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Africans in the Diaspora, It Is A Liability To import your spouses from Home.


Importation is when an African who lives abroad goes to Africa to bring a spouse. When an African who lives abroad mingles with an African or foreigner, it is called export. If an African from the same country and tribe marries a spouse from that country and tribe, it is called homemade. Africans say they import their spouses sometimes because of home scarcity or low morals and integrity of foreign partners. Exportation dominates the paper market while for lovelily, importation is rampant. Many Africans, especially the men used to go back to Africa to bring their wives. Now the women too have obtained licenses in the import and export business. Before the men had problems with the virtues of foreign women and the insubordination of Africarinas (African woman living abroad). The best of thought was to go home, get a homemade, remote control her so that before she makes you a lovelorn importer, you have raised her status to either a primigravida or a primipara that she is at a point of no return. The first importers succeeded.

Today, it is no longer so. Before these imports come from home, their eyes are shining that after six months on stay, they will be schooling you on driving lessons. She will advise you to stop and buy McDonald if you dare question her why she did not cook, though she was home the whole day.

Most of the imports were far younger than their importers, especially the women for the men. They are still very vibrant, and most of the importers are always out, consumed by their jobs. Secondly, both of them have never even known each other. They went and married them like you go and buy clothes from the market. You are passing, you see a good one, and you ask the Maquida (storekeeper) how much it costs, you buy it and take it home. That is where the Sancho (Mexican term for someone who comes to use your wife when you go to work) comes in, and you are cuckolded. Thirdly, sometimes the women are more beautiful than the men and having crossed their danger river, they start feeling embarrassed appearing in public with them. Fourthly, the imports have already had Africarina friends who will brainwash them to payback the importer for abandoning them (Africarina) in cold, only to cross those oceans for the hotty. That has been doddering slowly into some nuisance. These quizzical anecdotes point towards the passion killings we have experienced in our communities.

Miabintan is a lawyer who went home and brought a boy she wanted to marry. Immediately as the guy realized the woman had filed for his papers, he began saying the woman was old. He spent his time sleeping out with other women. Did you not know she was old before you came?

Bethsaeli; a registered nurse imported her husband. We celebrated it, and six months after the young man says, “she bought me with money. I did not want to marry her.” He did not say all of this when he was in Cameroon; he says it only after when he reached here. Now he sleeps in his sister’s house. Shame to you! If you don’t like a girl, even her papers should not interest you.

Climaxa is a computer specialist who brought his wife here. She quickly found her high school sweetheart, and not long Climaxa became a cuckold husband. The wife and Sancho even made an accident on their way from their love trip. His misnomer now is Jealous Husband.

Tambekong is a retired army who went and married his former student. Two months after she landed, she too was sleeping with an African American that she absconded to his house. Thank God with prayers, she is home now, and they are fine. This case is a miracle. Killing is not a solution. Love is!

Ntuikup was a cab driver who went and brought his wife from home. Thanks to him, she had her legality. Immediately she knew she will have it, she became a bidet for every micturition, teasing every straw she could find out there as if she was starving. I guess the husband has to start asking them if they want to see his gun.

Krankan is a Tires and Wheels dealer. His own import was running around making him a cuckold, until he threatened to take her back home. When she goes to parties, she only dances with other men and may give the man one or two chances on the floor. I wonder if she gives it to him without struggle. The Baboon is working, but it is the monkey that is enjoying. Ichabod! Diettt, like my Bambui dotards used to say.

When I wrote that we must stop treating foreign men and women like this: marrying them to get papers and divorcing as soon as you received your papers, most people berated me for being unrealistic. Folks, it is catching up with us too. Now imports and Africarinas marry you for papers. The question now is what is wrong with foreign women? Why do we want exports for papers only when the imports and homemades do the same thing? I believe a good spouse is a good spouse no matter her/his country, color or status. I am not saying it is the norm, but that should tell us that foreign men and women are as good as those imports and homemades. There is no marriage that is perfect. All can attain happiness with dieing to self.

I know women go home to get married for lack, but the men cannot tell me so too. There are eight women per man in Georgia. If Bitter Kola, Guinness and herbs can’t make you reverberate her heat, then consult a doctor. If your job makes you to constantly be out of the house, then know that that which you fear: cuckold shall befall you. Those younger girls are just too hot for some of you living abroad. The woman will be happy the first weeks she comes with all the foofaraw but after sometimes, she wants both: foofaraw and your presence. Before you know it, she will be interrogating you “did I come here to marry a house”? If you don’t have the strength, marry an older woman or workaholic (the one that works two and a half jobs). So at least you know you have a woman at home. This one would not even bother you if you are alive or dead. You smile don’t you? Let us avert some of these avoidable irritants we are going through now.

Until then, I hope people will make serious reflections before engaging in import and export business. Sawale: the thing wey I di finam na yi go so oh. Sawale.

Prince and PA Hamilton Ayuk

How To Be Happily Married For More than 50 years-

How To Be Happily Married For More than 50 years-

Testimony from a Witness.

The problem of divorce is not only limited to Westerners. The gangrene is eating the toes of every people and every religion. As such, I will suspend the lesson Living Sacrifice to shed some light on this one. Having solved many broken relationships and guided many young people who are experiencing successful and happy marriages, I feel I can share with you these same principles. Please, feel free to write me (even anonymously) if you have any problem. Marriage seems a jump in jump out situation and seeing that there are many teachers nowadays who have nothing to teach, I asked a 65-year young lady to tell me her testimony which I am going to analyze and expose some biblical truths.

Shirley was born in 1939 and got married in 1957. That means she was 18 when she got married. They are still married until today praise the Lord! Let me first start by defining love and infatuations. Love could be defined as: the tender and affectionate action or thought from one person to another. While infatuations, are the mere admirations for someone with the sole intention of having sex. The differences between love and infatuations are as follows: love thinks of others while infatuations think of self. Love is commitment while infatuation is convenience. And infatuations think only of sex while love thinks of the person as a whole. There are eight qualities of true love; patience, kindness, absence of envy, love is not proud, love does not boast, love is not selfish, love is not easily provoked, love is not rude. Now that we have a background, we can then go back to Shirley’s testimony in bold.

God intended for us to be married all our lives once we committed ourselves to marriage. The world is sinful and as a Christian, we must emphasize not marrying anyone who is not a Christian, but the fact is they do marry, just as I did. I had never heard of unequally yoked.

The very first thing is that she knows that God intended for marriage to be till death (Gen 2:24). Once we have this mentality, then with hope we can fight to make our marriage work. Marriage has with it at least three purposes. Firstly, for a help meet or companion (Gen 2:20). Secondly, it is a medium of fulfilling the sanction of multiplication (Gen 1:28) and lastly a means to avoid fornication (I Cor. 7:1-2).

The question that pops up immediately is why did Shirley succeeded though she married young while nowadays 90% of marriages that occur in her age litter the courts with divorce papers. One would say they live in a different era. That is definitely true! During the time of Shirley, you did not need to be a Christian to have decorum and probity.

Nowadays even the Christians find it absurd to live christianly especially with “safe by grace” in mode. She did not know much, so she had a cool head. Whereas today, women start to have a cool head only in their late 20s or 30s or even after two broken hearts.

The second thing is finding a like-minded person (2Cor. 6:14). This begs for the question “does every Christian marriage then succeed”. Or “why do some unbelievers make better marriages than some Christians”? On a Christian website this same question was asked and the most frequent answer was that; the devil already has the sinners and so would not trouble them anymore.” That at once negates Rom 8:37; I Jn. 2:13-14, I Jn 4:4. But hold your fire. Why are they not divorced if their marriage was not too good? A question quickly arises: who then is the victor and who is the vanquished? In this case, the Christians are the losers. They have been beaten by the devil to bad and broken marriages. To preclude that the devil is the one spoiling Christian marriages is not different from saying that; this Christian is possessed by the devil. He owns him. That is why he can do and undo with their marriage. The simple answer is that; either it began on a wrong foundation or the principles of a successful marriage are still neglected. The password to a lasting friendship, marriage or family is love (not puppy) and like-mindedness because every relationship warrants a dieing to self.

Make no mistake; while there is no perfect marriage on earth, there is surely a happy marriage that we term successful marriage. While there is no problem-free marriage, yet living a problem full marriage is not happy either. So somehow, we have to abandon this escapist attitude and existentialist philosophy in saying that there is no happy marriage out there. Divorce or single hoods are not the primordial intentions of God for man (Gen 2:18, Mt. 19:3-9). If we follow the principles of marriage that God set from the beginning, then we will expect at least a happy marriage. Prov 18:22 suggests a process of seeking: deep search.

