Sunday, September 23, 2007

Stepfather and Stepson: The Unholy Duo

Stepfather and Stepson: The Unholy Duo
Ron is the stepfather of Gene in that Ron is now married to the mother of Gene for more than 11 years. They wore the same uniform tee shirt. They like to talk little secrets. Ron is an army veteran. He talks about the army and the wife. Gene talks about his work and money. Gene was our boss though. But Ron seem the controller. Perhaps we all loved ourselves and were trying to form a holy trinity or may be an unholy trinity.
Gene exclaims “if my wife was not such a bitch then I would tell her to wash my truck”. Then Ron says “you better not try it”. I added “you will sleep on the couch if you do that”. He turned and said to me “not me, she will go”. Ron jumps in. “Where are you from? You said from Africa right? We: American men if a woman does that; she goes”.
“Ah, I did not know that” I said. “Ok, know that from today”. Ron followed up. “My grandfather was married five times” Gene bragged. Ron too buttressed his point by boasting he was divorced but did not lose anything. I don’t even pay child support. My first daughter is 18 and I don’t give her money because she is beautiful. She gets anything she wants from men. Gene’s mother is my third wife. And we gonna die together though”. Gene says “as for me and my wife, we are not sure”.
We jumped into the truck and it began to rain. Ron says: I will bother you a bit mister. I want to smoke some weed”. Gene says: “he just got to open the windows”. Ron does not smoke cigarettes. I was surprised to hear that weed does not bother him. Ron lights the weed and gives it to Gene who inhales it, coughs hard and his stepfathers taps him on the back as if palating him. Then gene gives it back to his Stepfather. He too draws it and gives it to me and I say I don’t smoke. He said: “my bad. I forgot man. Please forgive us”. Then Ron began telling me that he is “not into that dumb thing called cocaine or whatever”. He is just into smoking. That’s it. “I don’t have time for any dumb act” he reiterates. In my heart I am wondering if he was conscious of what he was saying. Gene asks for the stub and inhales then coughs real hard. I did not know whether to say bless you or curse you: which of them will serve the purpose. After all why do we even say bless you! Ron turns and tells me pointing to Gene: “this is my buddy. He is my friend and brother. We are cool with each other. You see if our wives want to go they will not take a dime from us”. Remember Ron is married to gene’s mother. “We know how to do it we gonna show you. Just hang with us you will learn”.
What an unholy duo I soliloquized. Ron said: “my grandfather was bad in that”. Gene says “you know my granddad, he divorced five times but none of his women took anything. Just hang around I will teach you.” They laughed and gave themselves hi fives.
Now I began seeing why they are glued together. Two cannot walk together except they agree. These guys agreed and so their walk together is smooth.
Folks what you do, your children see (2 Tim 1:5). They are two gentlemen influenced by their grandparents to the detriment of the society and family life. It is unfathomable a man calling his own wife bitch. Or a stepfather smoking weed with the stepson. That is evil communication corrupting good manners. We should beware that what we do before our kids and grand kids will be our legacy. It is often said that divorce walks like a stream. But today I tell you foolishness walks in the veins.
Until then; be a positive example to those who look up to you.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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