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Did A UB Student kill 1500 and initiate 500 in Occult?

Did A UB Student kill 1500 and initiate 500 in Occult?
Early this month a young lady confessed killing 1500 students, two professors and others through witchcraft. Some people blamed the Nigerian movie industry. One has to note that each movie industry has its theme of predilection. In Western movies it is violence and sex, in Asia it is reincarnation, and in Africa it is occult. The messages in Nigerian movies despite the strong presence of occult are more didactic and lucid than most Western movies. Undoubtedly they do influence people into occultism just like Western movies do sell violence and sex. Our concern is to find out if she did it? Did that happen? I will examine the dynamics and mechanics of witchcraft with practical testimonies and illustrations. Witchcraft is one of the branches from the tree of sin.
These “sublime mysticisms” do indeed exist. Nyongo does exist and I have explained here before how it does function. It is not “hard work and Thrift” as some put it. The reason why the west is in her predicament is because rather than invite a prelate for demonic problems westerners call shrinks.
The usage of words like: “principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world, spiritual wickedness in high places” (Eph 6: 12) talks of sorcery. There is indeed the prince of this world but the Bible does not make mention of a queen. To know that the devil is still playing his old tricks is when you hear most of the old victims testify that they were second in command to the great prince or queen. If you recall, Satan tried the same trick with Jesus by telling him “all this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it. If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine” (Lk 4: 6-7). He did not own the world so how would he decide who to give and who not to give? When someone is possessed they could be controlled by the demon to utter utterances that are not true.
When Jesus healed, the Pharisees accused him of working with the aid of the “prince of the devils” (Satan.). This tells you that not everyone heals by the spirit of God. Deut 18:10-14 and Ephesians 6:10-19 do affirm the strong presence of sorcery in the world. Sorcerers can do things similar to the works of God as shown in Exodus 7:11. There were strict rules in the Old Testament not to suffer a witch to live (Ex 22:18). That is because sorcery is an affront to God’s power by Satan. Here are some of the things that sorcerers do: observe times, speak with the dead or familiar spirits. Even the so called horoscope that most people observe is part of sorcery. Pyromancy and other forms of divinations are forms of witchcraft. So witchcraft really exists. Listen to these stories.
My cousin Joseph needed a place to live while we were in the high school. I took him in with another friend. My cousin had failed the GCE twice and my friend seven times. So my cousin took him to a witchdoctor in Bambui village and the guy gave them a portion that they will use on me. I usually go to school to read from 7:30-12 pm. There I had a revelation someone had brought an evil spirit into the house. I ran home and asked them if anyone brought an evil thing into the house. My cousin and friend all denied they brought anything. I prayed and went back to school. 2 hours later my friend ran to school and called for me saying that my cousin needed me right quick. I went home and found blood oozing from his nostrils. I asked him if anything was the matter he refused. As I left to go my friend said he does not want to die in secret. They confessed to me that they went to a witchdoctor and took an amulet and portion so that when I read the knowledge instead goes to them rather than remain in me. I prayed, took their little amulets and useless portions, and threw them into the pit latrine. They were delivered and set free.
Another example was my Bamileke friend and neighbor: Michelle. One day she told me that there was a boa in their restroom. I said no problem I will take care of it. After all I had taken care of the one my mother’s landlord had put in our restroom. I went there one morning after her grandmother had left for work and prayed on water and then sprinkled it inside the restroom. The grandmother left from the market and rushed home, called her niece: “Michelle, who did you bring to this house to hurt me? This is my house and not yours. From that day they never spoke together”. With testimonies like these you know sorcery exists. But the question is how founded is the lady’s confession.
Can she take anybody to their Bonamousadi house? I know that the devil’s works can be seen with naked eyes. She is not the first person to claim that she killed someone when she did not. An Amalekite claimed he killed King Saul (2 Sam 1: 13-16). He would not have killed Saul because first he lied about his identity. He comes from Israel (1 Sam 1:1) but he says he is an Amalekite. He had the crown with him. If the Philistines were coming and Saul asked him to kill him he would not have taken his crown and the philistines would have stripped it away from Saul.
Let us see how many people died. How many people did she say she killed? Does what she professes matches up with what actually happened in Buea? If the facts contradict the confession then she is controlled by demons. Here is the confession: “Princess Danshaco has already killed about 1500 people and initiated 500 others, mostly in UB. The death of two renowned UB Professors was caused by Princess”. Now look at the facts: how many students have died since the inauguration of the University of Buea?
That is a demon that thought of what to do. They have the desire in the spirit world to kill 3000 students but have not yet fulfilled that desire in the physical world. The possession of servants caressing the backs of the princesses is a wish dream. If you see how many pastors are running to America and filing for asylum then you know that the church has a wish dream; that of sitting and just laying in the swimming pool like a queen basking her body on the beach.
The usage of the internet as a medium is to hold Cameroonian believers captive and backward by demonizing the internet. Consequently many people will fear using the internet. The reason why people give dead witnesses is because they do not want to give possibilities to prove the veracity of their statements. The way she was initiated calls into question because Satanists and most occults do not initiate in the open. They take you into a secret place. Do not forget that earlier African Christians did not wear golden jewelry because they believed it was made in the underworld by the Mermaid called Mamiwata. The same belief is recycling back but this time the greatest fear of the African church is the impact of the internet. While beyond doubt the young woman could be possessed she could not have done all what she claims to have done. Those are all wishful thinking of the spiritual world.
Nevertheless, you have nothing to fear if you are in Jesus. Those who try to hurt the children of God end up hurting themselves. Those who battle against the true elects of God end up as dry bones in history’s valley to be remembered no more.

Until then, if God is with you, please fear no evil.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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