Therefore, we have to search for our mate. Then, when we find one we have to avoid premarital sex because it is cheating and cheating begets cheating. By having sex before marriage, we open the door for the devil to come into the house. What about the forgiveness of sin after all, we live by grace you ask? The Bible says what you sow is what you reap (Gal 6:7-8). God has established it like that. When you steal in Saudi Arabia and they amputate your arm, even when you give your life to Christ, you will not have a new hand. You still have to carry the consequences of your sins. That is, at some point in life, our sins have to find us out (Num 23:32). Therefore, we are going into the marriage having sowed the seed of infidelity because we have treated the middle cord Person unfaithfully. Justify yourself with living in grace how you like, the truth of the matter is that; in so far as you practice premarital sex you will have an unhappy marriage.

However, if both of you got married and had premarital sex while non-Christians, it is considered a time of ignorance whereby God winks at (Acts 17:30). If you get married to an unbeliever like Shirley did without knowing, it is still considered a time of ignorance and the husband is sanctified by Shirley the wife ( I Cor. 7:13-14). Yet you must keep your own part of the bargain with God, which is to be holy. Shirley did just that when we read:

I knew my husband 20 months. He was Air Force and was overseas. I waited for him. We did not have relations before marriage.

Take note; they dated or courted for 20 months without having sex. This statement too questions the validity of long engagement as a recipe for a happy marriage. Dating or courtship does not matter on how long you date as far as the people stay true to themselves and have the principles of God guarding them. Might be not being near was an ingredient that helped and which still argues favorably for distant relationships that they could help the two parties to keep a holy relationship until they meet. It is emotionally draining to be having sex with no love because life becomes empty, and we soon regress to the universal need of espying for love in a new relationship or adventure.

Still, there is a problem with picking a partner. Some Christians believe that only the man should make the first move! In Shirley’s case, I am not quite sure who made the move but guessing, it was not Shirley. Considering the epoch she grew up in. Whatever may be the case, I hold a different opinion from the general and common view that; only the man should approach the woman. This is because in the Bible, we see different approaches.

Firstly, the parents could decided for the kids like when Hagar selects for Ishmael (Gen 21:21). Abraham through his servant selects a wife for Isaac (Gen 24). Laban does same for his daughters (Gen 24, 38:6, Gen 29) and Mr. and Mrs. Manoah did same for Samson (Judges 14;2).

Secondly, the man could make the first move (Gen 29 and Gen 2).

Thirdly, the woman could make the first move (Gen 38:11-30; Ruth 3). Yesteryears, customs restricted women from taking a forthcoming approach but nowadays women have been emancipated to be more forthcoming.

In some cases too, daughters were given to marriage by the edicts of the king (Est. 2:2-4, 8-14).Wives could also be gotten by purchase (Gen 29:20; Ruth 4:10; Hosea 3:2; 12:12) or by kidnapping (Judges 21:21-23).

Nowadays, the last two will not pass through the legal eye of most nations but for purposes of explanation, we still had to include them.

In every marriage, the parents must and should be involved because they are the terrestrial custodians that God has given us here on earth (Eph 6:1-3). You choose your wife or husband, but you cannot choose your parents. Then by doing that, it even erases the raison d’etre of elopements: running away from parents to get married secretly. Some people say “why bother if they elope and get married? Is it not their lives”? Listen to me; the dog that barks belongs to the household, but the barks go to the entire community. Others say, “are they not eloping to fulfill the sanction of God”. Fulfilling the commandment of God does not exempt us from the canons He has set. When we run away from parents, we destroy the fabric of the home through which we could knit a successful marriage. I still believe, if one has nothing to hide, they will not elope? Why run away from your parents? What dotards could see sitting down, youngsters cannot see while standing on a hill. More so, in every marriage ceremony, there must be witnesses (Ruth 4:1-11, I Sam 8:1-3). Therefore, that again annuls the existence of elopements.

when is marriage considered marriage”.
The general view is that when approved by the courts. I believe marriage becomes marriage when the two people make the pledges to one another in the presence of witnesses who are their relatives. That again peters out elopements. There are many steps in most countries to be married and be recognized or blessed by the church. In some places, the church would not marry you until they see the marriage certificate. In other places, before you go to the courts, you must go through traditional marriages.

For those with traditional marriages, we have to realize that they do not supersede the laws of the land because when there is a problem for inheritance they always ask for marriage certificate. That means customary marriages gain their power only from the legal marriages. In the west, it would be very unwise for anyone to claim being married without a marriage certificate. So while in the west it will be courts and church, in oriental societies especially Africa, it would be tradition – courts - church. One is not obliged to have their entire church present. They could have the pastor, their relatives and church leaders. However, there must be witnesses who are relatives and the church authority too for the Christians.

Managing the home and resolving conflicts

I and my husband split, but for some reason, we always worked it out. We have 3 adult children and one passed away March 7 with brain cancer, so we have two left. My husband supports me in whatever I do. I sing with a trio, and we travel to places sometimes, but he still supports me in that. I encourage couples to work things out no matter what it takes. What he does that I hate is being messy. I have come to terms with that. He is just messy. LOL. Another thing I love about my husband is that, he is a good provider and has always been. I have never needed anything I couldn't get. God has blessed me and watches over me.

Shirley again in her testimony brings out some Bible truths. While we are blind during courtship or dating, marriage becomes our eye-opener! I had earlier said that; there is no perfect marriage. There were difficulties, but they always found a way to be united until death do them part. Difficulties will always show up even in a relationship where God showed the people the signs and revelations to them and others. The will of God does not exempt trials and temptations. One other thing is the idea of kids.

We do not marry to multiply only. Procreation is a benefit that comes from marriage. However, it does not mean that if we are having difficulties having kids, we should divorce. That is not a ground for divorce. When we consider the other party as a blessing or a package that God gave to us, then we have no reason of not being thankful to both them and God. You see, Shirley knows her husband is messy, but the fact that he is a great helpmeet covers his mess. How many people forget the good of their spouse in face of a little problem? Immediately they call them unworthy or good for nothing. Then some as if to mock God, say they want to get married, but they do not want kids. If you do not have a child during marriage, it is acceptable but to refuse having one becomes a sin because you are resisting the command of God; multiply and replenish the earth. That is why marriage can only take place between a man and a woman.

The difficulties in marriage could stem from kids, difficulty in having kids or lack of support. Her husband supports her and her ministry, in-laws, friends, jobs, platonic relationships. That is; he helpmeets her needs emotionally, spiritually, economically and physically. Shirley would encourage every couple to work things out no matter what it takes. That is what the Bible calls “dieing to self”. Or sacrificing for one another until you become dead to yourself. The reason is because if they don’t they will divorce.

Factors which can destroy marriage.

Let us start with jealousy: When we rejoice in our spouse’s mistakes. We want them to fail so that we always stand out as the best.

Lack of support; no matter what your spouse does, it is never good or correct. There is lack of trust; when one spouse does not trust the other. Or when you suspect his or her friends, where they go to, why they came back home late, with whom he or she comes back home and many others. Negative interpretations; you always give a different meaning to what your partner says. If it is not clear ask him or her to clarify.

Lack of mutual respect is one cause. When both of you disrespect each other. Using invectives and always seeking for opportunities for nagging. Lack of improper communication; lack of communication brings suspicions.

Language is so ambiguous that at times, it tends to set ablaze the very fire it was trying to quench. Some couples do not speak together and when they speak, they yell. Others do not even speak at all. They do not tell their partners what they intend to do. That is something that can destroy marriage. Some people do not just talk because they claim they do not want to waste their energy. Those things will destroy love.

Another factor is domination. When one person wants to control the relationship, love could break down. He or she wants to decide and make all the major decisions. Avoidance: Some people just avoid their partners. They run away from facing the real problem. Extra marital affairs; each time there is extra marital affairs in a relationship it brings in distrust, bitterness, revenge and sometimes leads to even the death of one of the partners or both partners. Lack of attention; some men spend time reading their newspapers or going out with their friends. Some women spend time going to family meetings, clubs, fitness centers, njangi groups or internet. All of these make the other partner feel abandoned. They get angry and this translates in them looking outside for greener pastures. The level of difficulty in the house is maintaining the home. One party could be messy, like Shirley’s husband, or they could just be outright disobedient. While the husband has to love the wife as Christ loved the church up to dieing for her, the wife has to submit herself to her husband as if they were doing it in front of the Lord.
Why did Shirley marry and still marries this messy man but great provider? Though he helpmeets her needs, the love for her kids surpasses her love for herself (Jn 14, 15). Both chapters talk about great love for others than us. Knowing that:

When couples divorce, the children are torn and most end up with step parents and some are not so good to them. For that reason if for no other, couples should stick it out. It pays off. If I had divorced my husband, he probably would have never gotten saved. Praise the Lord, he is.

Nevertheless, in case one partner divorces even if it is because of adultery, they are not supposed to get married again. They are to stay single. If they want to stay married, they must merely forgive their partner. In case there is a problem in a home and the partners separate to wait for divorce papers, they are not authorized to date other people while waiting for a solution because they are still married or under covenant. A woman should submit to their husband who is obliged to love them as Christ loved the church that he died for it. It would be preferable to forgive our partner if we want to stay married because divorce will not be better either. Furthermore, we are not permitted to remarry. One should note that it is possible to commit adultery without genital contact.

