Monday, November 19, 2007


Why do beautiful girls date crazy boys and church girls; rascals? Isn’t that the cause of their heartbreaks? Why does a beautiful church girl fall in love with a rascal who does not even mind her love? What a calamity! I look at my students and the most beautiful girls are dating skippers, trouble makers, and all sorts of people that I just want to say, "My friend are you sure you have made the right choice?" Why are tall men married to short women? How do they kiss? Would the woman need a little ladder or would the man fold like a plant during phototropism? Why do scientists always say stupid things in public? Why do poor people like to shop? Why do poor people always want to teach rich people how to invest their  money except their? Why is Math, Algebra and Geometry so difficult that they always give me migraines? Why do teenagers always think they know more than their parents? Why do even stupid students think their teachers are dumb? Why do some stupid people get hired as teachers? Why do drunkards always think they are too strong? Why has humanity feasted too much on illusion that reality has eluded it? Why is there a big difference between idealism and realism? Why is the former what you wish to have and the latter what you really have? Oh, I see! So why do people fear death? Why is there no one that is immortal on earth? Why do women fear aging? Why do women always think that when someone is looking their direction he or she is looking at them? Why do weak husbands believe their wives when they say they are the strongest men on earth? Why do daughters love their daddies, and why do the sons love their mommies? Do you believe in Oedipus and Electra complexes? Why does humanity always tilts towards the opposite? Why do females take too much time to shop or to dress? Why do men never ask for directions when they get lost? Why are latecomers the first to leave? Why do people who know how to write don’t know how to draw? Why do real speeders never get ticketed? Why is the law blind while the judges see? Why do you read but never write? Yes, why? Why are preachers ……..?

Until then, Why?

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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