phone that after work I was passing by the store to pick up the car.
When I came home my mother told me that the car has been stolen. I went to the store saw the mechanic and then reported it to the police who came to the spot. He said he gave the car to a lady and she ran away with the car. The police took him there and they found out that it was an abandoned house that is being used as a brothel. In other words the mechanic gave my car to a single mother prostitute he does not know and she vanished with the car. He repaired it, drove it and picked up a prostitute. After their mami and papa, the lady told him wanted to go and pickup her child at the Daycare. Hoping perhaps to have some bonus when she comes back, like a meshuggener he sacrificed my car. I wonder where he kept his conscience with the sign in front of my truck: Jesus Loves You. Inside were very expensive paraphernalia excluding sketches and chapters for my new books in different diskettes.
I saw that as temptation. After that I went home and prayed to know what my next step was. I could sue him in a small claim’s court. I remember my mother always saying: “you have taken the money but you have not cut my hands”. I felt in trying to be a penny wise I was now a pound foolish. I blamed myself for canceling the insurance. Many things went through my mind. So I prayed and left it with God. Each day I came back from work my mother would ask me why I am not calling the police to find my car. I will say Mama I have called them. One day the investigator asked me which one do I prefer: to leave murder cases grow cold and search for my car or leave my car for the cases. I told him to go for the former. I don’t remember calling him again since that day. Advisers came from all corners and each of them encouraged me to go to court. I have made up my mind not to fight for money. If God felt it was good to have the car he would have protected it I argued. Like a cooperate slave another car note beckoned me into its embrace.
Finally I told my mother that I was not going to sue him. I will just pray and leave it with God. Nonetheless, regularly I prayed that God should bless her so that she will steal no more. Fourteen months later, the police called me that they found my car. Not even a piece of paper was taken out of it. Nothing was sold. I mean there were things you could sell, but she did not touch anything. I had electronics but she did not touch them. I don’t know if she did oil change but she did not use the six bottles of Castor Oil I had left from the previous oil change. All she did was change the locks of the car doors and ignition.
You see, the God we serve does not sleep. He came at a time I had lost hope about the car and it was that same week I threw the spare key into the trash can. He came at a time I never expected. I believe you are expecting God in something. Don’t give up! Trust Him, He does not fail. 2007 will soon be ending. Without a doubt it had some dark pages you will want to tear off in 2008. So do not go into 2008 with pessimism. God is a God of hope. I don’t know what people are advising you to do on your situation. If you have taken it to God in prayers relax and tell them to relax. I have learnt not to fret when calamity strikes. Though I do not know what it holds for me I know God my shepherd will lead me to green pasture and still waters. What is life if we do not have internal peace? Do not trust in your friends and society for they will fail you. Do not trust in man and spirits for they too will fail you. Trust in God who never fails. I trusted him and he never failed me. To Him be the glory from now unto kingdom come!

Until then, let your 2008 by joyful and flourishing more than your 2007.

Prince and PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Monday, December 24, 2007

CIGNA: When Love for A Neighbor Fails

Nataline Sarkisyan. Can Money replace this young woman?
Nataline Sarkisyan died on Thursday, December 20, 2007, because CIGNA the health insurance company that was supposed to cover her claim for a liver transplant delayed to do so twice. She had a preexisting livr condition, so CIGNA her insurance carrier, refused to cover her bills. As I watched and read the news, tears rolled down my cheeks. I wonder if this is all about life: saving money. Can money talk to you, scratch your back, crack jokes, share a meal with you, dance and play around? Oh, what is really money that the workers of CIGNA should allow the young girl to die? Can money ask you: “how are you”? Can money say: “let us go and play soccer”? Can money laugh with you as you watch a movie? What is really money?
This case reminds us of four basic lessons: Corporations regard money more than human life, the poor have no chance, the absence of the principle of Good Samaritan and that the voice of compassionate people echoes more than acts of greed.

The thing that marvels me is that CIGNA is not human but people are. The people working in CIGNA take those decisions. The evil that people do live with and after them. Like Mark Geragos (the family’s attorney) said: they should be charged for murder or manslaughter. How much money equates to human life? Nurses were protesting it is a daily habitual act to place money before human lives. Unlike the insurance workers who think they will never get sick, the nurses think it is improper to place money in front of human beings.
This incident again reiterates that the poor have no chance. If Nataline was rich that she could pay up front that would not have been a problem. We probably would not have heard of it. I mean I do not understand why countries in Europe like Germany give free health care for all their lawful citizens but the US that seems richer, cannot. The Bible says love your neighbor as yourself. That linear presentation goes thus: love yourself first and then love your neighbor. Why are we spending too much money overseas but depriving the citizens from the dream?

I mean even if she did not have money, is Cigna not supposed to serve as her neighbor that when they see her fall, they should first help her before talking about money? Here is a young woman down and people are leaving her on the ground rushing to the market to make money to come help people. Some of those people who even refused her claim will go to church; they will tell people how they love God. How do you love God you do not see when you cannot love man you see daily? When calamity befalls them they will ask God why me? Thank God for some compassionate people with a conscience.

Nataline’s case shows that the poor if given a voice will should louder. Power needs to be taken away from big corperations and be given back to the patients and poor. I sit and se poor people complain everyday but they do not vote. If you do not vote it means you have abandoned your future into the hands of someone else. We have seen in several cases that the crowd can influence a verdict. The crowd again did its magic and the money minded employees of CIGNA decided to cave in. I know people are there as employees but we all have a conscience and we should use it. Would it be fare of your own daughter to die negligently like that just for money sake? It takes only a few compassinotae people to change an awful practice.

I do wish Mark Garegos luck. I hope that Congress will weigh in to investigate CIGNA and the CIGNA employees directly concerned with making that decision serving jail time for such selfishness. I wish the family of Nataline consolation and hope the Lord will heal them faster. What a lost because of money. I mean money!

Until then, what shall it profit a man if he will gain the whole world but lose his soul?

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Most Foreigners Keep Slaves: Foreign Culture Vs Local Law.