Nonetheless, if your spouse wants to run away let he/she go. If they go, you can remarry because she/he is considered dead; for breaking the covenant. Each time there is death God reestablishes a new covenant with the living. That is, until your spouse dies you are not free and ready to mingle. We should not also close the idea of divorce as not permitted by God. God permits divorce in case there is adultery. No one should divorce a person because they were never really in love and could not love their partner too. Divorce has no place in such a reason. That is why we should consider well before we make the pledges. In case one was not a Christian and one of them becomes a Christian they should not divorce. The church did a great harm to the society by encouraging divorce because one of the partners has become a Christian. Even in the case of Polygyny (a man marrying many women), one should not encourage divorce if they were polygynists when they were non-Christians.

A person cannot divorce, remarry, then divorce, and go back to their former spouse. The Bible does not permit that either! When we get married, we must sever our old relationship. That is, we have to stop spending time alone with people you formerly dated or went out. It is a sin to desire someone of the opposite sex when you are married.

Shirley’s testimony concerns all of us if we want to be married for 47 years to the same person and even until death do us part. I want to appeal to each of us to go out, seek for our partner, avoid premarital sex until we get married, make up a family, and helpmeet the needs of one another with the husband loving the wife as Christ loved the church and the wife submitting to the husband as unto the lord until death do us part. Let us try by all means, to solve our differences for ourselves first and for the betterment of our kids. I wish you a happy marriage!

Until then, you too could be married for 50 years if you so desire.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Should Americans Go Out for Missions?

Should Americans Go Out for Missions?

The idea about missions stems from Jesus’ Great Commission “(Mt 28:18-20).
However, the church has forgotten that this same Jesus is the same person who gave Acts 1:8. But earlier Ezekiel states the conduct of missions; eat the roll, go to the house of Israel and speak (Ezek 3:1-11). To make these verses speak the same thing we will start by outlining what the commission was. In the first passage, Jesus commissions us to two assignments: to teach and baptize them, and to follow a methodology. In the second he explains how they must do it. Before they go, they should start in Jerusalem (hometown or immediate surrounding) then to their counties, states and entire world. In Ezekiel, the people speak your language and are not strangers. Why would anyone who has never even witnessed to their neighbor, who has never even won a soul in the Lord in America, leave for Africa, Latin America or Europe for missions if it was not a field trip or touristic site seeing?

A friend of mine told me they were going to Ethiopia for mission. I asked her if she has preached to her neighbors, she said she does not even know them, though she has lived  with them for more than a year. So why is she going to extremities of the earth when she has not yet even preached in Jerusalem? Well let us put those three passages in their proper perspectives.

Jesus told them to go and preach, teach and baptize the people (Mt 28:18-20). To do that, they should start in Jerusalem. When the gospel is made known, then they can go to Samaria, Judea and extremities of the earth. The complication of starting in Jerusalem was that the inhabitants knew these same disciples. Therefore, it would be a tough job. The disciples had nothing to hide. They could preach and preach even to their relatives.

Today many people don’t even know their very family members, and they have a lot to hide. They are rushing to Africa to preach love in missions. Charity begins at home. Go show that love to your family and neighbors, coworkers and community before you fly to Africa or Caribbean.

How would they even preach to them? I met a young man who has not seen the family for 30 years, and he told me “the Christians are my family now”. Paul told Timothy “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel (I Tim 5:8)." Jesus said, “Behold my mother and my brethren! For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother (Mt 12:49-50). If you look at the verse well, it does not make us a reclusive turncoat. What about your family members who have heard the word? Now let’s say they have not believed. How then would they believe in Him they have not heard (Rom 10:14)? Jesus’ mother and family heard him preach and followed him too. My family did same!

I will adjure the American church to first start by witnessing to their neighbors before going to Africa, Latin America and Asia for missions. As much as Africans need the world for missions, America needs Americans badly for missions. Why would anyone who neither knows nor speaks to his or her neighbor in America be going out for missions?

However, seeing that their African, Asian and Latin American counterparts are tacitly begging with the pretext of missions, this practice will continue until may be Jesus comes back. Don't talk to me about foreign missions if your family, friends, neighbors, community have not heard the word from your mouth.

Until then, charity begins at home.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Is it A Good Thing to Adapt in Relationships?

Relationships fail because we refuse to adapt to our partners. Long distance or no long distance, it is impossible to know a person if you don't interact. Even knowing, I believe that the human being is too complex to be understood. What we see is the tip of the iceberg. Therefore, learn to adapt to them for whether knowledge or nescience of the individual you will not fully understand them. Certain days they would act foolish that it will surprise you.
Relationships break because when the other person acts crazy, we reply with craziness to balance the equation, less we become the floor mart. No wonder why we are hopping from one relationship to another. I look at people breaking relationships as people with real character problems that they need to address first before looking for a new one. Don’t blame the Ex. Go back, look at that mirror again and say,  "I am the problem. This time I must adapt better." That is the first step of keeping a relationship.
It’s the same as roommates. No roommate will be like you; no matter how you both interact. However, when we learn to adapt to their ways, life becomes very easy.
I lived with a roommate one time. Out of the 20 people I have ever lodged, he was the one I always said he will have problems wherever he goes to live. First, he could never do anything; even to take to the sink his own plate he ate food cooked by other people. Finally, his one year to move out came, and he left. Unsurprisingly, after he moved out, he changed three places within a year.
You may be walking with a friend who is too loud. Instead of quarrelling them, buy an earpiece. Perhaps you have a husband who snores. The quicker you adapt the better you save yourself some sleep. Shaking him all night long does not solve the problem. It will aggravate both you and him. You smile don’t you? You have to adapt. The fool wants every other person around them to adapt but the wise person adapts to their surrounding and live happily.
I was sharing a classroom with a female teacher. So we used the same board. When she left, one of my students came to class and erased her stuff. The next morning she came to my class and began yelling at me thinking I erased her work. After berating me without a reply, one of my male students used the F word on her and a female student said “Mr. Ayuk don’t let her speak to you like that”. I said “she is the queen. I am falling in love with her yelling”. She came into my ears and said, “mother f…… dumb ass”. I was laughing but did not tell the students what she just said. First, though we had four cabinets, but I gave her three. I left her with the board and used a projector because it seemed she liked to own property. She reminded me of a neighbor with phonebooks though she did not have phone services. During Teacher’s Day, my colleague told me “you are my model. I hope I am like you. I thought I had lost my job that day, but you saved me. Mr. Ayuk, thank you.” She added. Folks we have to adapt to people.
I am always grinding my teeth each time I hear people saying they have had 3, 4 or 7 boyfriends or girlfriends. We should not think the Exes are the problem. We are the problem. We should take a character mirror and look at ourselves very well; real well. On that mirror, lies the troublemaker. When one is on her second divorce and is still accusing her Exes, it makes me laugh real hard because one person must be a floor mart in certain things for a relations to prosper.

Even if we live five miles from the next person or far, we will live well if we adjust and adapt to them. People tell you, “you cannot be a floor mart”. If two rams drink from the same bucket, they will lock horns. There can only be one captain in a ship. I am not saying there should not be consensus. Yet in certain matters, let one person have an upper hand. Pray for those who despitefully use you! Believe it or not, hate it or love it, that is the truth of the matter. You must adapt to the weaknesses of your surrounding to enjoy life!
When we quote Jesus resisting evil, I hope we are aware He did not involve himself in any fights. Not even when he was slapped before the high priest or when they earlier came to arrest him. We are responsible before God for our children, but fighting with your spouse up to breaking the home is no responsibility because the children will be torn between two masters. The western woman and nowadays the modern woman has won the feminist battle but has lost and are losing that of keeping a home. The church is fast copying their footsteps. four out of ten Christian marriages now end up in court because you must fight back to defend your children. I lack the time but if I brought out most of the reasons for divorce or breaking of relationships, you will agree with me that they are mere selfish tendencies, overshadowing believers.
Let me tell you one thing I have noticed. Each time I wrote and cautioned people against overeating, those who got very angry were struggling with weight. That is because some people have feasted on flattery that they have become allergic to truth. Dog owners are always skeptical of any new law concerning dogs. I am not saying that is your case. If I was the one, I will try to see why I failed so I don’t fail again the second time. He that spends time blaming will end up blaming time.

When Jesus told the people about their sins he did not try to fight them, ask his disciples to revolt from paying taxes or picking up arms. He merely told them the truth and allowed the truth to walk through their consciences. Today we say if you are putting your socks here and I don’t like it its divorce. I have been the only one driving to come visit you so I am no more coming. You pick up the phone and harass coworkers of your spouse because you think he or she is cheating. That is fighting back which has nothing to do with defending your children. It is as egoistic and destructive as it appears. To the maximum it is called schadenfreude. When you hear people tell you they are leaving a website because someone wrote something they don’t like you can understand that they believe the world starts and ends with them; either their way or no way at all. In a relationship, that will be catastrophic my friends.

