Sunday, September 2, 2007

Was Jesus Black or White?

This week and weeks before, I have been reading exponents and technocrats expose on the skin color of Jesus. There are many theories out there: some claiming Jesus was white, and others claiming He was black. Did you know that Jesus was none of the above? Let us trace Jesus’ ancestors from the 42 generations of his legal guardian: Joseph: “So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and from David until the carrying away into Babylon are fourteen generations; and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ are fourteen generations” (Mt 1:17). Then we will take a look at his maternal genealogy from Mary.

Mary was the cousin of Elisabeth (Lk. 1:36) grand daughter of Aaron (Lk. 1:5). Aaron, from the tribe of Levi (EX 4:14) means that Mary the mother of Jesus was from the tribe of Levi. Her tribe is important to show that Jesus had priestly blood that qualifies him as High Priest to offer sacrifices. He has king blood from David, Priest’s (Levi) and Prophet of God. Jesus enters Joseph’s lineage because Mary and Joseph became legally married after the Holy Spirit conceived Jesus. Joseph becomes the legal parent thereby integrating Jesus into his genealogy.

Luke outlines the genealogy of Jesus via that of Mary (mitonchondria) in Luke chapter three. In that genealogy, he proves that Mary too was a direct descendant of King David. Any other descendant of David who came, did so after the conception of Solomon. David had 8 wives: Mikal (1 Samuel 18:20, 28), 'Achino`am, (2 Samuel 3:2), Abigail, (2 Samuel 3:2; 1 Samuel 25:23), Ma`akah (2 Sam 3:3; Ichr 3:2), Haggith (2 Sam 3:4; I Chr 3;2; 1 Kings 1:5,11; 2:13), Abital (2 Sam 3:4), Eglah (2 Sam 3:5) and Bathsheba (1 Chronicles 3:5; 2 Samuel 12:3). He had 19 sons and one daughter (Tamar) but the genealogy that was retained to unravel the birth of Jesus was that of Solomon.

David had Solomon with Bathsheba (Urias the Hittite’s wife) as confirmed in I Chronicles 3:5. Hittites were people from Asia Minor in modern day Turkey. Are they white or black? Abraham was Caucasian with the gene pool Aa. Consequently, we have a mixed child (AaBb) around the 16th generation (Mt 1:6). Is it then possible for the child to have children totally Aa or Bb?

Let us go back to Genesis with the scenario of Noah’s family. After the flood there were only 8 human beings left: Noah and his wife with their three boys: Shem, Ham and Japheth with their wives. We know from biblical facts that Ham was Dark skinned because he was the father of Canaan (Gen 9: 18) and Canaanites were like Palestinians because they lived around the valley of Siddim just close to the Dead Sea (Gen 14:2). If there were only eight people who survived, where did Noah’s grandchildren find husbands and wives? Considering that the children intermarried, it is probable that was the norm. If it did happen so then it is possible that the curse was not on color but on Canaan as a person because if it was on color and since the colors intermingled, then the whole of humanity reverted to the Adamic or Hamic curse. How and why then is the picture of Jesus Caucasian or Black?

The Camera (from an Arabic word “kamra” meaning dark room) was really invented and used in photography in the 19th century by Louis-Jacques Mande Daguerre and Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. The first paintings of Jesus came around the 15th & 16th centuries. That means, paintings of Jesus existed longtime before cameras were invented. If cameras were invented in the 19th century how did the picture of Jesus appear on earth? Considering that the painters who attempted to paint his image did not see him during his time on earth nor were they directly related to Him to guess his physiognomy from their family traits, then it questions their faithfulness in painting the exact image of Jesus that will genuinely reveal his true skin color. It is probable that they got someone to stand for Jesus.

Therefore, the various pictures and paintings of Jesus cannot reflect the exact nature of his skin color. On the contrary, by mere biblical photography, we could snap a better picture that will reveal His real skin color. Since He was from mixed parents of Caucasian and Dark Skinned Palestinian origins, it is apparent that He will look like any child born from a Caucasian and a Dark Skinned Palestinian. Consequently, he will neither be Black nor White.

Until then, Jesus was mixed.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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