Varsha and Mahender Sabhnani
Homaidan AL Turki and wife

Theresa Mubang

Most foreigners have people they have brought to the US or the West to help them and then help themselves. To the West, the fact they are not paid is slavery. To the foreigners, it is already a big help to bring them to the West: their partial paradise. That is a serious clash of culture versus local law. You might be keeping a slave without knowing. As I was growing up, most Nigerians brought people: young boys and girls who served them for seven years. If they performed well, they gave them enough money to open their own stores. The biddies ended up marrying their bosses. Cameroonians took people and after they lived with them for some time, they sent them to school or helped them to learn a trade. During the time that they are living with the individual, they are not being paid. In the West, that is slavery, but in Africa it is manna from heaven. Children dream of opportunities like that. That is where culture conflicts with local laws. Please enjoy!

On Feb 28, 2005, Theresa Mubang: a naturalized citizen from Cameroon was sentenced in absentia to 17 ½ years for human trafficking and enslaving an 11 year Cameroonian: Evelyn Chumbow. Mubang fled to Cameron but was returned to the US through the intervention of US Embassy and the Bamenda police to serve out her sentence.

In the Mubang case, the general culture is that of people who have made it and desire to help the ones they consider hopeless. Parents usually tell you to take their child to live with you so that the crumbs from your table may extend to them. When they come, they are expected to serve as the cook and house girl for free. People only look at the end results of the child. In the US, that is called slavery because you are not paying them. If the child and parents knew they did not want their child to do slavery, then they would have rejected the offer. There are other young kids that would want to seize the opportunity and come out of the deathtrap. There is a Bayangi proverb that says that: “when you cross oversai water piking water, he go ton tiger”. After the child has reached a place like America and their eyes get opened, they start to ask for remuneration.

No doubt, usually the treatment some of these kids receive is not fair, but they knew exactly what they were getting into. As we all know, there are many families helping kids like that.

There is no way you will explain to an American for them to understand that the parents knew, and that Mubang is a helper rather than a slave mistress. That is why she is in jail: culture versus local law conflicting.

Just slightly more than a year later, another African from Nigeria: Adaobi Stella Udeozor was sentenced to seven years and asked to restitute $110,249 to her victim for her labor for domestic slavery. Though the judge was briefed that it was cultural, Judge Messitte still played deaf. If the said young woman was in Nigeria, she would have been dead or lost totally. Please, help someone from another family.

Indeed there seems to be some excesses like the man raping the girl, and the harsh treatment she received from the woman. But if you will permit, I will tell you a scene I witness when I was back home so that you draw your own inference.

A young girl was brought to town as a biddy. She began sleeping with the man and wanted the man to divorce the wife. When the wife suspected a relationship between her husband and the biddy, she became very cruel to the girl and asked the husband to send her away. But since Africa is more a patriarchal society, the man rejected the offer and insisted the maid must live with them. Again: a big mistake! When the maid could not succeed to break the home, she accused the man of raping her.

If she was in the US, it would have played the same scenario like that of the Udeozor. Remember she is not tied or chained all day long. Remember Africans have tribal and community meetings here that she could tell someone. If she fought that way, you must understand there is an ingredient of payback. After all, making herself a slave will sell to the individualistic American society. Here is the conflict between culture and the local law. Here is a people who know how to exploit the law.

I was called one day by one lawyer to translate a document for a guy who said he is being persecuted in Cameroon for being gay. So I asked him in French that I did not know you are gay. He said: "bro you know these white people like these stories. If I don’t tell them this, they will not give me papers." There are stories that easily sell and they can easily be prosecuted because you look at them, they are credible. After all, someone has been living with you for four years and working in your house, but you never paid them.

Five months later the conviction was going to come from Saudi Arabia. On June 30, 2006 Homaidan AL Turki was sentenced to 27 years in prison while his wife took a plea agreement and accepted to be deported then received a combined sentence of 2 months in jail, five years probation and ordered to restitute $111,275,000 for false imprisonment, unlawful sexual contacts and criminal extortions.

A few things need to be mentioned. The victims came willingly. A slave is anyone who is carried somewhere, forced to work without pay and without his or her volition. These victims came themselves. At times they lined up for the offers. The job descriptions are read to them and the guardians, and they or their guardians still accept them.

The most recent case that took my breath away was the Indian couple. Varsha and Mahender Sabhnani were convicted on Monday, Dec 17, 2007 of 12 counts of enslaving two women. Listen to that: two women. The wife was ordered immediately to jail while the husband was sent home on house arrest as they await their sentencing. A federal judge in Central Islip ordered Varsha Sabhnani to jail Thursday, days after a jury found her guilty of enslaving and torturing two domestic workers: Enung and Samira at their Muttontown home. They each face 20 years in jail during sentencing.

The Indians do not live much in isolation, so these girls would have had someone to tell. The real issue here is payback. It is likely that the women wanted to receive much more than they merited and when the wife refused, they wanted to pay her back not knowing it will also affect the man they intend to win later.

Cameroon, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and India all are oriental societies. In most of these cultures, family is always extended. Raising a child is a community affair and not an individual business. If a relative or a close neighbor fails, the one who has made it, is the pariah and not the tramp or derelict. So those who have made it try to help the children of the poor neighbors and relatives. That is why most of them will bring many people abroad. That is different from human trafficking because these people are brought for free. I do not forget there are always exceptions: I mean the bad apples and all these people convicted do not fall within that category. There is no element of forced labor because they were brought to serve in the house and then after some years, they will go and live on their own after acquiring some skills. The problem always arises when there is a little more sex added to it.

No one from any of these communities could easily be called a slave or live as a slave if they wanted to run away. They have all the means because the number of visitors you get in contact exposes you to the outside world. Why do they wait until many years later when they are already sexually mature to fight one of the spouses?

These are not typical slavery cases like the Oslo Apartment Case because they do not fulfill the characteristics of a slave: no choice, no freedom and no money. The people that should be charged and convicted should be those who kidnapped and enslave others and not people who take others away from their moribund settings into ones of affluence. To apply the Universal Declaration of Human Rights into every situation is a miscarriage of justice because at the time that the document was drawn, most oriental societies were not taken into consideration. The international law cannot be applied everywhere anyhow that is why the constitutions of nations override that.

