Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Should we expose the bad ones in our communities?

Mr. Nzama, questions like this seem to me like some tarradiddle because most Africans enjoy when westerners are swindled. How many of us did enjoy Ukpa’s “I go chop your Dollar”. It was put on You Tube in March 29, 2007 and it has 31,060 views. I am surprised you are still asking the question. We have been doing this in my Manyu community for long now. We call it the Name and Shame campaign. The Australian: Glenn Wilson has another one called the Hall of Shame ( ) where corrupt individuals are named and shamed and honest ones are elevated. I have no sympathy for gullible Americans: those ones who want to transfer money from Africa they never worked for and landed as victims of the con artist due to their own cupidity. If everyone who is approached for shady business reports it to the police there will be no victims.
Our people still cherish this type of behavior because the cozenage has great indulgence. There is no more or less opprobrium for chisellers. Those who try to speak are considered jealous; I mean jealous of crooks, swindlers and flaneurs parading as business men and women. They are invited in every party as grandees. We call them “ballers” as they stroll with such braggadocio of successful entrepreneurs.
Keep religion aside; this is lack of etiquettes and should be considered a societal problem. It is to the salvific estate of the community to report them because many people are losing trust in us like they have done with certain Africans.
I attended a staff development one day and during introduction I gave my name and told them I was from Cameroon. A lady exclaimed: “oh my God”! Then she placated us with some apology by explaining that she once had a nightmarish student from Cameroon. In short; I reminded her of her nightmares caused by that rascal. Poor me!
Mr. Nzama, suspicious activities should be reported to the police and criminals handed to the authorities. That is how we will clean our communities and regain the good name we had. It is not snitching or betrayal. I want to remind most of you that a good name is better than opulence. People should be respected and honored for their good name rather than their riches, education and skills.
Do not forget that if you do not teach your people etiquettes the state will help you in incarcerations. Which is better: to forewarn them or leave them till when the state takes over. We should also isolate them and take less interest in their monies. I have made it as a principle not to associate with riff-raffs and ragamuffins because if you are caught with them you could be considered an accomplice.
As to whether a Cameroonian can take the compatriot to court I think they should if there is no compunction and repentance especially when people try to swindle from you. The Bible refuses brothers in Christ from going to court and counsels us to accept to be defrauded. The term “defraud” there will be illustrated thus: if I was doing business with a brother in Christ and they later seized the business I will let them go with the business rather than go to court. As a matter of principle I do not wrestle for money; talk less of quarreling for money because the love of money is the root of all evil.

Until then, it is high time to cleanse the community.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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