Monday, November 5, 2007

What is True Religion?

One can go before God with all the burnt offerings he or she likes: myriads of rams, sacrifice even his or her first born for his/her transgression, go to church seven times a week, eat all the communion he/she wants, sing and shout like a humming bird, but without justice, mercy and humility with God his/her religion is empty.
One can be too religious as he/she likes; build all the seminaries he/she wants, give tithes and offerings as the church so desires but do not bridle his/her tongue, and deceive people then his/her religion is vain because true religion is to visit the fatherless, widows in their afflictions and to be nonconformist to the world.
Many ministers see wrong things going around them: perhaps perpetrated by their cronies and kinfolks, but they acquiesce to them. Isn’t it a shameful and terrible thing for the goat to bleat at strangers while the guard dog sits on unconcerned? If ministers do not cry against evil committed in high places, who should? I thank all those who speak out, and I hope all the Christians in and around the world speak out against any evil on any group of people.

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