However, while the Bible does not object to slavery directly, it does so implicitly in doctrine. It reveals the sinfulness against slavery, professes love for neighbor, enacts laws against oppressions, passes out laws against man stealing man (what we call today human trafficking today), and demonstrated that Hebrew people themselves never had Hebrews for slaves.

Looking at the Bible again, you will exonerate these convicts because the evil in slavery was not applied on them. Do not forget that these accusations are always brought up by women. People do bring men here too who help as domestics, but no one hears these accusations. If the man does not like the environment, he leaves and starts his life. He is grateful for the opportunity of reaching the US: the supposed land that flows with milk and honey.

Hearing these stories could set fear in the hearts of many, but you all know that, that is how many people were raised up and given those golden opportunities they took on a golden platter. Most of these people who have made these accusations have never prospered in life. They bit the fingers that starved them. If you are tired living in the house, look for your way and leave. To the best of my knowledge; no one has been kept against their wish. I mean; most foreigners know that!

Until then, I wish you all a christful Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jamie Lynn: The Hypocritical Face of American Justice

Jamie Lynn; the sister of Britney Spears is pregnant at 16 by his 19 year old boyfriend: Casey Aldridge. In May 7, 2005 the Boston Globe published a case that was nationally televised because five hockey players were being charged with statutory rape for having oral sex with a 15 year old girl. Let me cull an excerpt from the Boston Globe so you read better:
The incidents, in which the girl allegedly performed oral sex on five varsity hockey players and a 15-year-old-student in a dorm room and a locker room, sparked national news coverage. It is illegal under state law to engage in sexual activities with anyone under 16 years of age. Two of the hockey players were 16 at the time of the incidents, according to an academy team roster. The others were 17 and 18, and they would be charged as adults. A lawyer for the five boys could not be reached for comment yesterday”.
So why is this one a crime more than that of Jamie and Aldridge?
I want to remind you again of the case of Genarlow Wilson who was charged with statutory rape though he was 17 and the girl 15. His conviction was only overturned by the GA Supreme Court as cruel and unusual punishment on October 26, 2007 after spending more than two years in jail
On November 19, 2007, three boys: ages 8 and 9 in Acworth GA were charged with statutory rape of an 11 year old girl. Again why is this different from the Jamie/Aldridge case?
When I was a kid my father always said: son, the law is blind. Now I can tell my late father: “dad, it is true that the law is blind but the prosecutors and judges see especially in America”. Who will send a letter to the world of the dead so my father can read and see how the law he always said was blind sees. It sees colors and sees social stratification. It would seem the American law wears a mask; a mask that changes with color and money. If you are black sorry, if you are poor sorry too!

Until then, may the Lord help us in Jesus’ name!

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.


This morning I got up and in my usual routine, prayed and began reading the news. Then I fell on an article where the author was against AFRICOM. AFRICOM stands for United States African Command to protect the US national security interest in the continent of Africa. As I checked the author’s background, he is from Africa but now lives in the US. One thing that immediately kicked in was my decision making skill. To make a good decision or choice, one has to consider his or her alternatives. In this particular case, the Africans' alternatives are either US or China because we cannot be neutral.

No doubt the present scramble awakes the old fears of colonialism or neocolonialism, or perhaps it foreshadows another era of imperialism just slightly different from colonialism it would seem. It may augur ill just hearing that Americans want to station military bases in Africa. People fear their presence could serve as bait to terrorism because the terrorists will feel attracted to pay back those countries dealing with America. Yet this point is weak because the presence of jungle justice has made it difficult for terrorism to function freely in Africa. The presence of Auto Defense groups has always been a deterrent to terrorism. Unlike most Arabic and Muslim countries, Black Africans with Christianity and Animism as dominant religions have little appetite to die for their religions. As such, the goodness of AFRICOM will outweigh its setbacks.

I am surprised that most African countries are refusing the treat: I mean AFRICOM. It is a real treat for various reasons. It will deter coup’ D’Etats and factional wars which are usually instigated by European countries. It will facilitate trade between Africa and the US and it will promote humanitarian efforts. It sounds too hypocritical for Africans living in America to be protesting they do not want AFRICOM. Why don’t they go and live in China if China is better for them?

The Chinese have just begun entering into Africa, but they have invaded the continent with shoddies, inundated the countries with bad medicine and confiscated the little surviving opportunities that the masses had. How many Americans are selling beignets in our cities? Most American products shipped to Africa have a high quality. But take a look at even electronics from China, they are good only for a day. Economically, the US is a bigger market than China, and it will enable Africans to export to the US. China is an emerging untested market. Most Africans would like to go to America and not China. I don’t know any African that will forego to come to America for China. I don’t know any African who wants to dress like Chinese though they are ancestrally closer. In terms of religion, the Africans will easily relate to the Americans (who mostly practice Christianity) station there rather than the Chinese who practice mostly oriental religions like Buddhism and Confucianism.

Japan is what it is today because of American occupation. Germany is what it is today because of the Marshall Plan. Any country with AFRICOM will live under the military protection of the US. That way the spending for national defense could be shifted to economic reforms that could change the welfare of the people.

Do you easily forget that North and South Korea were the same country? How did South Korea then become a paradise while the North Koreans look like stockfish? One answer: American military presence in South Korea. It brought in many advantages as the ones in Germany and Japan.

Wherever there will be AFRICOM, there will be employment opportunities to tampon the ailing economy of African countries. China picks contracts in Cameroon and ships hundreds of workers who go there and all they do is have babies that they will abandon and run back to China. If an American does that ,you are pretty sure to hang the chain of child support on his neck for the next 18 years.

In addition, the land where the military base will be is total development for that country just like you have military bases in Germany. I went to Germany, and the Germans count themselves blessed to have those bases. The presence of the US Test Center in Panama is a great plus to the people. Ask the Panamanians and you will know why Africa should even count itself blessed to have those bases. Why do you think the Saudis have been prospering more than most Middle Eastern countries with oil. Rather than spend their money on national defense, the Americans do the spending while they keep their money for other things.

These command posts abroad will also give opportunities to illegal immigrants living in the US. Most of the people who would have done the low paying jobs get enlisted into the military and are shipped abroad and so there is a vacuum to fill. The people that would benefit from their absence are mostly the illegal immigrants who will take those jobs that literate and middle class Americans wouldn’t want. Consequently, some of the illegal immigrants from Africa will benefit too as the general body of illegal immigrants will be doing.