When Jesus says we are in war, he did not say we are to become physically violent. He meant that we are to fight evil by living well. What would I learn from a divorcee about marriage? If he/she knew better, she would have kept her own home. Would you send your kids to a racist to learn love? Would you send your daughter to a child molester to learn how to take care of kids? Would you take history lessons from Hitler to protect Jews? If we keep breaking our homes, we are fighting against our very selves and the Jesus we are honoring. At that point, we are not even worthy to pretend we are defending His doctrines. I believe if Jesus was married, He would have kept his home no matter what.

A child asked her grand dad why she lets grandma impose that she would have to stay home. The grand dad said, "My daughter, if I was fighting back, we would not have been together that long. Most at times I let her have her way." Then she quickly jumped up,  "please, I let you have your way. I am instead the door mart." One thing I learnt was that each of them let the other have their way time and again. That is why they are together for 50 years and are just 65. Meanwhile, the know- too-much and strongest of all women have their ways but are hopping from one man to another and from one woman to another. Yes they move from one relationship to another, but they keep blaming others.

For those who desire keeping their marriages and relationships, please, learn to adapt to your partners. It pays better with a longer, happier and permanent relationship.

Until then, learn to adapt or you must learn to be lonely.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Should Mebara And Abah Be Admitted Into The Seminary?

Should Mebara And Abah Be Admitted Into The Seminary?
“The erstwhile Minister of External Relations, Jean Marie Atangana Mebara, who was sacked from government on September 7, has joined his colleague, Polycarpe Abah Abah, in the Faculty of Protestant Theology at Djoungolo Yaoundé as student pastor”
This act of ex ministers accused of serious crimes against their countries going to seminaries did not start today. After the Rwandan genocide many ex ministers ran to other countries and enrolled into theological colleges or seminaries. To some it may be a time of ablution due to their doppelganger while to others it seems a camouflage to solicit public sympathy. It is the zeitgeist nowadays that can easily win civic empathy. Even the US where the rule of law is very strong, public opinion could influence a case like was the case of Marjorie Knoller and her husband, Robert Noel. There is a fear public opinion may influence the government’s decisions against them. There are many questions asked by the public: should they be admitted? Should they be forgiven, should they be allowed into the school but not be accepted as ministers and many other questions. However, what does the Bible say?
The case study would be the example of Zacchaeus (Lk 19:1-10).
Zacchaeus was a Jewish Tax collector working for the Romans. He overtaxed the people for his own good. But one day he received Jesus into his life. To prove his repentance he gave half of his wealth to the poor and those that he defrauded he restituted to them four times. While one scripture or passage does not make a doctrine however, the said principle is frequent in the Bible. Restitution is a predilection theme in the bible (Ex 22:1; Num 5:7; 2 Sam 4:6) because God prefers a contrite spirit so that he would show mercy and not sacrifice (Mt 9:13). That is why Jesus was sent to save the lost sheep (Mt 15:24; 18: 11; I Tim 1:15). Jesus did not come to call righteous people to repentance but sinners (Lk 5:32). Therefore, there is nothing bad for them going into the seminaries.
However, even if they repented should they be forgiven for all the embezzlement they committed? Are you sure they have truly repented? Though it is impossible to read people’s minds from their faces one can at least infer from their actions. If they were convicted of any crime then let the rule of law prevails. If they have not been indicted, charged, and convicted of any crime it is wrong for the public to cry for sentencing. People have to realize that public opinion may influence the conviction of an innocent person. Since they are ex-ministers and rich, people feel convinced they embezzled. Then their case falls within Zacchaeus’ antecedency. Zacchaeus was never convicted but the people knew he had cheated them. These ex ministers have never been convicted of embezzlement but people feel they embezzled. It is a terrible thing to carry the blood of innocent people on your hands. Nonetheless, since they are going through this soul lavation people will be convinced to trust them if they put their repentance and confession into concrete terms by giving half of their ill-gotten wealth to the poor and to restore four times to the people they cheated. That is again if they embezzled.
Nonetheless, there are cases where restitution could be impossible. If you premaritally slept with someone’s daughter or killed their father; though you cannot restitute the sex you had or the father you killed still, you can alleviate their pain with financial and moral compensation.
It is morally wrong for anyone to refuse their repentance or worst still stigmatize them. The problem today with the world is that we never forgive. The circle of spite is what breeds civil and factional wars in Africa and other places. It is what destroys homes. Once your partner confesses their sins and shows fruits of repentance you must accept and restore them knowing that all humans are sinners and guilty of one sin or the other. As such, ex ministers Polycarpe Abah and Jean Marie Atangana Mebara should be allowed into the seminary. After completion of their studies they should be integrated as pastors according to the transfer rules of the school.
The prophets that God called were not perfect people. The disciples that Jesus selected were not ab avo righteous. Saul of Tarsus was a murderer before becoming a minister of the Lord. Many people in the ministry today committed one or two heinous crimes before they were called into the ministry. The God we serve is not a God of three strikes you are out but one of 490 chances as long as we repent. If we learn to forgive the people we deal with daily, each time they confess and forsake their sins then the society will prosper with peace that will surpass the one from toys and entertainment.

Until then, I wish them well in this noble profession.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bate Besong: The Casualty of Evil Machinations.

Bate Besong: The Casualty of Evil Machinations.

When I heard that Dr Besong, Dr. Hilarious Ambe and Kwasen Gwangwa’a were dead, my heart leapt with sorrow and suspicion. Unfortunately, my internet was down and could not post a word or two. If a child does not inquire what killed its father that same thing will kill it too. If a freedom fighter does not know what killed his or her predecessors the same machinations may kill it too. Consequently, I wanted to know first how he died and the bad news bearer told me he died in an accident and that his body is unrecognizable.

The Manyu people should remember the deaths of Mr. Epey and Prof Obenson. In both cases, evidence pointed in the direction of assassination. By the process of elimination the opposition parties were removed as possible suspects.

Today one would easily point a finger in the same direction considering that both three professors were traveling to obtain visas to fly to the US for recognition of their literary prowess. Generally, writers are recognized according to the impact their works have on the society and especially Dr Bate Besong and Dr. Hilarious Ambe had a great impact in Cameroon , Africa and the world at large. But this alone will not be a good enough reason to show that it was collusion though Africans have shown a proclivity for assassinating their writers like Nigeria did with Ken Saro Wiwa.
Accident reports have shown us that a car needs to be running at least 90m/hr for an accident to occur that would render a body unrecognizable especially if there was no fire or rollover. At 35 m/hr to 90 m/hr any car accident could be fatal but not to an extent of deforming the passengers beyond recognition. We are not sure that these gentlemen were driving that fast or urged the driver to go that speed for they were not reckless derelicts or tramps. So the argument that they were speeding is petered out.

It is probable that they were ambushed and assassinated; replaced back into their car, the ignition started and one of the killers throttled the car while the truck came at 120m/hr and above to squash their car as one of the killers throttling the car dove into the bush out of the car. If they were torn into shreds then one has to do a DNA to concur those are their bodies because these professors could have been abducted and killed from the crime scene while the bodies of some individuals placed in the car and driven headlong into the truck to be deformed.

Two days before their deaths, I had a dream that I stood by the corner of the road in Buea. People were waiting as a three headed giant snake came out to swallow teachers. A passerby explained that one of the heads is for the Bakweri, the second is the Banyan and the third is the Beti. That could mean that the gambit was concocted by a Bakweri, Bayang and Beti all together. Last three weeks I had a dream someone wanted to kill me. I had refused going to the party. Someone called me and pled to attend the party. I got out of bed and on my way, made the accident. Despite the strong nature of the Mercedes chassis the passenger side (front and back) was pushed into the driver’s side and without the mercy and protection of God I would have been history. Thus, I do suspect Bate Besong, Dr. Hilarious Ambe and Kwasen Gwangwa’a as victims of Evil Machinations.

To their family I will say this as usual, the blood of those who were sacrificed for fighting to give their people a voice and hope never gets dry. On that blood do the oppressed sail to freedom. The mind has been awakened and the body will not sleep until freedom lost is regained. May their families and sympathizers who have been scourged but not killed by their death be comforted in the hope that these warriors have anticipated freedom for the oppressed in Cameroon and Africa . Thank God we shall one day conquer death. Amen!

Until then, let no one think the young lady killed those professors.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Did A UB Student kill 1500 and initiate 500 in Occult?

