Saturday, November 24, 2007

Never Boast About Tomorrow

Each of us has boasted at least once in our lives for doing a good job. Some boast in their wealth and riches while others boast in God who gave it to them. At least, we all do boast. Some boast in how much evil they can commit. From conversation snippets, Dale Hausner and Samuel Dieteman, bragged about wanting to "kill 500," and how much they "loved shooting people in the back." Others like St Lucie boast about their country and its economy. Some boast of being supernatural powers. Maturino Resendiz the rail road killer who murdered more than 15 people boasted of being “half man, half angel, sent to earth by God to kill evil people, especially those who practice abortion, homosexuality or witchcraft”. He was later executed by lethal injection on 27 June, 2006 in Texas.
God who knows your tomorrow says boast not thyself of tomorrow because you don’t know what tomorrow would bring (Prov 27:1). You are like an axe in the hands of the Hewer and a saw in the hands of the Sawyer. The axe and the saw can only work the way the hewer and sawyer want them to work. Why do you boast when it is God’s gift of life that vivifies you? If God took away his breath would you not stink after 5 days? Would even your greatest lover sit by your side again? Oh man who are you? You boast all day long and despise others; you look at them as though they are nothing and rejoice when they suffer. You boast of knowing God but break the law every minute. What excuse do you give for sitting in that pew on Sunday, yet racism and prejudice are the rudiments on which you build your daily philosophy? How quick do mortals quickly forget the wobbliness of life?
On January 6, 2007 the bus carrying about 65 people from Dhaka to Chittagong crashed and caught fire. Almost all vanished in the thick smoke that meandered into the skies. May 6, 2007 Kenya Airways plane crashed in Cameroon killing all 114 passengers on board. None of them knew he or she would die on this day. Most like you had lofty plans, but they are gone. You see, you may be next! September 8, 2007, at least 85 pilgrims were killed when their truck crashed on their way to a religious festival. Most of them had vaulting ambitions just like you. Their epitaphs lie mockingly on the ground that swallowed them. Again like smoke they are gone.
Surely you have known someone who had a bright future but who all of a sudden either died or became a liability to themselves and to others. Such is the precarious nature of life. A day before Michael Bell was to marry his sweetheart girlfriend; the New York police fueled by racism sprayed his car with 50 rounds: hitting the car 21 times. He was killed on his bachelor’s eve. His dream for a honeymoon withered like a flower that grows in the morning and dies at noon. Tyler Howes: A 17-year-old senior at Mount Tahoma High School died on the day he was to graduate during ceremonies in the Tacoma Dome. He was minutes away from touching the coveted diploma, but death snatched him away from loved ones. You may be death’s next victim!
The world in which we live today is so parlous and perilous. You may leave today and never come back home. You may escape danger without but cardiac arrest within wins or perhaps some paralysis. If you should boast, let it be that if the Lord who gave you life wills. I adjure you to treat others as if someone else holds your tomorrow. For indeed, you do not know how your tomorrow will be. Are you still boasting?

Until then, boast not thyself of tomorrow for you know not what it will bring.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

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