Therefore, I urge all African countries who have been approached by the Americans to consider it a treat and do so without reservations because the benefits outweigh the risks and loses.

Until then, I think AFRICOM is a wise and better thing for Africa.< br />
Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Chieftaincy Battle in Besongabang and Nchang.

Chief Tanyi Tambe of besongabang.

Chief Clakson Mbiayorh of Nchang

The Chieftaincy battle in Besongabang has been for too long. This article is an attempt to resolve the issue and even extend the wisdom to Nchang and other kingdoms where they are still fighting for chieftaincy. Cameroon seems like a country governed by voodoo priests and priestesses. There have been a kaleidoscope of verdicts because of nepotism and corruption from the Ministry of Territorial Administration (MINAT). If one camp can have a minister of justice and friends at the Supreme Court, then they too will reverse the previous one. After the reorganization of chieftaincies under MINAT (Degree # No 77/245), MINAT became the sole organizer of chiefdoms, fondoms and Lamibe. To determine the rightful heir will need three considerations: the genealogy of the future heir, customs and tradition of enthronement and geriatric witnesses.
There is no reason why people from the same village should be burning development money in court for chieftaincy. Do you see that people from the same village have been in court; up to the Supreme Court for at least 40 years? Think about all the money they have spent for the lawyers. That money would have tarred roads in Manyu or at least tarred the whole of Besonabang, given every child there scholarship and built at least a modest block house for every family in that village. Another example is Nchang Town where they are divided into two parts: Nfai Nchang (Ghana) and Nten Nchang (Borroro) whereby they don’t talk to each other, until today that I am talking to you. Such is the curse of our division: “you will work, but you will never eat from your sweat”. Perhaps we should say it in pidgin: “you go be like baboon; you go work, but na monkey go chop.”
Many say that, "it is not the chief that matters; what matters is the person who will bring development." Chieftaincy then will be sold to the highest bidder. If it is not the person who must be chief that matters, but it is the development they bring, then one does not need to be a chief to bring development. Until the death of late Dr. Enonchong (MHSRPP), Besongabang did not have drinkable water. Why did he not start by developing the village with his money?  He that thinks he is leading, but there is no one following, is merely taking a walk. If someone wanted to be chief but people don’t want him to rule them, he should leave them alone. If you hire people whose consciences have been seared with money to thwart the truth, they sow spurious screeds, create unnecessary battles, and they end up biting the dust. Permit that we start with the three characteristics that determine chieftaincy in Besongabang and Manyuland.
Firstly, the future heir‘s family should be potentate with no peons lineage. Records tell us that Tanyi Tambe’s pedigree was not tainted. No matter how we want to remove the dark pages of our history, we will not be able. In those days, there was a classification of slaves and free men. Only the freemen had regal blood. While we do no more segregate and make that distinction of slaves and freemen, chieftaincy has not been given to those who had mixed lineage. The argument that though Besongabang has hereditary chieftaincy, it does not matter, is laughable. Others argue that they should evolve like other kingdom. This too is untenable. Which are those societies whose kingdoms have evolved from hereditary to democratic kingdoms?
Cameroon Chieftaincy Law of July 15, 1977 states, “In principles, traditional chiefs are chosen from families that are customarily called upon to carryout traditional leadership role”.  Thus the government recognizes the hereditary process of chieftaincy and the regality of the future heir.
I think the major evolution that Besongabang needs is to stop stigmatizing others as slaves. They should intermarry, and with time that idea of slave and freemen will disappear. After about ten generations, that designation will totally die down. I think it is unfair for those who were born in freedom in Besongabang to be refused chieftaincy on basis that their great grandparents were slaves. That will be possible if they keep separating freemen from slaves family. Nonetheless, let the status quo of hereditary chieftaincy be maintained and respected, and anyone who aspires to that position, should be born in that family.
Secondly, the customs and traditions theretofore and heretofore concur that chieftaincy in Besongabang (and Manyuland) has always been hereditary for the regal family. Although in sections 10 and 11 of the same degree, the government puts the coronation or appointment in the hands of MINAT, it still prescribes for MINAT to follow the customs and traditions of each kingdom. Consequently, MINAT through the Sub Divisional Officer ( SDO) or Divisional Officer (DO) cannot unilaterally appoint a chief, without the vetting process of the parameters I introduced in my preamble above. The law continues, “In principle, traditional chiefs are often chosen from families that are customarily called upon to carry traditional leadership role." It does not leave the people in confusion; it defines the family as, “…a group of people sharing the same bloodline and lineage, that is, from the same father and mother, or just from the same father.” This clause is what qualifies Mr. Clarkson Mbianyor as the chief of Nchang because his father is from Nchang, even if his mother is not. In other words, the degree opens room for “bhebhatrebhohs” while upholding faithfully the purity of the father. Hitherto, the Besongabang people have not changed that tradition, and the Tanyi Tambes fulfill this condition too. Chieftaincy has always been with their family.
Thirdly, history can never be told in the absence of geriatric eyewitnesses. Until corruption entered into the kingdom of Besongabang, Ntenako, Nchang, Ossing and Mamfe (close neighbors) all could testify that the Tanyi Tambe’s family was the rightful heir to the throne of Besongabang.
Therefore, chieftaincy amongst the Banyang perches on three principles. The first is that chieftaincy was and is hereditary. Secondly, the heir must be potentate inclined. Thirdly, geriatric eyewitnesses must sanction their candidacies. These canons have been the bedrock on which chieftaincy amongst Banyangs reposes. The Besongabang and Nchang cases are really a sad situation. Presently, the only people to solve this problem are the young people. If any of your parents are involved in that fight, if they die don’t continue the fight. This fight is not worth it at all. I don’t even see the importance of being a chief that we are spending all that money, time and health.

Until then, the hereditary rule in Besongabang  and Manyuland should continue!

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk. .