Did A UB Student kill 1500 and initiate 500 in Occult?
Early this month a young lady confessed killing 1500 students, two professors and others through witchcraft. Some people blamed the Nigerian movie industry. One has to note that each movie industry has its theme of predilection. In Western movies it is violence and sex, in Asia it is reincarnation, and in Africa it is occult. The messages in Nigerian movies despite the strong presence of occult are more didactic and lucid than most Western movies. Undoubtedly they do influence people into occultism just like Western movies do sell violence and sex. Our concern is to find out if she did it? Did that happen? I will examine the dynamics and mechanics of witchcraft with practical testimonies and illustrations. Witchcraft is one of the branches from the tree of sin.
These “sublime mysticisms” do indeed exist. Nyongo does exist and I have explained here before how it does function. It is not “hard work and Thrift” as some put it. The reason why the west is in her predicament is because rather than invite a prelate for demonic problems westerners call shrinks.
The usage of words like: “principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world, spiritual wickedness in high places” (Eph 6: 12) talks of sorcery. There is indeed the prince of this world but the Bible does not make mention of a queen. To know that the devil is still playing his old tricks is when you hear most of the old victims testify that they were second in command to the great prince or queen. If you recall, Satan tried the same trick with Jesus by telling him “all this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it. If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine” (Lk 4: 6-7). He did not own the world so how would he decide who to give and who not to give? When someone is possessed they could be controlled by the demon to utter utterances that are not true.
When Jesus healed, the Pharisees accused him of working with the aid of the “prince of the devils” (Satan.). This tells you that not everyone heals by the spirit of God. Deut 18:10-14 and Ephesians 6:10-19 do affirm the strong presence of sorcery in the world. Sorcerers can do things similar to the works of God as shown in Exodus 7:11. There were strict rules in the Old Testament not to suffer a witch to live (Ex 22:18). That is because sorcery is an affront to God’s power by Satan. Here are some of the things that sorcerers do: observe times, speak with the dead or familiar spirits. Even the so called horoscope that most people observe is part of sorcery. Pyromancy and other forms of divinations are forms of witchcraft. So witchcraft really exists. Listen to these stories.
My cousin Joseph needed a place to live while we were in the high school. I took him in with another friend. My cousin had failed the GCE twice and my friend seven times. So my cousin took him to a witchdoctor in Bambui village and the guy gave them a portion that they will use on me. I usually go to school to read from 7:30-12 pm. There I had a revelation someone had brought an evil spirit into the house. I ran home and asked them if anyone brought an evil thing into the house. My cousin and friend all denied they brought anything. I prayed and went back to school. 2 hours later my friend ran to school and called for me saying that my cousin needed me right quick. I went home and found blood oozing from his nostrils. I asked him if anything was the matter he refused. As I left to go my friend said he does not want to die in secret. They confessed to me that they went to a witchdoctor and took an amulet and portion so that when I read the knowledge instead goes to them rather than remain in me. I prayed, took their little amulets and useless portions, and threw them into the pit latrine. They were delivered and set free.
Another example was my Bamileke friend and neighbor: Michelle. One day she told me that there was a boa in their restroom. I said no problem I will take care of it. After all I had taken care of the one my mother’s landlord had put in our restroom. I went there one morning after her grandmother had left for work and prayed on water and then sprinkled it inside the restroom. The grandmother left from the market and rushed home, called her niece: “Michelle, who did you bring to this house to hurt me? This is my house and not yours. From that day they never spoke together”. With testimonies like these you know sorcery exists. But the question is how founded is the lady’s confession.
Can she take anybody to their Bonamousadi house? I know that the devil’s works can be seen with naked eyes. She is not the first person to claim that she killed someone when she did not. An Amalekite claimed he killed King Saul (2 Sam 1: 13-16). He would not have killed Saul because first he lied about his identity. He comes from Israel (1 Sam 1:1) but he says he is an Amalekite. He had the crown with him. If the Philistines were coming and Saul asked him to kill him he would not have taken his crown and the philistines would have stripped it away from Saul.
Let us see how many people died. How many people did she say she killed? Does what she professes matches up with what actually happened in Buea? If the facts contradict the confession then she is controlled by demons. Here is the confession: “Princess Danshaco has already killed about 1500 people and initiated 500 others, mostly in UB. The death of two renowned UB Professors was caused by Princess”. Now look at the facts: how many students have died since the inauguration of the University of Buea?
That is a demon that thought of what to do. They have the desire in the spirit world to kill 3000 students but have not yet fulfilled that desire in the physical world. The possession of servants caressing the backs of the princesses is a wish dream. If you see how many pastors are running to America and filing for asylum then you know that the church has a wish dream; that of sitting and just laying in the swimming pool like a queen basking her body on the beach.
The usage of the internet as a medium is to hold Cameroonian believers captive and backward by demonizing the internet. Consequently many people will fear using the internet. The reason why people give dead witnesses is because they do not want to give possibilities to prove the veracity of their statements. The way she was initiated calls into question because Satanists and most occults do not initiate in the open. They take you into a secret place. Do not forget that earlier African Christians did not wear golden jewelry because they believed it was made in the underworld by the Mermaid called Mamiwata. The same belief is recycling back but this time the greatest fear of the African church is the impact of the internet. While beyond doubt the young woman could be possessed she could not have done all what she claims to have done. Those are all wishful thinking of the spiritual world.
Nevertheless, you have nothing to fear if you are in Jesus. Those who try to hurt the children of God end up hurting themselves. Those who battle against the true elects of God end up as dry bones in history’s valley to be remembered no more.

Until then, if God is with you, please fear no evil.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Who Killed Saul, Or How Did Saul Die? Contradiction or No Contradiction?

Here are four passages that seem to contradict themselves in the Bible.

1. Saul committed suicide. A. I Sam 31:4-6
Therefore Saul took a sword, and fell upon it. So Saul died. B. I Chronicles 10:4
Then said Saul to his armourbearer, Draw thy sword, and thrust me through therewith; lest these uncircumcised come and abuse me. But his armourbearer would not; for he was sore afraid. So Saul took a sword, and fell upon it.

2. Saul was killed by an Amalekite. 2 samuel 1:8-10
And he [Saul] said unto me, Who art thou? And I answered him, I am an Amalekite. He said unto me again, Stand, I pray thee, upon me, and slay me. So I stood upon him, and slew him.

3. Saul was killed by the Philistines. 2 Samuel 21:12. The Philistines had slain Saul.

4. God killed him. I Chronicles 10:14. So Saul died for his transgression which he committed against the LORD, even against the word of the LORD, which he kept not, and also for asking counsel of one that had a familiar spirit, to enquire of it; And enquired not of the LORD: therefore he slew him, and turned the kingdom unto David the son of Jesse.


There is no contradiction in these passages. It is simply that there are different points of views and narrations. It is right to say God killed him because he was to be protected by God and when God abandons him, it is synonymous to passing his death warrant. Saul, having been wounded in the war against the Philistines saw that he would not survive, then committed suicide by killing himself with his own sword. Yet he was wounded by the philistines, and he would not have survived even if they left him alive, so the Philistines killed him.

However, before he dies slowly, the philistines would meet him and cut off his head; thereby, brandishing it as a trophy. That was unacceptable to Saul, and so he prefers to do the job faster. So we say the philistines killed him.

Yet the guy who said he was an Amalekite is dramatic irony since we know he is not, and that he is from Israel. But knowing that Saul was a staunch enemy of King David, he decided to tell a lie so that he could benefit from the largesse of the king or consider a hero for killing the king’s enemy. His actions backfired and led to his death. Therefore, there is no contradiction.

Lesson 1: If you forsake God, he will forsake you (2 Chr 15:2). Saul forsook the Lord and visited a witch at Endor rather than seek God. (I Sam 28). He was left in the battle because he had abandoned the statutes of the Lord. (2 Chr 7:19-22).

Lesson 2: Never assist in wrong doing. The armourbearer refused to kill him because it was wrong to kill the Lord’s anointed even if the anointed asked you to do it.

Lesson 3: Do not touch the Lord’s anointed. Even though the Israelite was telling a lie that he was an Amalekite, verse 3 of 2 Samuel 1 reveals that he was from the camp of Israel. As you know, the Amalekites were neither helping the Israelites to fight the philistines nor were they fighting the Israelites, so he would not have been involved in the war. He knew that Saul and David had great animosity for each other, consequently he wanted to cash upon that. Unfortunately, it backfired because David knew deep in him that though Saul did not like to see him, he was still the anointed of the Lord and no one for no circumstances should lay their hands on him. That is why even when he had the opportunity to kill Saul, he spared Saul’s life twice (1 Sam 24: 1-26; I Sam 26:1-23).

Lesson 4: Your enemy is out to kill you (2 Sam 21:12). Jesus confirmed it in John 10:10.

Therefore, it does not matter how we die but in what condition we die. Do we die in God or out of felicity? If we forsake the Lord, we die in the hands of the enemy and will still have to face the consequences of our sins.

Until then, prepare to meet your Maker when you die.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Should People sign Pre-Nuptial Agreements?

Marriage is a covenantal union in love sexually administered. Marriage has three aspects: a covenant, a covenant in love and a covenant in love sexually administered. It is a covenant because it is a life and death commitment. The institution of marriage is for love only. Marriage should not be for any other reasons: papers, wealth, payback or contract. “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh” (Gen 2:24). If marriage is thus a bond in love, then it is wrong to sign a pre-nuptial because it augurs an ill omen. The premonition is that divorce is in the corner since there is lack of trust. Why get married in the last place if there is lack of trust? Suspicion is not one of the ingredients of love. Anyone who asks the other partner to sign a pre-nuptial means they did not trust them and do suspect them. Therefore, if there is lack of trust from the beginning,  the two should delay their marriage until they can each prove to be trustworthy. Let me underline a few steps to know a trustworthy person.

