Monday, November 19, 2007

The Love of Bridgette

Perhaps your love is like hibiscus flower.
It has yellow, red and green colors
The yellow is like sun that shines hope
The red is fire burning with true love
The green is the fecundity of your love

Perhaps your love is like a house.
It has a floor for me to lay
Rooms to live in peace
A roof to cover my worries
A fence that shelters from wolves

Perhaps your love is like a football team.
It plays the offense for me to succeed
Its midfield manages my strengths
Its defense covers my weaknesses
As goalkeeper stops advancing ladies

Perhaps your love is like a school.
It teaches me how to love
As students, I learn from it
As administrators, it disciplines
As the custodians, it cleanses me

Perhaps no exchange for your love.
With my ounces and pints for your love
The faces that stare me are not what I love
Show me where to stand to win your love
Oh Bridgette, you have made me sick of love

Hamilton Ayuk

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