The Election of Jacob Zuma at the helm of the ANC is like language. Language is so ambiguous that at times it tends to set ablaze the very fire it was trying to quench. After being elected over Thabo Mbeki he will surely become the next president of South Africa except Deo non volonte. Indeed Jacob Zuma may not be morally perfect (who is) but he is the eye through which three quarters of South Africa foresee an equal society. More so, he was not running for a moral position; he was running for a political position that has always professed “give to Caesar what is Caesar and unto God what is God’s”.
Staying longer in power will cloud a liberator’s mind’s eyes from seeing the suffering of the poor and weak. And looking at the background of Thabo Mbeki it was normal that he forgot the suffering of the poor because like Meka said in the Old Man and The Medal: “the mouth that has once tasted milk can never forget the taste of it” Though he was a liberator but his background unlike that of Zuma ushers him to be with the Capitalists of SA and the world. Zuma’s, paints a caricature of a comeback kid who never forgot his background. He constantly visited the people and sang freedom songs in the streets with them. Just the fact that his entire team won is a strong enough message that the poor may not be strong but if given a voice will speak louder.
Mbeki’s rejection is a rejection of capitalism that has entrenched itself more than the social and compassionate economy that the South Africans deeply need. After Mandela, Mbeki drove the country into black apartheid where there was a dichotomy between the wealthy blacks and the poor ones. The gap between the poor and the rich widened rather than shrink. In Zuma, the people see an icon of hope and expectation that tells a tale of every poor South African’s dream that all men born equal can strive for equal opportunities.
Nonetheless, Zuma’s elections poses a trickish challenge because if he underachieves then power could be rotational in the sense that the South Africans would want to try the white minorities because they must have experimented the power of the rich black and now the poor black to no meaningful good of the average South African. That too would be a good thing to see how all three groups fare in communicating with the poor and needy of their society. But if Zuma succeeds it will take a long time for South Africans to try another party because “on ne change pas l’√©quipe qui gagne”. Therefore, Mbeki and the rest of ANC have the vested interest to give Zuma the necessary succor rather than try to alienate him and make him fail.
However, the elections tell a tale of South Africa’s political maturity. They have managed to elude the pestilence of anarchy and autocracy that has bedeviled Africa since the departure of the colonialists. Their constitution has remained the highest law of the land, interpreted by independent jurists and the people respect it. They have thwarted the conversion of presidents into monarchs. South Africa is a classic example that when the constitution is held in high esteem, power though may tarry but could easily trickle down to the masses and poor without the use of force, and shedding of blood.

Until then, let time be the judge.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Pitfalls of African Customs.

A priori the premise is that every culture is equanimous. This writing does not infer that the African culture is inferior to other cultures. My detractors will waylay for my heart claiming I have said: the African culture is substandard. I believe culture is very important in people’s lives because a people without a culture are people without an identity. If the points that I am raising in this paper make the culture weak, then surely it beckons for an overhaul. There are some customary practices that I seem to question, even in my dream. A few of them are the rights to inheritance, marriage and sterility, male chauvinism, nepotism and provisions by sibling.
It is more than schadenfreude to witness an uncle or cousin, inherit your father’s wealth when you are alive simply because tradition says that in case your father dies his cousin or brother will be his heir. They will promise to sponsor you in school and help you but heaven knows if they fulfill that promise. Every right thinking African in whose land such tradition is being practiced hitherto should reject it overtly. What happens to your wife and kids after you die? That is the more reason why Africans should learn how to write their wills to prevent mischievous and parasitic relatives from depriving your family of your hard earned wealth.
I have also seen under the sun another practice that I don’t understand. Why do we always associate marriage with child bearing? It is almost like if you get married nine months after people expect to see your wife pregnant else they start calling her sterile. Before, they subjected the woman to terrible ignominy up to the point of requesting you get a second wife. That is how some people got into polygyny. Marriage is the divine means of procreation but it is not the reason why God instituted marriage. Marriage was instituted as a solution to loneliness (Gen 2:18). That is why no matter what toys we buy and recreation we have there is still that vacuum for someone to rub your back and breath hard on your neck.
God though made the woman for the man did not make her inferior, so I wonder why Africans who were the first to emancipate their women the world over (examples are the Mwami of Rwanda and the Modjadji V of South Africa traditionally called the Rain Queens who were leading their villages in the 1800s) should be now the ones struggling to allow them equal opportunities. Why are young girls forced into marriage but not young boys? Why is female circumcision forceful rather that facultative? No one should accept forceful female circumcision.
In the west, if your brother becomes a derelict or tramp you are not despised but in Africa when your siblings are not doing fine you are a pariah. Definitely one should take care of their families. But why do we still feel obliged to help indolent relatives just because we do not want the society to blame us? This great affinity is the cause of the last evil: The Black Plum Theory.
The Black Plum Theory states that if your relative is on top of a plum tree, you will eat black plums. How he got on that tree is not the issue. It is almost like the western philosophy of the end justifies the means. This theory means that if you have a relative in a position of authority, he must first help them before he helps strangers and cronies. That is why most employments are not by merits but by sanguinity. Isn’t this a custom we should all deracinate?
Every culture has some good customs and traditions and some bad ones. It is time we scrape away the bad ones because every culture that refuses to evolve will forcefully be changed by a revolution. As you all know, revolutions always go to the extreme because they turn the kings to slaves and the fons to nchindas.
Until then, may the good Lord provide for all the orphans who lost all because of custom.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Should Churches Exile Child Witches And Wizards?
In one forum I read an article about a church that has ostracized some kids that they are witches and wizards. Such practices have not started today. Since the history of Pentecostalism it has always been common for people who disagree with you to claim that you are a witch or for some overzealous prophetess to say they have seen a witch holding a rope on your neck. In the Old Testament God adjures the people not to allow a witch to even live (Ex 22:18) and later in subsequent passages He prohibits the people from associating with the witches or wizards (Lev 19:31; 20:6; Deut 18:10). When Saul came to power in Israel he implemented the above prohibitions (I Sam 28:3, 9). Josiah in his ascension to the magistracy exiled the wizards (2 Kings 23:24). Disobeying that command provoked the Lord to anger (2 Kings 21:6; 2 Chr 33:6).