Half truth is not one of them. If you want to know someone, ask them the same question about their past several times, and you will know if they keep changing versions. If you were afraid, could you feel safe in their hands? Trust is then built and not inherited, and should not be taken for granted. From the first day you met them, could they surrender their emails and phone contacts to you without being afraid? That is a person you can trust because such individuals have nothing to hide. Nonetheless, it does not mean they are perfect.

When an individual signs a pre-nuptial agreement, they signal their intention to break the covenant at any cost and cause. As you know; when an individual comes up with the idea of pre-nuptial agreement, it means that they think they are better than you, and you are merely patching up with them. Why get married to anyone who thinks he or she is doing you a favor? Why marry anyone who thinks they are more important than you? In all their wealth, they lack love, and that is why they need you. The love you bring supersedes all that they have because all they had could not make them fulfilled. As such, they want you to make them whole. That is what marriage is all about, and all parties should regard each other as an equal rather than despise the other as a parasite. Therefore, if anyone brings the idea of pre-nuptial agreement to you just break up that relationship.

If they suspect your intention, then they should not get married to you, or they should not date you. By accepting their condition, it makes you the inferior party in the covenant and in a covenant no party is more important than the other.

Until then, pre-nuptial agreements are biblically wrong.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Saturday, October 20, 2007

"Why Was Aaron Punished With Moses (Num 20:12)?"

"Why Was Aaron Punished With Moses, even though it was Moses who committed the sin Num 20:12?"
The reason was not because Aaron sat quiet but because he was acquiescently active. After all, like you rightly quoted there is a time to speak but a time to be quiet. It is not guilt by association but guilt by silent participation because they are present when the evil is taking place. Participation is not only in actions but in gestures and premeditation. Remember that in Exodus 4: 14, God made Aaron, Moses’ mouthpiece. Aaron rescinded from his position as the mouthpiece; thereby, assuming the punishment for sentinel who abandons his post or the modern day Christian who neglects his gift.

Take for instance, when a president does not say anything when his people are killing indiscriminately, he will be judged later for not doing anything because it was his position to stop the killing. Because Aaron was more the public speaker, God had appointed him into that position to help Moses when facing the crowd. Rather than assume his position and play his role, he abandons it or stays aloof. Aaron would have assumed his position of addressing the people while Moses spoke to the rock. With Aaron not saying anything, Moses spoke in his poor communication skills. In the face of evil, there is no neutrality; either you are with God, or you are against Him; either you build or you scatter.

Jesus judged the same action with the servant who buried his talents (MT 25:14-30). Just like the servant, Aaron was trying to play it safe not to offend the people. Just like Jesus shows that the servant was judged because of his self centeredness is the same way Aaron gets judged. Aaron was judged for staying quiet so that he will save his face with the hungry and thirsty Israelites. It was a tacit endorsement because, "He that does not object, consents by staying quiet."For example; if you see people acting racist, but you say nothing, you are actually a participant in their evil. If you see people who are stealing from the government, but you say nothing because it is not your business, you are actually a participant, according to the Lord. Edmund Burke once said, " The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Therefore, God will not be indifferent with modern day Christendom that sits and watches how God is being taken out from our schools, and they say nothing. Satanism is forced down to the masses, and the Christians say nothing. Your silence may be politically correct, but it may not be good to God. You must remember these verses:

Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me. When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand. Yet if thou warn the wicked, and he turn not from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul. Again, When a righteous man doth turn from his righteousness, and commit iniquity, and I lay a stumblingblock before him, he shall die: because thou hast not given him warning, he shall die in his sin, and his righteousness which he hath done shall not be remembered; but his blood will I require at thine hand.

Until then, remember He is watching!

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Friday, October 19, 2007

How can American families correct decades of dysfunctional parenting?

How can American families correct decades of dysfunctional parenting?
The hand writing on the walls of America is clear; the parents have been indicted, found guilty and are paying for their crime. They live in fear everyday of their lives not knowing what may happen to their child at school. Such is the uncertainty that comes with dysfunctional parenting. Everybody knows something is wrong and each individual hopes for a better future, but no one does the practical part. Today I will attempt a couple of suggestions that could restore holism.

The first thing is that the Americans must restore their families. Fifty percent of American marriages end in divorce. Failed marriages lead the children into instability. In most cases from upgrade to downgrade, and in most cases, though the parents may recover, most children never do. That affects their input in life and transforms them psychologically. Every divorcee has their reasons and each too knows that it is not a wonderful meal no matter who wins. Most of the angry kids are either from single homes or failed marital homes. Failed marriages are those in which they fight all the time; the father has deserted his responsibility. When marriages succeed, its byproducts are happy people. If  they have kids, they are responsible and models to the community. The kids at times are forced by the courts to live with the parent they do not like. That is good enough to render them dysfunctional. Therefore, Americans must curb their appetite for divorce.

Another thing is to bring back the granddad or grandma home. Many people can remember a lot from their grandparents. I learnt most of my proverbs during my preadolescent days when my grandfather took me into every village meeting he attended. Before I could move to the city, his presence had inculcated leadership skills, and a high awareness of responsibility. Today people are afraid to keep grandma at home when she gets old because they do not want to clean her feces, but they can clean that of a dog and a cat. By grandma being at home, the kids learn lessons she failed to learn while she was young. She has now become wise and does transmit that wisdom to the grandkids. Americans were not born with nursing homes. If so before the nursing homes where did we keep our parents? Is that what you will pay a parent who took care of you: I mean putting them in quarantine like a virus? Please, let your grandparents die with you. Please, stop putting your parents into nursing homes. Are they viruses? I guess they are if not why are they in quarantine? Don’t you think the kids want to be playing with them? Don’t you think the grandkids could also take care of them?

The third thing they will do is to refrain from the rat race. I have been to Europe, and I have been to Latin America, but I do not see the people worried about life like Americans do. The delusion that The American dream consists of a big home, a big car and a big bank account has made people to jump into a competition that has sold them into an economic and psychological slavery. They have to work longer hours, two jobs or three to feed their insatiable vaulting ambitions overlapping themselves into societal ditches. No slave takes care of the children. As such many children are abandoned to raise themselves. Without a doubt, if you don’t teach your child etiquettes, the society will teach him or her. Consequently, in the absence of parental guardianship kids are left to gullibly drink immorality from the Media as news, hedonism from Hollywood as stardom and, futility from sports stadiums as entertainment. They are left with role models who should model in societal rules and with friends who lack loyalty. If America will regain back its kids, the schools will be saved, the kids will be home, families will be strengthen and the American dream will be a reality.

That means it is time for America to create positive role models. True role models should be the teachers, doctors, social workers, carpenters, bricklayers, business people and not rap, rock, sports, movies or American idol stars. Most children suffer from the copycat syndrome that has blurred their worldview; instead of seeing reality, they see idealism. Most kids who kill in school want to emulate someone who was hoisted up on the media pole as a role model. Reality has become more absurd than idealism that a sound mind has become a dried pond.

When minds become dried up within, the laws without dry peace from the society and make it a tinkling cymbal. Don’t you see that the laws today make the parents real strangers into the lives of their kids? Discipline is a form of love. That is why no two women are pleased the same way. For some kids corporal punishment may work while for others it may fail. Just because non corporal punishment did not work for you does not mean corporal punishment is bad. The difference anyway is clear: the days and times where corporal punishment was being used and the days when it is absent. In the later, the kids and society were more peaceful than the kids and society nowadays. Research has shown that corporal punishment has changed more lives than it has destroyed.

Therefore, the power to change the destructive terminus of American students and schools is in the hands of the parents. They must build happy and functional homes. They must keep the grandparents with them, withdraw from the rat race, introduce their kids to positive role models and then recapture the minds. As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end.

Until then, God bless America.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Are Black People Less intelligent as Dr James Watson Alleged?

