Friday, October 19, 2007

Are Black People Less intelligent as Dr James Watson Alleged?

There have been many reactions towards Dr James Watson’s insinuations that black people are less intelligent than their Caucasian counterparts. These are his words, "“inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa” because “all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours—whereas all the testing says not really."  Though there is nobody black or white suffer the temporary usage of both terms for explicit reasons. Some black people have defended Dr Watson by sardonically finger-pointing the betrayal and poor governance of African countries. In fact looking at the way Patrice Lumumba was betrayed and then Thomas Sankara, it is difficult not to side with the intelligent old doctor that black people are less intelligent to white people. Yet the voices against him are more than those with him.
In an article that was again reprinted in The American Museum of Natural History, April, 1980, Henry Fairfield Osborn alleged that the standard intelligence of the average Negro was similar to that of an 11 year of the specie Homo Sapien. Using Evolution as his foundational belief system, he was inferring to the Caucasian. The weakness of evolution has always remained the fact that it does not pass through the empirical canons of science. Scientific empiricism is based on observation, hypothesis, experimentation and then theory. While the first two and last stages would be possible, the third would be impossible because one would need to live at least a 1000 years to wait and see another man evolving to something else. So why not just take the Creation Model which is based on faith? The other weakness with the evolution theory would be that it is crushed by the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Evolution talks of things getting better with time that is why it alleges an ape evolved to a man; meanwhile, thermodynamics talks of entropy where things depreciate in essence with time. The Bible sides with the Second Laws of Thermodynamics by saying that man was created perfect but fell into sin which causes his depravation and depreciation. Therefore, it was normal for Osborn to have erred in his conclusion if his beginning was flawed.
The Bible again reaffirms that the human race proceeded from one person: Adam. Thus there is only one race amongst human beings and that is the human race. However, there are various colors due to the amount of melanin in the skin. So the usage of white race and black race is religiously, historically and biologically flawed. It is not then surprising to hear Dr Watson say what he said. He is not the first person.
The reaction in 1980 was not as robust as it is today because racism was the brewery brewed in Western and South African laboratories. Nowadays, even the newborns know it is plain diabolical. Though Dr Watson has apologized, he did not unfold to the world why his theory would not be empirical.
The theory that blacks are less intelligent to whites has been proven false in that there are intelligent white people just like there are black people. The actions of Caligula, Ted Bundy, and Columbine shooters do not show actions from intelligent white people if white was an apposition for intelligence. Ludicrously the expression "blondes are dumb" does not refer to black ladies. In 1979, the Ninth Circuit in Larry P. v. Riles upheld that black children taking the IQ tested will be at the disadvantage. That is because they figured out that the black students will not pass. The county authorities went as far as telling Ms Lewis that since her son was biracial, she should mark white, and the boy would be eligible to take the test. She rejected the largesse. Therefore, looking down on the intelligence of black people did not start today but will end one day if all the good people stand up.
Intelligence varies from one individual to another. The human intelligence must have possessed problem creating and problem solving abilities to obtain knowledge. The IQ test had served its purpose but later became redundant. With time, scholars have found that the test has many lacunas as such, people should be tested with multiple criteria which opens the grounds for many intelligent kids to be identified. When the IQ test was formulated, other ethnic groups were not taken into considerations. That is why ab initio blacks were not allowed to take the test. Castellano (1988) asserts that the test was made for the white middle class whose giftedness has been nurtured by their privileged social welfare.
Until then, immediate steps to correct a mistake shows that it was unintentional.

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