In the New Testament the approach to eliminate evil spirits and evil people takes more a spiritual twist because at this point God has been introduced to man as a Spirit Being and all that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth (Jn 4:24). At this point God identifies the devil as living in the spirit but working through man. So we do not hate the individual himself but we hate the spirit guiding them.

The reason why the witch and wizard were to be eliminated physically was because the form of worship was physical and the elimination of evil was physical too.
As you look carefully into the above verses you realize that they fall under the ceremonial and civil laws of Israel. It should be recalled that only moral laws transcend cultures as such the civil and ceremonial laws will be obsolete.
From the advent of Jesus until today man does not wrestle against other humans but against principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, and spiritual wickedness (Eph 6:12). To give Christians the edge in the battle he has given them a spiritual armor made up of truth, gospel, faith, salvation, spirit and intercession (Eph 6:13-18). To better equip the church to fight evil, God has given nine spiritual gifts to the church (I Cor 12:8-10). One of those gifts is the gift of discernment that could help them know the source of any spirit.

If the Christians are afraid of children they suspect as witches and wizards then the church is a dead church that has lost its faith in Christ and no one should go into that church. What do we make of Isaiah 54:17? It states:
No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD (IS 54:17).
Perhaps I should borrow Paul’s words: what shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us (Rom 8:31)? The Psalmist said: The LORD is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me (Ps 118:6)? God protects and that protection has not faded.

Let me recall one incident that I may never forget. We had traveled to Ngwagwanda, Hegba, Liseh and Maganga to preach. At Ngwagwanda we were given two rooms for the four of us. The Area pastor took one room with another brother and gave the other one to the two of us. In the night they called us that they were under attack. When they put off the light they will feel a third person squeezing itself to sleep in between them. They will get up but will not see anyone. So they came and woke us from sleep. We went there, prayed and took authority. In the morning the owner of the house told us we must leave his house. Stories like this abound that as a Christian I fear no mortal timely or untimely born.

Flies never sit on top of a hot pot but they sit on a cold pot. If the church is hot with the Spirit of God no evil spirit or person will feel comfortable inside. It is faithless for Christians to be driving people physically from the church as wizards and witches. They should declare a fast and prayers and follow the guidelines as prescribed above.

To the Christian brother and sister I say this: be strong and don’t be afraid of witches and wizards for legions of angels guard over you. Do not trust in the arm of flesh because it will fail you; rather trust in the Lord and He will fight your battles. Even when you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, He will be with you and his rod and staff will comfort you because you are the apple of his eye and whoever touches you touches the apple of his eye.

Until then, if God be for you who shall be against you?

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Is There A Conflict Between God And Football?

Dr Yengi,
After the children of Israel finished serving God, they ate, drank and then rose up to do sports (Ex 32:6). Physical exercise was the culmination of life to confirm the old adage that “all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”. It was always the custom of the Israelites to end their day’s activities with sports (2 Sam 2:14). That is probably the more reason why they lived longer than the present age. God did not condemn its inclusion in their lifestyle.
Job asked if God would play with man as if he was playing with a bird (Job 41:5)? In other words just as the bird is captured and a rope put on their leg will you then make man like that where he thinks he is free but he is not. You let him go to places then draw him back? The usage of the word play as an illustration connotes God’s endorsement of physical exercise. Isaiah describes what heaven will be like when he says that a child will even play with a wasp (Is 11:8). A child will play in front of a wasp and the sheep will sleep with a lion. This is a peaceful setting and sports should be for peaceful reasons. But as you know until that time reaches when there will be a new earth and a new heaven, in our present world though a sheep and the lion may lie together the sheep wouldn’t get much sleep.
In the New Testament only Paul cautions Timothy to add spiritual exercise unto his physical exercise because physical exercise is good for the body alone while spiritual exercise affects the body, soul and spirit leading unto salvation (I Tim 4:8). The fact that Paul does not condemn physical exercise rather advises that it should be complimented with spiritual exercise shows that physical exercise is not bad. Thus the Christian could engage in it.
Therefore, since God does not condemn sports or physical exercise and football is a type of sports then there is no conflict between God and football. If God allows people to play then he will not condemn watching either. As you know, there is a principle that should guide us all “there is nothing better for a man, than that he should eat and drink, and that he should make his soul enjoy good in his labour. This also I saw, that it was from the hand of God” (Eccl 2:24).
Sports become evil only when they are used as a replacement to God because God does not share his glory with people. Anything that is going to put God in second place is idolatry and thus sinful. God should always be number one in our lives at all times.
Until then, please, enjoy your life for where you go you will have to wait till heaven or hell accepts you.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Michael Vick: a Vitrine of American Misplaced Priority.

Every people have their priority and when it is threatened, they feel bad. With the conviction of Michael Vick the world has no doubt that the priority of most Americans is the protection of dogs over humans. If not why would a man who killed dogs be sentenced to 23 months of imprisonment while a lady who killed her pastor husband spent only seven months in jail? In April 14, 2007 Mary Winkler’s attorney said she was trying to protect their child. The question would be why did she not just run away with the child rather than shoot the man in cold blood in his sleep. Do you realize the preacher was sleeping? She got seven months for shooting to death a sleeping preacher, but Vick gets 23 months for making dogs fight.
How many Americans went out to march against the sentence given to Mary Winkler but how many came out to march for the conviction of Michael Vick. To many he has committed the unpardonable sin or call it mortal sin; that of killing some of their relatives called dogs. No doubt people can keep their dogs at home but abandoned their parents in the nursing homes. Yes, we can carry the shit of our dogs but we have a problem carrying that of our parents.
Like a movie the country cried: “to Jail” with Vick and like a mass murderer he was led to the gallows. The judge justifies his stiff punishment that he first lied. Libby’s sentence was commuted by President Bush because the jury’s sentence was excessive. What harm does Vick do to Americans by using dogs for sports as compared to what Libby did? If fighting is a bad sports for dogs why is it not for humans?
In the reality TV show The Contender and other programs like UFC, IFL, Strikeforce, M-1 and Boxing, people sit and watch humans beat themselves to partial death or death and they cheer and clap; whereas, they put shackles and manacles on the legs and feet of a promising young man for making animals fight; a young man who gave joy to many . How many people held placards out to protest the death of Sam Vasquez after he died from fighting in the ring? In 2005, Leavander Johnson died after suffering from a brain injury trying to defend his lightweight world title with Jesus Chavez. No single American marched to show love for mankind, but here are people marching for the killing of dogs. I mean dogs that are delicacies to some people in Asia, Latin America and Africa.
America has a disease, and that disease is called Racism. It must be cured. The sentence is harsher for a man who publicly apologized and repented of his evil. As if not enough, the state charges loom over his head. This is a federal case and state charges should not even have featured. People are just eager to accuse and jail the black man. You may want to read the case of William Bennett before you understand how much appetite people want to jail the Blackman. The Churches should increase their comprecations and vespers, and individuals should add their complines and lauds.