There have been many reactions towards Dr James Watson’s insinuations that black people are less intelligent than their Caucasian counterparts. These are his words, "“inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa” because “all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours—whereas all the testing says not really."  Though there is nobody black or white suffer the temporary usage of both terms for explicit reasons. Some black people have defended Dr Watson by sardonically finger-pointing the betrayal and poor governance of African countries. In fact looking at the way Patrice Lumumba was betrayed and then Thomas Sankara, it is difficult not to side with the intelligent old doctor that black people are less intelligent to white people. Yet the voices against him are more than those with him.
In an article that was again reprinted in The American Museum of Natural History, April, 1980, Henry Fairfield Osborn alleged that the standard intelligence of the average Negro was similar to that of an 11 year of the specie Homo Sapien. Using Evolution as his foundational belief system, he was inferring to the Caucasian. The weakness of evolution has always remained the fact that it does not pass through the empirical canons of science. Scientific empiricism is based on observation, hypothesis, experimentation and then theory. While the first two and last stages would be possible, the third would be impossible because one would need to live at least a 1000 years to wait and see another man evolving to something else. So why not just take the Creation Model which is based on faith? The other weakness with the evolution theory would be that it is crushed by the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Evolution talks of things getting better with time that is why it alleges an ape evolved to a man; meanwhile, thermodynamics talks of entropy where things depreciate in essence with time. The Bible sides with the Second Laws of Thermodynamics by saying that man was created perfect but fell into sin which causes his depravation and depreciation. Therefore, it was normal for Osborn to have erred in his conclusion if his beginning was flawed.
The Bible again reaffirms that the human race proceeded from one person: Adam. Thus there is only one race amongst human beings and that is the human race. However, there are various colors due to the amount of melanin in the skin. So the usage of white race and black race is religiously, historically and biologically flawed. It is not then surprising to hear Dr Watson say what he said. He is not the first person.
The reaction in 1980 was not as robust as it is today because racism was the brewery brewed in Western and South African laboratories. Nowadays, even the newborns know it is plain diabolical. Though Dr Watson has apologized, he did not unfold to the world why his theory would not be empirical.
The theory that blacks are less intelligent to whites has been proven false in that there are intelligent white people just like there are black people. The actions of Caligula, Ted Bundy, and Columbine shooters do not show actions from intelligent white people if white was an apposition for intelligence. Ludicrously the expression "blondes are dumb" does not refer to black ladies. In 1979, the Ninth Circuit in Larry P. v. Riles upheld that black children taking the IQ tested will be at the disadvantage. That is because they figured out that the black students will not pass. The county authorities went as far as telling Ms Lewis that since her son was biracial, she should mark white, and the boy would be eligible to take the test. She rejected the largesse. Therefore, looking down on the intelligence of black people did not start today but will end one day if all the good people stand up.
Intelligence varies from one individual to another. The human intelligence must have possessed problem creating and problem solving abilities to obtain knowledge. The IQ test had served its purpose but later became redundant. With time, scholars have found that the test has many lacunas as such, people should be tested with multiple criteria which opens the grounds for many intelligent kids to be identified. When the IQ test was formulated, other ethnic groups were not taken into considerations. That is why ab initio blacks were not allowed to take the test. Castellano (1988) asserts that the test was made for the white middle class whose giftedness has been nurtured by their privileged social welfare.
Until then, immediate steps to correct a mistake shows that it was unintentional.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Monday, October 15, 2007

Pint-Size preachers : ABC News

There is nothing bad. There were kings in Israel who were children at a time when there were only three people that needed to have the Holy Spirit. The king needed it for right judgment, the prophet to prophesy and the priest for right sacrifice. When the Spirit came upon them they did supernatural things. In this case it is clear that God is speaking to these kids. The argument that they cannot lead the flock because they are kids despises the power and presence of God in a person’s life. There are many adults that speak ultra rubbish. Most TV evangelists need to read the Bible again themselves before they preach or teach. The University professor: Randall Balmerwho objected that God says “do not judge” shows what amount of bliblical nescience he suffers from. That is why Jesus told Nicodemus to be born again and he could not understand. Being a university professor on theology does not mean they understand a thing in spiritual things. The things of the spirit are different from carnal ones.
However, they will need to move from one dimensional homily to multifaceted. Their sermons are not different from those of Paula White, Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Rod Parsley, Juanita Bynum, Bonnke and other TV preachers. The little white boy’s theme is holiness while his black counterpart is the wellbeing of people. You listen to them no matter the passage they will take they will preach on those themes. That is the theme of predilection that they have. It may seem like inherited theology but it is not. As a child they need a simple message to handle and explain themselves. Remember there is nothing bad. In Christ there are various levels of Christianity: those who drink milk and those who eat bones. Most of the TV preachers are out for new babes and not for irokos. More so some are called evangelists and others are teachers, prophets and administrators. It is clear that the administrator will not preach on salvation like the evangelist nor would he teach like the teachers.
Teachers can teach the dullest of the dumbest a complicated concept and philosophy and they understand. They navigate from one theory to another and still land with ease. There comes a time when these kids are confronted with real theology then they will study to shew themselves approved unto God, workmen that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth by looking unto teachers like John Hagee, Jack Van Impe and other multidimensional preachers.
Therefore, the Bible says “touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm” (I Chr 16:22). Since we do not know if they are truly appointed or called by God then we have to follow Gamaliel’s counsel: “refrain from these men, and let them alone: for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought: But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God” (Acts 5:38-39).

Until then, no one can kick against the goads.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Troubled Waters of American Schools

 In the same week at least five reported gun incidents and what about those that did not make it to the media? Such is the troubled waters of American schools. Rather than deracinate the tree bringing the poisonous fruits, every year new strategies are invented for teachers to use. Teachers are forced into endless staff developments, and they are over tasked to instruct their students so that the schools would have better test scores and no child will be left behind. While the teachers have tried, the parents and the American society have failed to see that teachers alone would not turn the tables around. It is a shameful and terrible thing for the goat to bleat at strangers while the guard dog sits unconcerned. Education that impacts the society must be first: informal and then secondly: formal. In informal education ,kids learn the basic of probity and decorum, etiquettes and assiduity at home that makes learning and teaching easy. That is where charity begins! In formal education, their minds like Bitzer are drilled into philosophical rationales. When the entire tutelage is abandoned into the hands of teachers, they become more or less babysitters of adult kids. As you know, the guns that kids use to kill people do not come from schools, they come from homes; at times as gifts from parents. Most are just casualties of absentee parenting.

America does not need good teachers; it already has them in surplus. America needs good students and parents without which in the next 50 years 2/3 of American teachers would be imported because homegrown teachers cannot put up with all the rubbish kids produce these days.

It is the beginning of a fall when an empire starts to import teachers. History has shown that all great empires survived with homemade teachers. From the Mandarins to the Babylonians, Medo-Persians to the Greeks, and then Romans. Their kids were drilled in their philosophies that they grew up with such allegiance unparalleled to any. Nowadays American kids do not even stand or recite The Pledge of Allegiance. Indeed they should not because they have none. That is why you have some of them fighting with the Talebans in Afghanistan and in Somalia. Their minds are being controlled by foreign philosophies and teachers. In the next 50 years, most of the great discoveries and inventions in the US would be done by expatriates. It is not a bad thing to have foreign teachers, but when foreign teachers make a majority of your staff, know it is the beginning of the end.

Sometimes we want to blame the parents 100% for poor parenting but then we leave out a 30 % window for the laws of the land. How would a parent discipline their child when their hands are chained behind their backs by otiose obiter dictums? America is being held hostage by the excesses of freedom that it finds itself reenacting the Tantalus and Niobean myths where we are in a garden of fruits yet deprived of fruits with inconsolable and silent cries for lost children. Does anyone need research to tell you that 2/3 of the kids are depressed, and half of the parents are unhappy with life? As you already know; plastic surgery may repair a damaged face, but a plastic smile will be insufficient for a miserable life. That is why their dissatisfaction is not hidden.

Parents have set fear into teachers that it is difficult to discipline a child without racism being injected in it. The white teachers do not want to discipline the black kids, and the black teachers do not want to discipline the white kids for fear they are accused of racism. When a student is atrabilious, parents still find a way to exculpate him/her and transfer the blame to the teacher. But when he or she kills or attempts to kill, the parents say he was being picked on. There is a better way of raising a child’s self esteem than supplying him with guns. Most of these parents are absent when the kids flash serious opprobrium at home, but once they see an opportunity to appear on TV, they start saying how that was the cousin of Angel Michael, and how “he had plans to be a doctor. He just wanted to do what is right”. This has made students to be unaccountable. I have always said racism should not be seen in every action.

I once witnessed a setting where a white student was disrupting a class, and the white teacher sent her out into my class for timeout. I asked her why she was being put out, and she told me: “this stupid white man does not know how to teach”. The teacher turned his back to go away rebuffing her invectives. She contumaciously reiterated again: “you heard me; I just said you stupid white man”. Imagine that this same white student said the same thing to a black teacher or a black student said the same thing to a white teacher. The scenario would have been RACISM. Apparently she did not have any racial intentions since she is white herself. I do agree there is racism that is why you go to a court in a predominantly white neighborhood and all you see are blacks and Latinos, but racism should not be the cause why teachers discipline students.

Parents have lost control of their kids at home and now see the school as reformatory grounds. How does anyone have a child below 18 but cannot enter into his/her room to find out what is in that room? Parents should be charged when certain crimes like a cache of weapons is found in the child’s room. That is child neglect and endangerment. Most of these children lack rudimentary family support from home.

Most kids who kill others in school are kids suffering from poor self-esteem. Parents do not know how to build their children’s self esteem. Some of them think they can cajole, pamper and mollycoddled with their desires. “Mom I need a gun” and there you get one. Even toy guns should not be bought for kids as gifts. There are better toys out there than guns. Most American kids are so spoiled that they cannot trek one mile to school if they missed the bus. If they miss the bus, there will be no school. You check where they live, it is not even up to a mile. Worst still parents sit and fake those excuses on how the child was sick. A child brought me a note saying “excuse my child because she was sick”. Minutes later I asked the class what they did yesterday and the same child said: “me, my mom and my aunt went to the mall, and did a lot of shopping”. Tomorrow you expect her to be honest. How?

