Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Crab Department

They were ten of them
Three males seven females
One male with 5 females gossiping
In their art they weaved their magic

Did you see the Administrator?
He is a dumb ass like the kids
He never gives referrals
That is why the school is bad

Did you see Ms K
She dresses like the students
Her cleverage is all out
She is going out with B

Do you think C is gay
He walks like he is sick
What about G . She is divorcing
W was showing off and got hit by a car

One of them leaves to class
They take her down into pieces
The second leaves to class
The four shred her life in turn

Now they are left only four
A third leaves, the three tear her up
The fourth leaves and the two weave magic
The fifth runs to the restroom

The sixth is left by herself
Not having an accomplice
She turns to the aloof male
Oh, you are not from America

You know I am not from here
I don’t like her showing off
She thinks she is beautiful
What do you think? I don’t!

They tore everyone they knew
Like crabs they tore each other up
Until they had no one to tear.
It was the bond they had. tearing.

Hamilton Ayuk

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