Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Seven With Dead Love

Parents were called Man and Woman
Ephemeral love mingled flesh and bones
Openhandedly they worked night and day
Pilling for their seven kids when they die.

Let’s call the first Age and the second Color
Entitle the third Country and fourth Gender
Fifth was Handicap and the sixth was Politics.
Indicating faith in Creator the seventh was Religion.

Gainlessly the seven fought daily each other
Hated and sort daily the death of each other
Their parents could never reconcile them.
Distraught their children were above them.

Until each loved only four and hated three
Each child would have a letter of the key code
Their part must code the car and mansion
Overlie in heart each would bury their letter

Porterage car they had and one key should use.
Have seven letters which parents kept the code
Incautious handed each siblings a letter of the key.
Larcenist death seized them to the Creator forever

Oneiric was a mansion that had all for them
Sacrosanct journey to walk but near to drive
Officiously dead within each kept their part
Promethean they walked than drive the car

Hermean-like crossed despite wilting weather
Itinerant villagers wonder what worried them
Circumambient love lost while their parents lived
Aver the mansion the seven cried as they near

Limpid the mansion stands before them
Recidivious each refused to decode for payback
Egress they refused to code for fear they bless
Anticyclone swept them to exit with parents

Starveling they appeared after wreckage cleared
Obloguy they laid extinct with code in hand
Noncitizens enjoy what Dead Love left
So dead in heart gave them dead without.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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