Did you realize that most kids now do not clean their tables when they eat in the cafeterias? That is because they were not taught to clean the tables when they eat at home. Mommy or daddy did that for them while they ran back to play video games. Does teaching a child how to clean the table belong to the teacher too?
Parents do not attend parents’ night or parents’ teachers’ meeting for their kids but will attend a football game. Some will drive straight from work to collect a seized cell phone. Isn’t this the trouble waters; I mean a real pitfall of American schools? Parents call teachers to tell them “please my child studies more while listening to music”. Who said so? Now even language teachers are forced to play bingo, hangman, domino in class to make the class fun. Do you doubt why recent graduates from High school cannot read? We learn how to read by reading and learn how to write by writing. I have not seen where anyone learns how to play basketball by singing or learns how to dance by crying. Isn’t it said practice makes perfect?

Therefore, look not into the teacher, students, school systems, or government but look into the parents for the demise of American schools. A good family will raise good kids and good kids will behave well in school. Except the parents train their children in societal punctilios, there is bound to be many more carnages in schools. Forget about the psychiatric excuses for the shooting. These kids need to be loved, accepted and valued. And love does not exempt discipline. So parents discipline your kids at home, and the schools will be safe havens for your kids and teachers.

Until then, may the God lord keep us safe.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Marion Jones: God forgives and Man must too

Marion Jones
Seven years ago Marion Jones was accused of using steroids but she refused and claimed that it was her God given talent and hard work. The world believed her because she had never failed a drug test and was American sweet heart. On Friday October 5, 2007, she stood in front of a courthouse with tears running down those same cheeks that tears of joy ran down seven years ago to affirm that she used steroids in these words: “I’m deeply sorry might not be enough,” she said. “I want to ask you for forgiveness. I have asked almighty God for forgiveness.” The outcry is that she merits little sympathy and must pay for her sins. People have feasted on schadenfreude that God has become like an ant to them. An ant because they can trample on him and his word anytime they want.
In a case like this where there is possibility of restitution there are two things we need to do. The culprit must pay back what they took fraudulently and then the victims must accept him or her back into the community like the case of Zacchaeus (Lk 19: 8). Isn’t she like a prodigal daughter who got lost and found her way back? “And the son said unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and in thy sight, and am no more worthy to be called thy son” (Lk 15:21). Look at the two speeches and tell me what the structural and content differences are? Yet God who is more righteous accepts but man: full of sin rejects. What a world! Is Man more righteous than God? It is not righteousness it is schadenfreude. The American media has fed the people with schadenfreude their stomachs are drumming schadenfreude for them to dance. Who did this girl kill? Whose personal money did she take? After all if you don’t have talents mere steroids will take you no where. That is true. Give Manuel Uribe all the steroids he wants in this world he will not beat me in any race. Steroids on their own do not win races!
People will say what about the dreams of those she shattered. First, she said she is sorry and that she could not make good of it. The recourse now is to take back the medals which the IAAF will certainly do. Those who did not win or never won while she was there would not have won anyway. Since she left did they win anything? Secondly, that is why the theory of venial sin is mentioned in the Bible (I Jn 5: 16).
When a woman was caught in flagrant adultery, the Pharisees, took her to Jesus to pass judgment so that she would be lapidated. Jesus said and then wrote it on the floor: “he that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her (Jn 8:7). Surprisingly to the woman and unsurprisingly to Jesus all her accusers had absconded. That is because humanity feasts on sin. He went on to explain that if someone hurt you and asked for forgiveness seventy times seven times a day you must forgive them (Mt 18:22)
The law is blind but those who apply that law see. For that reason there is a word in jurisprudence called equity. The Bible tells us God judges with equity (Ps 98:9; IS. 11:4). Those who judge should apply wisdom, justice, judgment and equity (Prov 1:3). Isaiah was right to have said: “And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter” (Is 59:14).
Therefore, when someone falls, there is possibility of restitution and he/she comes out apologizing, we must learn how to forgive and stop making as if we are perfect. She did the right thing, her medals should be recuperated and then put her on probation. That is the punishment that fits that crime.
Until then, Marion Jones, God has forgiven you, don’t worry how sinful man crucifies you.
Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Does suffering come because of sin?

Does suffering come because of sin?
Here is the genesis of our suffering:
Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children;…. cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life; Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field; In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return” ( Gen 3:16-19).

Consequently, as we live on earth, every earthly paradise is riddled with a serpent. Do not forget that the goal of the devil is to steal, to kill and to destroy while Christ comes to give abundant life (Jn10:10). Since the devil is the Prince of this world (Jn12:5) those who worship him have consciously decided to embrace his characteristics. The world and its gifts will pass away but those who believe in Christ even though they die they shall rise again (Jn 5:25). So, why then do even the Christian suffer?

To proceed it will suffice I define sin. A) “And he that doubteth is damned if he eat, because he eateth not of faith: for whatsoever is not of faith is sin” (Rom 14:23). B) “Therefore, to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin” (James 4:17). C) “Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law” (I Jn 3:4) D) “All unrighteousness is sin: and there is a sin not unto death” (I Jn 5:17). Sin is missing the mark.

In the Bible we have seen that even those God has selected will suffer. Both the wicked like the righteous do suffer. However, why do good people suffer when suffering supposed to be for bad people since it was a payback for committing evil. The simple answer to the question does suffering come because of sin will be yes. Yes in that without the fall of man sin would not have entered into the world and without sin suffering would not have entered the world. No matter how we try to be righteous, there is a certain amount of sin living in us and “a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump” (Gal 5:9).

The only difference is that the suffering of the righteous is amortized in Christ Jesus because he gives peace unlike what the world does. Naturally there is suffering in the world and that is why like folktales say that a child cries when it is born. Because of the original sin (original and inherited) man has acquired a sinful nature that is suffering oriented. Then due to his progressive nature he then engages into acts that invite or add to his suffering. That means, once you are born, you do not need t do anything you will suffer. The effects of suffering from one person to another vary from one level to another. Suffering is more than just lack but also restlessness and void of internal peace. A barren or sterile woman and an impotent man are suffering. They hurt to have a child. If a man divorces and experiences a heart break that is suffering. If you sweat to eat, have worries then you are suffering because suffering is affliction. There are also two groups of sufferers: those who suffer because of original sin and those who suffer because of their progressive sins. For example, Britney Spears, Marion Jones, Blackwater, Sadam Hussein, Bokassa, Lee Boyd Malvo, and others are suffering because of the things they did. You and I know the things we did that landed us heartache.

Another glaring example is that of Jonah. Disobedience to God could cause us suffering. Jonah disobeyed God by refusing to go to Niniveh and preach because he did not want them to be forgiven. God sent a fish that swallowed him and vomited him in Niniveh at last. Some of the things we are doing are the ones causing us suffering.

Meanwhile there are those who suffer because suffering is already in the world. These are the people that usually find it unfair. These are the people we ask why does God do nothing. Why did God allow it to happen to this and that? For example: why did Ishmael have to go through all of that? Things he knew nothing? Why did the children of Israel have to go a 40 day journey for 40 years? It is true it was to eliminate the rebellious ones but the newly born were bearing the brunt of the consequence they knew nothing. Gideon was wondering if God was with them. Why were they then suffering? This is due to the federal head theory. When an act has been punished for a given time everybody born with that time will go through but then they will have a special grace to support it while those who are really responsible for it will die. That is why during the wilderness journey the sinners died and those who were innocent survived. That is why Gideon was given the grace to overcome the Midianites (Jud 6:12).

One of the reasons why good people suffer is because everything has its own time: “A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance” (Eccl 3:3-4). Wisdom to travel a difficult earth comes with the number of trials we face. That is why you see some people from some of the renown schools acting stupid because they were golden spoon fed. They need to enroll in the school of suffering to garner that experience that will make them wise. That is what Jesus told the people who asked him why the man was born blind (Jn 9:3). Paul concurs with them that the righteous may suffer so they can develop good character (2 Cor 12:8-9).

God may allow the righteous to suffer not because of sin but because He wants to erase the memory of their sin like was the case of David. When he committed adultery with Beersheba (2 Sam 12:9) God struck the child with sickness and she later died during which David was suffering in his heart for his family. That is why in most cases people who benefited finally crookedly before coming to the Lord they usually end up loosing it. But because David was active in committing his sin and crime God rewarded Him with war and instability in his kingdom (2 Sam 8-19).

However, know that suffering initially entered into the world through the fall of man and suffering permeates the world through our progressive sins. Nonetheless, where we are not responsible God has our interest at heart. Whether you suffer because of your sins or where you find yourself, know that “all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose” (Rom 8:28).

Until then, though we suffer now God will wipe out our sorrow on the Last Day.

Prince & PA Hamilton

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