Until then, love your neighbor as yourself.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Court and Church Smoking: The End Of The World

Many are waiting for the end of the world before they start to put their lives in order. The End of the World is in two phases; present and future. The four people who died in the Fulton County Courthouse in Atlanta from the gun of Brian Nichols on Friday, March 11, 2005 have to face their Maker. That is the present end of the world for them. The seven people in the Milwaukee church in Wisconsin who were showered on Saturday, March 12, 2005 to death by Terry Ratzmann have to face their Maker too. Terri Schiavo and the Pope’s deaths brought the end of the world for them. Man is ensnared in the very fine web of death that makes life precarious and vain without a future hope.
As for those who will be able to stay alive until Jesus comes then the future end of the world will meet them. Even at that time too, death will still surprise many but then in greater numbers. Are you ready to meet your God? If death or Jesus came today, where will you be? All we worry nowadays when death calls is to weep for the defunct and condole with the living. We forget that it is a wake up call for each and everyone of us that the end of the world is near; real near even!
Don’t think it is only in the US that death is showing its sting. Death is embracing people all over the world violently without warning and without mercy. The only difference is that the power of communication in the US gives us the opportunity to be informed. However, if you read other world newspapers then you will start to warm up because you may be next. In the Middle East, suicide bombers and American bullets rage. In Africa, pestilence, famine and factional wars dictate. In Latin America, the drug wars are consuming lives. In Asia, the bell of the Tsunami just rang and rerang again. I say you may be next.
They will soon pass you the relay baton. How would you be remembered? That you came to this earth as a stranger and left as a stranger or you came as a stranger and left as coheir? If you came as a stranger and leave as a stranger is because naked as you came you will leave naked and even worse with no life because you came into the world with life at least no matter how much you garner and hoard. You came as a stranger but leave as a coheir is because naked as you came into this world you will leave as a coheir with Jesus and other believers because you have become part of God’s inheritance (the owner of this world and the world to come) for the future world everlasting. Let he that sees smoke on water know there is trouble.
When the court that is protecting people with the law is smoking and the church that is protecting people with the word of God is smoking then where shall we hide? Ah your ticket number would soon be picked. Ah you will leave all and go back naked. Ah you will soon be tagged. Are you ready when your world shall end?

Again if death or Jesus came today where will you be?

Until then, be ready to meet your maker.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Lessons From The Daughters Of Saul

Saul was the first king of Israel who tended the asses of his father? Then came the popular demand to move from theocracy to monarchy. He was the one prophet Samuel selected to be anointed king of Israel. He fought many wars and won many victories. He had two daughters and three sons. He was finally rejected By God and Samuel whereby he died in the battlefield by suicide.
It has always been a difficult thing interpreting the daughters of Saul. Some say it was a family under a curse (I Sam 15:26); meanwhile, others feel that each of them brought their own calamity upon themselves. Whatever may be the case, they embody some lessons for the modern day church.

Merab (I sam 14:49; 18:17-19)?

Merab (Saul’s eldest daughter according to tradition) was the one that was to marry David but when the time came for her to be given to him, they had given her to Adriel: a man from Abel–Meholah (1 Sam. 18:17-19). That is the last passage in the Bible that speaks of Merab. He would have spared the lives of Adriel and Merab but killed their sons because while Merab and Adriel could not become queen or king respectively, their children could, seeing they had king blood. This situation reminds us of Samson’s first wife from Timnath who was taken and given to his friend (Judges 15:1-20). Merab was the price tag for Goliath’s head (1 Sam 17:25), but she was given dubiously to Adriel (1 Sam 18:17-19).
Michal would be the alternative, but she too was the price tag of 100 Philistines’ foreskins (2 Sam 3:14-16). Though a snare to kill David, he succeeded and won Michal ((1Sam 18: 17-30)). Later, Saul bigamized Michal to Phalti (1 Sam 25:44). Afterwards, David requested Ishbosheth to bring her back. Neither Phalti nor David treated her badly, if not of Saul because Phalti cried for her, and David recovered her from her “kidnappings” (2 Sam 3:13-16).

Lesson 1: The consequences of our sins may affect our kids, if they are not protected by the blood of Jesus.

Lesson 2: broken promises especially love related could have fatal consequences.


I see that Michal despised David for dancing in celebration for the return of the Ark of the Covenant (2 Sam 6:16, 20-23). Some women think Michal’s anger against David was justified because of the way he treated women. However, Michal was angry against David way before David killed her nephews (2 Sam. 21:8). Therefore, her anger was not justified. Her sister was raising up her kid perhaps because she died earlier but history being male chauvinistically inclined makes it difficult pinpointing her whereabouts. When David killed the remnants of Saul’s family: males and not the females or in-laws), her reactions are not registered. David spared the females and in-laws because they were not entitled to the throne. He was tacitly fulfilling the prophecy that the kingdom will depart from the family of Saul.

Lesson 1: No one despises a true servant of God and goes free.
Lesson 2: It is not what happens to us that matters but how we react to what happens to us that matters.
My friends, the lives we live are a lesson we leave for posterity. How do we want to be remembered?

Until then, may your life be a good lesson for mankind.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Did God Curse You With Poverty?

