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Origins of AIDS

Origins of AIDS
Dear friends, I have never and do not still reject the existence of AIDS or HIV. However, my palaver has always been with its origin. In the early 1990s we were told that HIV came as a result of contact between humans and monkeys. For benefit of doubt for those who are not current with the acronyms HIV and AIDS I will brush over quickly.
HIV stands for Human (it can only be found in humans); Immuno deficiency (it causes a deficiency in your immune system); Virus; (because it is unable to reproduce itself).
Question: how did it then live in a monkey until man got in contact with it since it is found only in humans? Why it is not animal and human since the monkey first had it. ? Question: Since the time it began living in animals has or did the death rate increase in the said specie?
Take this for a fact: “AIDS virus doesn't occur naturally in monkeys. In fact it doesn't occur naturally in any animal”. [1]
AIDS stands for Acquired; you must only get it from somewhere (and man got it from a monkey in Africa we are told), Immune; (works against your immune system), Deficiency (destroys your immune system) and Syndrome (a victim is a breeding ground for any type of disease).
The difference between the two is that HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. If you are HIV positive it does not mean you have AIDS already but you have passed the test: seven plus one. It is also a well established fact that when an individual has suffered from a protracted illness, if tested for HIV they become positive because their T-Cell system has been destroyed. When the T-cell system is destroyed there is “disturbance in the dynamic regulation of this network can lead to immune system imbalance and progression to disease including immune deficiency, autoimmune disorders and cancers”.[2]
When the Simian Foamy Virus appeared they falsely claimed it came from monkeys in Africa. This is not true[3]. Every so called scientist puts on a smock frock and looks for Africa as his or her cavy. If Reverend Father Anthony Fonteh, the Principal of Saint Augustin's College Nso, who was assassinated in May, 1990 [4] was still alive, he would have counseled you and your family to refrain from all these mass vaccinations drug companies always bring to Cameroon. Phony statistics are being cooked on Cameroon to say HIV originated from there. What happened to the US HB15090, Professor Jacob Segal of Humbolt University, East Berlin who argued that the AIDS virus is "the product of an abortive experiment carried out at a laboratory to develop biological warfare means?"[5] . The reason why they are saying so now is to prepare you and your children for something worst than AIDS that they will want to try on them as vaccinations.
War and famine have killed people in Africa than AIDS (check the statistics). In 1990 it was written that two third of Africa had HIV. J’en suis conscient, AIDS would not spare any African for more than 10 years considering the standard of living. If two third were HIV positive then by 2000 they were full blown AIDS patients and as a result two third would have been cadaveres. We would have lost two third of the population in short. Gentleladies and gentlemen is that what happened?
Something too we want to do is behave like the Father who took the vaccination brought to his school and tested it. There he discovered that it had elements that could cause sterility in young girls. He refused the vaccination and a few days later he was murdered. You all know what I am talking about. Independent researchers should enter into a laboratory. I know people will evoke the issue of infrastructures. That guy had just that little lab in a High School. I am not a scientist I would have done that. I am a clergy and my job is to sifter and shekelle (pidgin lexicon) what enters into the community.

Until then, don’t be fooled that AIDS is from monkeys.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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