Thursday, September 27, 2007

What Does God Say About Climate Change?

When God created the earth and the heaven, he said it was a great and perfect work (Gen 1:31). He appointed man as the official caretaker (Gen 2:15). From creation, the earth was without form and void. When the Spirit of God moved on it, life came into it. Evil drives away the presence (Spirit) of God. Gradually, the more the spirit of God is driven from the earth, the more the earth regresses into its initial status of darkness and voidance.

During the time that people lived around trees, they lived longer and the least they lived was 365 days (Gen 5:23). In addition, health puzzles like cancers were fewer. Humanity’s immune system was steely. One possible reason why people lived longer was because they lived around trees and green vegetation. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen which humans use for breathing, so living around a forest area is healthier than living in an industrial city because of the air we breathe. The presence of trees also served as vegetables and fruits (Ex 10:15). The only trees to be cut down were those we could not use for food (Deut 20:20; Ezk 47:12; Lk 3:9).

People cry about destruction of the environment, pollution from nuclear waste and decommissioning of plants. Animals are not the main destroyers but humanity. Trees are used to make paper and infrastructure too. Biblically, it seems the destruction of trees was a form of punishment. During the Peloponnesian War, Sparta used hellebore roots to poison the waters. The use of chemical warfare during WW1 showed that humanity had fallen to a base it would never recover. During WWII, the Germans also poisoned the waters. Water poisoning has become the easiest way of cutting off the enemy from life. Their unused shells were dumped into the sea and after corroding the shells leak into the sea and people get sick. Nowadays, the great use of herbicides and insecticides has and is poisoning the environment. The appetite for self-destruction increases daily as days rotate by. With all of this, the environment is bound to decay and wroth without mercy and cure from mortals.

Bodies of water are very important to the survival of the ecosystem and all that is within. The creation and preservation of sea animals was the perfect handiwork of God (Gen 1:21). Flood which is regarded as an environmental destroyer was actually started as a form of punishment by God. (Gen 6:17; Is 15:6, 9; Gen 19:24). Volcanic eruptions which also causes climate change are a means of God making his name known to his adversaries too (IS 64:2). An act of poisoning the waters was actually seen in the Bible when God wanted to force the Egyptians to their knees (Ex 7:19). If God had established a covenant that he will no more destroy the earth by flood where are the other floods coming from?

From the time sin entered into the world, the ecosystem was in topsy-turvy. Consequently, it can rebel any time anywhere without warning to human beings because the human being has lost the authority to control it. That authority to subdue it (Gen 1:28) has been lost in the fall. No matter what prevention we take and what new equipment we invent, we can never eliminate earthquakes, floods, cyclones, tornadoes, mudslides, landslides and other natural disasters, especially because most of them are a message from nature or a fulfillment of God’s prophecy.

All of this directly goes contrary to the role of a caretaker of the ecosystem that God assigned to man. Flora and fauna were the meal of man but preserving them until they became that meal was his responsibility..

God had put man directly in the garden. There is a purpose and there was running water by the side (Gen 2:7-10). It is one of the signs of End Times when Climate Change becomes a concern to humanity (Mk 13:24). Rather than worry about climate change we should be preparing to face our Maker and Creator. Climate Change is a war man will never win. The earth is progressing towards its end and ruin. We should rather brace for the outcome which is: meet our Creator.

This phenomenon of breaking down in what we call climate change corresponds with the Second Law of Thermodynamics which states that disorder will increase with time. Considering that the world was created in order that gives credence to a Supreme Designer called God. If that disorder is out of human grasp, then the Supreme Designer has already set the timing chain. Within a given time, the chain must give up and be replaced. For that reason, “to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” (Eccl 3:1). Consequently, the the climate will keep changing until it gets worst, no matter how much humanity tries. With time, the timing belt of the universe is breaking apart, and the climate can no more be immutable.

The fact that humanity must use natural gas, coal, oil and trees, means that there will be global warming. It would be difficult to control global warming when we cannot control the level of carbon dioxide emissions. The desire of humanity to build new cities, invent new cars and machineries means that, cities will be built. It is difficult to have cities with trees all around. It is difficult to have gardens in the midst of skyscrapers. So just like the obese who feed their stomachs with fat, and their stomachs drum obesity for them to dance, humanity seems to fathom in city life whose end is death (Prov 14:12). While global warming is natural (extraterrestrial factors), it is also advancing with the stupidity of humanity’s choices. In this case, humanity is like a fly in the spider’s web; it knows it is fatally trapped, so no matter how much it fights, all its effort is to no avail.

Until then, worry not for climate change for you can do nothing about it.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

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