Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bate Besong: The Casualty of Evil Machinations.

Bate Besong: The Casualty of Evil Machinations.

When I heard that Dr Besong, Dr. Hilarious Ambe and Kwasen Gwangwa’a were dead, my heart leapt with sorrow and suspicion. Unfortunately, my internet was down and could not post a word or two. If a child does not inquire what killed its father that same thing will kill it too. If a freedom fighter does not know what killed his or her predecessors the same machinations may kill it too. Consequently, I wanted to know first how he died and the bad news bearer told me he died in an accident and that his body is unrecognizable.

The Manyu people should remember the deaths of Mr. Epey and Prof Obenson. In both cases, evidence pointed in the direction of assassination. By the process of elimination the opposition parties were removed as possible suspects.

Today one would easily point a finger in the same direction considering that both three professors were traveling to obtain visas to fly to the US for recognition of their literary prowess. Generally, writers are recognized according to the impact their works have on the society and especially Dr Bate Besong and Dr. Hilarious Ambe had a great impact in Cameroon , Africa and the world at large. But this alone will not be a good enough reason to show that it was collusion though Africans have shown a proclivity for assassinating their writers like Nigeria did with Ken Saro Wiwa.
Accident reports have shown us that a car needs to be running at least 90m/hr for an accident to occur that would render a body unrecognizable especially if there was no fire or rollover. At 35 m/hr to 90 m/hr any car accident could be fatal but not to an extent of deforming the passengers beyond recognition. We are not sure that these gentlemen were driving that fast or urged the driver to go that speed for they were not reckless derelicts or tramps. So the argument that they were speeding is petered out.

It is probable that they were ambushed and assassinated; replaced back into their car, the ignition started and one of the killers throttled the car while the truck came at 120m/hr and above to squash their car as one of the killers throttling the car dove into the bush out of the car. If they were torn into shreds then one has to do a DNA to concur those are their bodies because these professors could have been abducted and killed from the crime scene while the bodies of some individuals placed in the car and driven headlong into the truck to be deformed.

Two days before their deaths, I had a dream that I stood by the corner of the road in Buea. People were waiting as a three headed giant snake came out to swallow teachers. A passerby explained that one of the heads is for the Bakweri, the second is the Banyan and the third is the Beti. That could mean that the gambit was concocted by a Bakweri, Bayang and Beti all together. Last three weeks I had a dream someone wanted to kill me. I had refused going to the party. Someone called me and pled to attend the party. I got out of bed and on my way, made the accident. Despite the strong nature of the Mercedes chassis the passenger side (front and back) was pushed into the driver’s side and without the mercy and protection of God I would have been history. Thus, I do suspect Bate Besong, Dr. Hilarious Ambe and Kwasen Gwangwa’a as victims of Evil Machinations.

To their family I will say this as usual, the blood of those who were sacrificed for fighting to give their people a voice and hope never gets dry. On that blood do the oppressed sail to freedom. The mind has been awakened and the body will not sleep until freedom lost is regained. May their families and sympathizers who have been scourged but not killed by their death be comforted in the hope that these warriors have anticipated freedom for the oppressed in Cameroon and Africa . Thank God we shall one day conquer death. Amen!

Until then, let no one think the young lady killed those professors.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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