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Mosquitoes Do Not Transmit HIV

Mosquitoes Do Not Transmit HIV

HIV-AIDS articles will invite my time. I react to them seriously because during my sister’s last days in May 14, 2006, I was informed that it was AIDS. But after careful considerations I concluded it would not have been because she had many medical tests and HIV tests prior to that state and all came negative. Why would she only be diagnosed a carrier and within three days it is fully blown before she dies? Now every diseases that doctors do not cure in Cameroon or when they make a mistake they say that the person had AIDS. With that, the defunct’s relatives know it was not the doctor’s fault: he/she could do nothing. Thirdly, considering that 90 % of medical tests have been shifted to third world countries especially Africa it is worrisome when we accept theories like the one we are discounting.

People show the possibility but fail to explain the direct relationship. Researchers are the ones who said HIV means Human Immunodeficiency Virus. So the quick question is does it live in animals and insects? Then it would be Animo Immuno Deficiency Virus. How long does that virus live in a non breeding surface to be able to be transmitted into another human? I was trying to look at the study they brought in 1990 that every one person in 10 living in Africa has HIV. If that was true which I said by the time it was false then ¾ of the population would have been HIV positive and dead even. Then the Rwandan situation, Liberia, Sierra Leone where ticks, lice, TseTse flies and anopheles mosquitoes feasted on the homeless human bodies would have been a conundrum.

Why did AIDS not instead of skyrocket in these areas as it did in South Africa? These people cannot buy malaria drugs. Refugees instead need everything for free. Can you see it now? Well, don’t be in a hurry. I am coming with more plaidoirie.

Researchers say when anyone has HIV their immune system is weakened and malaria can easily kill them is a different thing from when you say the Anopheles Mosquito can transmit HIV. It is not only the Anopheles Mosquito that sucks blood and transmits diseases into humans. There are at least 14 known insect borne diseases that we learned in primary school. We will not only have to worry about mosquitoes, we will also have to worry about ticks, sand flies, TseTse flies, Assassin Bugs, Lice and Fleas. But then let me give you links of some great doctors who have rejected that same thought that we are trying to sell medical samples to our people. I know people will say look at the time of publication but does the Second Law of Thermodynamics quickly become redundant because of its extensive longevity.

Mosquitoes do not transmit HIV. The scientists are looking for means to test and sell their new drugs. If that was NOT true, since 1990 that they said one in every ten people in Africa has HIV we all would have been dead now. Secondly, every African has been beaten at least twice every week by mosquitoes since they were born. Since HIV was rampant there is no way those mosquitoes were not sucking HIV infested blood. If they were sucking HIV infested blood and transmitting it into the people then ¾ of the population would have been dead or AIDS ridden now. The fact that the mere definition of HIV is Human Immunodeficiency Virus means that the virus lives only in human beings and not in insects. For the HIV virus to live from one carrier to another it must be alive. The mosquitoes digest everything: including the HIV virus they took from the carrier.

The argument that most people in Kenya have been infected by HIV because of the anopheles Mosquitoes is merely for economical reasons. Companies have been trying to convince Africans that their newest epidemics is not AIDS but malaria and so they want to tests new drugs to fight the diseases. Why could these same drugs not be tested in the West? The frequent law suits and in cases of damages due to secondary effects would close them down. As such, Africans should be the right cavies by inseminating fear in drawing a relationship between malaria and HIV or Anopheles Mosquitoes and HIV. There are many other blood sucking insects and if one does transmit HIV then the rest do. And if they have been doing that, why have we all though bitten by these insects not carriers? I am taking the pain to post medical and authoritative sources here that tell you that a mosquito cannot transmit HIV. Then if I have time I will consider the circumcision and HIV theory too.

There are clear cut ways to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS. The first is by abstinence. The second is the use of condoms. If you don’t want to use condoms make sure you both tests for the disease before you start to have sex. Once you have tested and your partner is a non carrier, stick with them and stop running around like a loose dog. If you have been infected, it means your immune system is weakened. Follow the advice of the South African minister of health: Manto Tshabalala-Msimang to eat “garlic and carrots” carefully blended together. As for malaria, the constant use of blood purifying products will take away the disease from your system. I have lived in Africa for 30 years never suffered from a serious malaria fever. Each time I had it, I used my concoction and got we’ll. Until today, I still use it and every year I go to the hospital for medical check up. I have lived in the US now for 7 years, 6 months 2 weeks and 3 days but never had flu or suffered from pollination. Blood purification even reduces and cures hypertension. In short, it cures blood related diseases. The only thing that always threatened my health has been the western stress. But once it shows up and I apply the words of Jesus, I am back on my feet soaring as an eagle. Jesus is the only healer of every disease! Amen?

No one contests the fact that HIV destroys the immune system and that any disease at this hour could kill you. However, the mode of transmission: Mosquitoes to Human challenges the very ethos of HIV breeding ground. In other words, we are saying that not only humans are breeding grounds for HIV. And think about it African people, with all those insects biting us from the time we were born until today, we all in Africa would have had HIV AIDS even. We all do agree that there is HIV and AIDS is a number one killer in some places. The perfect solution is abstinence or get a non carrying partner and be faithful to her/him. For those who have contracted the disease, carrots and garlic will help a great deal to rebuild your immune system. In Encyclopedie de Pharmacopee Africaine there are a lot of blood purifying methods that Africans neglect for expensive western medicines.

Not every sick person is healed because it could be that God wants to use you as a sample of his healing power or that , he has selected illness/sickness as the means through which you will die. With that, nothing and nobody can do the contrary. Notwithstanding, I will not leave the scene without giving you those medical sources that show you that MOSQUITOES CANNOT TRANSMIT HIV/AIDS. Click on every website. They are very short articles. Then if you want to learn how to cleanse your blood see me or write me. This is not medical advice and does not replace consulting a physician.

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