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Are Microchips The Mark of the Beast? (Rev 13:1-18)

Microchips as Mark of the Beast? (Rev 13:1-18)

The use of the RFID device is by no means limited to the forehead or wrist. In fact, the forehead would be a very poor choice of placement because it likely causes a disfigurement (bump) due to the thin layer of tissue between the skin and skull. Also, the thin layer of tissue would make the device susceptible to breakage if you hit your head on something. There is no exposed metal involved either. It is about the size of a grain of rice. The components are enclosed inside a silicon and glass container that is compatible with human tissue and are implanted in fatty tissue.

A good number of Christian authors wrote that the Social Security Number was the Mark of the Beast (MOB). Some said it was the bank card (ATM Card) and others said Credit Cards. Another group said the barcode. We all have seen that it was error. Most people in the world do not even use these cards. Has anyone forced you to buy or sell? Has anyone prevented us from buying or selling? It should be noted that for the MOB to start appearing it will be a second beast that will appear to make people to follow the first beast that was wounded (Rev. 13:11-14). So we are talking of a long period in history.

Firstly, in the scriptures, the MOB will be a conscientious decision that people will make but obligatory. It will not be as if people were tricked. So right now, they are merely begging people with a lot of explanations. Therefore, I do not see it as a MOB.

Secondly, the MOB will also take place when the Anti Christ will be ruling (2Th.2:3). Now he is not and I do not foresee him showing up in the next 10 years. Not even Christ will come in the next 10 years. Please, do not cry false doctrine. Hold your fire first and read the entire argument before you prove the contrary. Though we might not know the day, we may know the seasons and the times (Mt 24:32-33). Remember the coming of Christ has been announced since the days of Peter (2 Pet. 3:4). It will definitely come one day. I believe in his coming and I am preparing for it daily but it will not come now. A recent document from Societe International de linguistiques (SIL) said there are many tribes that have never heard the word. More so, to reach them it will take at least 50 years. Whether Christ comes in the morning or in the night in so far as I am always ready I will be in heaven. My concern is to be always ready no matter what time Christ shows up. Yet I know he will not come today, tomorrow or the end of the year. Remind me when the end of the year comes. This I have said since 1997 that in the next ten years Christ will not come.

Thirdly, the MOB would be placed only on humans (Rev 13:17) to enable them to buy and sell or prevent them from buying or selling. Meanwhile, these microchips have been placed in animals; dogs, cats, etc. By implanting it in animals, would the animals too be buying and selling? Do not forget the purpose of the chips though; to obtain permission to buy and sell. Do they need any permission to buy or sell? That already disqualifies any notion that these microchips are the mark.

Fourthly, if you have the MOB you are condemned already (Rev 14:9, 11). So those kids in Mexico who already have it are condemned already. One quick question then how would the MOB exists only in Mexico or one part of the world for something that was supposed to have a universal effect? The effect was going to be propagated evenly all over the world. Worst still, by implication Anti Christ has already come. Is that what you believe? Remember, the MOB and anti Christ go hand in hand. When the Anti Christ will be reigning, he will use the MOB in inventorying his own.

The anti Christ will first come, establishes his mark and will draw adoration and veneration from God unto himself and at that point the Lord of lords and the King of kings will appear ( 2 Thes. 2:3-4). Jesus will come as a thief (2 Pet. 3:10) that is; none of us will know what hour he is coming but all eyes will see him. Jesus will descend with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trump of God (I Thes. 4:16)

While there will be the MOB the microchips are not the MOB. I will neither use a microchip nor put one on my child but then it is not the MOB. The MOB will slowly but surely come one day.

Therefore, whether MOB exists or not; it should not be a concern for them who live and walk in the spirit. The Spirit of God will reveal to them that the mark cannot stay in their body while Jesus is there. They will voluntarily or consciously let Jesus go, to take the MOB because God neither shares his temple with Dagon (I Sam 5:2-5) nor does he share his glory with any human.

Until then let us be ready for the Lord no matter what time he comes.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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