Each time I wrote that Prosperity Gospel is not a message that Jesus gave to the church people countered back by telling me that poverty is a curse. A curse is an imprecation that transcends three generations. Poverty can only become a curse if it goes beyond the third generation of a family. Poverty by itself is not a curse. The fact that someone is not preaching the Prosperity Gospel does not mean they are poor. Or it does not mean that because you preach on prosperity you are rich. Notwithstanding, is poverty really a curse? In this sermon I will define poverty, show its causes, advantages and disadvantages, responsibilities of the society towards the poor and how to eradicate poverty. My hope is that at the end of this message our approach towards poverty will change. I am merely going to do an extensive study on the word within the Bible.
Being a Christian does not guarantee automatic riches. That is the lacuna in the Prosperity Gospel. Gideon though a man of valor was living in poverty (Jdg 6:15). Poverty and riches are both states from God’s sovereign making (I Sam 2:7; Prov 22:2). David though before he became king in Israel was greatly esteemed by God he was a poor man (2 Sam 18: 23). Perhaps we may argue that he did not die poor but would that mean that during his preregal time he was under a curse since poverty is a curse? Can anyone show a scripture that says that poverty is a curse? The disciples of Jesus and subsequent followers were not rich. It is an undesirable condition but it is not a curse. Rather those who refuse to give to the poor are those who carry the curse (Prov 28:27).

The word “poverty” is used 15 times in the King James Version.[1] In the Old Testament it is used with four different root words. The word as used in Gen 45:11 could mean to be disposed out of an inheritance since it has the same root with heir (Gen 15:3) and inherit (Gen 15:7). As used in Prov 11:24 it could also mean to be poor, lack but in a passive mood. Prov 11:24 gives it a more active condition and uses it as a noun synonymous to penury, want, paucity pauperism, impecuniousness, beggary and scarcity. Further into Proverbs 28: 32, it is used as a condition of hardship. In the New Testament it is used as a preposition as in 2 Cor 8:2 but more like the definition in Prov 11:24. The state of poverty could be relative (Ex 22:25). That is; a rich person in one country could be a poor one in another. A rich person in one family could be a poor person in another. However there are some who pretend to be poor but are not while there are others who make themselves rich but are poor (Prov 13:7). By the way, what really causes poverty?

There are many things that cause poverty in addition to manmade (wars, terrorism, accidents etc) and natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, famine, epidemics), the Bible gives six causes that are self inflicted. The first is reckless spending (Prov 10: 4; 21:17; 23:21). They use the money on drunkenness, gluttony, drugs and gambling. The second is living a vain life (Prov 28:19). Some people are witches for shopping that they are allergic if they don’t buy. They want to live like the joneses. These are the types that go to a night club and buy drinks to everyone to show that they are rich. They are indebted even to the underwear they have. Are you one of them? Another reason is selfishness (Prov 11:24). It is a paradox to hear that we become richer by being generous. The philosophy of the world is stinginess: amass and deprive the rest as much as you can but with God it is the opposite. It is more blessed to give than to receive. Kids nowadays need to know that stubbornness is a cause for poverty (Prov 13:18). One easy way to win a ticket to the party of the poor is to be lazy (Prov 20:13). Sleep all night, sit in front of the TV all day and if you still have free minutes finish them in the restroom on the phone. If you travel from one country to another though you have no source of income you will be poor (Prov 6:11; 24:34). Then step out and blame your parents and the other color for your demise. Finally, hyperopia would make you poor (Prov 28:22). This verse reminds me of Elichi Amadi’s Madume in The Concubine. He became blind as a result of his “big eye or langa” (hyperopia) when in his attempt to harvest a disputed bunch of plantains a cobra spat into his eyes that resulted to blindness from which he was rendered useless and house ridden. In his condition he understood that poverty may have some very unpalatable conditions.

Poverty is not a very nice room to sleep in for long. It is good to spend a night or two there but not too long. It makes people deride you; they despise you (2 Kgs 25:12). If you are poor your neighbor will hate you and you will lack friends (Prov 14:20). Rich people will rule over you (Prov 22:7). Everybody wants to boss over you. Yet it still has some good conditions too though. Aren’t you curious to know?

When in poverty you understand the needs of others (2 Cor 8:9). You trust more in God as your refuge (Ps 14:6; 72:12). Poverty forces you to have manners (Prov 18:23). A poor man in righteousness is better than a rich man in sin (Prov 28:6). Poverty gives better surviving skills (Eccl 9:15-16).

People have to know that poverty can never be eradicated in so far as we have man-made and natural disasters. Nonetheless there are some guidelines on how to treat the poor (Ex 23: 3, 6). Giving should be proportionate to our wealth; the rich would not give more and the poor less. The haves should always think of their poor neighbors. Any property sold in poverty is redeemable (Lev 25:25). Poverty can only be reduced when those who have share with those who do not have. It is not for everyone to try to be rich; it shall never happen. The poor shall never disappear off the earth (Deut 15:11; Mt 26:11; Mk 14:7; Jn 12:8). During feast days gifts should be given to the poor to make them happy too rather than an exchange of gifts among the rich and friends (Est 9:22). The poor should then rejoice if they have salvation (Ps 69:29) because they have missed part of the fullness of life on earth..
It is the responsibility of the society to defend the poor. (Ps 82:3-4). If you treat the poor badly you are reproaching God his Maker (Prov 14:31; 17:5). If you despise the poor you would be despised too (Prov 21:13). Treating poor people badly invites bad omens (Amos 2:6). Good Christianity requires that widows, orphans, strangers and poor should be treated with compassion (Zech 7:10). When you organize a feast, the Bible recommends you call the poor and infirmed (Lk 14:13). That is where and when they have the opportunity to enjoy what you have been enjoying. On the contrary we call only the stars and those we esteem of a higher social class. So why do dignitaries sit in front pews of our churches? Some people justify it by saying: “Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour” (Rom 13:7). Not at all! The seating chart in church has clearly been drafted by God in James. Social stratification is a sin before God (Jas 2:2-6). Therefore, people should not be given seats according to their social status full stop.
However, if push comes to shove that you and poverty are bedfellows; remember it is better to be poor but with integrity than be rich with bad manners (Prov 19:1; 28:6). As for me I will repeat Solomon’s prayer: “Remove far from me vanity and lies: give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with food convenient for me: Lest I be full, and deny thee, and say, Who is the LORD? Or lest I be poor, and steal, and take the name of my God in vain” (Prov 30: 8-9).

Until then, “for what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul” (Mk 8:36)?

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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